Venus conjuncts Athena Warrior Goddess

Moon’s in Libra and the need is for balance, the Middle Way as the Buddha taught. 

Moderation not polarity as is going on in the world today. 

Feb 26 the Familiar Cardinal T- square energy is in effect as Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and opposes Uranus in Aries. 

VENUS conjuncts the Asteroid Pallas ATHENA the WARRIOR GODDESS and visionary strategist @ 12 degrees Aquarius. 

Athena Warrior wisdom Goddess, Tara Greene

Goddess Pallas ATHENA holding NIKE Victory in her hand. 

Women need to express their values and their love and femininity in an Aquarian detached way. Athena is known for her cool, clear, calm, detached temperament, as she is slow to anger. She is noted to have only fought for just reasons, and would not fight without a purpose.

ATHENA was originally an ancient snake Goddess who was not born from Zeus’s head.  That is a later add-on as the Greek Pantheon was already  shape shifted into more male dominated  system. Athena as Zeus’s daughter springing fully armed from Zeus’s head is of course a metaphor for Zeus’s using feminine intuition and strategies at war. 

She is the Goddess who Athens was dedicated to. She is wise, courageous, inspirational, brought civilization, law and justice, mathematics, olive oil, strength, war strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. She was called Minerva by the Romans.  

The citizens of Athens built the Parthenon to honor her. There was a statue of her with piercing eyes, a helmet  and an extremely long spear. Athena’ statue also had a crystal shield with the head of the Gorgon on it.Therefore she was originally an Amazon from Libia  A large snake accompanied her and she held NIKE the goddess of victory, in her hand. Now it’s just a brand of shoes.

Her name originally meant DIVINE INTELLIGENCE.

Plato noted that the citizens of Sais in Egypt worshipped a goddess whose Egyptian name was NEITH and which was identified with Athena. Neith was the war-goddess and huntress deity of the Egyptians since the ancient Pre-Dynastic period. 

Athena also had a owl on her shoulder. The Owl symbolizes all-seeing night vision, oracular vision, intuition, dream power, Lucid dreaming, shamanic shapeshifting abilities. The owl is the harbinger of death in many cultures. Owls fly silently, stealth is one of their powers. In even more ancient time she was a personified owl and a bird goddess.

There were though many Warrior Goddesses in all cultures. That part of the myth is not unusual. 

But the patriarchal version of her mythology certainly made ATHENA the only woman ever to be born NOT FROM A WOMAN an impossible event. This was a serious separation from Nature. 

WOMEN it is time for you to put on your helmet and fight. We must own our own ancient warrior-Goddess status and fight for our rights. This is a movement which has already begun.

Remember blacks are fighting for their rights after being slaves for hundreds of years. Jews tell the tale of being freed after 300 years of slavery every Passover for the last 3,000 years. 


We have been made  slaves of the PATRIARCHY seen as sexual pleasure objects to be used abused  and dominated for the last 5,000 years since the Patriarch Abraham and other warring male dominating cultures destroyed the old ancient nature-loving peaceful Goddess Worshipping cultures world wide. This happened in China, in Africa through Islam and Christianity.  Druid and Indigenous people in Australia, Peru and smaller tribes worldwide kept Life in Balance and honoured the earth and the feminine through all women even in secret “old wives’ tales” . Yes Western women have some freedom or I wouldn’t be able to write or think or say these words. Chinese women also have a great degree of freedom and equality now within a communist structure of non-political freedom. 

 Call upon ATHENA to bring you strength, vision, courage, daring, DIVINE INTELLIGENCE. There is much fear against women re-owning their strength again. The Terrorists Muslims the Shia law is expressly to control women. Women are still sex-objects and not free and equal. 

You need to see how entrenched this is in every aspect of our culture.. Women don’t even see it because we have accepted that this is the way it is. It isn’t normal or in balance. We have been living a lie.

That is what we need to evolve towards if life on earth will last. 

Call upon DURGA the great warrior Goddess who slew all the demons and saved the world. 

Durga Warrior Goddess

Bring your heart and your diving intelligence into alignment and act on behalf of your own desire to be free and equal. That is an Aquarian ideal. 

Note where 12 degrees AQUARIUS Is in your own natal chart to see how the Goddesses VENUS And ATHENA are bringing you self-worth and the ability to defend yourself and all women’s rights to be free.

ALSO BOYCOTT LANDS’ END PRODUCTS- they stopped supporting a pledge to help women’s freedom which they had advertised hypocritically bending to ultra-conservative Bible thumpers after they did an interview with Gloria Steinem.

Write to the company, complain on FB And Twitter.

PLease share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene  

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Sagittarius New Moon,Juno, birthing Sacred Relationships ritual

How did you feel on the 12:12:12? Did you make your 12 wishes?

12:12:12 was also the Lady of Guadeloupe Festival Day Mexico’s greatest religious ICON.

12 12 is Her feast day 12= 3 which is the Empress in the Tarot, the Great Mother, Venus= remember it is VENUS‘s year it’s about LOVE

2012 = 5 the Pentagram symbol of the Higher Self, the Goddess and yet another symbol of the Great Mother returning.

