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Happy Solar Return 1st Birthday to #ArchieHarrison who actually turns one year old on May 5th at 3:15 am in L.A. PDT. Yes, his calendar birthday is May 6th but the Solar Return is the actual #birthday when the Sun returns to the exact degree it was when you took your first breath. This little boy has already lived in 3 countries and visited South Africa in his first year.

To read all about Archie’s Natal Chart which I have updated it as it was initially written the day he was born.

There may be more moves for him in 2021 as Uranus crosses his Rising in 2021 and the North node conjuncts his Mars in Gemini and opposes his Jupiter in Sagittarius in that year. 

His Natal chart indicates that the Historic leave-taking Prince Harry announced in January 2020 from his Royal family was clearly marked by the January 10 Lunar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer opposite to Archies Saturn and Pluto and squaring his Natal Venus in Aries indicating a sudden restricting Saturn/Pluto change in values on both his Saturn/Pluto in his 10th house of worldly fame. 

Archie’s natal chart indicates a very smart female sibling with JUNO in his 3rd house of siblings. His mother Meghan Markle is going through powerful transits from Jupiter Pluto and Saturn right now and throughout 2020. Meghan could easily get pregnant now as Saturn crosses her South Node or on or around December 21, 2020, which is more favourable when Jupiter planet of fertility and Saturn planet of karma and maturity conjoin at 0 Aquarius in her 7th house of marriage. But this is also a difficult transit.  Meghan and Harry need some time to resettle themselves. 

The only TOTAL Solar Eclipse in 2020 occurs December 14 exactly on Master Archie’s Jupiter in Sagittarius indicating another move or travelling or to spend Christmas with his royal grandparents and extended family and his own family could be expanded at this time too.

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Muhammad Ali, Life and death of The Greatest

Muhammad Ali, ‘The Greatest” and three-time world heavyweight boxing champ, one of the most widely recognized people in the world, died June 3, 2016 after a most amazing life. My Dad was a huge boxing fan and one of my strongest memories as a child was of staying up late to watch the Friday Night Gillette boxing matches on the black and white TV with my Dad. That’s how we bonded. 

Muhammad Ali, the greatest, Tara Greene astrology

The undisputed greatest boxer of all time, outspoken black rights activist, war resister, devout Muslim and philanthropist was a larger than life personality. Muhammad was as swift with his famous remarks as for his fancy footwork in the ring. He was and will continue to be an enduring symbol for generations. He was a true cultural and political radical, a man who had even greater courage and influence outside of the boxing ring. He became a U.N. dignitary, fathered nine children, many from affairs  and was married four times. 

His Numerology adds up to 1960 the year he won the Olympic Gold Medal in Rome. He was a number 16 personality The Tower, ruled by Mars -very fitting for a man who blew up structures, and his own personality. His soul was a number 7, The Chariot, which is all about nurturing, protecting, mothering. He was  a sensitive caring soul deep down. 

Who was this complex powerhouse of a man? Lets look at his Astrology. Can we find the “floats like a butterfly stings like a bee” characteristics, the political radical? 

Born January 17, 1942

muhanned Ali Astrology Tara Greene

Ali was born in segregated times, in Louisville Kentucky. He was a Capricorn, strong, patient, goal oriented, hard-working obstinate man who wanted to serve his community with a 6th house Sun. This is the house of health, discipline and intellect. His Sun was opposed to PLUTO in LEO Retrograde in his 12th house of the unconscious, past lives, prisoners. Pluto opposed to the SUN is a powerhouse aspect. Leo is the sign of KINGS, courage, daring, loyalty and the heart. He felt like he was a King, and he most likely was in a past life.  Pluto in the 12th is a very spiritual, intuitive, compassionate, psychological place. The opposition joins these two aspects to give him a powerful commanding of respect soul. 

Ali’s radicalism stems from his MOON, MERCURY and VENUS conjunct in AQUARIUS. The airy Aquarius energy is always anti-establishment and uses ideas to fight with. Ali always sought freedom to march to his own drummer. Mercury in Aquarius was his outspokenes for Black power. Mercury is opposite Chiron in his 12th indicating how his wild radical talk would be also how he shot himself in the foot. This also shows Ali’s compassionate side. His Venus is Retrograde indicating past life karma with women, of valuing radical ideas. He was a natural inventive, pioneering person.Venus on the Descendent shows how his Beauty was his way of interfacing with the world. 

He announced his name change and conversion to Islam on March 6,1964 with the Sun at 15 degrees PISCES exactly on his South Node. He was reclaiming a past life religion. Saturn was at 27 degrees Aquarius, squaring Ali’s Natal URANUS -its ruling planet in his 10th house of career. 

