Libra Season and weekly Astrology

Astrology September 21-27


MOON enters SAGITTARIUS September 21 @ 12:32 pm PDT/ 3:32 pm EDT/ 8:32 pm GMT 

MOON enters CAPRICORN September 23rd @ 4:16 pm PDT/ 7:16 pm EDT/ The 24th @ 12:16 am

Moon enters AQUARIUS September 25 @ 11:08 pm PDT/ Sept. 26 @ 2:08 am EDT/ 7:08 am GMT


-power struggle imbalances


Lilith hand beaded art by Roxanna Bikadoroff collection of Tara Greene

How heated the shadow of the Rejected Feminine is. Plus ERIS, the revenge Goddess, MARS’ sister is conjunct with these two as well. Ancient anger against the Patriarchy and colonialism is mirrored in the fires burning all up the West Coast of America. As Mars is Retrograde this is passive-aggressive behaviours. If you have personal planets, Moon, Rising and near to 21-30 degrees ARIES you will be on fire with eons of rage which you can’t totally express. Work this frustration and anger out in creative ways and be careful of sharp objects, anything flammable and accidents.

This aspect forms a TENSE T-SQUARE with MERCURY in LIBRA at 24 degrees attempting to hold the balance and bring justice and Saturn at 25 and PLUTO at 22 degrees CAPRICORN. Pluto is at the degree of the SATURN PLUTO Conjunction on January 12

SEPT. 21/22 VENUS IN LEO INCONJUNCTS JUPITER IN CAPRICORN-pride, overdoing things can lead to problems.

This is a day to complete tasks as the last day of the Virgo season. 








-talk about what you are angry about below the surface to attempt to balance things out. Power struggles with disagreements from the past brought out. Hardships in relationships.


LOVE AND POWER STRUGGLES. women fighting against governments, old power structures.


REGURGITATING OLD SEX ISSUES, MEN IN YOUR LIFE, FINANCIAL AND OTHER TRANSFORMATIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES WHICH NEED TO BE RE-EXAMINED. A lot of intense talks about sex, power, secrets, control issues. Good time for research, and doing intensely focussed work. Read detective novels, write a murder mystery, do a pitch on one of these topics. Mercury in Scorpio also symbolizes money inheritance windfalls from others. Things are heating up.

At the end of this intense humanity testing time that SATURN, the Reality MASTER, the in the body God and PLUTO, Lord of death recycling, secrets, power, the Plutocracy and HIGHER MASTER TEACHER JUPITER, the expansive International philosopher who is not so strong in Capricorn BTW, are putting us all through what do you think we are all being marked on?
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EQUINOX MEDITATION and the focus of love with VENUS AND VESTA uniting in LEO  LIVE ON FACEBOOK 

TUESDAY  September 22 at 5:00 pm PDT/ 8:00 pm EDT and WEDNESDAY Sept. 23 @ 1:00 AM GMT on the Cosmic Intelligence AGENCY PAGE

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Equinox Astrology

As the Sun enters the sign of LIBRA peace balance and harmony a new season begins, autumn starts in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring begins in the Southern.

Equinox means equal day and night and it falls on Sept 23 @ 12:50 am  PDT /3:50 am. pm EDT/ Sept. 23 @ 7:50 am GMT. The Masculine and Feminine powers are balanced. This is an excellent time to bring our own inner masc. and fem. together as equals.

The Moon is in Cancer at the 15th degree conjunct to the North Node at 14 degrees conjunct to Sirius and the  U.S. Sun opposite Saturn and the South Node at 13 and 14 degrees and Pluto at 20 Rx Capricorn.

Saturn on the South Node is a great karmic time to release the past Patriarchal structures, rules, shoulds and responsibilities. Seniors, corporate structure, fathers, authority figures are at the end of a karmic cycle and a new more integrated emotionally nurturing energy is coming in. We are not just doing our jobs according to expectations and past history doesn’t count the same way. Plus add PLUTO s transformative powers into that mix.

Mercury and Venus in her ruling sign of libra urge us to find more peace balance and harmony in our relationships.

Mars in Virgo at 23 degrees is squaring Jupiter and widely opposing Neptune in Pisces

Criticism for the government, judges, teachers, leaders, and of religion, religious leaders, addictions, debt, illusions, oil, Gas, secrets, ending, balancing the budgets, and Hollywood creating a new paradigm are all in this mix.

The Equinox is a great time for cleansing. Mars ni Virgo urges us to take care of our health and to bring our bodies into balance.

JUPITER is squaring Neptune

This brings great imagination, intuition and spiritual energy to the task of transforming the world’s soul.  Jupiter is finishing up his one-year treck through Sagittarius in early December. Use Jupiters deep expansive not always easy powerful soul-searching energy now.

Juno, the Goddess of female genius  in Virgo at 12 degrees is opposite to Lilith  at 15 Pisces conjunct Neptune at 16

This is a sign of brilliance from women rejecting their roles as less than men which is Lilith’s story and aspiring to a new spiritual creative yet practical way of being into the world.

The EQUINOX chart reveals the pattern for the next three months until Winter solstice.

