What a week! Astrology for July 23-29

Blood Moon Lunar eclipse tara Greene astrology

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The week ahead will be super intense as we are in Dramatic Leo season leading up to that  Full Moon Aquarius Lunar eclipse at 4+ degrees conjunct to Mars Moon and South Node. + Mercury Retrograde  July 25

July 23-29 Astrology tara Greene

A reboot the computer aspect on every level.

Hi Lites of this week

Sagittarius Moon 23-24 is upbeat optimistic good-humored and expansive sporty klutzy too honest and judgemental. 

July 24 Venus opposite Neptune. Practical grounded energy to manifest dreams

Neptune is the “Higher Octave” of Venus. The planet of conditional earthy love in Virgo and the planet of Soulmates and dreams opposite each other. Opposites attract. This can mean the soul mate of your life this week Virgo and Pisces. This can be a very grounded and spiritual day. Watch your diet. Great for meditation enhanced dreaming and making ideals real. Grounded spirituality is the focus July 24 as Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. Make a business plan with a budget to create your dreams. 

24-25 SUN trines Chiron in Aries

This is a positive bountiful strong energy to gain courage daring strength and feel a new sense of positive inspiring healing energy. The Sun is the strongest force in our Galaxy. Sing in the sunshine.Be proud of the healing work you have done to help yourself grow as a person. 


I hope that you have bought everything you needed especially computers cell phones hardware and software before Mercury put it into reverse. Mercury in Leo may have you eating your words or regurgitating them especially true for a very significant someone with strong Leo energy.

Mercury Retrogrades are good medicine and not to be feared at all. They re a much-needed brain rest time. Mercury in Leo combines the heart and the head which is very balanced and empowering. While Mercury is Retro you want to rethink things. The heart is really the organ that chooses wisely. In Tibetan Buddhism, the heart is the lead organ and the brain merely the organizer 


This aspect is information for two days but we have been feeling it build up all week and its effects will last until the beginning of August. This is gun violence as angry repressed Mars Retrograde energy acts out unexpectedly and spontaneously. We just felt this in Toronto a not so rare any more mass shooting July 22nd. Sending blessings to those killed and injured.  

This will also be trickled down to short tempers big ego flaring and unpredictable rash behaviors in general. This aspect is fully highlighted by the Luna eclipse as well. Early degrees of Taurus Leo Scorpio and Aquarius will feel this pressure cooker the most. Exercise is recommended to burn off excess anger.  Stay cool and centered under the pressure. Be mindful not to provoke the bull the lion the snakes or the water bearers. Do not wear red.

July 26 Sun inconjuncts Saturn in Capricorn

ouch another wincing difficult aspect. Big egos and tough corporate leaders face off. 

There’s the Big Blood Moon super Moon Lunar eclipse south nodal mayhem too

I’ll write more in depth soon.

July 27 Venus trines PLUTO this is a marvelously wonderful balance to the eclipse energy. Virgo and Capricorn together make the stock markets go higher. Make for good working partners. The Plutocracy and the servants work together. Who serves whom?

Ok that’s enough for one week.

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Sun square Uranus, Sage wisdom

The weekend outlook is intense.  SATURDAY being especially so. Huge major action between the SUN, Mercury and Venus conjunct and HUGE CARDINAL SQUARE, which we already saw in the attempted coup in Turkey.
Moon stays in SAGITTARIUS till Sunday afternoon PDT/EDT which lightens the mood. Stay optimistic, inspired and seek higher wisdom.
Aim higher is Sag. motto
Sagittarius Josephine Wall, Astrology Tara Greene  Astrology
Sagittarius by Josephine Wall
SAGTTARIUS SUN keeps on burning and conjuncts SATURN Lord of the Rings of KARMA in the wee hours, this already happened.
This matures the SAGITTARIUS into the SAGE. Tap into your inner Sage wisdom. Also use sage to cleanse your aura. 
MOON squares Neptune to challenge us to KEEP THE FAITH Babay
This can be a very romantic dreamy creative day, but also feeling fogged out, spaced out in denial. Watch your alcohol intake by the pool today.
SUN squares URANUS- this feels like we’ve already had enough of shock awe chaos and revolutions or attempted coups already, havent we?
How chaotic is your life feeling?
Lets talk about LOVE, and passion and doing the tango ad creative self-expression and art and beauty and women and pour egos, and our big hearts, and be the leaders.
Moon squares JUPITER in Virgo
The Moon connects to all of its aspects today.  The challenge is to stay grounded, simple, accountable, humble in your body. Digestive issues may appear today as a result of this. Tendencies to worry also appear. Go over your weekly budget and clean up to assuage Virgo’s need for order.
GRAND WATER TRINE 8:45 pm-10:41 pm PDT
There will be tears, wounds, vulnerability, people called on the carpet, punishment, hiding out at home. Family reunions, outpourings of emotions.  You may be feeling sea-sick as the emotional energy overwhelms. The energy spills over at night in EDT/ GMT. 
Cry cry cry. let out all that pent up suppressed emotion, the anger of Mars in Scorpio is really sadness. 
Hope you have a great Saturday.
Moon stays in SAGITTARIUS till Sunday afternoon PDT/EDT which lightens the mood. 
Stay optimistic, inspired and seek higher wisdom.

Inspirational Daily Card water trines

July 14, I am trying to give you a day before preview now. You like that?

July 14: That Mars Uranus inconjunct which happened late on the 13th in PDT occurs EDT at 1:13 am. You may find yourself tossin’ and turning all night. My husband and daughter did that last night. Did you?

The intense SCORPIO Moon makes two sextiles to PLUTO in CAPRICORN and JUPITER in VIRgO in the wee hours PDT and EDT. This can be a cornucopia of great dream wealth. Programme you dreams before sleep this night. 

SCORPIO Moon trines the CANCER SUN

This  a nice harmonious emotional birth/death sort of energy. Maybe very high and low alternatively. Can be very fertile as well in all senses. Create a dark dish-black? deep purple? to seduce and delight a Cancer with; squid ink pasta?  The way to their hearts is through their stomach’s.

Scorpio Moon inconjuncts URANUS in ARIES  and ERIS

This is more of that can’t integrate the brave new world energy yet stuff. The resistance to change, because of immigrants, “others”, LGBT or expanding beyond any old tribal ideology is strong. Resistance is futile. Life is always about change and adaptation.

MOON conjuncts MARS in SCORPIO this double emphasizes that Inconjunct energy.

Scorpio Moon trines Chiron in Pisces

In the evening, healing time comes by being open to our wounds and our failings. Vulnerability is the greatest strength. 


Eight of wands, Tarot Cards, Tara Greene

Eight of Wands/ Eight of Fire Vision Quest Tarot

The 8’s are always karmic by virtue of the number 8 itself.  There is a sense of destiny, a turning point. 

The eight of the element of Fire in the Vision Quest Tarot points to sparks of insight from many directions. 8 is the number of all the directions in indigenous Pagan ancient wisdom worldwide as in China, 8 is the symbol of Good Fortune and Success, 8x 8 = 64 symbols of the I Ching, and in Feng Shui.  There are 8 directions; 4 elements /Cardinal directions and four non-cardinal directions in the Medicine wheel or wheel of the year, or time. Eight is the symbol of Infinity, meaning  that all time is now. 

Remember that whatever is going down, breathing fully into the NOW, the only moment there is, is called NIRVANA, The point of bliss and choice. It is total freedom. 

Remember there is more than one point of view and that there are many vantage points to the whole picture. Walk a mile in the shoes of all the other’s on the circle for a great learning curve.

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Tossin’ and Turnin’ Bobby Lewis 1961