Radical love and deja vu, Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus

You may be feeling a very strong DejaVu March 30 as Venus conjunct wild Uranus again at the same exact degree oJune 11 2022. What was going on in your life at that time? What suddenly began can just as suddenly break apart now

Venus, the planet associated with love, women, the divine feminine, relationships, money, beauty, luxury and the arts, and Uranus, planet of freedom, revolution, chaos, digital media and invention meet today at 16+ Taurus.

Expect a lot of crazy and you won’t be disappointed. Crazy love, crazy values, crazy energies, crazy stock market, crazy real estate, crazy art, crazy cryptocurrency markets too.

Earthquakes, wild weather, explosions, electrical outages are possible 

If you have planets at 16+ Taurus plus or minute 4 degrees-12-20°, you will feel the bullish on love vibe.

Plus any planets square to this at 12-20° #Leo or same degrees of Aquarius and opposing degrees in Scorpio-you’re going to be getting the full horned brunt.

Staying Stubbornly fixed to one spot on anything in the midst of a charging bull is not recommended.

Watch out for those red flags! 

Venus rules Taurus and she has the last say. Listen to your intuition and your gut instincts and speak your truth to get over the fear of what people might say.

It’s very sensuous and wild earthy bullish animalistic shamanistic energy.

Use this energy positively to Innovate, redecorate, get a beauty makeover, redo your wardrobe. Get into a creative frenzy. Let yourself trust your bodily knowing and instincts.

Try new massages, and sexy toys, new freedom in sexual roles and ways. 

Break out of old stuck habits and routines, explore your sensuality.

Yes your body may be weird but love it’s quirkiness.

The Omega and Chandra symbols for 17 #Taurus gives further insights, by

– John Sandbach
— Read on johnsandbach.net/d17-taurus/

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Super Gemini New Moon + 8 stars

Gemini New Super Moon @ 22+ degrees is surrounded by a crown of 8 Fixed Stars. Wear that crown and set new intentions for releasing old mental paradigms of separation and detachment to integrate the mind and feelings. 

Gemini dualism art by Napoleon Brousseau

Gemini the mirror of the mind. Astrology by Tara Greene


is conjunct to Fixed star Capella. A very fortunate Star. According to Bernadette Brady, the brightest of the 8 stars is Capella a she-goat Amalthea. This star is connected with nurturing and a free-spirited energy associated with Artemis Goddess of the Moon and the hunt. Capella compels us to seek freedom independence and improving our quality of life.

Gemini New Super Moon with 8 fixed stars astrology tara Greene

The Super New Moon surrounds itself with 8 Fixed Stars also considered to be living angelic spiritual presences as this is one of the richest parts of the Heavens. The number 8 itself is auspicious as it anchors the 8 directional influences. Meditate with these 8 stars at the New Moon. Invite them in and open both sides of your mind the analytical and the intuitive to receive in the dark moon.

Bellatrix Phact Mintaka El Nath Ensis Alnilam and Al Hecka  are all conjunct within 2+/1 degrees to the Sun and Moon in four constellations Hunter Orion’s belt,  Auriga, Columba the Dove and Taurus. Mintaka is the 7th brightest star in the Constellation Orion famed as the STARGATE as it is aligned with the Great Pyramids. It is the westernmost star in Hunter’s belt with Alnilam and Alnitak. Mintaka is actually a double Star as befits its association with Gemini. Ancient astrologers considered this star portending good fortune and steadiness.

GEMINI is the Lovers in the Tarot #6 

MERCURY the planetary ruler of Gemini is newly in Cancer in the first decan. Our minds are connected with our feelings and nurturing through communications. This New Moon could bring breakthrough understandings and epiphanies with family and those close to us. 

The beautiful Highly emotional Grand Water Trine is still in effect. The Grand Water Trine of Jupiter Rx in Scorpio Neptune in Pisces and Athena in Cancer @ 13 degrees conjunct brightest star in sky Sirius which is conjunct to the U.S. Natal Sun is emotional and spiritual dreamy strategies. But are they real? 

