Pluto enters Aquarius possible CME Solar Storm alert!

CME Solar Flares Light Code activation

Beware of a possible world internet wipeout Carrington Event,as the Sun may send a huge CME in synch with Pluto entering the Internet ruled sign of Aquarius March 23 at 5:13 am PDT/8:13 am EDT/12:14 pm GMT. Back up computers, cryptowallets,safety electric check,backup generators. Or anytime within the the next 6 months.

This is a HUGE new beginning as PLUTO enters AQUARIUS for the first time since 1778 to 1798 a time that saw the French, American and the Industrial Revolution begin.

Pluto will Retrograde back into Capricorn on June 11, 2023 backing up to to 27 degrees 54 minutes CAPRICORN on October 10th before returning to 0 degrees Aquarius on January 20, 2024 where it remains until 2044.

What happened when PLUTO was last in AQUARIUS?

Just before Pluto’s last tranist in Aquarius his influence is felt. In 1776 the ILLUMINATI was founded by Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria with Pluto at 29 Capricorn.

James Cook landed in Tahiti in 1778. Los Angeles is founded in 1781 by Spanish Settlers

1783 Treaty Of Paris formerly ends the American Revolutionary War.

1787 Freed British Slaves create Freetown in what is now Sierra Leone in Africa.

1787-1792 Russian-Turkish war

George Washington delivered his first ever State of the Union Address in 1790,

Tupac Ameru led a legendary rebellion against the Spanish colonialists in Peru in 1780-1783 which influenced future revolutionary stances.

1791 the Haitian revolution started


1792 French revolutionary wars lead to Napoleonic wars

1793 Upper Canada bans slavery

1793 the largest yellow fever epidemic in American history kills 5,000 people in Philadelphia

1796 the first smallpox vaccine is invented by Edward Jenner.

1797 was the first Napoleonic Invaasion

Pluto was in Aquarius previously from 1532 to 1553 that 21 year period saw Edward VU’s short rule succeeded his father King Henry VIII.

What does PLUTO in AQUARIUS bring to the world in terms of recolutionary changes?

well PUTIN and Xi just got together March 22 iat the Kremlin in Moscow as they formed an anti-western civilization alliance back on February 4, 2022-thanks for tweeting about this S. J. Anderson today. @sjanderson144. That astrology chart must have been dictated by astrologers because it has a SUN SATURN Cazimi at the 15th most powerful degree of AQIARIUS the old pointer for Archangel Gabriel in old reckoning. Saturn is old China and Russia is new formerly communist buddies of China. This puts them in the ascent. But it can also mean a peoples revolution.

CHINA birth chart October1,1949 15:01 Beijing has 1 degree AQUARIUS Ascending and its Moon at 3 degrees Aquarius- born in revolution.

RUSSIA born June 12,1990 at 13:45 in MOSCOW has its Moon at 5 and North Node at 8 degrees AQUARIUS. the two countries have tight synastry.

I will write more abour Pluto IN AQUARIUS 2023 into late 2024 is really the appetizer, old Lord of Death sticking his bony toe into the waters of Aquarius. They must smell better than the waters of the river Styx.

The news from SPACE WEATHER is that the sun once again spouted a giant hole blasting solar winds to earth on March 20

there is a moderate geomagnetic storm watch for March 23/24 when Pluto enters Aquarius.

sending you all blessings as we collectively pass into a new mini age once again.

I’ve witness Pluto into Virgo,Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn, next.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Rebellion,Aquarius oppositions and wounding

Sunday  the Aquarian moon sails on during the major oppositions from Venus in Cancer  to Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces. A see-saw or cats cradle kind of effect.

Aquarius Moon  squares Uranus in Taurus

reblion, protests, antagonism, freedom
the Moon and Uranus are in cahoots, and act like they don’t give two hoots. Even though all those oppositions aRe incredibly confabulating.

monday August 31

♍️ Virgo  Sun Quincunx Chiron in Aries  ♈️

This  earth and fire 150 degree angle is the difference between taking inventory and a fire sale.