It is also a New moon at 21 degree Sagittarius conjunct JUNO the Asteroid Goddess of FEMININE GENIUS who is EXACTLY on the Galactic Center –

Juno’s symbol looks like a MAGIC WAND!

JUno Goddess of relationships

More recently catalogued as # 3. There’s that 3 again.  JUNO AKA  Hera, Zeus’s wife in Greek mythology,was the third Asteroid to be discovered in 1804.  Juno symbolizes the lunar Feminine energies grounded through the vehicle or institution of marriage or committed unions. Juno is consort, wife, twin flame to the Masculine polarity as ONE. In relationships Juno Lights the way,she creates the Sacred marriage the Alchemical Conjunctio. She is known world wide, in China she is  called the ‘marriage-god(dess) star’ (婚神星 hūnshénxīng and also Latin equivalent name (朱諾 zhūnuò).

Her symbol is an asterism with 5 points- Venus- surmounting a cross of matter. IT is a visual depiction of Stars above the earth.

JUNO RULES ! She is helping,with Asteroid Ceres- see CHART below-  the new UNION of Twin Flames whose relationships is based on love and spiritual growth as opposed to property, and woman being subsumed as slaves, evil, dark, fearsome sexuality of the Patriarchy.

Feminine Wisdom will LIGHT the way exactly from the GREAT RIFT COSMIC VAGINA which also symbolizes the Lady of Guadeloupe as well.

Juno is opposite to Asteroid # 1 Ceres at 28 degrees GEMINI conjunct the NORTH STAR! Ceres is the Great Mother Herself. Both these goddess symbols are giving birth to new forms of themselves after 12,960 years.

NEW MOON occurs at 12:42 am PST 3:42 am EST 8:42 am GMT

Dec 13 2012 New Moon in Sagittarius

Dec 13 2012
New Moon in Sagittarius

Look at your own chart to see where JUNO  & Ceres are transiting. These houses show new relationships and births of all kinds in your chart.


is conjunct the NORTH NODE at 25 and 26 degrees Scorpio, we are excavating old long buried archetypes now. PALA ATHENA another Asteroid Goddess of wisdom squares the 2 at 24 degrees Pisces. Minerva/Athena was a Matriarchal warrior Goddess, the Parthenon and the city of Athens Greece was named in Her honor. She symbolizes Victory.

In Native American terms they refer to the Marriage basket as a symbol of unity wholeness between a man and a woman. Athena squaring Venus and North Node in Scorpio indicate a healing of this Sacred Marriage basket, with intimacy,trust and the depth of emotions and soul needed to build, maintain and sustain as great lasting whole relationship.


MERCURY  at 3 degrees Sagittarius squares NEPTUNE at Zero and CHIRON at 5 of Pisces bringing JUPITER RETRO into alignment in a Mutable T-Square. SATURN at 7 degrees Scorpio is Trine Neptune and CHIRON  to force old the old wounds to heal them.

MARS  is at 20 degrees Capricorn is Square to ERIS the Goddess of STRIFE at 21 degrees aries. ERIS  discovered in 2005 is recently designated a dwarf planet and is one of the most distant objects we know of in our solar system.  Things aren’t totally lift off to the Golden Age just yet. This aggravated Martial aspect- witness North Korea launching a rocket the last day or so bears this energy out.

New MOON trines Eris’ energy to bring Truth, Vision, Sacred Law to this low- level them and us dichotomy.

LILLITH and JUPITER are conjunct they have done this for a while now again RE-thinking duality in Gemini and the repression of wild, sweet women’s sexuality  for thousands of years about to burst forth.


Uranus,been Retro since July 13 @ 8 degrees 32 minutes Aries {on my Natal Jupiter for awhile I am sooo wound up} -goes DIRECT a few hours after the New Moon AT 4 DEGREES of Aries.

Uranus, held back like a rock in a sling shot all these months, surges forward like a rocket for higher intelligence, freedom, liberation, and unity.

This is also a SUPER MOON as moon is perigree and syzygy in direct line with Sun and Earth this increases the electromagnetic and gravitational pulls on earth oceans, tectonic plates and our own psyches.

Every NEW MOON is a new opportunity


Alex Grey art

with musical accompaniment by Leonard Cohen- Dance Me to the End of Love

I’ll keep this very short and sweet- PLEASE SHARE- men can do it too!

Visualise your self and your Soul mate together. Think about ,feel, smell, taste your BELOVED in your arms in your soul already. Create all the aspects you wish for in a mate. Think this over carefully as the Universe always sends you EXACTLY what you want. On this day 12.13.12 write down the list as if you already are living  in Bliss love and respect and joy with your beloved, as if it’s real. State it aloud in a sacred circle, give thanks to the UNIVERSE for having co-created this. Have candles for the 4 directions-see previous rituals in any of my articles for how to set this up. Call on Angels and hold the list close to your heart, hum a song, sway a little, move, dance as your body feels it, and stay as long as you like in the slow dance of the Beloved, and then put your list away in a special place and forget about it.

“The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,
they’re in each other all along”.- RUMI

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