Pluto Retrograde Psychopomp time

Pluto turns Retrograde April 22 Earth Day as the Psychopomp-I love that word- descends to Hades the Underworld deep in the earth.

Pluto will be visiting his home turf until September 30th so this is a good long 5 + months journey into Plutoland. 

This is the realm of the shadow our own psychological aspects which we need to understand and know. The subconscious does not speak in words but in symbols and images like in our dreams. The unconscious is transpersonal archetypal and transhuman. It is where our imagination our souls and our eternal selves live.

How exciting that these realms are easier to touch while Pluto is Retrograde in Capricorn. 

We may have to revisit retrace review and retouch the things we went through since the beginning of the year.

Moon is in Cancer the sign of the Mother on Earth Day until the afternoon in EDT

LEO MOON royal radiates the mood of the next couple of days.

Moon trines Chiron in ARIES 

You may discover a new kind of a thorn in the paw of the lion.

MOON squares SUN- we are a week from a powerful FULL MOON IN SCORPIO in the 29th

One of the most intensely powerful Full Moons of the year.

Moon trines MERCURY in PDT/ next day in EDT/ GMT

Connects our hearts with our minds. Think like a Queen or King. 

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2/20 Getting dirty feels good

Tuesday, Feb 20  it’s a 2/ 20 TWO’S DAY


We need more grounding. Its good to be feeling our bodies. Get dirty. The energy is solid stubborn sensuous artistic romantic until the 22nd.

It’s my beautiful daughter’s 20th birthday today. Happy birthday Leah. She was born with SUN MERCURY and JUPITER conjunct + MARS in PISCES.

Under the current 5 planets in PISCES Here’s what’s not to do.

Moon inconjuncts JUPITER in SCORPIO which makes me wince just thinking about it. Be careful of being burned turned on or scorned. Big fights may be in the picture as ARIES Moons will fight back. Moon conjuncts URANUS too. Expect the unexpected.


TAURUS MOON Sextiles the SUN and Mercury in PISCES

We can feel our feelings and trust our gut instincts clearly.


This is a get serious or hit the road aspect in relationships.  It’s good for getting solid goals accomplished. Listen to your body. Your gut instincts are very strong. 

Get ready for tomorrow’s BIG BIG ASPECT 

This only happens once a year! VENUS CONJUNCT NEPTUNE in PISCES

This is a very special super romantic soul mate stars in your eyes day. It’s lovely to also have the MOON in TAURUS which is VENUS’s other sign rulership. Venus newly rises as the evening star and is 10 degrees away from the SUN today.

Will write more about VENUS NEPTUNE SOON.

Gotta go. Something weird just happened. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Come to a WOMEN’S SPIRITUALITY weekend for


this is the theme of 2018 in NUMEROLOGY

A women’s only workshop facilitated by myself and muralist and Moon Lodge keeper Maureen Walton

April 27-29 in MARYSVILLE Ontario. 

An intimate gathering for 13 women in total. Based on remembering our sacred womb/void powers. This workshop is for you if you need cleansing and releasing renewal and conceiving a new you life dream or project.

There will be a full eclectic weekend of Guided meditations; ceremony in the moon lodge; rituals; storytelling; forest bathing; art; chanting singing and drumming; sacred fire and star gazing; Tarot; astrology; dreamwork; singing and dancing under the transformational SCORPIO FULL MOON.  New sistarhoods to meet and form lasting circles of support with.

Catered organic meals and communal sleeping in Maureen’s country home decorated with her beautiful murals or in the large yurt situated on a rare 2-acre old forest site about 2 hours drive East of Toronto. There is bus access to Bellville nearby. 

See FACEBOOK page event invite and more info.