Virgo  sun is all about infinite details, organizing, practicality, budgets, health, Hygiene, intellect, digestion.
Chiron in Aries is Healing through a fire walk, a shaman who uses kundalini energy, a hot headed wounded warrior in full defence mode. The wounded toxic masculine who needs healing but is avoiding getting his health checked out.You can see how these two elements are at odds with each other. Aquarius moon just makes us detach from it all.
we’re leading up to full moon  on September 1/2 at 10 degrees Pisces.  This is the last of the full moon cycle of signs  this year as the zodiac ends with Pisces.
We are only 3 weeks away from Autumn Equinox. Heading into the home stretch of 2020 already.

ill write more or do a video on full moon.
please stay tuned for my September astrology tarot guide August 31 on the FaceBook page of the Cosmic Intelligence Agency at 5:30 pm EDT, 8:30 PM PDT.
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Hard core Alchemy Astrology by Tara Greene

Hard Core Alchemy Astrology August 24. This is a very heavy karmic day.

Mars Saturn Conjunction Tara Greene

MARS the warrior planet, of passion, sex, spontaneity, anger and fires, conjuncts SATURN, Lord of Time, Death, taxes, religion, foreigners, and cold hard reality.  They also meet up with ANTARES, the rival of Mars/ aka Archangel Uriel  @ 9+ degrees of SAGITTARIUS.

In astrology terms it could be labelled the WORST ASPECT DAY of 2016. Remember that some of the best days are coming up too. Mars and Saturn are considered to be  the most”afflicted” planets. Their conjunction is the heaviest of the heavies. Traditional astrology would tell you to stay home, stay safe, stay out of trouble. An earthquake just hit central Italy.  The danger of religious wars and terrorist attacks is on Red Alert.

Very synchronous is the fact that Destroying=Mars, History= Saturn was just made a War Crime and Saturn in Sagittarius is the law. 

SAGITTARIUS in the TAROT is governed by card # 14 called TEMPERANCE/ ALCHEMY or ART in the THOTH Tarot deck I use. Alchemy means turning Lead= Saturn into Gold = Light. This is the highest expression of Mars/Saturn in Sagittarius. 

Alchemy/Temperance Tarot Tara Greene

The Saturn-Neptune square is also coming to a head, exact September 10th =9/10/9  in Numerology @ 10+ degrees SAGITTARIUS/PISCES.  This is one of THE MAJOR life lessons for all of us in 2016. The first SATURN-NEPTUNE Square occurred November 26, 2015 @ 7 degrees and the 2nd was June 17,2016 @ 12 degrees SAG/PISCES. What tests of reality versus your dreams have you faced?

Saturn, time Astrology Tara Greene


WHAT IS REAL AND WHAT IS AN ILLUSION? That is a big philosophical question. These planets are extremely aggressive-Mars and defensive Saturn. They speak of low tolerance for those of different religious backgrounds; of walls against foreigners. We can see this being enacted in the world by A Mr. Trump and as Russia and the U.S. seem to be facing off with some cold-war nuclear tests. This is extremely dangerous. 

The NODES of the MOON are also in play with the SOLAR ECLIPSE SEPT 1 at 9+ degrees VIRGO squaring this MSA conjunction. These are fated degrees. This is a prelude to the eclipse.

What are we willing to die for? What ideals, people,places, things would you do anything to defend and preserve?

Mars is spontaneous and Saturn is patient. Hurry up and wait is the energy here.  Let’s see what the symbols say.

THE SYMBOLS for 9+ = 10 degrees SAGITTARIUS  from John Sandbach

“Sagittarius 10. A man being followed by a spaceship. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Inspired
(Degree Angel: Lehahiah (Lay-HA-hee-YAH) Forget Thyself, Obedience)

This degree is constantly being invited to embark on journeys and adventures. If it refuses these offers they will not go away but will continue to pursue the person wherever {s}he goes. The way out of this stress is to give in to the adventure, for it is actually the heart that is calling, and the true self that wants to be found.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A star turning many different colors.”

