12/14/15 Very positive Lucky energy

It’s a feel good, lighten up, crack some jokes, take some risks, be bold and optimistic energy.
You got planets there? Angles? Buy a lottery ticket, plan a trip, enter a contest, clean up your act.
Greek Gods, Astrology Tara Greene
zeus Jupiter horoscope Tara Greene
 APOLLO from Pompeii wall                                                                                                         ZEUS/ JUPITER
It’s a fun, optimistic passionate energy which is honest to a fault. Watch out for too much truth and too many details.
A great Accountants appreciation day. You can feel good about being obsessive compulsive.
This sun Jupiter push will give you the oomph to finish lots of mundane but necessary details. Sing while you clean, organize and declutter. Smoke something natural and enjoy the satisfaction of order and attention to details.
Jupiter even in Virgo tends to overdue, so watch what you eat. as this energy makes your digestive system more sensitive than usual.
Moon in Aquarius early morning brings detachment for the next couple of days. We are in airy mode,There is air and fire and the air fans the fire. 
Mercury in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces
This is a great aspect for practical thinking and planning long-term career driven dreams or any dreams.
This helps us all to think more grounded and lifts the Neptunian foggy fuzziness so we can see where we are headed.
With Jupiter ruling the Sage Sun and Pisces  
this is a great day to imagine what you could build and make it real. bring it down to earth, put flesh on its bones,Everything begins in the imagination.
Moon sextiles Saturn late at night PST- next morn EST
Higher consciousness and positive intentions combine.  Aim higher, be yourself, march to your own drummer, teach those who havent got a clue. Do it with humour. 
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Geminids Meteor Showers, grounded weeekend

Dec. 11 We’re under a lovely Venus Neptune romantic idealistic Trine on this optimistic Sagittarius New Moon.

Gemini Meteor showers Tara Greene

The Geminids meteor showers peak this weekend. Hundreds of brightly colored meteors will streak across the endarkened skies.  If you can get out and see them make some big wishes

The first Syrian refugees  have arrived in Toronto Canada and for them it is a dream come true and a new life. We welcome these survivors to our country.

The Moon and Jupiter in Virgo are squaring off and Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces 

This points to exactly where the climate change conference is at. There must be new Virgo groundwork laid and practical realistic budgets, and reduction of carbon emissions for us to save this planets ecosystem which includes us. The corporations should pay themselves for the damage they created. In 2007 Exxon was making over 4 million dollars a minute every minute and paying off climate change scientists to lie for years. Are they at the tables at the COP21?

The last 60 years of freewheeling capitalist consumerism has given corporations the unimaginable wealth they have today. Yes China in the last 25 years has also contributed a lot to environmental pollution. They need to do their part. India actually has the worst pollution on the planet. What happens in Delhi affects the worlds’ weather. 

Some conspiracy theorists believe this is global warming is bogus and not created by man made pollution and that the weather is simply changing because that’s what it does.  They believe the info is still being manipulated just so that carbon taxes get levied onto the ordinary person. Do some research.

Mars in Libra and Chiron in Pisces are inconjunct today.

It may be difficult to maintain balance. 

Moon enters Capricorn at 10:46 pm PST tonight we will have a more practical earthy next few weeks.

Sat. Dec 12 is very earthy calm easy aspect day. 

Moon conjuncts Mercury so do some practical thinking. Get your Xmas shopping done, plan for the New Year.

It has been unseasonably mild here in Toronto. It will hit 53 degrees Fahrenheit today 12 degrees Celsius. We are thankful to the El Nino as we were freezing and under lots of snow last year at this time.

Have a great New Moon and you have three days while the moon is dark to create new truths, adventures, goals and inspiration.

The Geminids meteor showers peak this weekend. Hundreds of brightly colored meteors will streak across the endarkened skies.  If you can get out and see them make some big wishes


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Firework- Katy Perry 



Highest level danger, Dec. 2 -14 Red alert

RED ALERT DAYS are now to December 14 as Mars the warrior planet squares Pluto, Lord of Death on Dec. 6 as Mars also triggers the Blood Moon Eclipse point of April 4, 2015 @ 14+ degrees Libra.

There will also be a rare occultation of Venus by the Moon early on December 7th. I will write about that separately. Mars will also oppose Uranus, the planet of chaos, atomic energy, revolution and freedom  Dec. 10.

More CARDINAL CROSS energy again. It ain’t over till it’s over. These tension filled aspects are in effect for about 2 weeks.

Mars, the Warrior God, of action, testosterone driven, aggressive, violent and defensive has been approaching a very intense square- a hard aspect with  PLUTO, Lord of Death and Rebirth which is exact on December 6th. The tragic San Bernardino shootings on Dec 2 is one such aspect of that Mars/Pluto Scorpion-like energy.  I send prayers to all the victims and their families. Yes there have been more and more Terrorist attacks and mass shootings in the U.S. than ever before. These degrees have been under incredible tension since 9/11. see end of article. 