Mercury is the Magician in the Tarot #1. 

Magic is a wave. The Grand water trine is in effect now. With Mercury in Cancer governing the Gemini New Mon expect to be tsunami’d by feelings.

Mercury the chart’s final dispositer is OUT OF BOUNDS from June 6- June 24th making this New moon a very freaking free unbounded leap into the unknown reaches of the imagination. Free your mind.  Mercury makes an electrifying sexy sextile with Uranus in TAURUS- A prod from the universe feels good. 

Mercury is square to Chiron in Aries and in T-square to Saturn in CAPRICORN

This is a painful and challenging mental and emotional process to grow up,  to become more mature,  stronger,  and more resilient. At the same time remaining empathic,  nurturing, and standing up for yourself and others as an individual against oppressive corporate structures and on the job too. 

VENUS is at the critical Anaretic degree  of 29 Cancer 

The final degree of any sign is considered to be critical technically it’s the 30th degree. We need to scooch up all the family empathetic,  nurturing, emotional, overabundance now.

Venus enters LEO later today in PDT EDT and GMT after New Moon.

Mars in Aquarius conjunct SOUTH NODEsquare Jupiter Retro in Scorpio

this deserves an entire article which I will write soon. This is an extremely rare conjunction and hasn’t happened since 1860 at this degree. Combined with Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio this is a clean sweep of old ideas of being detached and a cog in the Industrial Revolutionary wheel. Mars is opposite North Node in Leo. leading and defending the heart first.

PLUTO JUNO Eris and Uranus are in T-Square with Venus @ 29 Cancer

Juno @ 21 Aries conj. Eris @ 23 and Uranus @ 1 degree Taurus. 

This is tension between the Powerful Feminine Goddess archetypes of Female genius, shit disturbing, love,  feminine attraction, money, and the death and resurrection show of Pluto in Capricorn’s Corporate structure. 

There is a Finger of God Yod between the Sun and Moon in Gemini Ceres in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn 

The Yod points to Pluto. There is a lot of birth death and change going on in our hearts and in our minds. This New Moon is a Star Gate. 

Meditate with the stars and with the powers of Vesta and Venus at the critical degrees. Release the past defensive mental detachment. We are not machines. We are full-blooded human/Gods/goddesses co-creating the Universe.

The June 13 Supermoon is the first of three in a row. The next July 12th is a SOLAR ECLIPSE @ 20 degrees CANCER and the 3rd August 11th is a SOLAR ECLIPSE @ 18+ LEO.

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October preview Horoscopes

OCTOBER has some of the best days of the year

Saturn, Mars hard aspects, Napoleon Brousseau

OCTOBER 2017 Drawing by Napoleon Brousseau


Oct. 3 One of the best days in the year VENUS Trine PLUTO VIRGO/CAPRICORN mark that one down. Good for love increasing self-esteem rewards for a job well done and concrete success in long-term plans. 

Oct. 4 SUN inconjunct NEPTUNE Libra/ Pisces 

This can be a bad romance day or frustrating spiritually and creatively.


Great for Virgo’s and a boon for all earth signs. This is a super romantic energy. IN VIRGO it is about loving the body and the earth and being humble servants. What have you started that needs to be examined in the full moon light? Always innovating under an Aries full moon. 


Hard to communicate but could be interesting for artists 


A serious day for commitments.  Good to make travel or education plans under. Good for details and cleaning up your act.Oct

Oct. 8 Sun conjuncts MERCURY in LIBRA

Good for socializing and being the gracious host or hostess.

Oct 9yh  SUN and MERCURY in LIBRA Squares PLUTO in CAPRICORN- 

An intense Cardinal Square which can knock relationships on their ass.

Oct 10th JUPITER ENTERS SCORPIO until Nov. 8, 2018

SCORPIO it is your year! This is a transformative intense powerful energy. Scorpio is the most soulful and obsessive sign. Scorpio is the sign of sex death and rebirth the psyche and its shadows. All about power control secrets and manipulation. It can be the best of years and the hardest of years. 