You tend to find one thing that you become fascinated by, and then as you behold it steadily you see many different nuances and facets within it – it becomes to you a symbol of the whole world. You feel that as you look at it, it looks at you, that you are being pursued by it, just as the man of the Omega Symbol is being followed by the space ship. This fixity and obsessiveness is your natural way of being, and if you give yourself over to it and set the intention that you wish to learn anything and everything from this experience that will benefit you, it will give you more and more. The challenge here is to take it all in, gradually as it comes, over time, and to not be afraid to move in closer to this source of light, for it is the universe’s gift to you, as well as your gift to yourself.

Azoth Symbol: God worshiped in the form of a smooth, featureless stone.

Seed degree: Cancer 27. A book of strange and imaginary prophecies. (Omega Symbol). When we tune into the tremendous possibilities that surround us, we draw to us those forces that can help us to actualize the ones we need most to bring into reality.”

These are really beautiful symbols. Meditate them, see them in your mind’s eye and ask to know more about their meaning for you.

To find out how these Heavies affect you, look at where 5-15 degrees SAGITTARIUS is and the aspects between any other planets to those degrees. They are in my 1st house and M.S.A. are smack dab between my Sun and Moon exactly and squaring my North Node at 5 degrees PISCES. I am feeling sick at the moment and really exhausted. 

This is a day to be very, very careful and mindful. The Moon will still be in TAURUS and all of the energies from the Moon to other planets are easy and positive which definitely helps us to remain grounded, realistic and practical.

MARS is anger, competition, testosterone. Terrorists- specifically in Sagittarius; explosions, competitive, rambunctious, spontaneous, fiery. SATURN is limitations, obstacles, taxes, testing karma. It is weighty, maturing; endings. Saturn IS physical reality. It is depressing, makes us feel old, everything feels too hard, cold, and uncaring. Saturn is the stern Patriarchal father archetype, the manipulative, testing God of the Old Testament.

On the other hand;  Mars rules Scorpio, Saturn rules Death and karma BUT they are in Sagittarius, the most optimistic, and faithful sign of the zodiac. Mars’s aggressive sexual spontaneous energy urges us to be strong and soldier on in our quest for Sagittarius Truth and Higher wisdom.

The sign of Sagittarius, the Centaur half beast/half human teaches us to learn through our vulnerability by owning our woundedness as a process to become healed, whole shamanic initiates, healers and teachers. Saturn will test us hard. It won’t be easy, no quick fix. Patience perseverance and discipline are key factors to accomplishing your tasks. 

SAGITTARIUS is the sign of travellers, gypsies, metaphysicians, philosophy, and humor. Most important of all Sagittarius traits is the gift of humor. In the darkest time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, Sagittarius comes riding in to bring us a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. We  hope that the days will get longer that winter will not destroy us. Faith is Sagittarius greatest gift too. Our faith is being tested now. Ultimately the Universe will have the last laugh on us. We better laugh with it. 

Please share widely. Share your Tests and illusions that must be let go of now.

All writing unless otherwise indicated is copyright of Tara Greene.

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TIME HAS COME TODAY by The Chambers Brothers- 11 minutes long




Self-love for V-day

Feb 13 The moon enters TAURUS which is great for Valentine’s day as it is earthy, sensual, fleshy, loves finer things, Dom Perignon champagne, truffles,whatever suits your taste buds and fancy. Ruled by Venus,Taurus moon is so very erotic. 

Mercury the communicator enters AQUARIUS until March 5.

Everything is in your head. Sex starts in your head. The position of Mercury the brain planet is tres important. 

The Aquarius V-Day mind mode is detached, steely-cool, the watcher. It’s ELECTRIC! It’s Tribal, think BURNING MAN. It’s hi-tech, group mind, not an old-fashioned, love and marriage kinda energy. Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius, rotates at a 90 degrees axis. So practice off-kilter sex, quirky sex. 

LET YOUR FREAK FLAG, your Super Freak or whichever end you want to freak fly.

Aquarius is an AIR SIGN, NOT a WATER SIGN as many people think. The Astrology glyph, two parallel wavy lines represent electric currents moving through the AIR. The symbol of the God or Goddess pouring water- is a symbol of consciousness, or Divine love.

