Shake, rattle and trine, Rock ‘n roll Horosocope

Nov 7

Earthy Capricorn Moon  do si do’s, does the T-square dance with Uranus in Aries conjuncts Pluto and opposes Jupiter in Cancer {newly retrograde}  all in one day.

It’s those T- square dances again. We have them every week now. Regular as dance lessons. 

silhouette dancers astrology

Just so your not dancing in the dark

This is an active energetic lunar day with the blessings of a grounded moon. Or so we hope.

Moon also brings NICE EARTH TRINE to MARS in VIRGO 13+ degrees Virgo

EARTH TRINE TO MARS in VIRGO! and vice/versa.

Lucky, benefits and rewards for work well done or just finding stashes of forgotten dollars behind the couch

or other perk. TAURUS peeps get the LUCK by extension.

CHECK OUT where the money is in your house in your chart.

Moon sambas with Saturn in Scorpio and waltzes with the SUN. Nice n easy. BAsk in the light its important to your ascension process.


early Capricorns everyone loves you now.

Do dream big new corporate dreams, your ideal job, 

how to give back, build in a charity component.

Buy art for your office.

Anticipate a new love interest  at work? 

Wear something beautiful to work, you need to get complimented.

Bring flowers in to the office.

this is very feminine energy so trust your intuition.

Pay attention to your dreams when you wake up and tomorrow night

as MERCURY will sextile Venus tomorrow in the wee hours/early a.m.

We’re getting  used to these T-squares weekly. AREN’T WE?

VENUS Sextile NEPTUNE means you deserve a break. 

Get a lovely massage and space out on the table.

be careful about one too many martini though. Neptune and Venus loves getting HIGHER THAN A M…..

Some people in high places may have addictions issues. I wonder who?

LESS THAN 7 weeks till Christmas ! 

GIVE THE GIFT that keeps on Giving  an ASTROLOGY READING to a friend


all writing is copyright Tara Greene some dance lesson inspiration

Happy Just To Dance with You The Beatles

I WON’t DANCE DON’T ASK ME- Fred Astaire/ Ginger Rogers