Very rare event, Sun, Athena, Chiron conjunction

There are two major conjunctions this week and a very powerful and ultra rare conjunction of URANUS and ERIS the dwarf planet of disruption on March 16 @ 22+ degrees  ARIES.    Thursday is the third and last Uranus-Eris meeting; Their conjunction has been in effect since last year. They have had two previous meetings and this is their third and last. They won’t be having a tryst again until 89 years from now on April 28, 2106! Before we get to that and I’ll look at the upcoming elections in Holland and how URANUS+ERIS is affecting the U.S. state of affairs now.

March 14  MARS in TAURUS trines the NORTH NODE in Virgo

esoteric earth trine Tara Greene witch

This is a nice positive EARTH Trine to put some new firey energy into your practical future, by making necessary steps in your work, your health, your budget, and discipline in general.


March 14 is a rare and exceptional day. The SUN conjuncts Goddess asteroid intelligent strategist Pallas Athena, and Chiron, the shaman archetype in Pisces @ 24+ degrees PISCES {plus they are in square to Saturn at the Galactic Center}.

Sun Athena Chiron astrology

Sun Athena Chiron conjunction in PISCES painting by Leilani Bustamante

painting by Leilani Bustamante

The Sun, wisdom warrioress Pallas and Chiron the shaman meet in a RARE triumvirate strategy which is filled with SOL, LIGHT, compassion, inspiration, vulnerability, creativity and subtle intuitive proddings from the unconscious.  These aspects will seep into your psyche through synchronicity, your guardian angels whispering subtly to you as well as your animal guides and totems especially through your dreams.

This is a very auspicious and highly protective and spiritual alignment; conjunctions are the most powerful of aspects.

You may receive “marching orders” from Athena and Chiron as spiritual guides on how to go to the next levels in your spiritual growth. The energies have been leading up to this over the last week or so. Pay attention to everything this week.

I had an amazing dream that I was in Sedona with my shaman friend Akal outside of his healing tipi the night before the Full Moon in Virgo. In it I was out walking on the road at night, a coyote was watching me. I looked up at the sky and was awestruck to see a huge black dragon flying from right to left up in the sky. That was a big dream for me. 

If you have planets at this degree { or within 19-29 degrees either way of MUTABLE signs} or square to it at 24 Gemini, 24 degrees of Virgo or 24 degrees of Sagittarius { where Saturn is Now close to the Galactic Center} you will feel the effects of this stronger.

The best way to work with this energy is to get clear about what you want to accomplish. What are you trying to solve or resolve? Clarity is super important. Get clear then ask Pallas Athena the wisdom strategist and Chiron to help you discover unconscious wounds which may be blocking your way. The Sun brings light energy and life force to you along with a host of Heavenly angels and powers. Pay attention to the synchronicities. 


MARS is in TAURUS one of Venus’s signs and VENUS is in ARIES, Mars’ sign.

This allows for a nice flow of energy between the masculine and the Feminine. With Venus Retrograde the feminine flow is ultra feminine, it’s in total receptivity mode. Mars in Taurus is earthy and plodding along, taking his marching orders from Venus. This is a good time for slowing down and reviewing, reconciling, reconsidering, reflecting. Wait till after Venus turns Direct April 15 to launch any new ventures or love affairs. 

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