Happy 239th Birthday, weird Planet Uranus

converted Khoros VIFF image NASA Hubble / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

Happy 239th discovery Birthday March 13 to the RADICAL planet URANUS. Truly the home of the weird, it orbits at a 90-degree angle, the only known planet to do so.

Discovered March 13, 1781, by William Herschel who discovered Uranus while surveying stars in the night sky using a telescope that he constructed himself. Herschel noticed that one of the “stars” seemed different, and after observing it many more times, noticed that it orbited the Sun. Hershel originally wanted to name it George’s Star after King George, or the “Georgian Planet” which wasn’t popular outside of Britain.

The name Uranus comes from the ancient Greek deity of the skies Uranus, OURANOUS, the father of Cronus (Saturn) and grandfather of Zeus (Jupiter), which in Latin became Uranus.  It is the only planet whose name is derived directly from a figure of Greek mythology. 

In 1789, Bode’s Royal Academy colleague Martin Klaproth named his newly discovered element uranium in support of the name Uranus for the planet. The new name Uranus wasn’t official until 1850. Uranus symbols ♅ was suggested by Lalande in 1784. Uranus in Thai is Dao Maritayu (ดาวมฤตยู, Star of Mṛtyu), after the Sanskrit word for “death.”

As URANUS is the first planet outside of the traditional 7 planets it broke all the rules. The first planet to be discovered past Saturn Uranus was most appropriate because just as Saturn was the father of Jupiter, the new planet should be named after the father of Saturn.

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun. It has the third-largest planetary radius and fourth-largest planetary mass in the Solar System. Uranus is similar in composition to Neptune, and both have bulk chemical compositions different to larger gas giants Jupiter and Saturn.

In ASTROLOGY URANUS is considered to govern the sign of AQUARIUS, a FIXED AIR SIGN The 11th sign is considered as the “higher octave” of Mercury the communicator by modern astrologers. As the first planet to be discovered with technology, beyond the ancient boundaries of SATURN, Uranus represents the unknown and an extension of the human.

Uranus breaks up all old traditions. Known as the planet of revolutions, chaos, freedom, inventions, pioneers, airborne things, hi-tech, Uranus rules the Internet, social media etc, cryptocurrency, robots, A1, Higher consciousness, Virtual reality, collaboration, detachment, science, space, organizations, networking, managers, independence, originality, gay or trans or asexual people and anyone who is an outsider.

The famed Age of AQUARIUS sung about in the musical Hair in the ’60s is a popular archetype. The exact start date of the real Age of Aquarius, which is much bandied about for when it actually begins, is predicted to start on December 21, 2020 when it enters Aquarius with Jupiter starting off the next 20-year GRAND CONJUNCTION cycle.

SATURN traditionally rules both Capricorn and Aquarius and Saturn will enter Aquarius for the first time in 84 years on March 21, 2020. Then for two and a half years with Jupiter on December 21, 2020. Followed by Pluto entering Aquarius in 2023/2024.

URANUS governs the mid-life crisis at 41/42 halfway in its orbital period when a 2nd teenage rebellion rears its head. 

It is a HUMAN SIGN, its ancient glyph of a God or Goddess pouring waters from the cosmos. It is an air sign, not water and the glyph can also symbolize electric currents. It’s discovery synched with the French revolution, and the American one. 

Uranus orbits the Sun once every 84 years, taking an average of seven years to pass through each constellation of the zodiac. In 2033, the planet will have made its third complete orbit around the Sun since being discovered in 1781. The planet returned to its discovery point northeast of Zeta Tauri twice since, in 1862 and 1943, one day later each time as the precession of the equinoxes has shifted it 1° west every 72 years. Uranus will return to this location again in 2030-31. 

URANUS is a generational planet and a personal one to modern astrologers. Everyone has Uranus somewhere in their charts which shows your radical nature, your higher consciousness, where you stand out, where you work with the collective “hive mind.”

URANUS is currently in TAURUS a FIXED Earth sign, 2019-2026 radically changing women’s freedom, Taurus is ruled by Venus, breaking the old molds, bringing hi-tech and personal robotic, cryptocurrency revolutions, independence, rocking the earth and the bull markets, finance and pretty much everything else. 

Let’s honour The radical planet today and honour where we need to march to our own drummers and radically alter the old historical Satunine structures. Just like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walking away from the stuffy Royal Institution to do their own thing and live life on their own terms. Their choice for themselves and their family is the perfect synchronistic example of Uranian energy at work in practical ways.

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New Juno shamanic healing

Chiron Juno new female genius healing

chiron at zero degrees Aries the absolute beginning of the zodiac indicates a new healing paradigm.,

ispinrabeous spiritual healing. Cause you know Aries has no time to wait and too much energy to be sick. This is the healer as warrior using spirit as the medicine. This is the shamanic healing by fire or spirit.

Juno the feminine form of genius enters Aries April 27 and conjuncts Chiron.