Look at how this chart affects your own personal aspects. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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I will be flying. a Libra Air sign quality on the Equinox ceremony on the 23 and will be sending prayers out to the world and the children and mother earth. If you would like to be included or have prayers for others please send me an email. to be included.

Blessings of the new season of Balance, beauty and harmony. So mote it be.

Libra Equinox Sept. 22/23 Mindfulness

As the Sun enters the sign of peace balance and harmony a new season begins, autumn starts in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring begins in the Southern.

Equinox means equal day and night and it falls on Sept 22 @ 6:54 pm /9:54 pm EDT/ Sept. 23 @ 1:54 am GMT. The Masculine and Feminine powers are balanced. This is an excellent time to bring our own inner masc. and fem. together as equals.

Libra Equinox astrology tara Greene

astrodienst chart

This is a new season of mindfulness as Mercury is conjunct the Sun, the mercurial trickster messenger entered Venus’ ruled Libra on the 20th until October 9th.

There is a Fixed Grand Cross in this chart. 

The Nodes of the Moon are square to Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus indicating radical change in financial markets, real estate, values, women’s independence and also major resistance to living from the ego/ will to power rather than from the heart. Fixed crosses are hard to bear because no one wants to budge or give an inch. Something that Libra is famous for-compromise. This will be one feature of the next 3 months.

Many planets are in early degrees along with the Sun and Mercury 

The SUN/ MERCURY square VESTA Goddess of Investments at 1 degree Capricorn conjunct to SATURN @ 2+ degrees Capricorn making this a serious new season to undertake new career and relationship and chequebook balances. Some serious decisions are about to go down making either more permanent commitments in relationships or indicating karmic endings. Those in positions of authorities may be forced to be the ambassador, go-between or peacemaker and extend the olive branch or peace pipe. 

Take your decisions very seriously now. There are Long-term effects to all decisions now.

MARS, the SOUTH NODE and LILITH are 1 degree apart in Aquarius at 3,4 and 5 degrees, trining the Sun and Mercury. Free yourself from past ideas of feeling too quirky, too weird, unacceptable, as an independent woman especially or never fitting in. Embrace your weirdness. 

CHIRON at 0 degrees ARIES directly opposite the newborn LIBRA SUN

The wounded healer/shaman and the Source sit on very powerful ZERO degrees with Saturn square them 2 degrees away from the World Point of 0 Capricorn.

There are some huge karmic issues going on as the world turns and the circle of time advances. We need to look at our own shadows and the polarities we see so prevalent in the world today are just a mirror of our own unacknowledged shadows and dark side.  It is very important to look clearly into the mirror. Chiron is here to help us all.

Venus in Scorpio is trine to the PISCES MOON

The Moon is always the mood of the public. In Pisces, we have to be careful about projection, illusions, delusions, addictions, denial, glamour, guru worshipping, and self-sabotage. Venus in Scorpio’s supportive trine brings love, sexuality depth and death and rebirth into the mix. This is a powerful placement as Venus rules the sign of Libra. 

We need to not tread lightly as Libra’s want to do or to focus on being “nice” at the cost of our own authenticity, Venus in Scorpio is intense, obsessive power, kundalini raising energy, deep gazing into one’s soul and the souls of others. Plunge fearlessly into your own heart of darkness and love the deepest darkest and most forbidden and scary parts of ourselves asap.  Look fearlessly at your own denial.

JUPITER at 20 degrees Scorpio is in a wide Trine to Neptune

This brings great imagination, intuition and transformative spiritual essence to the task of transforming the world’s soul. Remember Jupiter is finishing up his one-year treck through Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on November 8th. Use Jupiters deep expansive not always easy powerful soul-searching energy now. There will be a big energy shift when Jupiter is in his home sign of Sagittarius for one year soon.

URANUS @ 1+ degree TAURUS in inconjunct the SUN

It will take some major adjustments for a higher consciousness to emerge. 

The EQUINOX chart reveals the pattern for the next three months until Winter solstice.

Look at how this chart affects your own personal aspects. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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I will be co-creating an Equinox ceremony on the 22nd and will be sending prayers out to the world and the children and mother earth. If you would like to be included or have prayers for others please send me an email. to be included.

Blessings of the new season of Balance, beauty and harmony. So mote it be.





Women’s spiritual retreat, Blood Moon in Sedona


Sedona Rainbows spiritual tours tara Greene

 Dear Goddesses, I invite you to SEDONA Arizona this September to participate in prayers, ritual, meditation, chanting and ceremony for the earth and for grounding 8 new Archetypes of the Goddess for healing and self-nurturing which my spirit guides have been insisting on. There are many very powerful potent energies and big planetary and cosmic shifts happening this month. “As above, so below” We must work together. If you feel this call, and I know many of you do. Come now. 

On September 13, Eclipse DARK MOON

 There will be a Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo, an especially powerful time to set new intentions. We will meditate, chant and drum. An especially strong New Moon which is always Red Tent time. We will give away our sacred blood for the healing and regeneration of the earth and our own wombs. We will do Womb healing and cleansing ceremonies. I am a High Priestess and a Crone. It would be wonderful to have bleeding women at this ceremony.  

