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The MERCURY VENUS conjunction at the 29th and most critical degree of PISCES March 5-6th.  This is the most KARMIC degree of the ZODIAC as it is the last one.

My daughter is a big bachelor fan.So I sat and kinda watched with her. The synchronicity of the karma that was going on while the show was broadcast “live and unedited was perfectly in synch with VENUS at her last degree. We are at the end of big love cycles.

the Bachelor Astrology Tara Greene

Birth Chart of Arie Luyendyk Jr. Birth Time unknown birth time

My daughter Leah 20 got me into watching The Bachelor otherwise, I would never watch such time-wasting “reality TV” drivel.  I wish the show would have astrologers advising live. That would make so much more sense. Chris Harrison with the popularity of Astrology – you are missing out. I’ll tale the job it would be fun.

Do you want to understand why Arie Luyendyk Jr. -I believe in name destiny- sounds like Lying dick-changed his mind and brutally stood up Bekka?

First, he’s a perfectionist VIRGO b. Sept 18, 1981, in Netherlands -I have no birth time. Ceres the Great Mother conjuncts his practical SUN indicating he is mother dominated.
He has 4 planets- Saturn Jupiter Mercury and PLUTO and VESTA in indecisive insecure LIBRA. He is charming good looking and superficial. These planets make him need to be in relationships and he wants everyone to think he’s “nice. ” He has good taste and this is a perfect alignment for salespeople charming clients and working with investments.

He has a stubborn sensuous Taurus MOON perfect for making lots of money in real estate and blue-chip assets but it is conjunct CHIRON the Wounded Healer. He is basically an insecure wounded guy because of his sensuality and desire for material things.

The Moon always representing the Mother which is opposite URANUS. Moon Uranus oppositions indicate people who always feel alienated and are quirky and act out instinctually in erratic ways. Uranus in SCORPIO is conjunct to LILITH! wh rules SCORPIO.  This is a very powerful placement for a man to have and has serious consequences in his relationships with women. His relationships end quickly and unexpectedly. He is attracted to but terrified of strong women like Becca Kufrin.

He has sexy Venus in SCORPIO- he has deep sexual desires and he can be run by his unconscious shadows. Venus is conjunct JUNO- “the perfect trophy wife.” Ari can be ruthless and untrustworthy needs to be in control and secretive. This part of him terrifies those 4 planets in LIBRA.

His North Node is in LEO and his MARS is in LEO; he is selfish self-righteous egotistical and loves speed. He must dominate so he needs a quiet air-headed blond so he can feel strong. He is actually quite insecure.

His South Node at zero degrees AQUARIUS. By 2020 it may all be over for him. Wouldn’t this be better for the women to know in advance?

What did you think of The Bachelor Season 22 finale?

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Water into fire. Mercury Retrograde alert

I don’t know about you but as MERCURY entered ARIES on the 6th. VENUS was at the last and most karmic degree in the zodiac-the very last one. My husband and I are very connected energetically and he has a scary dream about our daughter and I had trouble sleeping too. Our daughter also had a bad dream. We all felt totally exhausted and I could barely do anything. It was an energetic drawing of the emotional karmic pool.

Mercury and Venus in Aries Tara Greene

VENUS entered ARIES later in the day on the 6th.

MOON is in SCORPIO and sextiles PLUTO a powerful aspect for deep transformation.

As MERCURIUS and VENUS travel through ARIES, Mercury will turn Retrograde in ARIES on March the 22nd until April 15th. Mercury Lord of merch and Tricksters stays in the sign of new beginnings, competition, energy, initiation, action and the Masculine until MAY 15 spending over 10 weeks on ARIES allowing us much more time to start new initiatives and projects.

VENUS sails through Aries only until the 30/31st. Venus sails through MARS’ -her beloved’s sign where she is considered weakened by traditional astrology assignation.

These days overturning the old clearly patriarchal astrology assignments means that VENUS absorbs MARS as her own inner masculine active competitive initiatives to Light Her own and All women’s passions and desires to act as they wish- to command their own lives to answer to no one. Life is not a battle. From VENUS’S point of view, she puts on her AMAZON warrior garb and goes into the good fight for women’s rights, and equality. VENUS can be angry at the patriarchal 5000 year put down to control women and their sexuality and justifiably so.

MARS is already in a fire sign, SAGITTARIUS which brings honesty, adventure, fun, International flare, exotica, higher learning and justice.

In the tarot ARIES is symbolized by Tarot Card #4 THE EMPEROR or KING

VENUS in ARIES is fiery, impatient and won’t back down.

The Teens #marchforOurlives happens on March 24 under a Mercury Retrograde indicating that we will need to go back and restart the conversation.

The backlash of Mercury in ARiES will be fierce around the NRA and gun rights rules by MARS.

There will be lots of new Love relationships starting under these energies.

MERCURY in ARIES brings new conversations, ideas and initiatives for all signs.

After all the emotional shit we’ve been through with that Pisces overload, the turning of the two personal planets into a fire sign begins to let us dry our feelings out.

For all ARIES CANCER LIBRA and CAPRICORN signs you will feel the force of the flames stronger than the other signs. So run with it.

Sun enters ARIES on the 20th further increasing the heat. MARS enters CAPRICORN on the 17th on a NEW MOON.

Are you ready to feel the heat? Let’s go.

Please share widely All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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