Aquarius Constellation Astrology Tara Greene

THE SYMBOL of the Constellation of Aquarius is the symbol of THE STAR in the TAROT #17.

STar Tara Greene psychic Toronto

I use the #17 from the THOTH TAROT as my business card, because it pictures what I do as my profession, dispense cosmic insights. The STAR is literally the Stars of course, Astrology.


This is a potent powerful Masculine sexual energy. Deeply possessive, darkly passionate, secretly controlling. Mars is at his very best in Scorpio and sextile to Jupiter in Virgo is a very earthy, in the body, on the earth, do it in the road but stay very clean in your business suit energy. This is VIRGO after all. Virgo passions are expressed through cleanliness, colonics or Japanese style bath. Cleanliness is sexy after all. Scorpio loves pure passionate intensity for its own sake and likes the dark, goth, make love in the cemetery energy, invoking KALI. 

This Night Kali is calling to me.

Be not afraid of her with her necklace of skulls and her blood thirsty depictions, eating Shiva’s entrails while having intercourse with him. These are all symbols and not literal.  Kali is an ancient Goddess, and she must be seen from a Hindu perspective.

Kali is considered to be the most fully realized of all the Dark Goddesses. She is a great and powerful  earth Mother Goddess who is capable of terrible destruction like NATURE on the  rampage,  as tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, gales and fierce destructive storms. She symbolizes the  most powerful form of the FEMININE forces in the Universe. Worshipping her is to  accept life as being both  life and death, a Very SCORPIO theme.  

MARS is in SCORPIO demanding our acts to be manifested in Scorpionic fashion. Mars will Retrograde back through Scorpio from mid-may until the beginning of August.

Ultimately Kail is the most compassionate one, who destroys the ego.  KALI is the counterpart of Shiva the destroyer. They destroy unreality- Neptunian delusions. She is black as infinite night, where all colors merge.  

Black is a symbol of The Infinite and the seed stage of all colors.

Just as all humans evolved from Africans who have black skin. The Goddess Kali remains in a state of inconceivable darkness that transcends words and mind.In the Kabbalah G*d is referred to as the LIMITLESS LIGHT THAT IS ALL DARKNESS. -Just like KALI.

She is destructive, yes but Her bloody deeds and destruction protect the good.  She is not evil. Kali’s destructive energies on the highest level are seen as a vehicle of salvation and ultimate transformation.  She destroys sin, ignorance and decay. only to recreate.  

The ego sees Mother Kali and is terrified because the ego sees in Her its own eventual demise. She will appear in a fearsome form if one is attached to one’s own ego. A mature soul who engages in spiritual practice to remove their ego sees Mother Kali as very sweet, affectionate, proetctive and overflowing with incomprehensible love for Her children.

HER MANTRA: Ohm Hreem Kleem Shri Kali-aaina maha

The best thing you can do for yourself or your lover is to surrender your ego and worship you/them as God/Goddess. Ultimately we are all ONE.

LOVE YOURSELF  your true self, That is what KALI helps you to do.self love 3

Taurus Moon sextile Neptune

as over the moon, romantic and dreamy as it gets. This aspect is in the evening so have a pre-Valentine’s day romantic date. Who has to live their life by a calendar?

V- Day has pretty nice aspects.


ALL writing is copyright of Tara Greene


Dance of KALI by Prem Joshua 

Pyramid of Love, Daily Tarot Card

Under a bovine sensuous Taurus Moon a Grand Earth Trine looks like a Pyramid of Love.

Moon trines Jupiter, then trines Venus and Mars it already happened.

That’s a GRAND EARTH TRINE at 15+ degrees. 

This is more money, luck, love energy. Very good for all earth signs and water sign which are Feminine.. Fire and Air signs which are  masculine are out of their elements.

Enjoy the sensuosity, slather yourself in raw organic chocolate, its OK to be lazy, smell the roses, get a massage. make love, sing, Taurus rules the throat and heart chakra. 


