Christmas Eve Astrology

December 24 The water overflow from the Cancer moon and the trines to loving Venus on the 23rd to Mars in Pisces on the 24th in EST and GMT keep us overwhelmed emotionally in the morning.

Cancer Moon trines Chiron in Pisces in the morning

Feeling insecure vulnerable and wanting to nurture everyone. You may be running around last minutes getting enough food prep and your home all homey for family Christmas Eve.

Moon squares Chaos maker Uranus in Aries also in the morning

Upsetting last minute changes and adaptations are being made. Go with the flow because the Moon is Void of course

Moon enters LEO @ 8:59 am PST/ 11:59 am EST

Leo Moon Christmas Eve Astrology

Sidney_Hall_-_Urania’s_Mirror_-_Leo_Major_and_Leo_Minor Sidney Hall [Public domain] 

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Moon quincunx the Sun in Capricorn in the afternoon

This makes feelings and willpower out of sorts. Don’t stress too much.

Last aspect of the day


Communicating upbeat, optimistic, positive, good-humored spiritual, compassionate, empathetic energy is supported. This will make for a lovely charitable Christmas Eve,

Do give to those who need it most on Christmas that is the real Christmas spirit.

Dreams will be strong and clear. A good night to meditate or visualize by the fire.

You may get a direct download from the Claus. 

Gotta go. Holiday blessings to you and yours. I’m trying to just be and not do these last few days. I will post this week’s horoscopes later today.