Time to clear the energy, Astrology down to earth

I have had a terrible headache all day today from the solar flares and i rarely get headaches. I couldn’t focus on anything today, so I cleared the decks. How about you?

Moon is in Libra Thursday June 25. repeat the Cardinal cross energy

HOUSE CLEARING energy June 25 with Mars at 0 degrees Cancer  TODAY ONLY!

clear energy from home smudge tara Greene

All planets at the beginning of Cardinal signs at zero degrees have more impact. Mars will be at zero degrees Cancer just until June 25  at 8:51 p.m. EDT.

Mars is energy, action, the warrior and entering a new quadrant this signifies new beginnings. In Cancer it is the home. Make use of  this sweet window of opportunity as its a great time for a home cleansing. Smudge your home with cedar, sweetgrass and white sage. Make sure you open the windows to release the negative energies. You can use frankincense, or other purifying incense. Traditionally an abalone shell is used to hold the burnng smudge and symbolizes water. I would also use salt water to sprinkle in corners after the smudging. Call in the four directions, elements and angels first. Always banish energies moving clockwise. Go into every corner and closet. Always state your intentions positively to remove any negative energies first and commandingly then call in only positive energies and angels to protect your home. Take your time. Feel the old energies leave. Breathe in the cleansing smoke. Sigh a big sigh and feel safe and warm at home. Listen to the beautiful native flute music of Carlos Nakai. 

I will be doing this tomorrow for sure.

Mars in Cancer brings us up to 5 planets in Water signs now. Mercury will also enter Cancer on July 8 bringing the total to six.  Mercury leaves Cancer on July 23. Things will be feeling way more emotional this month until Sun enters Leo on July 22. OMG the time seems to be flying by. 

Plus a Lunar trine to Mercury a sextile to Venus and Jupiter looking beautiful in the skies and a quincunx to Chiron in Pisces. 

The energy feels very quiet now after solstice,a lull before the storm. 

The energy will be shifting gears a lot this summer.

got caught in searching bee magic last night, fascinating topic.

Neptune went Retrograde exactly squaring Antares,.Angel Uriel.

Moon will be void of course at 4:22 pm PDT/ 7:22 pm EDT

Someone mentioned this to me tonight. A sighting of the golden-winged disk of Niburu in a supposed unblocked portion of Google Night sky. 


Moon enters Scorpio on Friday later in day and it will be a volcanic erupting weekend till Sunday evening. so get ready to get down dark deep and intense this weekend

Full Moon July 1- Canada’s Birthday and July 2 in GMT will be, whats that word again INTENSE.

am writing my article for Full Moon Capricorn intentions for Cosmic Intelligence Agency now.

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Carlos Nakai Earth Spirit Native Flute 



End of May, dancing with the stars Astrology,Tara Greene


In Toronto where I live, never mind the Mayor Rob Ford cocaine scandal which “blew”- don’t mind the pun, away because I believe they paid off the Somali drug pushers. Its been FREEZING.

Have you seen the beautiful line up of Mercury Venus And Jupiter forming a triangle in the dusk skies?

May 27

Sun is INCONJUNCT SATURN that’s a 150 degree aspect- @ 6 degrees Gemini 6 of Scorpio Rx

Gemini and Scorpio are BAD BEDFELLOW’s

definitely nails on chalkboard’s, very irritable, walk on eggshell’s aspect all during the week.

May 28 features a Fab VENUS JUPITER CONJUNCTION in GEMINI 23 degrees

great for writers, publishers, artists who want to make a statement, blogging, chit chatting, upbeat,

optimistic, inspired, flirty.  Freedom and detachment are part of the Gemini VENUS JUPITER GAME.

make’s one very indecisive, young at heart, dare we say immature? Peter Pan-ish?

Makes you want to hit the road, wild camping, long or short distance trips book them now.

 Gathering with like-minded Women- come to the GRAIL LADY FAIRE  http://www.taratarot.com/id176.html

MAKE BIG LOVE  WISHES- Jupiter is very expansive.

WATCH out for the caffeine. Could also be a lot of HOT AIR-and hype.

YOUR Birthday TODAY? its going to be a fab over the rainbow year for you.

MAY 31 2 planets change signs-

MERCURY Enters CANCER at 12:07 am  PDT

Heads in the clouds come down to earth and seek security safety and comfort of HOME.