April 28, 1967 Ali opposed being inducted into the U.S. Army. “I will not disgrace my religion, my people or myself by becoming a tool to enslave those who are fighting for their own justice, freedom and equality.”  Venus was at 15 degrees of Taurus  squaring his Natal Venus in Aquarius. Uranus-rebellion- is at 20 degree of Virgo in Ali’s 2nd house of resources trining Ali’s Natal Saturn in Taurus- stubborness and his Sun. Pluto is at 18 degrees of VIRGO also involved in that Grand Earth Trine- this position caused Ali to lose his boxing licence for four years when he was at his athletic prime. He became an anti-war hero to young students.

A boxer would have a strongly placed MARS and Ali’s was in Taurus and he was certainly built like a bull. Apparently the force of one of his punches was equal to a thousand pounds. Mars is the highest elevated planet in his natal chart. Ali was sensuous, strong, stubborn, had good taste, was aggressive, graceful and down to earth. Mars is at the APEX of a T-square between PLUTO in LEO and the MOON in AQUARIUS. These are fixed signs and gives incredibly willpower to accomplish anything.

Ali’s Ascendant was LEO, he had the courage of the LION in so many ways. He wore the crown proudly and was never intimidated by anything. Leo’s are leaders, actors, passionate, aggressive, strong, fiery and childlike. 

Ali had three planets in the house of worldly fame.  SATURN and URANUS conjunct in Taurus both Retrograde and JUPITER in GEMINI.

Saturn and Uranus represent history and evolution, tradition and non-tradition, the old Patriarchy structures and the radical new. This is where he stood up to the establishment and refused to fight in the Vietnam war. He was partly old-fashioned and partly radical. Both these planets Retrograde indicate past lives of being both the traditionalist and the freedom fighter. 

JUPITER in GEMINI is famous for expanding communications and giving the gift of the gab. Ali was famous for his rhyming taunts to other boxers. He was very charming and eloquent. His mind was curious and open. He had two names. This also gave him his speed and agility. He had a dual nature, it was hard for him to be faithful, he had four wives ad numerous affairs. 

His NORTH NODE, his highest spiritual goal was in VIRGO at 14+ degrees, the middle degree in his 2nd house of values and resources. The North Node in Virgo pertains to knowledge, health, organization, intellectual capabilities.  Ali used his mind as one of his greatest tool. The 2nd house is traditionally Taurus, the body, physical strength, another layer of meaning. Ali’s SOUTH NODE was in PISCES the sign of spirituality, oneness, the humanitarian, the poet, the morphing shaman, the compassionate one. Ali must have been a very spiritual person in his past lives. The North and South Nodes are square to Jupiter in Gemini indicating his quick mind and excellent communications skills. He wasn’t University educated.

FAITH is known from the planet NEPTUNE, ALi’s was at the last degree of VIRGO in his 2nd house of resources, what he identified as his resource. NEPTUNE is involved in a GRAND EARTH TRINE With his SUN and URANUS in TAURUS. This gave Muhammad incredible strength to move mountains. Neptune in Virgo is a practical dreamer, a person whose religion is their body, their work, a tool for them to work with. Ali had a great imagination and was indeed the butterfly or a natural chameleon. Neptune is also square to the Galactic Center in Sagittarius giving him a natural philosophical, spiritual, metaphysical orientation. He instinctively saw things from a Higher Perspective.

Ali had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1984 brought on by receiving thousands of punches to his head.  His health has been declining for years, although he served as a U.N. Ambassador, and was a flag bearer in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. 

At his death on June 3

The Mutable Grand Cross of planets were aligned with Ali’s natal planets so strongly. Ali was reported to have said he knew he was going back to God as his brother reported. This is exactly what the planets indicate. Besides transiting Mercury conjunct to his natal Saturn, communicating with death, and the Moon symbolizing the mother, endings, intuition and conjunct to his Natal Uranus planet of higher consciousness and the unexpected. Mars was also opposite Ali’s Natal Uranus indicating this was a fast unexpected end. The transitting nodes are aligning with Ali’s natal positions. He was on the right track.

SATURN planet of death, is directly opposite to Natal JUPITER  in Gemini which the SUN {God, the Light} and VENUS {Love} are connected with. Transiting Jupiter planet of faith, optimism and trust is conjunct to his North Node and Neptune planet of the Faithful, of return to Bliss and Source is connected to his South Node in Pisces. This is indeed one who knows with all oh his mind and body that he is returning to Source. Ali had a beautiful death. May he RIP.

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Muhammad Ali dodges 21 punches in 10 seconds.