Trump Covid-19 Astrology and Fate

President Trump announced that he and the first lady have Covid-19 on October 1st at 9:54 pm in Washington. Because Trump is now 74 years old statistically his chances of dying from Covid-19 are supposedly considerably high. Astrology reveals all. Will Trump survive?

Trump has continuously referred to Covid-19 as “The China Virus” as it originated in Wuhan, China in late 2019. Synchronistically October 1st is the The National Day of the People’s Republic of China. You can’t make this shit up, folks. That’s karma.

October 1 The NODES OF FATE are in an exact alignment

The transiting North Node, the collective’s evolutionary “True North” which moves backwards through the Zodiac every 18.6 years and considered “Fated” are responsible for creating all eclipses. The NORTH NODE is now in GEMINI since May 5, 2020 which governs the lungs, Air sign, and communications. We can see how COVID-19 is indeed a fated world-changing event.

This is a very fated time in Trump’s life. Transiting NORTH NODE, the collective’s evolutionary “True North” direction is exactly conjunct Trump’s Sun at 22 Gemini in his10th House of fame and his Natal North Node. Transiting South Node, which is collective karma is conjunct to Trump’s South Node his own personal karma and his Moon in Sagittarius!

Trump’s Moon in Sagittarius is connected to politics, foreigners, Justice, religion, and honesty. The fated Nodes and Trump’s Sun and Moon are squared by NEPTUNE planet of virus’s, self-sabotage, and secret enemies at 19 PISCES! Yikes

Transiting South Node, which is collective karma, the past what needs to be released is conjunct to Trump’s South Node in his 4th house of endings, his own personal karma and very importantly his Moon in POLITICAL Sign of Sagittarius! The Moon is always home, women, nurturing, childhood, endings, unconscious memories.

The transiting North Node on the SUN is considered positive and amplifies anyone following their true North course and usually being in favour with the prevailing winds. The North Node is called RAHU in Traditional Indian astrology the head of the Snake, and Rahu the serpent’s tail.


Trump’s North Node is conjunct to his Natal Sun indicating someone with a very expansive fated life. North Node in GEMINI is challenged to learn to communicate with others effectively. Gemini North Node people are always like children, like a big kid, they are always asking a million questions, and can be diagnosed as ADD. They are immature and never age. They change their minds constantly. Being a Devil’s’ advocate one minute then an angel the next. They can be totally in denial or unaware of what they say.
South Node in Sagittarius, the past, they can be notoriously Know it all’s. They can also back themselves into black or white concepts. They need to learn to let go of what they think they know to grow and evolve with fresh minds in this lifetime.

Libra Sun and CHIRON the Wounded Healer at 7 degrees ARIES Retrograde are opposite each other and forming a T-square to Trump’s natal MERCURY at 5 degrees Cancer. Mercury is the planet that rules Gemini-Trump’s Sun Sign + North Node and Uranus. Gemini also governs the lungs. It was bound to happen.

The Sun in LIBRA also conjunct’s Trump’s Natal NEPTUNE at 5 LIBRA and his Natal CHIRON at 7 degrees LIBRA where he is most vulnerable. Air signs indicate an airborne virus, a hidden enemy, a self-sabotaging secret.


The LORDS OF DEATH obstacles, testing, heaviness, and seniors came together January 12 at 22+ Capricorn and have been sitting opposing Trump’s Saturn at 23 and Venus at 25 Cancer since then. SATURN is now at 25 and PLUTO at 22 Capricorn plus Jupiter at 15 Capricorn. Pluto is about to Turn Direct Oct. 4 which means that Pluto is at its strongest right now and extremely intense.

A SATURN OPPOSITION is a karmic turning point. During October Pluto, the Lord of Death and Rebirth turns Direct October 4th a powerful degree at 22+ Capricorn and stays there.

Transiting JUPITER is squaring Trump’s natal Jupiter at 17 LIBRA also exact.

JUPITER SATURN and PLUTO in CAPRICORN are the YOD point or FINGER OF GOD because they are inconjunct to Trump’s SUN, NORTH NODE AND URANUS IN GEMINI and inconjunct to Trump’s MARS and Ascendant in LEO.

URANUS, planet of chaos, revolution freedom, innovation, is at 9 TAURUS squaring TRUMP’S wealth and soul, Pluto in LEO.


MARS is RETROGRADE at 24 ARIES trines to Trump’s Natal MARS in LEO on his Ascendant and trine to his SOUTH NODE and MOON in SAGITTARIUS. That will surely put out Trump’s life force and fire.

Transiting VENUS at the 29th anaretic and extremely critical degree of LEO is conjunct to Trump’s MARS in LEO and his Royal Fixed Star Regulus the Lion-Hearted Leo Ascendant. The Kiss of death?

There are other factors indicated here. SATURN entered AQUARIUS on MARCH 21, 2020 the Aries Ingress chart. The North Node was at 4 Cancer and the South node at 4 Capricorn Also Mars and Pluto were conjunct too. That configuration is the same signs as where Saturn and the Nodes were when President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963.

There were also Martin Luther King protests across the 1963 just like the Black Lives Matter protests going on now. Trump will not necessarily be assassinated but the party changes. Saturn and JUPITER planet of forward-thinking expansive, revolution equality for all, will meet December 21, 2020, at 0 Aquarius ushering in a new Aquarian age. But the real Aquarian Age which also can be totally dictatorial and dystopian will really start when PLUTO enters AQUARIUS initially on March 23, 2023 and finally on November 19/20, 2024 until January 19/20, 2044

There is so many very heavy life-threatening transits going on for Trump that he may be totally incapacitated. He is such a strong man that I do not think he will die. But his health will throw another wrench into the election.