10th. VENUS opposes Chiron -Virgo/PISCES

Listen to your body today and it will tell you where you are storing the emotional and spiritual pain.

11th. MARS squares SATURN Virgo/ SAGITTARIUS

This is a RED LETTER DAY. The two most difficult planets square off. Perfectionist Mars in VIRGO and optimistic easy going Saturn in SAGITTARIUS just don’t see eye to eye. This can be a difficult day for all SAGITTARIUS and VIRGO peeps especially.

11th. VENUS in VIRGO inconjuncts URANUS in ARIES

All of these inconjuncts are two planets speaking totally different languages

14th. Venus enters her home sign of LIBRA-YAY

This is lovely for everyone as Venus in Libra brings out our most charming grace and peace-loving side. This can, of course, also bring out Libra’s inability to make up their minds stronger. Good for all LIBRA peeps and those with Venus in LIBRA. 


A good day for new relationships or revitalizing and breathing fresh air into new ones. Great for networking and connecting with your tribe.

15th. MARS opposes CHIRON in PISCES

A good day for spiritual creative and charity work.


The communications planet is taking us to get down into Scorpio’s psychological depths. Good for research; in-depth focus and deeply emotional soulful and sexual connections.

17th. MARS in VIRGO inconjunct URANUS in ARIES

Mars rules the sign of ARIES and these two hot-headed spontaneous planets are bumping heads or have an axe to grind at work.Be careful of spontaneous outbursts of anger. 

18th. MERCURY conjuncts JUPITER in SCORPIO

Communicating from the deepest soulful and sexual parts of yourself. This is a profoundly cathartic energy. Have a good long conversation with another soul or souls. Nothing superficial. The real deal. 

19th NEW MOON in LIBRA @ 26 degrees

SUN opposes URANUS on this new moon

This will be a wild new ride. If you want to make changes in your life an all level this is the energy to do it on. Relationships may be chaotic.

Oct 22nd MARS enters LIBRA 

Mars is in VENUS’s sign and he is the peacemaking warrior. Mars in Libra loves beauty and harmony and wants everyone to think he is nice. Go out and buy art. See link below- There will be Much more indecisiveness going on. Have lovely dinner parties and soirees. A good time to meet new people and romance in general. 

SUN enters SCORPIO- 22nd PDT/ 23rd EDT and GMT

Iy’s the death and rebirth time. The season of the witch time. Get ready for an intensely obsessive month. Hood thing that Mars is in LIBRA this helps balance the intensity and the sexual energy out.

23rd. VENUS in LIBRA inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES

The planet of women love and the arts and her “higher octave” are not in harmony today. Look deeper for the origins from spiritual imbalances for clues.


This is an intense inspiring spiritual creative emotional sexually intense energy. If you want to have a tantric sexual experience this would be an excellent time. Also, practice connecting with people through dreams through astral projection and visioning in general. What does your shadow need to transform it into the light?

Oct. 26 SUN conjunct JUPITER in SCORPIO

This is the best day of the year when the Source and the largest planet of optimism and benefits come together. Look at the lighter brighter side to Scorpio. It is the soul essence of the emotional body which transmutes all darkness fear and shadows into the LIGHT under this conjunction.


This is another very rich Cardinal square. Echoing the cardinal squares this one brings a life or death-rebirth in relationships. Significant karmic people can come into your life under this transit. It’s a good day for artists and creative people. If you want to make a powerful strong statement int he world this would be a good day. 

OCTOBER 1st I will be live on FACEBOOK TONIGHT in PDT and EDT

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Dreaming a New earth, Neptune Retrograde square Saturn

Neptune, turns RETROGRADE June 13  @ 12 + degrees PISCES until NOVEMBER 19 when it turns DIRECT @ 9+ degrees PISCES conjunct to the FIXED STAR ANTARES/ Archangel ARIEL.  Neptune is also approaching its 2nd EXACT square to Saturn June 17/18, this week with Saturn also Retrograde. We are invited to flow backwards in the stream, dream of time, matter and illusion. 