Harmonius Tarot, Tara Greene

King of Disks Harmonius Tarot by Los Scarabeo

Always  trust those Tarot cards! LOL my  motto. The synchronicity card of the day has the no bull of Taurus on this lovely card. You can see Venus’ 5 pointed star pentagram symbol on the golden disks. Walk in the Garden of Paradise. 

Moon in Taurus inconjunct Mercury in Libra so communicating in words won’t work. 

Moon enters GEMINI at 11:24 pm in PDT/on the 29th 2:24 a.m. EDT

Please share widely

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Virgin Post-Eclipse Sedona channeling

Here’s my post Virgo/ Chiron Solar eclipse channeling. As a professional Psychic I feel that I my experiences is a microcosm of the whole. I do this without ego and very humbly even more so because of this Virgo humility New Moon.

For me the lead up to the Solar eclipse felt like a huge P.MS. thing. Once the eclipse hit, i cried and a whole lot of wounds came floating up to the surface. I was also exhausted from being super busy the few days before leaving to come to Sedona.

“LIKE  A VIRGIN” is the song for this eclipse of course. Virgin pure, strong, belonging to no one but oneself.

POST-Solar eclipse for me was a total exhale and a great day of cleansing literally.  My friend Iala came to pick me up. I shifted her assemblage point with my smoky quartz large crystal which gave her energy. She brightened up right away. She took me to her friend’s home which is right on Oak Creek. We walked through the floodplain to find her sitting on this amazing rock. Yana is a beautiful very spiritual woman, who studied with Chris Griscom who was one of the first New Age teachers in Santa Fe. I had read her book Ecstacy Is A New Frequency years ago. 

So the three of us got into Oak {strength} Creek to be blessed and purified in the Sacred waters. It sources high up at 10,000 feet from the sacred Twin Peaks in Flagstaff. These mountains, breasts pointing up to the sky, are considered sacred to the Hopi and Navaho Indians. Iala calls the creek the Ganges of Sedona. A huge blue heron flew by. These birds are MERLIN the wizard. MAGIC.

I dunked my self in the cold swift flowing waters 3 times twice. That water shifted my consciousness totally. I wish there had been a before and after photo. It was like all the old gunk washed away. I made intentions in the water. There was a beautiful male duck who sat on a rock very close to us the entire time. All animals are messengers of spirit. 


animal totems spiritual growth Tara Greene

The duck acted a lot like a loon submerging himself for a few minutes then coming up. He also spread his wings widely and flapped them around proudly. He had beautiful coloring, some ochre gold coloring on his tail and a beautiful blue shade and a crest on his head. I have never seen a duck of this type before.

A very literal interpretation is DUCK!. A lot of people are worked up to a frenzy about a comet hitting the earth around Sept. 23, the next Blood Moon, Shemitah etc. Where are you going to duck?


The duck is a water bird, and water is the emotional element. Ducks help us to transcend. Ducks are related to empaths, people who are very sensitive. Duck signifies the need for emotional boundaries. Therapists often have duck medicine. The duck teaches how to dive deep for the pearls of wisdom. They migrate, going where the warm weather suits them indicating that you need to go where you feel the warmest.  In China ducks are associated with love and long-lasting marriages. Ducks bring happiness and joy, 

Echart Tolle says ducks teach us to live in the moment and not hold onto grudges from the past. Duck teaches us how to get into deepest emotions in order to get to a calmer state. 

The message I received from the Duck. Was choose happiness always. 

The rock we sat on… the rock was doused by a very experienced old -timer who said that rock had deeper and stronger vibrations than any vortex he had dowser in Sedona. This rock’s energy allowed one to go into DELTA waves. The very lowest and slowest, the most trance like energies. Yana had to leave to meditate with Bashar. Iala and I sat there for a while and began to meditate when it started to rain.  We sat in the rain meditating holding hands. I felt a spiritual umbilical cord grow out of my navel and grow into hers. For me it felt like we were two ancient grandmothers who had been meditating in this place since the beginning of time. 

In between ECLIPSES is a very powerful two-week gateway time. Virgo is the VIRGIN HERSELF, the Dark Mother, we are in between in liminal space. 