Venus in LEO, Sekhmet has just begun to move ahead Direct again, reborn as the Morningstar, Inanna emerged from her ordeals in the Underworld. There are many auspicious planetary alignments to work with.

Shaman's drum Tara Greene spiritual retreats

Sept. 16.  Jupiter, the planet of expansion, opportunity, higher learning, truth and justice and esoterically the Master Teachers planet is in Virgo, the Virgin Goddess sign and opposite to Neptune. This is a very big, creative, spiritual, practical, dreamers grand aspect. Feminine energy, earth and water. We will awaken to our Sacred Dream, our personal dream and our collective dream. 

September 17. Saturn enters Sagittarius for the next two years. Saturn was originally the Great Mother, Binah in Hebrew. Saturn in Sagittarius is the sign of Diana the Huntress, and all warrior,Amazon Queens. We welcome Saturn, the great teacher and set new intentions and arrows of truth, humour, inspiration and connection with all our relations. Ignite your Shakti energy. 

Sept. 21 International Day of Peace

A day to envision, chant, dance pray and drum for Peace. 

11:11 ceremony Sedona Tara Greene

Tara and Iala in an 11:11 Tree of Life Ceremony, Sedona


A day to re-balance ourselves. We set sail into the Dark times of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, The Feminine energies ascend. We bring our inner Masculine and Feminine  energies into balance, harmony and peace. One of the four major Cardinal crossroads of the year. Conceive now to birth a new creation next Summer Solstice. 

Sept 24 Pluto turns Direct. The planet of the shadow, the Unconscious and the Soul stations direct. A very powerful time to do soul retrievals.  


This eclipse will be fully visible in Sedona and will last many hours. During eclipses is the most powerful time to do ceremony, to become fertile, whole, complete under this blood moon. A very magical alchemical opportunity. On the red rocks, blood moon, we revitalize our womanhood.  

My guides have told me to be in Sedona to anchor 8 new Goddess  Archetypes. I know I need 7 women to be there with me. Do you also feel this call? Hear it in your heart? Whispering to your soul?  If so then simply trust and book your flight to Phoenix and on to Sedona NOW! 

Sedona is a very sacred high energy activation place where healing is accelerated 10 times. If you have never experienced Sedona’s sacred red rock vortexes then come now. Sedona has a well deserved reputation as one of the highest energy spots in the world .  

This is a design it yourself retreat. You can choose which accommodations you like. I can assist you to find which one best suits your needs. You can choose to come for one day, three days, a week or longer. I will aslo be available to work one on one. Astrology, tarot, energy healing, and guided meditations, past life regressions available. There will be time to explore Sedona on your own as well. Bring your sistars, tell your friends, spread the word. 

 Be the change you want to see in the world. Be the Goddess, the world desperately needs right now. show up, be present, add your specific soul’s and heart energy to the circle.

We will be meeting to meditate on the vortexes in Sedona to pray and to embody and to become and to be these new Goddess Archetypes.  I offer shamanic techniques designed to help you shift your awareness into other dimensions quickly. I call it Star breathing. There will be guided meditations, group dreaming, chanting, drumming, sacred circle formed and much more. 

SEVEN very brave, strong women are needed to help anchor this new energy. If you are willing to take the leap and be the Beauty,own your own feminine powers as a warrioress, lover,High Priestess, mother, friend, sister, daughter, poetess, sacred artist and activist then come now.. 

I will be working with other healers, who are good friends in Sedona who are well known Shamans and sound healers.  There will be Vogel crystal bed treatments available. We will become a new sacred sisterhood of reunited Priestesses from many walks.

WRITE TO ME RIGHT AWAY to secure your spot. A deposit is required by September 6th.  

call 416 461 1999 or text me to get  hold of you with any questions 416 230 5347.

Blessings, Namaste

I look forwards to meeting you brave, courageous, women who heed to call of the Goddess and your own heart now. 


From a 2010 Video

Divine balance, Autumn Equinox Astrology

The ingress of the Sun into Libra marks the end of summer and the Autumn Equinox on Sept 22 @ 7:29 pm PDT/ 10:29 pm EDT/ Sept 23 2:29 am GMT. Spring is beginning down under in the Southern part of the hemisphere. It is celebrated as MABON in Pagan spirituality. 

Sun in Libra brings our consciousness and the Light into focusing on being in balance, relationships, love, marriage, the fine arts, and choices.

Day and night are only equally twice a year. The SCALES of MAAT, is the symbol of the constellation LIBRA. The great Ancient Egyptian goddess weighs the hearts of the deceased to see if they are as light as her ostrich feather diadem or not. We are in the KARMIC balance and being judged.

PLUTO, Lord of Death and Rebirth turns DIRECT 2 hours before the Equinox at 11 degrees Capricorn. This is a very powerful SOUL station turnabout. Picture yourself swivelling on your souls’ toes. If you are born within 5 days of  Dec 31- Jan -7 you will feel the heaviness of this anchoring. Check out where the 11th degree of Capricorn falls in your natal chart. That is a soul “pull your socks up” to say the least. 