One day after the terrible Orlando massacre Neptune Retrograde helps us to find our ways into our hearts to pour out unconditional love, faith and hope and to find our common ONENESS in this terrible tragedy. United We Stand.  Neptune rules charity, like the hundreds of people who volunteered to give Saturnian life blood to help victims struggling for their lives. 

Saturn rules the physical limits and boundaries of reality. Neptune is imagination, beyond all boundaries of time and space.  These two planets are very concerned with religion and spirituality but from two different perspectives. Saturn in Sagittarius rules Patriarchal religions, a hierarchical male sky God structure of the Judaic, Catholic and Muslims and 99% of organized religions. Like John Lennon’s amazing song IMAGINE, anything we imagine becomes a reality. “Imagine no religion, nothing to kill or die for.”

Neptune  governs universal Source, Unconditional Love, Spirituality, non-duality, detachment and the immanence of enlightenment. In Buddhism, Saturn rules the sufferings of age, poverty, disease and death and Neptune rules enlightenment, non-attachment and Divine wisdom. You can’t have one without the other. 

These planets had their first square November 26, 2015 with both moving direct at 7 degrees. Think back on what was happening in your life. Retrogrades make us reflect. What dreams did you have, romantically, personally or collectively,  and how far have they manifested?  

The planet of DREAMS  and the planet of reality,  will have their final show down September 10, 2016 with Neptune still Retrograde. Donald Trump had a  reality show called Celebrity Apprentice. He trademarked the words “You’re fired.” All Media and Hollywood  are ruled by NEPTUNE. There is glamour, illusions, deception, delusions, escapism, entertainment and addictions. Donald Trump’s show,like the Kardashians, the Bachelorette, etc. are called REALITY shows, but they are not. They are scripted, directed and edited with a specific POV. They are called Reality shows because they are NEWSPEAK as George Orwell labelled them in his prophetic novel 1984.  Donald Trump and his image are fake, and this election is no TV show. This is reality. This is a wake up call from our somnambulist dream state.

SATURN is here to remind us that no matter how hard we wish to escape the facts through Neptune’s veils of illusion, escapism and denial that life is HARD. Very hard, it is finite, fragile and limited. No one gets out of Saturn’s Third Dimensional plane alive. The price that every living thing pays to be here on this beautiful earth temporarily is ageing and death. Saturn governs Karma, what we sow is what we reap. Neptune rules rebirth. 

Remember that Saturn was also known as SATAN, the Devil, the earthly, sexual, paradise. The Devil, in Jungian psychology is the shadow, the “other” whoever or whichever group we scapegoat and blame, hate and deny for being wrong, bad or disgusting, like homosexuals, or gypsies, witches, menstruating women, or Jews, Muslims or Christians, blacks or whites, Republicans or Democrats.  

The words of the great Sagittarius poet,mystical artist William Blake comes to mind.

Saturn Square Neptune William Blake, tara Greene


All Bibles or sacred codes, have been the causes of the following Errors.
1. That Man has two real existing principles Viz: a Body & a Soul.
2. That Energy, call’d Evil, is alone from the Body, & that Reason, call’d Good, is alone from the Soul.
3. That God will torment Man in Eternity for following his Energies.

But the following Contraries to these are True.
1. Man has no Body distinct from his Soul; for that call’d Body is a portion of Soul discern’d by the five Senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age.
2. Energy is the only life and is from the Body and Reason is the bound or outward circumference of Energy.
3. Energy is Eternal Delight.

