Investments, Black Holes and feminine wisdom

Asteroid Vesta,the root word of investments, Goddess of focus, sacred sexual priestess is on the Galactic Center at 27 ° Sagittarius .

Focus on downloading cosmic messages from the Black Hole. I’m feeling it. My Mercury is conjunct GC. Do you have aspects to it?

JUNO, the Gemini form of genius, for whom June was named after, and VENUS Retrograde are 1 degree apart at 19/20 CAPRICORN degrees and are about to conjunct and both sextile NEPTUNE in PISCES close to ATHENA the goddess of war strategy..

LILITH at 19 ° GEMINI is squaring is square to VESTA, which can prove difficult as she is a changeling with Gemini playing devils advocate.

Juno and Venus in Capricorn are inconjunct or quincunx -150 degrees apart to Lilith making Lilith a blind spot or a “splinter in your mind.” As in The Matrix.

Connect with all is these goddess archetypes and energies today while the moon in Pisces reigns. How are your dreams these days?

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Great Mother Grand earth trine

June named for Juno Tara Greene

Juno the Asteroid popularly known for being Zeus’s wife  has entered Earthy sensuous stubborn Taurus and is conjunct to Uranus the planet that blows up the status  Quo.                                                  Uranus revolutionizes the old structures and limitations imposed by Saturn. Uranus governs freedom, inventions, technology, liberation, equalization of power, and higher inclusive consciousness.

Juno who’s symbol looks like an 8 pointed magic wand and Not a toilet brush as I once read some astrologer refer to that way is, I believe the Goddess Juno symbolizes feminine genius as opposed to masculine logical genius. Her 8 pointed star over the cross of matter symbolizes dominion over all the directions.  This perfectly suits feminine multi-task thinking., Juno is also a feminine form of genii or djinn the original Arabic nane. A genie as in I dream of Jeanie is Avery magical being like a fairy godmother. Juno’s symbol does look like a magic wand.  Juno conjunct Uranus brings a powerful feminine genius which springs from gut instincts which can strategize outside the lines.

Ceres the Great Mother and dwarf planet is in early Virgo trining Juno and Uranus. This strengthens the intellectual practical hard working maternal instincts with the attributes of Juno and Uranus.

Grand earth Trine

The two goddesses and Uranus are trining Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn is in later patriarchal terms the Father, limitation, the karmic lord, the patriarchal, historical builder. Saturn traditionally governed two signs a feminine earth sign Capricorn and a masculine air sign Aquarius. Saturn is considered Malefic and the devil by the Christian church but the church was expressly formed only to put down the goddess worshipping nature living pagans and women.the old symbol of Saturn would have seen her as the Great Mother and birthed of all life and structure in the universe. She builds our bones within Her-body. Retaking Saturn back into ancient original historical pre-literate symbolism is very empowering to me. It feels right.

With the current struggles of illegal immigrants in America being separated fro their children by the plutocratic Saturnine, patriarchal,Trump government its an empowering sign to me to see this cosmic symbol as a sign of hope.

Earth trines are supportive, look at where 0-5 degrees are in earth signs in your natal chart to see which houses this trine is supporting for you personally.

Gather strength, power, grace, beauty, intelligence, Mother love and revolutionary new ways to bring the balanced, loving, Divine mothers powers back into our world and into your life and all our lives.                                                      It is only through living, acting, breathing, loving and living as the Goddess, and  embodying the Divine Feminine can we change the world to be a better place, a place of honouring all life and all the children.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of that of Tara Greene.

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Juno, Psyche conjunct Venus, archetypes, synchronicity

Juno, the Goddess of relationships who is the Wife of  Jupiter entered Scorpio on July 7/8 almost in total synchronicity with the spacecraft named after her that for the first time in history is in orbit around the planet Jupiter.  

Juno in Scorpio symbolizes uncovering the secrets that Zeus/Jupiter has kept from his wife with all his mistresses some of which are the Moons orbiting Jupiter. There will be many secrets revealed as Juno orbits photographs and relays information back to earth over the next 50+ days. 