The equinox chart is a forecast of the next 3 months. It’s a karmicaly complex Equinox. 

autumn Equinox astrology Tara Greene

Lots of 6th house type of VIRGO action in this chart. The Moon and Venus are in Virgo. Sun, Mercury, the North Node plus Athena Goddess of Wisdom and the warrior Goddesses energy is in LIBRA. But here they are focused on Virgo/Hermit overview energies of hard work, service, health, discipline, organization, accountability, conservation, the harvest, the environment and worry.

Moon in Virgo means the people’s mood may be worried about scarcities, health and jobs.

MOON and VENUS are conjunct in VIRGO and VENUS rules the new-born Libra SUN.

This is an emotional time and points to being accountable in love, which also alludes to being fiscally responsible.

The Moon is the mood of the people and Venus is love. Together in Virgo they make for a romantic, earthy, money focused tightening of the belts. Women or anyone into weight loss will rejoice.  There will be Romance on the job. Do you love, love, love your work? How much in service are you?  This also indicates workaholics.

How much worrying do you do about

1. your health, 2 money 3. diet 4.finding love v.s. being a HERMIT?

Aren’t these the 4 main things that everyone worries about?

MOON VENUS is opposite CHIRON the wounded healer in PISCES which is square Mars at 6 degrees of Sagittarius.

Neptune in Pisces is  Square to Mars.

The feeling body, the mind/emotional connection which Venus and the Moon in Virgo represents may be feeling very vulnerable and wounded. Love hurts sometimes, doesn’t it? Bringing spiritual compassion and unconditional love into relationships with yourself and at work is important.  It may be hard to keep from flying off the handle and exiting for the road less travelled-square to Mars in Sagittarius.  Be careful not to be seduced by numbing out escapism to drugs, alcohol, workaholism, delusions, illusions and false prophets/False profits.

 There may be more sad news about mass shootings in the U.S.  because of antidepressants making people psychotic.

Mercury is conjunct the North Node in Libra, good for socializing, grace, balanced viewpoints, Fairness is important. 

JUPITER is at the 15th degree of Leo trine Uranus in Aries in a wide trine to Mars in Sagittarius.

It’s all about opening your heart to creative self-expression, childlike delight and passion which in itself sets the heart alight and revolutionizes actions to be free, to learn higher wisdom, knowledge and philosophy, in other words broadens ones perspective. Becoming a  Dharma Bum as Jack Kerouac would have put it.  Have you read that classic book?

Jupiter is quincunx to Chiron in Pisces, exact the next day.

Don’t try to hide the wounds behind braggadocio and partying too much.

Saturn is at 19 degrees Scorpio conjunct CERES the dwarf planet of the Earth, the Great Goddess called Demeter to the Greeks. Saturn is karma and our own survival is totally dependent on our right relationship with the earth Mother Herself. Vesta ancient goddess of sacred sexuality and focus is also conjunct Saturn. We must work on healing, integrating and Honoring the split between the Mother and the whore, in our culture, an ancient Patriarchal, SATURN, split. Sexuality is sacred. The treatment of women parallels the treatment of the earth herself and her children.  

Saturn is sextile to the Moon and Venus in Virgo and the three planets form a FINGER OF GOD or Yod aspect to Uranus conjunct the South Node in Aries. Quincunx’s are difficult aspects but ones which must be dealt with. Issues of accountability, renewal of resources, creating new technologies and freedoms for women {Moon and Venus} and children and agricultural resources is very important.The work force is going through huge upheavals, the use of high tech and who gets to use it and how we use it responsibly are crucial.  Uranus is the God of higher consciousness liberation and freedom. 

ASTRO CARTOGRAPHY of the Autumn Equinox

astro equinox Tara Greene

Pluto and the Sun cross in the middle of Australia.

Could be a nuclear waste dump or an  explosion.

Uranus and Pluto converge around Mexicali Mexico and in the ocean off of Baja.

This could signify a huge undersea earthquake on the San Andreas Fault. The big one.

Pluto and Uranus also cross each others paths off of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean 

Cool be HARP activity, another undersea earthquake and tsunami.

MARS and the Sun cross North of  Sapporo Japan.

Mars and Sun are a most difficult combo. Nuclear power issues. This is serious karmic testing in these areas to the degree to which cultural inheritance and unconscious urges have been suppressed. This could be another tsunami or undersea quake.

Saturn Neptune cross over Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

fighting over oil and resources and land rights. Religious opposition to China’s rule. This is ancient Buddhist country.

Mars Neptune cross in Southern Libya. and over northern waters of Malaysia. 

religious wars, Fighting over oil rights. Religious terrorists emerge about the downed Malaysian plane. 

Neptune Mars cross in Brasil in Central eastern areas.  Oil wars, 

Mars and PLuto cross in central ALASKA, 

Oil pipeline leaks or explosion. Native rights resistance and proclamations.

All the planets converge in the North West Territories in Canada indicating struggles with Indigenous Peoples over land rights, Keystone pipeline, etc. and who owns the polar waterways,

Neptune Mercury and Uranus overlap in Seattle and Boise Idaho down to Las Vegas.

This HOT SPOT indicates much chaos, addictions, delusions, crazy hostage taking, religious fanatics. Water rights issues.