Saturn square Neptune is a very challenging square. The lower side of this square can be felt as self-defeat, hopelessness, negativity and self-destruction.  Escaping reality, responsibilities, turning to fantasy and illusion, projections, addictions, co-dependency, martyrdom, victim/ saviour relationships, self- pity, guilt, consumerism and whatever it takes to fill the empty hole in your soul;-workaholism, yoga fanatics,raw foodism, gym junkies, reality shows, video games, pornography, smoking pot or whatever your personal avoidance mechanisms are. It would be a great time to get sober, go to  rehab, seek transpersonal psychotherapy, expressive arts therapy,a vision quest to find one’s own highest self, or  ayahuasca healing with really experienced solid shamans to deal with those addictions and afflictions to become healed and whole.  Saturn square Neptune also rules past life regression. Often our present life issues are past life unresolved problems. Meditate on this, Seek answers in your dreams. Get a past life regression hypnosis session to work this out. 

Saturn is structure and Neptune rules the arts, magic, photography, poetry, beauty, water, oil, depth psychology, transcendence, music, yoga. It would be a good time to challenge oneself to open one’s creative side even if you think you can’t draw, sing or dance. The creative energy needs structure to flow. make a documentary about something you really feel could make a difference in the world. Set aside time to draw, to read poetry like Rumi’s or William Blake’s. Neptune rules charity, volunteer to help those in need, adopt a rescue dog or cat, donate to foster parent’s, beautify your neighborhood, volunteer at a suicide distress call center,  there is always someone who has less.

In reality there is no death, and no separation from anything on this earth and in the entire Universe, we are all ONE hologram, one quantum breath or particle and standing wave in eternal motion. This is real life but it is also a dream, and an illusion. At the end of one’s life all that matters is how well we loved and gave to others.

Saturn and Neptune’s Karmic square is teaching us about how to have faith and to BE HERE NOW and how  to transcend the illusions at the same time. We are called upon to build a NEW HEAVEN and a NEW EARTH.  

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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United we stand, Brotherhood of Man 



Inspirational Daily Card June 8

The Moon is in Leo in the wee hours EDT. 

Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic Nomination. She seems to be holding a 20% lead on Bernie Sanders which I am very surprised at. She has a hugely powerful MARS PLUTO SATURN conjunction in Leo in her 9th house. You’re going to hear her ROAR. And  I am Woman by Helen Reddy will be her main playlist song. 

Mercury in Taurus is sextile Chiron in Pisces 

A lot of people are feeling disappointed in the system. There will much tears flowing. It’s post-democratic primary blues season.

LEO Moon inconjuncts Neptune in Pisces 

Apparently Bernie Sanders and his millions of supporters are bitter, angry and won’t quit. Sanders is showing America how millions of young people feel about the Government. In some ways he could be seen as a temperature taking of the pulse and that’s why he was “allowed” to get  this far. Now what happens to those millions of young people who are the future of America? They are involved passionate and want change.

LEO Moon creates a FIRE trines SATURN in SAGITTARIUS

There will be foul play cries. Saturn in Sagittarius is about justice honesty and transparency. There will be recounts. The Universe wants us to evolve and progress, yet with Mars Retrograde it is about regressing into our shadows for now.

 Card of the Day

Knight of swords, Love and Mystery Tarot, Tara Greene

The Knight of Swords  from the Love and Mystery Tarot

The Knight of swords is the symbol for GEMINI, so right now with Venus and SUN in Gemini. Gemini is the AIR element and symbolizes the double-edged sword of discrimination.  Gemini can be too divisive, too talky, too youthful, to non-committal. The high side of Gemini is open-mindedness, curiosity, communication, and discernment. 

The big planetary event of Thursday is a MERCURY MARS Retrograde opposition

There will be stubborn Mercury in Taurus rants and enraged bullish defenders of the faith. The Traditional Bullish media may come down very hard and try to shame Bernie Sanders as a megalomaniac totally missing his point which is that he is creating a force for change of the people of which he is simply the figurehead or channel.


Mars Retrograde indicates  a need for anger management for some. There is also a take it back feeling. Get rid of that Judge in that horrible rape trial, recount votes, re-do, and re-do. Old lovers are returning and resurrecting themselves in your life. Be stubborn, speak your truth.


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I am woman hear me roar by Helen Reddy 1975 

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