“Be humble like Christ.” was a channelled message my friend delivered to me. Know that you are the Christos consciousness the love of the world, and be ever so humble in service.

Happy Rosh Hashona, Jewish New Year for my family friends colleagues.May it be sweet like honey.

The Shemitah year is over. 

Please share widely

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Love and Fate Kismet forecast

I hope you had a lovely Columbus Day or Thanksgiving holiday. I am still getting used to being back in Toronto after spending a month in Sedona Arizona, my second home. 

it’s a KISMET week.  What is KISMET?  It’s of Turkish, Urdu, Hindi and  Arabic origin. It means fate or destiny. 

It is also a Robot. An original movie from 1944 with Marlene Dietrich.

Marlene Dietrich astrology Tara Greene

Inspirational Card of the day 

Venus just finished squaring Pluto October 8 on the Lunar eclipse and opposing Uranus October 11  

THE SUN just conjuncted the NORTH NODE October 12 at 19+ degrees LIBRA which is VERY KARMIC

OCTOBER 14 VENUS conjuncts the NORTH NODE at 19 degrees + of LIBRA, the Sign she rules.

If you have planets, angles or your own Nodes here this is a very powerful KISMET time for you. 

If you have planets at 20 degrees Capricorn, Cancer and Aries you are also heavily affected. 

THE NORTH NODE of the Moon as it moves in its approximately 19 year cycle signifies being aligned with positive energies and the highest spiritual goals and intentions. The Sun is opposite the SOUTH NODE at the same time= the past what we need to release. These Nodes create eclipses.

The Sabian Symbol for 19+ degrees LIBRA = 20 degree : area of reconstruction.


from Dane Rhudyar:  The ability to draw on INHERITED WISDOM, the power of ancestral tradition in order to serve and inspire one’s fellowmen. “

The energies of the collective unconscious are channeled through well-defined age-old forms and formulas. This implies limitations and the possibility of sclerosis or inertia when confronted with new situations, yet there is beauty and wisdom in such ritualized forms of behaviours and thinking. My paraphrasing. 

What does this mean?  A knowledgable, experienced keeper of ancient laws, rites and observances which still survive and have meaning doing his duty. Yes the symbol denotes a Jewish Rabbi, with laws from the Torah, the Abrahmic religion on which Christianity and the Muslim faith are founded.  

The symbol in a looser context symbolizes anyone who is a real adept, a scholarly spiritual person, who takes the word of the law from within their hearts. 

Synchonisticaly British MP’s just voted to recognize Palestine as a state along with Israel. 

I have to mention here that I have my Natal Venus exactly conjunct to Neptune at 21 degrees Libra in my natal chart. I was introduced to the Sabian symbols by my friend Claude Martin who read them to me while we were in Timbuktu Africa years ago. True story. I have had lucid dreams of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis  dancing around me unrolling Torah scrolls and telling me “You can’t forget this.” 

FYI – ISRAEL’s actual Ascendant is 23 degree 02 minutes of Libra.

THE U.S. has its natal Asteroid JUNO- which means FEMININE GENIUS at 20 degrees of LIBRA! Yes FEMINISM is the new letter of the law for women in a great way. 

HONG KONG whose chart I have checked has its natal PLUTO at 18 degrees ARIES on the South Node.

It will be interesting when Uranus then Pluto come along to square this FATEFULL degree.



LIBRA is the KISMET balance in relationships. Also in money, a huge issue in every relationship, the balance of power, justice, beauty, women’s rights.

LOOK at your old outworn, automatic “by the book” values, the way you relate to others and yourself.

Look at how much beauty you contribute to in your life, by being a lover of art, theatre, music or dance, decor, food. 

Look at your significant other or lack thereof and focus on what your HIGHEST RELATIONSHIP is to LOVE ITSELF.

It always begins with Self- love.

MEDITATE on this poem. THE MEANING OF LOVE by Rumi

“Both Light and Shadow are the dance of love

Love had no cause;

it is the astrolabe of God’s secrets.

Love and Loving are inseparable

and timeless.

Although I may try to describe Love

when I experience it I am speechless.