The autumn Equinox is a time to harvest what you have sewn in the Spring of this year. Look back and see if you are satisfied with your growth. The energy is more fiery now for the last quarter of 2014 especially with Mars in Sagittarius.

There is a new moon Sept 23 at 1 degree Libra.

Jupiter Trines Uranus on Sept 25 during Rosh Hashanah 

Some unexpected freedoms granted for the imprisoned.

Mars Trines Uranus Oct 4/5 on Yom Kippur

This can re-ignite an already totally incendiary situation in the Middle east.


Mars Trines Jupiter in Leo and this eclipse hugely exposes hidden agendas and brings in the Grand Cardinal Cross energy. Venus in Libra also Squares Pluto- big money secret agendas will out.  More later.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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autumn equinox 2011

astrology of autumn equinox 2011

There’s an almost but not quite pentagram in this sacred geometry of this snapshot. The Autumn Equinox chart is the birth chart for the next 3- 6 months. So we can cast an over view of that time. The economies of the world, elections, Israel Palestine, revolutions, gold prices etc. are all in the news. 

The  Sun at ZERO degree of Libra is opposite the Zero point of Aries which is opposite Uranus still Retrograde at 2 degrees of Aries which is also connected to and involved in a T-Square to Pluto in Capricorn. This is the key signature of why the world looks the way it does on all of its manifestations.

This Cardinal T-square puts everything into a nutshell. Uranus in Aries is new beginnings, individual freedoms, breaking free from restrictions and Uranus rules Revolutions. Pluto rules destruction and rebirth  and since its entry into Capricorn sign of Big Business and patriarchal structures, we have seen the fall of the U.S. economy, Lehman brothers etc.  in Capricorn the sign of the World status, Pluto destroys  governments, big business whatever is outworn and thus we have the world picture of fluctuating economies, old structures, governments, dictators falling, institutions crumbling and the danger of fascist takeovers also building as a result of the calamity.

Uranus is key here because Uranus is back where it was 84 years ago in 1927 when it also entered the sign of Aries symbolizing new life and new beginnings. This is a similar set up before the great depression.  To anyone who follows astrology this is old hat.

VENUS in Libra, the sign she rules is also connected to the Uranian opposition in this chart. There will be much energy generated here. It is also a symbol of women being more closely involved in stating their power in managing money and earnings and of course its about trying to get to a balancing point while we are at a tipping point.

NEPTUNE ruler of Oil, debt, drugs, addictions, illusions, delusions, Hollywood, glamour, spirituality, is Retrograde back in Aquarius at 28 degrees which is directly opposite the place of Archangel Raphael’s Fixed star Regulus. I know Regulus Black in Harry Potter was named after this Star.

Neptune spent most of 2010 at this point with Chiron.CHIRON the Wounded Healer has moved back into Pisces and will be touring Pisces blissful sign of endings compassion, ashrams, the unconscious until April 20 2018.

That’s a whole lotta healing going on! 

Neptune and Chiron are still dancing cheek to cheek and are slowly leaning into the descendant { 7th house of relationships with others} of the chart. Meaning NEPTUNE  { illusions, delusions, debt, glamour, addictions,oil, drugs } is indicating where the spiritual= money, wound is and how it is connected to the vulnerability {Chiron,of  Greek mythology} of the entire situation. How blatant can it be???

Uh the Greek economy is bankrupt, along with Ireland, Portugal, and Italy has been demoted, devalued etc etc. Lloyd’s has refused to back any European banks.

 Its obvious that the economies of the world are very vulnerable { CHIRON}  , the US taken off its triple A rating as I predicted, is where the big wound is and people are still in la la la land about how bad it is.  As Bobbie Dylan sang a long time ago.  The Times  They are a CHANGIN’

Another interesting geometrical signature in this chart is the blue line running between Big Gunner Pluto in Capricorn to Chiron in Pisces. This 60 degree or so aspect is called a SEXtile. FYI, I can’t give you all the details but it’s a good thing.

Those dotted green lines in the chart criss-crossing like chem. trails point to the MOON and MARS also cheek to cheek in early degrees of LEO.

That formation Pluto to Moon/Mars and Chiron to Moon/Mars is called a QUINCUNX. The Leo Moon and Mars are the quincunxed twins and the whole shebang of a formation is called the FINGER OF GOD aspect.

As you can image bring up from our memory banks the feeling from your childhood when some superior large adult wagged their index finger at you how you felt.  So the impetus is on Mars/ Moon who are not really a happy duo to do something.

It looks like a gun symbol to me. And speaking of guns, How about the Big Guns?

In the news Israel/ Palestine.

I loved JOHN STEWART’S Line Palestine has to change its spelling to Palestein to be accepted at the U.N.

The Natal charts of  Israel and Palestine are 1 day apart. Here’s Israel’s

astrology chart of Israel

Israel astrology

 Israel’s chart is relevant because it’s Moon { the people}  is at 4 degree of Leo connected directly to THE FINGER OF GOD aspect in the current Autumn Equinox chart of Mars/ Moon  the same degrees. This is a Lunar return for Israel.  Israel’s Venus {economy, values} is at 4 degrees of Cancer directly opposite Pluto right now, and  also square to Uranus.