Mars,  weakened in Libra right now, performs in a passive-aggressive manner. Mars will still pack a very powerful punch in more ways than one  as he travels through the peak energy middle degrees now.

Mars in the Tarot is Trump  # 16

Tower Tarot Tara Greene

Sarah Wheatley Tarot 

Mars catalyzing the eclipse degree can bring on hostility and tension which has been brewing since then. Trying to get some peace and balance is very difficult right now. I predict HIGH ALERT DANGER from Terrorist attacks, planes shot down, very chaotic wild energy, explosions, volcanic eruptions, high winds and erratic weather. It will most certainly be difficult in reaching negotiations such as the Paris Climate Conference now. Everyone will have short fuses, tempers will be very short. Be careful as best you can, not to trigger anyone, you may feel like you are walking on eggshells.

Deep breathing and daily meditation is essential in these Intensely walking on a razor’s edge times.

December 9-10 when Mars opposes URANUS,  brings even more chaos into the mix and keeping that red alert button on High.   Uranus and Pluto both rule Nuclear energy. This is a very dangerous time. There could be nuclear bombs exploded, or leaks at Nuclear Power Plants, or stolen nuclear weapons, hostage takings, or  simply mass chaos and numerous violent outbursts. If it wasn’t enough that already we hear about  Muslim Terrorist attacks all over the world  almost daily and mass shootings in the U.S. too often.  Countries with planets at mid-Cardinal Degrees are likely to be affected the most. The U.S. Sun at 13+ degrees Cancer, the Philipines, Saudi Arabia, Libya.

The Tower Card in the Tarot was the literal Archetype that the world experienced at 9/11. Astrologically that tragic event was also triggered by planets. Saturn at 14+ degrees of Gemini,and Pluto was at 12+ degrees of Sagittarius sitting on the U.S. Ascendant at 12 degrees Sagittarius in the Sibley chart.

The first attack at 8:46 am on 9/11  had Mercury and the Ascendant  at 14+ degrees of LIBRA!

 These degrees will be reactivated as Saturn touches the Pluto degree starting in January 2016 then opposes Saturn’s degree until early March. Then from mid- April with Saturn Retrograde passing again over 12 and 14 degrees Sagittarius till the end of May.  

JUPITER in VIRGO starts to square Saturn right at the Spring Equinox of 2016 which also features a lunar Eclipse on March 23 at 3 degrees Libra.  Jupiter and Saturn will be in a very tight square within an orb of 2 degrees for three months from early March until early June. 

Saturn will cross the degrees again from early October to Mid-November moving Direct.

NOTE: JUPITER will cross the 12-14 degrees of LIBRA in November 2016 also reactivating the Cardinal Cross energy. On June 1st Neptune gets into the picture at 12 degrees Pisces being within 2 degrees of an exact opposition to Jupiter. These two planets of expansion, justice, laws, foreigners, and Pisces fantasy,and delusion will bring another level of awareness, compassion, worry, smoke, and religious worship, danger from viruses, gases and other invisible and karmic enemies into the picture. 

Pluto will still be applying to square the Cardinal Cross degrees from 2015 for all of 2016. 

Venus has just entered Scorpio on December 4. Venus and Mars are in mutual reception until December 29 when Venus enters Sagittarius. That means they aid and abet each each other. Venus is acting as the warrior bad cop now and Mars is the nice guy good cop. We will see how much influence this mutual reception has on toning down Mr. Mars’ usual warrior action.

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December Menu, Cardinal X’s, 20 shades of beige

December MENU

An interesting mixed stew of rehashed reignited Cardinal Crosses, some pretty high RED ALERT DAYS, big sexy romance soups, and very nice home-cookin’ energy around Christmas.

Sun’s in Sagittarius.

Dec.1 Mercury in Sagittarius Trine Uranus – FIRE
Think expansion, optimism, education, hi-tech, freedom.

Mercury squares Chiron in Pisces- and we feel vulnerable too.

Dec 4 Mercury in Sagittarius squares Jupiter in Virgo –
Good day to plan travel education or new job applications.


Marina Abramovic Scorpion Tara Greene

Marina Abramovic performance artist

This is the sexiest and weakest place for Venus to be now that she is in Mars sign. But this is a good thing. MARS AND VENUS are in cahoots, they are in MUTUAL RECEPTION. Mars is in Venus’s crib LIBRA and Venus has just entered MARS house for a short dip until Dec. 29.

Venus in Scorpio stiletto Horoscopes Tara Greene


So make Merry under the mistletoe while this is happening. Venus in Scorpio is very intense emotional, controlling, posessive, jealous. Scorpio types are very alluring right now.

