Aries Full Healing Harvest moon

ARIES FULL MOON OCTOBER 1 @ 2:05 pm PDT/ 5:05 pm EDT/ 9:05 pm GMT 

is a wounded healer shamanic Full Harvest moon.

Aries symbolizes a NEW BEGINNING, Chiron’s presences conjunct the Full Moon shows that we must have new ways to heal, rapidly, with spirit and fire.

ARIES in the TAROT is connected to EMPEROR #4 which is the root of 2020 = 4.

#4 is about the 4 Elements, the 4 Directions, The “as above, so below, As within, so without.” It is power, a foundation, an initiation, responsibility, warriors.

There are many major aspects at the Full Moon, the first of 2 this month.

ERIS LILITH and RETRO MARS are conjunct in ARIES 24-27 degrees squaring off with JUPITER, PLUTO and SATURN.  yes, it feels heavy. 

There are more major aspects watch the video.

9 ARIES read the symbol degree interpretations


“Roots of a tree entwined around the statue of a nude woman.
Bondage and freedom sometimes go hand in hand. The bondage is being true to pattern, predictable, caught in habits and tendencies perpetually left to grow like weeds. The freedom is that as you meet yourself starkly in the midst of these old, tired patterns of behavior, you come into touch with a quickening flame of self-recreation, stimulated and forced by being at the mercy of the relentless patterns. This impulse to make yourself over is fervently strong, courageous, ready, and willing. The old stuff dies hard. You are therefore engaged in a pitched battle of a protracted kind between retrogressive and progressive ideals, impulses, and desires. Both sides are so impassioned and sharply intent that this becomes a knockdown, drag-out battle of wills. The atavistic backward-leaning will feels immune to change. The visionary forward-thrusting will feels moved by evolutionary forces never to give up. Eventually, the future prevails over the past, but not before scars and multiple traumas mark the spot of fighting for your life against an implacable inward enemy who knows it will lose and fights all the harder accordingly.”

John Sandbach on Chandra OMEGA and Pleiadian symbols

Aries 10. “In many different places, a man keeps seeing the same number. Interacting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: ALADIAH (a-LA-dee-YAH) Looks can kill: protection from the evil eye, Divine Grace)

The universe speaks to you loudly and clearly, echoing itself everywhere. Specific energies reach out to you, their strange melodies trying to gain your attention. You need only to follow their call, track with them, and keep listening. Your obsessions are powerful creative forces, operating beyond the ken of your conscious rational mind. You cannot repress or ignore forever what you’re feeling. Wisdom is seeking you out, and will find you, eventually.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Roots of a tree entwined around the statue of a nude woman.” Slowly, gradually, understanding embraces the feminine spirit – but the understanding has to grow into the embrace. The feminine spirit is patient and can wait, for she knows that to grow and develop strong roots that have the power to reach out the tree will needs gradual and attentive nourishment over time.

This is the seed degree of Capricorn.

Pleiadian Symbol: At the touch of a magician’s hand a text in a forgotten tongue is spontaneously translated.

Azoth Symbol: A fallen white column, which, over time, has partially sunk into the rich soil of a meadow.

Seed degree: Cancer 19. A man memorizing Chinese characters. (Omega Symbol). Having learned the secret language, one is stalked by poems and oracles.

An opossum comes out into the moonlight. (Chandra Symbol). Drawn out of our secret lair by the irresistible pull of our own yearnings, the tentacles of our understanding gradually grow into caressing the goddess.

Fulfillment degree: Capricorn 1. A man mesmerized as he reads words glowing with light. (Omega Symbol). The numbers accumulate, and form into a language – the more we understand the more we are flooded with divine knowing.

A canopy bed with curtains. (Chandra Symbol). As our understanding embraces the goddess more and more, we enter a deep, private inner sanctum where we can be profoundly renewed.


Like an infinite sea, numbers are always there, existing beyond time and space until we think of them, at which time they appear, revealing an infinite variety of potential vistas to the mind.

Particular numbers are drawn to certain places, certain times, and, of course, certain people. There was a number who fell in love with a man, and silently followed him wherever he went, but when it could no longer remain hidden, he began to see it, again and again, wherever he looked. And over time, he was able to return the number’s love. It was a mystic union, secret and intimate.”

Please watch the Video of the WOUNDED HEALER FULL MOON which also offers a host of other important indications. “

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Witches brew; innocent planet warrior

May 30 The month of May has flown by. I hope my friends and family in the U.S. had a wonderful holiday weekend. 

PISCES MOON MAGIC LINGERS ON.  This is the end of the monthly cycle. It is a good time to pause and do a monthly overview for a few minutes. TAKE 20 minutes to go back through your calendar or look over your planner or simply recall what has gone on in the last month.

Were your dreams very strong or significant last night? Pisces Moons are always prime LUCID DREAMING times. Do tell.

PISCES Moon conjuncts Chiron in Pisces around noon EDT

You may need to have shout WALLS UP! as you will need very strong boundaries with so much wounded feelings floating around. Be careful about not overindulging in the booze department your judgement is off. 


Unconscious eroticism may be stirred up. What really turns you on? Be careful of what and who you attract today. Projections of other people’s power needs to be reclaimed as your own.

Witches Cauldron, Tara Greene magic psychic

This is a potent cauldron of old bitches brew of jealousy, revenge, old long forgotten scenarios may raise their ugly emotional heads from an ancient ocean of toxic fear and emotions. Do be careful around this dark black magic,this is high shadow season. 

Moon enters ARIES 


This is a good time to speak your truth. TAURUS rules the throat chakra which is directly connected to the safety/grounding root chakra. In a beneficient trine to PLUTO in CAPRICORN this is time to put the voice of your soul on the world’s doorstep. If you don’t speak your truth, who will voice your specific soul’s mission?

You could also see this as MIND GAMES. be mindfull of the media’s manipulations. Especially with MARS RETROGRADE IN SCORPIO. Did you notice Hillary get caught for those charges once Mars entered Scorpio again?Also Mark Salling getting nabbed for child porn when Mars Retro’d in to Scorpio? 

There’s a video of a 6 year old boy who is the perfect example of this energy. These young children are very highly developed souls. Some are new souls who have no idea that the world can be so cruel, crazy and indifferent. They call these children indigo’s or crystal children or even 5D children. 

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MIND GAMES by JOhn Lennon

Emotional Earth activist, 6 year old boy