There will be much cheating lovers energy in the ethers while JUNO is in Scorpio. Juno wants revenge. Jupiter in Virgo is getting closer to a Sextile to Mars in Scorpio, indicating stronger sexual desires and the Scorpio cheating secrets energy being stirred up until Mars re-enters SAGITTARIUS on AUGUST 2nd on a New Moon in LEO.  I love synchronicity. Don’t you? 

Speaking of asteroids 

Pallas is in PISCES  being squared by Saturn.

We need to keep our strategies connected to our intuitions to sort out the “facts.”

Psyche, the Asteroid of SOUL/the Anima is in Cancer @ 28 degrees conjunct to VENUS and Mercury

Venus,Ceres, Juno by Raphael. Astrology Tara Greene

Venus with Ceres and Juno, fresco, 1518, by Raffaello Sanzio

Do you know the story of PSYCHE and EROS?  

“The Greek essence of love and romance.  Psyche’s story is that of true love proven by virtue of persistence. Perhaps none of the Greek myths is more captivity than that of Psyche and her husband, Eros, the god of Love because the protagonist is a human. The story is complicated by a mother-in-law, VENUS/Aphrodite, jealous of Psyche’s beauty and a husband who tends toward intractability. Her heroic struggles to be reunited with Eros (Roman Cupid) earned her both success and immortality and illustrates that some people will do anything for love.”

Psyche symbolizes the subconscious and dreams, healing and health. Her symbols are the crescent moon, three stars, waterfalls, pottery jars. 

PSYCHE  means “breath” or “the soul.” Read the entire story of Psyche and Eros- see link below.


In her book Asteroid Goddesses,  Astrologer Demetra George says that Psyche as an archetype is connected with psychic sensitivity towards others and to feel and communicate with nature.  

                                                                    Psyche and EROS

You may discover that you are much more psychically sensitive at this time, especially as we are still flowing from that  Cancer flood of planets on the last New Moon July  4th. Especially with so many tragedies in the news, we may be feeling overwhelmed by grief much more deeply as we all feel how interconnected we all are when lives are lost so tragically. 

This is a powerful symbol of open sensitivity as Soul/Anima/ Psyche and Love, Venus connecting in a deeply felt merg helps us find a place of emotional safety, security, and feelings of protection through Divine unconditional love. 

PSYCHE is in a Grand Water Trine with MARS in SCORPIO and CHIRON in PISCES

This is an archetypal blending of the depth of unconditional mother love and the healing aspect of soul,Psyche, who creates and connects through human Love. Her connection to Mars in Scorpio allows old defenses and fetid wounds and sexual and emotional abuses to be cleansed through Chiron. This allows the sacred wounded Masculine to be vulnerable in order for him to accept Divine Mother love within himself and enable him to love the Goddess once again. This is a truly beautiful Grand Loving water trine we need so much now.  If you have planets between 21-28+ degrees Water signs you will feel this cleansing energy the most. 

EROS @10+ degrees PISCES conjunct NEPTUNE and exactly Square SATURN SAGITTARIUS

EROS is the erotic body, the body electric, the drive for connection and sexual love, In the “wearing the rose colored glasses” projection of Neptune and in an exact square to Saturn Lord of REALITY in the sign of the TRUTHER. The gap between the illusion, the projection, the wishful thinking and the reality, is, like the 90 degree angle -hard. But necessary to awaken.

VESTA is in GEMINI at 23 degrees inconjunct to MARS in SCORPIO.

Vesta symbolizes how we focus on ourselves, and keep our inner flames tended. In Gemini it is hard to make up our minds and commit to this we may be too easily distracted. Uranus is sextiling Vesta as well urging us to jump in. There are deeper desires that need to be extracted from Scorpio’s depths to get the jewels. 

Most of the asteroids are in water signs indicating how emotionally turbulent these times are. 

The Moon enters LIBRA July 10 @ 1:32 am PDT/ 4:32 am EDT/ 8:32 am GMT to help us balance out.  Moon sextiles SATURN in SAGITTRIUS at night PDT/ July 11 EDT + GMT to help us keep things real and honest.

Mercury in Cancer Trines Mars in Scorpio July 10 + Mercury trines Chiron in PISCES July 11.

The ability to link the mind and emotions for healing will be strong for the next two days. Use this time wisely. 

PLEASE DO SHARE WIDELY so others can gain assistance.