We know that Mercury will turn Retrograde October 13 in Scorpio slowing down al debates, communications, and information. MERCURY STATIONS direct on November 3rd election day at 25 LIBRA squaring Trump’s VENUS and SATURN in CANCER. But Mercury Trump’s ruling planet also makes positive aspects to his Mars in LEO, Moon in SAGITTARIUS, and his NATAL GEMINI planets. This promises chaos, recounts, and delays anyways.

These aspects show a karmic challenge in Trump’s life and career.

BUT there is more! The final and ONLY SOLAR ECLIPSE of 2020, also certainly karmic is at 23+ SAGITTARIUS on Trump’s MOON, opposing his GEMINI SUN and the NODES OF FATE again. TRUMP was born on a LUNAR ECLIPSE and while this is opposite, a Solar Eclipse raises energy and consciousness and quite possibly resurrects Donald Trump from the dead. JUPITER and SATURN will be travelling through Trump’s 6th House of HEALTH all through 2021 and they bring benefits.

There is more than meets the eye here. Stay tuned. “May you live in interesting times”. We signed up for this.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Daily Tarot and astrology

June 26  Today’s aspects under a grounding Virgo Moon a little bit of just about everything but no squares. Pay attention to tummy upsets. My tummy’s been acting up all week especially after the zero degree Cancer Solar eclipse on the 20th.

Mars in Pisces enters the 29th, last most critical, karmic degree of the Zodiac today.. How exhausted do you feel? The warrior leaves Source to start anew, in Aries June 27 @ 6:45 pm PDT/9:45 pm EDT, June 28 @ 2:45 am GMT.  This Ends a passion cycle.
Pay attention to this day to let go of old habits and think about where you were when Mars was last at 29 Pisces on January 1, 2019, a year and a half ago.  It’s important to have closure. Then, 
Fuel injection ready, Action! I’ll write more about it soon.

Watch the video using The Muse Tarot for guidance.  As always it’s very synchronous. Temperance is needed. Something ARIES is NOT noted for. 

please share, all content is copyright of Tara Greene 

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6 steps to Mental focus

Sept 16 17

Buddhist mindfulness Astrology Tara Greene

Buddhist meditating
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       “If with a pure mind a person speaks or acts,         happiness  follows them like a never-                    departing shadow.”  -The Buddha.




MERCURY and MARS conjunct Sept 16 @ 12:01 pm PDT/ 3:01 pm EDT/ 8:01 pm GMT @ 7+ degrees VIRGO.

MERCURY is in its home sign and extra diligent focussed perfectionist and realistic. MARS is power strength energy competition desire- the warrior. This is a powerful aspect for focusing the mind like a martial arts warrior does. They seem to be capable of accomplishing near impossible feats. Use the combined energies of the personal planets to focus your mind on very specific issues in detail. 

According to an article in Psychology Today 

“The more focused we are, the more successful we can be at whatever we do. And, conversely, the more distracted, the less well we do. This applies across the board: sports, school, career. Focus is the hidden ingredient in excellence.”  writes Dan Goleman Ph.D. in The Brain and Emotional Intelligence.

VIRGO related issues that can be enhanced with this aspect:

Health-especially digestion; career; self-worth; being of service in the world; writing; self-criticism; discipline; cleansing; the environment; responsibility; clarity of mind; accountability. 

The way to work with this perfecting detailed energy if to focus your mind. The Buddhists have been practicing mindfulness for thousands of years. The steps seem simple but do take discipline and practice. It would be helpful to be out in nature if you can. Even in your backyard or in a  park sitting on the ground or leaning with your back against a tree if you live in a big city.  You may want to wear earplugs to drown out distracting noises.

Here are 6 steps for the 6th sign to help you.

  1. Take your cell phone off your body. It should be 12 feet away from you ideally as it puts out harmful EMF waves.  
  2. Begin to focus on your breath. Breathe naturally from your belly or diaphragm. You can place your hands on your belly to feel its outward expansion. As you breathe in slowly count to four. Hold for 1 count then contract your stomach muscles lightly and release your breath slowly through your mouth to the count of four. Don’t force anything.  Just concentrate on the natural flow of your breath. 

3. Repeat. If your mind wanders off in thought just notice that your mind has wandered off without judgment and bring it back to your breath. Let any trains of thought go by releasing them. You may want to visualize the letting go in a mental picture. Then bring your focus back to your breath. Keep your mind quiet just being aware of your breath. If your mind wanders off again over and over. That’s Ok it takes practice to quiet the mind. 

4. Notice the rise and fall of your chest as your lungs expand. As you continue this practice you will start to feel clearer and calmer from the increased oxygen in your blood. Try doing this for just one minute. It’s difficult because we have so much information going through our heads and around us all the time.  Keep doing this practice for at least 10 minutes. 

5. Choose a subject that you’d like to focus on. See this issue in clarity as you would like it to be. Visualize it in as much detail as possible. If it’s your health visualize your body in glowing health. See all the cells alive with energy. It’s best to focus on your bodies feelings of how it would feel to be healthy or successful or helping the world by cleaning up the environment or by being at peace or whatever your topic us.

6. If you ‘ve been meditating for awhile you can also ask to see what it is you are needing to perfect or to be of service to or what your body mind and spirit need right now. Take your time. Write down or record how you felt how your mind wandered off and what you saw. 

Use this to start a regular meditation/ mindfulness practice. You can also keep a log or journal of your progress. 

Use this aspect well. I will be meditating too. 

The other side of this aspect is extreme nitpickiness; criticism; worry; digestion upsets and issues; the body feedback will be loud and clear; wars of words and big debates. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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