The people need to change, the Palestinian people demand freedom. The tension is building.

Here is the Astrology chart for the Proclamation of the Independence of Palestine from November 15, 1988 in Algiers created by Yasser Arafat. Nicolas Campion who is the expert on Mundane or World City horoscopes suggests this one as a good alternative to the 1948 chart.

Palestine Independence Proclamation 1988

an astrology chart of Palestine

This chart shows Mars the planet of action, defenses, war,at 1 degree of Aries, now conjunct Uranus.  Saturn is a t Zero degrees of Capricorn Squared exactly at this Autumn Equinox and it’s Neptune, its spirit and dreams is at 8 degrees of Capricorn which Pluto will cross in January,  June and December of 2012!

This chart shows its Chiron at 6 degrees of Cancer,t he wound, which Pluto will soon cross.

The North Node or highest spiritual growth potential for Palestine interestingly is at 10 degrees of Pisces indicating that compassion, merging, forgiveness and having no boundaries will help Palestine grow to its highest potential.Who’s? There own? The rest of the world? and Chiron will almost cross that point,in May and June of this year but won’t finally cross it till 2013.

Comet Elenin end of Mayan Calendar is NOW some say

In the meantime Comet Elenin, Comet Honda, the fact that if you follow Mayan archeo- scholar John Calleman, the last days of the Mayan calendar are RIGHT NOW and NOt dec 21 2012 which many argue are a fear mongering scenario. according to Callman’s’s  dating the mAyan calendar a 16 billion year old calendar will return to its beginning/ending on Oct 28 2011.

We are thus into a last days scenario replete with HOPI prophesies about the sighting of the Blue Kachina, a comet which will announce the end days of the old Dark Ages,for  those who live outside the spiritual laws and a coming together of Unity consciousness living in harmony and balance with Nature and the Creators natural laws of which each one of us and all of Her creations are equal.

So put that in your peace pipes and smoke it.

 I’m also tuning into the Return of Quetzalcoatl.  Q

He was an Aztec and Mayan God based on a real man who owas a Christ like sacrifice, he preached LOVE but Q. is  also a symbol of the feathered serpent, a symbol of fertility, a chthonic underground, unconscious power. The feathered serpent undulates as Kundalini energy, also associated with consciousness rising.

Kundalini rising chakras on fire
Kundalini rising/Galactic Center

The Doctor’s symbol of the cadeuses is the same feathered serpent’s symbol of antiquity. It means healing. A popular theme here. Quetzalcoatl is also connected to the Galactic Center also very prominent in Mayan codex translations. Venus  was very closely tracked by the Ancient Maya and she  passes in front of the Sun on June  6, 2012  considered a very significant cycle in her 243 year cycle.

So I can feel time speeding up. I am sensing the galactic consciousness rising.
The return of Quetzalcoatl, is considered to be a metaphor for Christ Consciousness. Rudolph Steiner wrote about this. Stuart Wilde also talks of this in  different terms.
It’s all very exciting, time to clear out all old ways of thinking, doing business,
running the world. We are merging into one consciousness and more empathy.
I am optimistic.
I am a professional Astrologer and intuitive. I consult for individuals and businesses,on all types of issues. Personal financial, health, timing of events.
i will post horoscope’s for each sign on  my website.

ASTROLOGY UPDATES-the buck stops here by Tara Greene





Hi Y’all,

Sorry for disappointing you in not writing regularly since August it’s true. I needed a vacation and my family and I drove to the beautiful Maritime Provinces of Canada, visiting Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island, which are very beautiful.

I am under a pretty heavy Saturn transit these days, with Saturn presently just past squaring my Natal Moon in Sagittarius. Saturn is of course the great tester, teacher, maturer. So caring a big lead weight around is kind of what its felt like. On the exact hit of Saturn to my natal Moon at 12 degrees+ of Virgo my Uncle passed away.

I did write quite a lengthy piece on the recent CERN firing up in Geneva on Sept 10-cee CERN page.  SO let’s get you all up to date and running. We’re almost at the Autumn Equinox so I’ll include that too.




Sept 15 PISCES FULL MOON 2:14 am PDT/ 5:14 am EDT 9:14am GMT



THE FULL MOON at 22 degrees of PISCES marks an ending of a cycle. This seems very appropriate as we are but a week away from the Autumn Equinox which begins another cycle in the quarterly turning of the year’s seasons.


THIS FULL MOON has renegade planet URANUS conjunct the MOON so emotions will be scattered, electrified, high wired, with the ability to see the Big Picture and access

Breakthrough Consciousness. EXPECT the Unexpected to turn up on your doorstep and you’ll be prepared.  Emotional eruptions, high tides, unexpectedly large amounts of rain,

electrical storms, hurricanes-as we see from Gustav et al are currently in the rotation.


This is the Harvest Moon and in Pisces it encourages reflection, meditation, flow, and have compassion for what was and hasn’t yet been completed since Spring when new seeds were sown. Imagination runs high and wild on this Full Moon, it’s time to Revolutionize and vote for freedom at these times.