Although I may try to write about Love

I am rendered helpless;

my pen breaks and the paper slips away

at the ineffable place

where Lover, Loving and Loved are one.

Every moment is made glorious

by the Light of Love. 

Let this  become your mantra, your ancient knowledge and the world will be a better place.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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KISMET 1955 Dir. Vincent Minelli 









We are The LION KING, JUPITER in Leo by Tara Greene

New planet sign shift next week- a BIG ONE- Jupiter, planet of  positive expansive energy enters Leo July 16 2014-August 10 2015. An entire year of ROARING  PASSION, COURAGE, PRIDE, DARING DRAMA, LUST FOR LIFE.

Jupiter in LEO is SUPER STRENGTH in the TAROT TRUMPS # 11 or #8

Gaian Tarot STRENGTH Tara Greene astrology


GAIAN TAROT by Joanna Powell Colbert 

STRENGTH can be #8 or 11

Thoth Strength LUST -Tara Greene Tarot PSychic


LEO, the 5th Sign is ruled by the SUN, and symbolizes each and every one of us as SUN Kings or Queens of his own domain.

LEO is the sign of Royalty, leaders, Power, Vitality, The LIGHT, ENERGY, Spontaneity, COURAGE, Daring.

Leo is the Sign of the Heart, creative self- expression and of the CHILD. 

Jupiter expands whatever it touches much like a benevolent fairy, Santa Claus or godmother. Jupiter the largest planet rules the Fire Sign Sagittarius and spiritual water sign of Pisces traditionally.

JUPITER rules over Higher education, universities,teachers and teaching.

travel, foreigners, exotic things, airplanes, long distance travel.

the law, courts, Justice, litigation, SUPREME COURT, religion, faith, philosophy,The Bible , Koran Torah or any Holy Book of “Law.” Sacred Law vs Man made law.

sports, exercise, nature, camping, horse racing,

Mysticism, the exotic, subtle, guru’s, ashrams {Pisces} dreams, visions, projection, Hollywood, glamour.

Publishing, writing, communication, inspiration, higher vision, 

stocks, gambling, casino’s ,venture capital, risk taking,Las Vegas,

Truth, justice, honesty, naivete, fairness, being hypocritical, promising more than one can deliver, judgmental, comedy, Optimism, positivity, TRUST, capitalism, open market, the rich , Thursday  risk taking, excess, gluttony, excessive super rich,ego, Lording it over others.

LEO I’m the STAR, obsessive, vanity, PRIDE, incessant, aggressive, competitive, need to be number one.

CHILDREN, the heart, heart attacks, family lineage, prestige, unobstructed wealth, gilded, increase, fertility, love affairs, Movies, child stars,the stage, theatre, drama, soap operas.

Jupiter is the God of the Hebrews , Zeus all masculine leaders, the thunder bearing HIGHEST GOD/authority. A fire dominated year.

SATURN has been in water sign Scorpio since October 5, 2012- December 23 2014. Saturn transits through fire sign of SAGITTARIUS  From Dec. 23 2014- June 14 2015.

There’ll be two planets in FIRE from Dec. 23 2014 – August 10,2015 that’s 7 and a half months of towering INFERNO energy.

EVERYONE has the sign of LEO somewhere in their chart. MARK that house with an X. It’s where your greatest ability to love and express that lies. All fire signs will be set alight. ARIES and SAGITTARIUS.

SCORPIO, AQUARIUS, And TAURUS get squared and opposed.

LEO and LEO ASCENDANT – get ready to bloom and shine. A whole year of being daring enough to listen to have the guts to get up on the world’s stage and STAR in your own drama. A whole year of defending the CHILDREN all over the world. Child brides, child labour, etc. Fertile, over the top, like the GREAT GATSBY, feel all the heat.

 A Masculine planet in a Masculine sign.  A whole year to give love generously, for creative self expression.

As a Triple Sagittarius with Jupiter in Aries in my 5th house { naturally Leo} I am looking forwards to getting back in the saddle again. I am planning much travelling, teaching, writing. 


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Lust for Life Iggy Pop