This indicates a whole new level of multiple dimensions of feminine  intuitive form of genius.

This is a brand new way of healing. I love it.

Always trust your intuition. Spirit is the greatest healer.

I gotta run I’m leading a workshop this weekend so will drop in if I can.

check out where zerodwgrees sries is in your chart. That’s where brand New fiery feminine spirits to heal you are. It’s s spark of genius.

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Zika Virus is caused by Genetically mutated Mosquitos

Oxitec created genetically mutated mosquito, Zika Virus

Aedes Aegypti mosquito feeding on human blood. This is the species that transmits Zika, and that was genetically engineered by Oxitec using the piggyBac transposon. Photo: James Gathany via jentavery on Flickr (CC BY).

Genetically mutated mosquitoes are what is causing the Zika virus. Genetic modification is a PANDORA’S BOX and all who open that create a terrible destructive power. It’s more than not nice to fool with Mother Nature it is totally deadly. But the scientific world and the huge pharmaceutical companies tell the lies to the world. Some things may be safe like reproducing your own stem cells but altering species and Food is deadly and always carries huge consequences. This is from a serious scientific journal. 

“As a 2001 review article by Dr Mae Wan Ho shows, piggyBac is notoriously active, inserting itself into genes way beyond its intended target: “These ‘promiscuous’ transposons have found special favour with genetic engineers, whose goal is to create ‘universal’ systems for transferring genes into any and every species on earth. Almost none of the geneticists has considered the hazards involved …

“It would seem obvious that integrated transposon vectors may easily jump out again, to another site in the same genome, or to the genome of unrelated species. There are already signs of that in the transposon, piggyBac, used in the GM bollworms to be released by the USDA this summer.

The piggyBac transposon was discovered in cell cultures of the moth Trichopulsia, the cabbage looper, where it caused high rates of mutations in the baculovirus infecting the cells by jumping into its genes … This transposon was later found to be active in a wide range of species, including the fruitfly Drosophila, the mosquito transmitting yellow fever, Aedes aegypti, the medfly, Ceratitis capitata, and the original host, the cabbage looper.

“The piggyBac vector gave high frequencies of transpositions, 37 times higher than mariner and nearly four times higher than Hirmar.”

In a later 2014 report Dr Mae Wan Ho returned to the theme with additional detail and fresh scientific evidence (please refer to her original article for references): “The piggyBac transposon was discovered in cell cultures of the moth Trichopulsia, the cabbage looper, where it caused high rates of mutations in the baculovirus infecting the cells by jumping into its genes …

“There is also evidence that the disabled piggyBac vector carrying the transgene, even when stripped down to the bare minimum of the border repeats, was nevertheless able to replicate and spread, because the transposase enzyme enabling the piggyBac inserts to move can be provided by transposons present in all genomes.

“The main reason initially for using transposons as vectors in insect control was precisely because they can spread the transgenes rapidly by ‘non-Mendelian’ means within a population, i.e., by replicating copies and jumping into genomes, thereby ‘driving’ the trait through the insect population. However, the scientists involved neglected the fact that the transposons could also jump into the genomes of the mammalian hosts including human beings …

“In spite of instability and resulting genotoxicity, the piggyBac transposon has been used extensively also in human gene therapy. Several human cell lines have been transformed, even primary human T cells using piggyBac. These findings leave us little doubt that the transposon-borne transgenes in the transgenic mosquito can transfer horizontally to human cells. The piggyBac transposon was found to induce genome wide insertionmutations disrupting many gene functions.”

Has the GM nightmare finally come true?”


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Merck MMR vaccine created measles “outbreak” not anti-vaxxers

As a measles, mumps, chicken pox survivor myself, the current super heated ruckus and finger-pointing about this measles “scare” onto anti-vaxxers is a cleverly placed MISINFOMATION news story by the culprit of the measles outbreak themselves -MERCK the creator of the vaccine to camouflage the real issue.

The big Pharma company MERCK is the MONOPOLY HOLDER of all the measles, mumps, rubella, MMR vaccines in the United states. This is a multi- billion dollar corporation whose main aim is profits first. I have attended their meetings and know how they operate. Their vaccines have been largely ineffective and have caused all the outbreaks of measles and mumps for the last 10 years. This FACT s knowingly revealed and acknowledged. 

A current lawsuit by Merck scientists claim that the company has KNOWINGLY FALSIFIED DATA on the efficacy of its lines of MMR vaccines. A recent whistleblower, a senior scientist at the US centers for Disease control & Prevention has came forward to claim that other scientists omitted statistically significant information in a 2004 article for findings which do confirm increased risk for autism and the MMR vaccine especially to African American males. 

measles vaccine

Measles monopoly owner MERCK falsified safety information

Merck falsely claims that its vaccines are safe. The few cases of measles that have broken out at Disneyland and in Toronto came from VACCINATED individuals. YOU, the public have been totally lied to. Merck is buying up media space and whipping up public sentiment because of FEAR, their own. Blaming anti-vaxxers camouflages its own precarious situation to avoid the finger being pointed at themselves as culpable.