Mars in Libra may have them acting at their best behaviour as it is toning down that notorious 50 shades thing down to 20 shades of beige.



MUST HAVE Scorpio Stilettos with Mars in Libra

Dec 6 MARS in Libra SQUARE PLUTO in Capricorn @ 14 degrees ***** Cardinal Crosses continued

THe two vilest cruella-ist planets square off. There will be many shouts from Putin and Korea, and face offs not on the hockey rink. Be careful as the mood will be ready to kill in a nice way or at least punch you in the face. DIPLOMACY will be strained shall we say? Cancer and Aries of course are drawn in. 

HIGH flying freedom, thousands of Syrian Refugees arrive in Canada. New educational, legal and Hi-tech laws. You will be restless. A good day to use Chaos creatively. Knit something DIY using string theory and see what you get. 

DEC 9 Sun square Chiron
The old Icarus and Daedalus story, Be careful not to fly too high or too close to the Sun.

Thinking gets very pragmatic. Think like an architect, Plan major long-term career goals, next year.

Dec 10 MARS in Libra OPPOSES URANUS ***** WILD CARD DAY! Another Cardinal “Cross” day
Anything can happen here on anything can happen day. Watch out for unusual behaviours, radical Terrorist attacks alert. Under a hot Sagittarius Moon

VENUS in Scorpio TRINES NEPTUNE in Pisces.
AWW totally uber romantic, make big wishes on stars, have a super romantic nights gaze at the universe in each other eyes. Creative juices flow, sexy and spiritual.

Dec 11 NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS 19 degrees
Lots of fiery and romance with Venus Trine Neptune,see above.
Mars inconjuncts Chiron –
OUr deepest wounds are being exposed so the light can enters and we can heal them.

Lucky and practical, buy a lottery ticket, a ticket to ride, a Higher education class. Do something nice for someone in your neighbourhood.

Mercury in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces
Hanukkah is on. Make latkes and donate them to the poor. Good creative think tank time for CEO’s.

Dec 17 VENUS in Scorpio Sextile PLUTO
Sexy, deep, intense, grab the money and run. Get your self an older mature sugar daddy. A good day to deep soul dive and gaze.

Dec 18 Venus in Scorpio inconcunct Uranus in Aries STAR WARS THE FORCE Awakens opens
This may be an inconvenient day for secrets to be uncovered. Cloning plans gone awry, experiments that didn’t work.

Dec 19 MERCURY CONJUNCT PLUTO @ 14+ degrees CAPRICORN= middle degree *****
CARDINAL CROSS ENERGY reactivated. Look back over 2015 and see where the biggest cattle prods were. Think deeper about all of it. This is bed rock soul thinking stuff, Use it well.

Venus Trine Chiron in Pisces
Could be a cat and mouse game of stip poker, or russian roulette. Sexy Venusian energy always wins.

This degree also reactivates the mid ’60’s, Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo.Dare to think bold be bold, wake up, your mind is the most radical thing you have.

DEC 21 SOLSTICE @ 11:47 PM EST/ DEC. 22 @ 4:48 am GMT
A very karmic Solstice with Jupiter in Virgo conjunct the nOrth NOde. EArth Trines. Cardinal Cross energies
will write about it in full later.

Jupiter is Santa Claus in another dimension, this should be a happy intensely emotional and deep Christmas. Christians are 33% of the entire World’s population. As the majority I think they are entitled to celebrate their religion fully in public while acknowledging all the other religions. Islam is the 2nd largest then secular. Put Snowflakes on Starbucks cups, what harm can a snowflake do? It’s not a religious symbol anyway.

DEc 25 FULL MOON @ 3+ degrees CANCER
Another symbol of home, warmth, emotional security, sentimental, a very Coca-Cola type of Xmas scene, a very family oriented Chirstmas. Will elaborate.

All these earth Trines are beneficial for finishing up the mental work of 2015. Uranus moving direct propels the revolution into fast-forward again since late July.

Dec 29 Mercury squares MARS
Red hot thinking day,if you are still at your families, this may be a great day to bring up old anger issues and sort them out with aplomb.


DEC 30 Venus enters Sagittarius in EDT
Put another log on the barbie. Expect to hear the unvarnished truth. All those Saggies, like myself will be wagging their tongues and swinging their glossy tails around and smiling their big horsey toothed grins and cracking corny jokes and being kinda klutzy but irresistably cute in their cowboy boots. Venus rules values, In Sag. it’s just relax, whatever, go for a hike, dress down, have philosophical chats, play Cards Against Humanity. Go for a hay ride, a dog or cat show, dare to talk politics.

DEC 31 New Years Eve, with the Moon in Libra
A very elegant Moon to leave 2015 on.


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