Sagittarius Galactic Super Moon Aims For higher truths

Hi everyone. If you are wondering why I haven’t posted as much it’s because I’m in the country visiting friends and taking a much needed sabbatical of sorts. The internet service if you call it that sucks here. I haven’t forgotten you. I’ve been trying to upload my Sagittarius Full Moon video for 3 days now.,

The strawberry supermoon is hours away and I recorded a prayer and a transmission for you to listen to.

At 23+° Sagittarius the Moon is conjunct the Galactic Center the big black hole at the Center of our galaxy which brings galactic cosmic wisdom and insight in which the archer us in hot pursuit of.

The moon and Sun are squaring Neptune in Pisces at 25° it’s an optimistic, justice seeking, adventurous, Lunation. The Centaur archer aims higher, for truth, higher intelligence and awareness, he asks the big picture questions? Why am I here? What’s the purpose of all of this? What do I need to know? What is true? Do we really know anything?

The famous Sage wisdom can also be naive, and the horse sense truth is unfiltered rough and can give you saddle burn.

Freedom is important, we need to trust our instincts and run free and feel the wind running through our manes. Watch the animated film Spirit, a classic, also one of my daughters fave films and mine too. We both have Sagittarius moon’s. And great music by Canadian Bryan Adams.

But the mood can also be confusing as Hell from that Neptunian square. Delusion, illusion, fake news, inflation, viruses, bubbles bursting, oil, Hollywood, images, glamour, addictions, false gurus, self sabotage, spirituality, dreams, visions, channeling, karma, endings, source,egoless, compassion, charity, martyrdom, unreality, intangibles, scapegoating, surrender.

We are seeking clarity in the confusion, smoke and mirrors show, Grand fog as we realize we are and always have been living in Plato’s cave.

The dominoes are falling as fast as Bitcoin is in a planned scripted calamitous planned slow controlled demolition.

Jupiter in Aries At 5° rules this moon. Disposited by Mars in Aries at the most powerful 15° exactly conjunct Chiron the Wounded Healer centaur.

The highest point of this is the archers Arrows pointing out the terribly wounded masculine, defending and at war with the world. “It’s me against the world.”

At the same time the Mars Chiron conjunction initiated us righteous anger for being ripped off, lied to, the state of the world, angry about guns, pro and con, about being brainwashed, programmed,

Feeling very frustrated, angry, impatient, independent, defensive, refusing to be bossed around, taking back our own authority, and going to war against what has hurt us, the children, the women, and the world.

We need to have faith, that’s Jupiter’s gift and to follow truth, our inner spiritual truth, and to have no false masters and to be optimistic and have a sense of humoir. Rely on ancient eclectic world spiritual wisdoms.

Jupiter rules sacred law. It’s Very different than these screwed up man made cabal laws. Twisted and created by the elites for the elites.

Everything you were taught us a lie. Face it now. Be brave says Mars Chiron in Aries.

You will be righteously angry. This lunation calls in a spiritual galactic army of Ensouled Angel warriors like archangel Michael with flaming swords to defend the divine feminine, Sophia, the soul of wisdom, to defend the children.

The Sun, Saturn, and many other planets are conjunct major fixed stars also potent and powerful see chart.

I’m trying to insert the video here.

If you have planets at 16-27° Sagittarius, Gemini,Pisces,and Virgo you will feel the impact of the full moon the most

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Fire alarm Foreign affairs

March 9

Moon’s in truth-telling adventurous optimistic SAGITTARIUS

SAG. is the sign associated with Foreigners and International affairs. Guess what was in the news today? 

Yes TRUMP agrees to meet with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un before MAY-to discuss denuclearizing- that’s URANUS and PLUTO territory-N. Korea before URANUS enters TAURUS on the 15th. 

JUPITER is the sign of foreign diplomats and a fire sign and these two certainly have traded fiery insults at each other. Are they two peas in a pod? Can’t you just visualize Kim in an old-fashioned knickered golfing suit with plaid socks and a pompom cap playing golf in Mar A Lago with Trump and smoking Cuban cigars? 

JUPITER the planetary ruler of SAGITTARIUS {and PISCES} just turned RETROGRADE  in PST EST and Today in GMT. 

See previous days post-

SAGITTARIUS super honest moon squares the PISCES SUN

Which is the doubly whammy with JUPITER ruling both these signs.

I am a double Sagittarius and something very suddenly ended today although I did have an intuitive sense of it. I was still surprised as it came bam just like that. It’s all good though because another eve better door opens. 

Expect more sudden stops and endings with JUPITER REtrograde.

The key word for JUPITER retrograde is literally 


Jupiter was known as JOVE to the ROMANS and he was Jovial happy optimistic trusting and that’s what the root word of JUV means. to Re happy yourself. 

MOON conjuncts MARS at 25 + degrees SAGITTARIUS on the Galactic Centre

Hot to trot you must exercise your right to fight for the truth

This aspect really helps anyone align with the super Black hole cosmic vagina streaming energies. They are huge. Download a little bit of it and trust what you get. Just tune into G.C. 

MOON trines URANUS in ARIES later in the day then moon goes Void-of-course

MOON URANUS always makes the emotional ride wild crazy fun electrifying chaotic. Enjoy the wild wild night.

Moon squares Chiron in PISCES later in the evening in PST

Next morning in EST/GMT 

Saggy bluntness can hurt sensitive empaths and compassionate people’s feelings. You yourself fire signs may feel a wee bit sensitive too. Shed a few tears if you need too.

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