All three of the outer planets aspect this Moon as they did on the Aug 16 Lunar Eclipse.

NEPTUNE  at 22+ degrees of Aquarius Qunicunx’s {150 degrees away} the Sun at 22+

degrees of Virgo whilst semi-sextiling {30 degrees} the Moon.

Qunicunx’s and semi-sextiles are considered to be minor aspects but take on greater significance when an outer planet is involved which moves more slowly, and these effects are intensified by the electromagnetic pull of a Full Moon. These aspects are like cattle prods, annoying us just enough to make subtle but significant shifts in attitudes.

Neptune is the ruler of this Pisces Fullness so the Final Dispositor of it as well as Trining Mercury {consciousness} which rules Virgo where the Sun is, strengthening the opportunities now to combine thinking with feeling, the head and the heart with faith, and to help make dreams {Pisces} reality {Virgo}.

URANUS of course, opposed the Sun {ego and identity} Uranus is akin to the FOOL in the Tarot, a Cosmic Wild Card attempting to wake us all up.

PLUTO now moving direct since Sept 8th is at 28 degrees + of Sagittarius, but still   within range of the Galactic Center’s massive Black Hole. Pluto is prepping to head for Capricorn on Nov. 26 where he will remain till 2023!

PLUTO LORD of the Underworld, the shadow and Unconscious SQUARES the Sun and Moon. . Pluto is almost at the very last “Critical” degree of Sagittarius {which it will occupy as of Oct. 22nd} considered the last stand, turning point for any sign. Pluto at the Galactic Center has always been a harbinger for scientific discoveries, so the CERN start up is totally in tune with that timing now.


Pluto extends the duration of the strength of the Sun-Uranus Opposition {in effect since Sept. 12th} to a few days after the 20th, when the Sun forms an exact Square with Pluto.


Pluto is generating a mutable T-square to Uranus the Sun and Moon now. This is a high-powered octane fuelled rocket ride into a new world. If you have natal planets in mid to late degrees of Gemini Virgo or Sagittarius and Pisces you will feel the impact more so.


A PLUTONIC square such as this one, in these degrees, and especially with Uranus and Neptune involved make us act. We cannot ignore our shadows no more. We know consciously or unconsciously what does not work, what is decaying, rubbish, refuse, garbage, no longer serves our Higher Selves in all aspects of life. Pluto is the harbinger of truth, and the great recycler, culling the old to make way for the new.

We see the shadows of our projections, our fears, our scapegoating everywhere in politics, the Russians invading the state of Georgia, racism, sexism, consumerism, cheating, lying,

Speculating, etc. etc. WE must own all our own shadows, nothing truly exists outside of ourselves that is not within us.

WE need to change or we will be changed, If you aren’t a conscious agent of change for the betterment then you will be left feeling like you’re a victim. We all carry our stories, our woundings, that “they” did it to us. To be aware, awake and free we have to take responsibility, choose our power, to back up ourselves in spite of whatever damage we have suffered, lest we keep unconsciously inflicting it on ourselves or others. It’s time to wake up from the Sado-Masochistic Nightmare. The buck stops here.

I always find it funny how world events, literally give us their deeper meanings if you look for it.



Well, unfortunately for millions of former homeowners, financial institutions, shareholders and investors, Lehman Brothers etc.  THE BUCK LITERALLY IS STOPPING HERE.

Pluto represents evolution and Uranus revolution. These 2 planets are approaching a square to each other, within 8 degrees, heralding another unprecedented era of social, political and global transformation.



Just like the tumultuous 60’s, which Astrologers attribute the outer planets Uranus and Pluto’s three exact conjunctions in 1965-66 at 16 –17 degrees of Virgo to be the tripping off point of the tripping that followed, with the two planets remained a few degrees apart throughout much of that decade.

Saturn will be reaching 16 and 17 degrees of Virgo by mid October, galvanizing the karma of what was seeded in the 60’s. Saturn was then in Pisces opposing Pluto and Uranus at 11 to 15 degrees, and Saturn is now also approaching the opposition to that time period.

In 1978-79 Saturn was in Virgo covering the same ground as now.


Children born during 65-66 are now approaching their Saturn opposition, as well as having just had Uranus opposing their Natal Uranus Pluto conjunctions.

and those born in the late 70’s are having their first Saturn return.


NOW the 2 planets will make SEVEN exact squares to each other between 2012 and 2015 at 8- 15 degrees of Aries and Capricorn.

By 2009 in the summer Uranus and Pluto will be within 6 degrees of a square and by 2010 they will be 4 degrees apart, by 2011 less than 2 degrees away from that square- each year pushing on the collective to manifest the visions of the 60’s.


Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


Sept 15

Moon enters Aries @ 2:38 pm PDT/ 5:38 pm EDT

Sept 16

Moon opposite Mars @ 10:46 pm PDT/ Sept 17 1:46 am EDT

Watch out for accidents, emotional outbursts and flaring tempers.