BUt they will soon have their day in court and may have to testify before Congress. I am praying that this happens. We will soon see if there is any real democracy left or how the Big corporations lobby and control all government proces. This may be a tipping point for revolutionary protests if individuals get it. If I were an African American I would get ready to protest Merck.

Yes measles in rare cases can lead to death. Everyone I knew in my generation before these vaccines had all of these normal childhood diseases and survived without any problems. It was considered to make your immune system stronger. There are more deaths from cancer, Aids, car accidents, pneumonia etc than measles. The public is not in an outrage about those causes or blames the perpretrators, nor are they legally held responsible.

Anti-vaxxers are generally highly intelligent people who investigate all the fine print, get all the information and decide what to do for themselves. They are not part of the herd mentality and will not be swayed by the status quo.  In an age of increasing fear of the individual, of mass control through  being under surveillance in a Big Brother mentality in the civilized world, those who truly think for themselves are suspect. The degree to which you emotionally react to this supposed “threat”  of a measles outbreak shows how easily swayed you are by the media’s intentions which is always mass propaganda. 

This is the way Big Pharma works. I have personally been in a similar situation with the pharmaceutical/medical hospital model industry even a world-famous well-intentioned one such as Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. The doctors there clearly used intimidation  tactics and tried to manipulate my husband and I into risking our 24 hour old daughter as a guinea pig, they told us this!  to test out all kinds of unnecessary tests on her. They trumped up all kinds of fear scenarious knowing that they would be pushing deep emotional buttons figuring that we would comply to their wishes against our better instincts and common sense. Most of the public would be sacred of and intimidated by these doctors and “AUTHORITIES” We were not. We know how the system works. We were shocked and appalled about their treatment and their lies, although they also told us the truth of their intentions unconsciously.  And we had midwives there with us who knew the medical lingo to back us up.  We refused to fall prey to their machinations.  We refused the tests. We were threatened that we would have our baby taken from us. We argued and we agreed to a compromise. they forced us all  to stay overnight in the hospital with our baby so they could supervise her through a broken heart moniter machine. Then they let us go, our beautiful baby was perfectly fine. It wasn’t the first time I had been through this situation.

Big Pharma is one of the largest industries in the world. While vaccines do save lives, they also come with a cost and an effect which may be deleterious in other ways. Of course the companies do not want you to know that otherwise you wont buy their products.

Anti-vaxxers have a constitutional right to choose for themselves. That is not the issue at all.

Please get full information about what’s really going on.  Anything the media tells you is always suspect and usually a false flag operation. 

We should be investigating the monopoly holders who are the culprits not scapegoating a few individuals. Ebola is more dangerous than measles right now. 

Also there are safe holistic alternatives to vaccination risks:

Homeopathy is one of the most-used forms of medicine in the world, and arguably the fastest growing. Depending on which estimate you believe, 300-500 million patients worldwide use it. Some 400,000 healthcare professionals recommend homeopathic medicines, including about 100,000 physicians who prescribe them routinely.  Homeopathy is used in over 80 countries and is integrated in India, England, Mexico, Brazil and Cuba as well as by the Royal Family.



and the 5,000 year old empirical healing system of Traditional Chinese medicine has its own methods

CHINESE MEDICINE FOR MEASLES excepted from Vitality Magazine.

From a Chinese medicine perspective, a childhood bout of diseases such as measles, mumps or chicken pox is not necessarily considered a bad thing. In TCM, these diseases are believed to be associated with fetal toxins, which are passed on to the baby at conception or developed in the womb. These toxins can be caused by the lifestyle and diet of the mother. According to TCM theory, the toxins lay dormant within a child until they are provoked by some stimulating external pathogen. Within TCM pediatrics, the idea of fetal toxins is a very important concept. Today, three provinces in China routinely prescribe a medicinal herbal formula to all babies based on the fetal toxin theory.  Modern western medicine is an experimental medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine is an empirical medicine.

In comparison to TCM, immunizations in the western world are comparatively new and we will not become aware of the long-term ramifications for several generations.

read more at: http://vitalitymagazine.com/article/the-vaccination-dilemma/#sthash.NBXM5JwJ.dpuf

BTW The astrology around all this is that it is another manifestation of the current Uranus-Pluto square of individual choice to think freely vs. corporate Plutocracy controls. Chiron in Pisces, the wounded healer is also now sextling Pluto and the “scapegoating” which  Pisces is so associated with is clearly showing up now. Chiron the wounded healer will bring the secret control cabals of Pluto in Capricorn out into the public. Pisces is also karma, secrets, self-undoing, addictions. Neptune in Pisces also rules drugs, viruses.



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Presented as a public awareness message.