Harry and Meghan’s marriage astrology, what next

The shock news January 8th came of Harry and Meghan wanting to be half-time Royals under the effects of the powerful endings, tests and rebirth planets of Saturn and Pluto in conjunction in Capricorn and 2 days before Uranus the planet of rebellion, sudden change and freedom turned direct in Taurus, right on Her Majesty’s Sun sign, 2 degrees away.

January 18 the Queen and Prince Charles, Prince William and Harry have decided/ a DEAL OR NO DEAL or have been forced to give up their royal HRH titles but remain Duke and Duchess of Success. Their Trademarked SussexRoyal seems like it will have to be changed now that Harry is no longer a working Royal in Title and action anymore. The Queen said they had her blessings to lead a freer happier life. H & M have volunteered to pay back the recent renovation on Frogmore Cottage which they only lived in for 6 months, about 3 million, which the Public is absolutely furious about to save face. But they will keep the Cottage as a Wedding Gift from the Queen but they will pay commercial rent on it when they are living there in the UK. They will still be taken care of by Prince Charles though so really they are still on Daddy’s purse strings. Father’s don’t disown their sons for being hounded by the press. They can keep their own charities but no more tours or obligations and they do not represent the Queen anymore.  

Let’s look at Harry and Meghan’s combined relationship chart. This is a synthesis of the two people’s chart’s put together into one. It is their union marriage chart. 

You notice that all the planets are over to one side from the 2nd to the 8th houses.

The Ascendant is 17 Aries a fiery independent, militaristic, spontaneous, entrepreneurial spirit. They are firebrands in the world fighting and pioneering their own way. They are literally “lit.”

Their combines SUN is at 2 degrees Virgo. Which is the sign of servants, slavery, health, pets and work. Interesting the Royal Star of Regulus moved into Virgo on November 28, 2011 which shows a changing of the guard from Royalty to servants and we can see that this is exactly what forner Royals Prince Harry and Meghan are doing. 

The combined Moon at 29th Critical degree Cancer its’ sign of rulership on IC {home} opposite MC at 29 Capricorn with LILITH dominant. Fascinating. Lilith is the original woman, a dark necessary destroying Divine Feminine. No wonder Meg is so hated. OMG Obvious. I love Lilith. This makes so much sense now. The Moon at the 29th degree indicates the devotion these two will have to nurture each other, their own family, the children they have, their homes and food. It’s a sentimental, moody moon.The Mother plays a very strong influence. They need to be needed. 

The Moon squares Saturn and Pluto in Libra in the 7th House of marriage indicating the difficulties, obstacles. karmic challenges and endings which they will face emotionally {the Moon} around their home, their children, roots, childhood- Harry’s mother Diana of course and from others, the public outside themselves. 

The combo has Saturn and Pluto conjunct at 24 and 26 Libra. Their announcement on January 8 came as transiting Saturn Pluto in Capricorn squared their natal S & P in their 7th house of marriage and all “others.”

Their Mercury is in LEO at 20 degrees the sign of Royalty in the 4th house of privacy, home, childhood, and roots. They communicate royally, but they want to be hidden away from the outside world.

Mercury exactly Squares JUPITER in SCORPIO in the 7th

Indicating the tumultuous transformational, power, money and death and rebirth this couple will go through in their ideas, communications and thinking which can transform the hearts and wills of others, with Mercury in Leo. 

VENUS at 0 LIBRA conjunct JUNO exact conjunct MARS at 29 Virgo in the 6th House

A VENUS MARS conjunction is always very strong. They are united but in different elements. Venus represent Meghan at 0 LIBRA she wants peace, and embodies, beauty, grace, luxury, and needs to be in relationships which she defines herself by, even though she denies it and can be superficial at times in her choice of friends.  VENUS is money and beauty and Mars in Virgo is also intellect, organization and critical thinking. Its brains and beauty.