Moon is busy today. After opposing Mercury in Libra at 1:55 am PDT/ 4:55 am EDT


MOON OPPOSES VENUS @ 4:11 am PDT/ 7:11 am EDT opening the groundwork for the beautiful


VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE @ 6:59 am PDT/ 9:59 am EDT

This is the best most delicious romantic, dreamy, hi fallutin creative and forgiveness filled day.

MOON TRINE PLUTO @ 3:26 pm PDT/ 6:26 pm EDT then goes V.o. C.

This one is good for emotional cleansing.



Emotions get grounded and feelings are practical, esthetic and sensual for the next few days.





This should be one hell of a day to get a great massage, enjoy a big meal, party hearty with friends, ask for that raise, and generally be up. Be careful not to promise more than you can deliver.

MOON TRINES SATURN @ 5:08 pm PDT/ 8:08 pm EDT

And it can be real!



SEPT 19Moon Squares Chiron @ 1:02 am EDT

This one will get you feeling very vulnerable. Did you do something embarrassing or let loose with the foot in the heart of the mouth when MOON trined Jupiter?



Ouchy grouchy. Irritable, slipping n banana peels, accidents! Etc. Be mindful.


It’s my Dad’s Birthday! And my artist friend David Fischel in Sedona!


MOON ENTERS GEMINI @ 8:17 pm PDT/11:17 pm EDT

Up and at ‘em. Talkie, moving, quick paced, action for the next few days, tongues are constantly wagging.



Lovely for romantic conversation, especially with Mercury in Libra speaking the language of love, if you’ve waited for inopportunity to propose do it now. Watching movies, a spot of yoga, meditation, listening to or making music, art or drama is especially easy and enjoyable now.

But beware of the silver-tongues devil, illusion, delusions, too much drinking drugging and falling into the arms of the wrong person, or bad business proposition are also highly likely.


SAT. Sept 20

MOON SQUARES SATURN @ 7:52 pm PDT/10:52 pm EDT

Sobering us up a bit after that Neptunian trip to the 7th Heaven –world may be just what the Cosmic Doctor ordered. Kay low and get grounded.

SUN SQUARES PLUTO @ 8:43 pm PDT/11:43 pm EDT

Moon Squares Pluto at the Galactic Center. The mask is torn off; the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes. Ego is revealed to be naked, a jester. Sun in Virgo helps us to assess reality from the depths and make disciplined efforts to re-align ourselves with our own unconscious processes.




A very busy and positive day.


Trines are easy, breezy in Gemini aspects and it is easy to forget our troubles come on get happy now.

MOON TRINE MARS IN LIBRA @ 8:35 am PDT/ 11:35 am EDT

Good energy to get things done, take a martial arts class, let out some anger

MOON TRINES NEPTUNE @  9:09 am PDT/ 12:09 pm EDT

Loving the world and everything in it

MOON TRINES MERCURY @ 10:05 am PDT/ 1:05 pm EDT

This is a double Gemini very airy breezy mental emotional duality.


Last but certainly not least a beautiful end to all these Grand Trines today and it’s been a big week of them. Loves all there is. Spend time with the people you love and or doing what you love.

MARS TRINES NEPTUNE @ 7:57 pm PDT/ 10:57 pm EDT

And to further the energy Mars kicks in to bring Strength, vigor, libido to your DREAMS

Expect males, and the masculine drive in you to be very amorous, demonstrative and not easily dissuaded from the passions of their dreams.


MOON OPPOSES PLUTO @ 8:20 pm PDT/ 11:20 pm EDT

This is always tense, as the Moon is also preparing to SQUARE THE SUN in a couple of hours exact at 10:04 pm PDT/ 1:04 am Sept 22nd EST


Sept 21- Sept 22

MOON ENTERS CANCER @ 10:48 pm PDT on 21st

SEPT 22 Moon enters Cancer @1:48 am EDT

Head for home, and climb under the covers, security, family, nurturing, women, children, parents, your home, the needs of your stomach and especially emotional needs are all in focus over the next 2-3 days.


SEPT. 22 AUTUMN EQUINOX @ 8:45 am PDT/ 11:45 am EDT/ 3:44 PM GMT

The wheel of the Year turns and we begin the season of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere or Spring if you’re Down Under. Either way this day is Equal day and night.

The Archetype of Libra is Balance, fairness, Equality between the Masculine and Feminine. As ruled by Venus values, relationships, fairness, and peace, social relations, beauty and the arts are the predominant factors.

This is a new season.

MABON PAGAN/ Wiccan Festival

This is the time of harvest, and thanksgiving. What we have sown has grown ripened and will feed us through the upcoming Winter.

This is the season of the WEST of Introspection and intuition of turning within.



This is the time of the Bear, the West is the Clan of the Thunderbird. The West is Feminine ground, the body, the givers, the plants and trees, the rock and stones, the crawling animals, and associated with the color BLACK, and the Black races of people.

The West is the home of Magic and the Raven.


Venus sextiles Pluto @ 3:22 pm PDT/ 6:22 pm EDT

Love and soul blend easily. Speak from your depths, from your heart.

Moon opposes Jupiter @ 8:47 pm PDT/11:47 pm EDT

Get practical about your emotional needs.

MOON Sextiles Saturn @ 11:12 pm PDT

Another reason to just do it.