Women’s voices will be heard louder around the world. Anti-rape laws will be set into motion. HOMELAND SECURITY will be in the news. Thinking about feelings, your home and environment becomes # 1 on the list. Your stomach will be talking.  Have tea parties and wear fancy hats.Tea Party

Children’s rights, women’s rights, FOOD rights will all be very newsworthy. MONSANTO protests will continue.

MERCURY goes RETROGRADE  JUNE 26 @ 23 degrees+ of Cancer till JULY 20

so mark that down on your calendars.  Good time for home renovations. Re-arrange our furnishings at least. A Mercury in Cancer Retrograde gets us to review  all the intimate conversations we’ve had; it’s a sentimental time. Look at old photos, get that digital photo album together. The good old days of simple living, home cooked meals will be something we really pine for. Great time for a family reunion, old friends and the like. Reflecting near water, the pool, lakes or ocean is ideal.


Leaving the earthy sensual stubborn bull turf for loftier heights. The warrior, likes Gemini territory better and can battle with words and ideas while he transits Airy GEMINI. Lots of partying with Mars in Gemini. Can also cause break ups.

Ladies, this transit makes men way  less dependable, more quixotic, immature, ambivalent, angel/devil minded. So be forewarned. Give the bro’s space to wander, and guess what they’ll come back, Or not, as is Gemini wont. Busy, buzzing like bees, good time to generate new ideas, get PR out. make new friends, have lite conversations.

Energy will be high, speedy, nix the caffeine and sugar. Ambivalence and indecision abound.

Gather new ideas, ask tons of questions, get to know your good and bad sides more. Interview everyone. It’s all about the story, spin your story wisely.   Great for generating fast quips and short, very short novels.


SUN inconjunct/ quincunx PLUTO June 1st

This is a heavy intense aspect pitting those clamouring for information against the Plutocracy. Youth and experience, immaturity and seniority are at odds and highlighted.

JUNE 3rd



Have tea parties and wear fancy hats.

this is a lovely emotional sensitive dreamy creative sentimental aspect. The summer of 2013 features a major GRAND WATER TRINE JULY 17. and more

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Snow is crystal pure energy,as above Pisces water overload Astrology

Let it snow  let it snow  let it snow.

6 pointed stars Tara Greene

That HEAVY snow storm Feb 8th is  inundating New York, Boston, all the North East coast and right here in Toronto Canada  where I am living. I am sending prayers to all of the thousands of people in the cold and without electric power especially to the poor Hurricane Sandy victims who havent gotten their homes back together even now, months later. Thousands of flights were cancelled.

Right now Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron and the North Node are ALL in WATER signs

Moon enters PISCES on Feb 10 at 1:20 pm PST.making 7 planets, points etc. in WATER element.

I am not surprised that all that water as above has manifested as LOTSA SNOW down below. 

I know it is hardship for some, but even so, slowing down from  being snowed in  can be very rewarding.

Appreciate the IS-NESS of the time. PISCES energy is BLISS, surrender, dream with the snow.

Snuggle up to your cat, dog lover, husband, kids or just yourself. Put on many layers of clothing. Natural fabrics are best. Drink lots of hot liquids,  a hot water bottle can feel like HEAVEN. always wear your socks to bed and keep your head covered.

There is a pristine beauty to fresh fallen clean snow. The air is cold but smells wonderful. 

Snowflakes, each 6 sided one as unique and individual as each and every thing that exists,  are pure crystalline energy.

Things that are alike in shape carry the same energy signatures, they are smilies, and form follows function.

Crystals are known as the holders of consciousness to the Indigenous people’s, in North & South America

honeycombs are 6 sided 

the shape of the Star of David- symbol of Israel, adopted by the Jewish people, is the balance of the Heaven and Earth

Israel 6 pointed star symbol

in 3D the star of David becomes the MERKABAH, a gateway to stellar consciousness, a time travelling mechanism used by Drunvalo Melchizedek 

which uses traditional  breath work and imaginative trance work to enable one to travel anywhere in any dimension.

Stuart Wilde says the actual MATRIX is a 6 sided honeycombed shaped web of dark consciousness which has sealed individuals away from attaining higher consciousness.

Moon is in Aquarius

Moon trines Jupiter in Gemini PST and EST tomorrow

an optimistic aspect, stay near your computer and games, you will feel restless 

Moon and Venus meet in Aquarius so the airy individuals should be feeling some emotion,

It is always COOL  time with SUN  and VENUS here, CHILLIN literally…..enjoy staying cool, DANCE to keep warm

otherwise  its the winter of your DISCOntent- shake your BOOTY to keep toasty

Be safe be well



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