The Asteroid JUNO conjunct VENUS 

Is super important as she is traditionally the Goddess of Marriage. This indicates the very special strong balanced equality necessary in this marriage. Harry becoming a commoner like Meghan levels their status. JUNO is also i believe the feminine form of Genius and here is where Meghan gets to shine. She is a very intelligent, well read, and spoken and she can see all perspectives. Her feminine Genius is one of the reasons Harry is so attracted to her.  This also indicates Meghan’s dedication to women’s rights and feminism in her work in the 6th house.

MARS at 29 VIRGO symbolizes HARRY and their collective action and passion. At the critical degree of Virgo there is an urge to work, to heal the environment, to sustain, to harvest, to help heal others through humility. Harry is a Virgo too. 

Chiron at 0 GEMINI trines Venus at 0 LIBRA  indicating the healing communicative nature of their relationship. They will be the source of much media, news,and conversations. They will also want to talk about healing, balance, choices, and peace. 

Saturn and Pluto have been mentioned being in the 7th house of marriage. There are karmic debts and trials and tests in this marriage. Legal issues to. Libra is the law. 


This is a difficult challenging aspect and something their pairing is connected to around power and domination in the world. NEPTUNE is in SAGITTARIUS on the GALACTIC CENTER conjunct SOUTH NODE too. There is indeed a karmic debt which Neptune rules to repay. Neptune on the South Node can indicate a soul mates and also delusions, illusions, wasting money, self-sacrifice, and self-sabotage, addictions also mental health issues.

H & M can be tuned into a Higher cosmic vibe but must be careful of being delusional into how important they are and being sucked into abusing power and wealth in the world again. They can also fall into victim consciousness and self-sabotage. 


URANUS at 2 degrees SAGITTARIUS opposes Chiron GEMINI  squares VIRGO SUN

H & M are unique, freedom fighters, inventors, pioneers, liberators breaking away from the old traditions. From their own mental wounds, Chiron, they are global travelers, ambassadors and healers for young Gemini people, and teachers and will set up schools, books, foundations, publications using new media and technology. 

THE NORTH NODE, highest spiritual Goal is on the World Point at 0 Cancer 


H & M are destined to mother the world, to nurture the children, to provide nourishment, sustenance and care for the children especially the girls. They bring creative energy and beauty and the example of a balanced relationship of equals to the world. Whether this is a real balance or not is an issue with Neptune involved. There could be hidden secrets in this relaitonship and self-sacrifice. .

TRANSITS in 2020

CERES at 14 CANCER is conjunct Royal Star SIRIUS and the U.S. SUN indicated America is a strong nurturing home for them. Ceres is the great sacrificial mother, indicates the role of their own mothers in their lives as she squares the Ascendant.Descendant. Mothering nurturing and needing emotional support is so strong in the relationship. 

The whole of 2020 has JUPITER and SATURN transiting their 9th house of travelling, teaching, moving, publishing. 

CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER at 2 ARIES has been opposing their Mars in Virgo, Venus and JUNO in LIBRA since their marriage in 2018 and squaring their Nodes now s

No wonder the past year has been so painful for the both of them. Mental health issues, being attacked  as if warred upon by others in the world has caused H & M much rief This grief will become a healing balm as they learn to be more empathetic to others wounds. 

NEPTUNE in PIsces in the 11tth house of organization, management and leveling the playing field is moving into a Trine to Jupiter in Scorpio indicating the financial and philanthropic nature of their ideals in the world. They will also be projected upon even more than before. If they think the press will stop hounding them or talking about them that ain’t gonna happen. Yes they are starting a new more private life but the Nodes change sign this year with the North Node entering GEMINI and the South Node Sagittarius and that generates more divisiveness and gossip. NEPTUNE is the planet of delusions. There is no real escape unless they totally disappeared from the worlds’s stage.

MEGHAN may get pregnant in December as JUPITER the planet of Fertility opposes the Moon in Cancer, this can indicate another move as well. 


It will be interesting when Jupiter and Saturn meet on Dec. 21, 2020 at 0 Aquarius conjunct the “world point” of 29 Capricorn of their chart. There should be a whole new 20 year cycle unfolding in the world for these two and they may be set to roll out their own revolutionary hi-tech red carpet.

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