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Happy Birthday, Solar return astrology

Today is my birthday. I was born November 29.


Yes that makes me an 11:11 by birth.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all my fellow Sagittarian’s also 11/29’ers like one of my hero’s,visionary painter Alex Grey.

Sophia Alex Grey Art Tara Greene

CARD OF THE DAY SOPHIA Goddess of Wisdom by Alex Grey

On the calendar, my birthday is today. But the astronomical year is not always the same length, sometimes there are leap years.  According to Astrology, my SOLAR RETURN, which is when the Sun reaches the exact same degree and minute as when I was born, 6 degrees 25 minutes of Sagittarius, was yesterday. Your solar return can change each year too.

Solar Returns are quite common tools in the astrologer’s tool kit. That specific degree of the sun and where all the planets are at that moment is a yearly birth chart called a solar return,which is used to diagnose the next year. It is calculated for your current location on your solar return. Some people travel on their birth dates to get more auspicious angles in their solar Return charts. Really.

Here’s mine with my Natal chart.

solar return astrology Tara Greene

The Moon is at 27 degrees Aquarius on the IC or the most private, root charkra, my home, childhood, showing a need for emotional privacy, safety, security. The Moon is also connected to the “crown chakra” of the chart, the M.C. my highest career point and visibility in the world. Emotionally I am feeling detached, tuned into the moods of  the tribe, the group soul, and I am serving as a vessel for bringing down the higher consciousness frequencies of freedom, innovation, and working with new technology. The moon is squaring Saturn by transit so this is a  karmic serious duty.

Saturn in Scorpio and Mercury in Sagittarius are in my first house of SELF. I am newly “reborn” and taking on new responabilities and new ways of communicating. Teaching, writing and publishing are a big part of my upcoming year.

CERES the dwarf planet, Mother Goddess in the Greek myths, who governs fertility, children and the earth is conjunct my Natal Moon in my 1st house. Working with women, teaching women’s connection to their moon cycles and the connection to the earth, ecology, natural birthing, mothering and healing are also very important  tasks.  I am blessed to have two beautiful children born in two different generations, both were born at home 100% organically all natural with many midwives. I nursed both of my kids for a total of 7 and 1/2 years and loved every minute of it. 

VENUS in Sagittarius is also conjunct my Moon in the house of self. Venus means money, values, art, beauty, creativity is something I will be teaching, travelling, lecturing and presenting workshops with women this upcoming year. Yes I love all of that, bring it on..

Vesta, Goddess of the hearth, focus, devotion and the Sacred tantric sexual fires is on my Mercury. I am writing an e-book about how to use sacred sexuality to nurture and heal your body and how to reach higher states of ecstatic bliss. You can do this alone as well, you don’t need to be in a relationship to do this. Interested?

Pluto is in my 2nd house of resources is opposite my natal Uranus in my 8th house of transformation and square Saturn in Libra in my 11th house still. That is where the Cardinal Cross is hitting me in the fixed house. My soul is transforming how I use it as  a resource for helping others to transform their lives.

MARS at 25 degrees Caprciorn is in my 3rd house and squaring my Natal Neptune Venus conjunction in the 11th. I am driven by a wordly desire to communicate about and manifest dreams, higher soul connections, creativity, dance, art, and visions in community.

NEPTUNE, at 4 degrees Pisces is on my Natal North Node. I am definitely feeling Neptune’s spiritual, visionary, psychic, mystic, foggy, creative, dreamy, idealistic, meditative, exhaustive, energies. It has been hard for me to focus. It frustrates my Virgo South node no end. As a person with almost no earth in my chart. I rely heavily on that Virgo South Node.  I will be a spiritual creative dreamer this year and bring in the highest energies and channel more of these energies for my clients. 

Chiron at 13 Pisces is still squaring my Natal Moon. Yes I have been feeling very sensitive to the world soul’s wounds. I am finding that very exhausting. I pray regularly and send healing to the world all the time.

Uranus at 12 degrees Aries in my natal 5th house is opposite my Saturn and exactly square to my Uranus in the 8th. Kind of like a mid life crisis, its should I stay or should I go? I am reinventing myself, revolutionizing and freeing myself up. 

North Node in LIBRA is in my 11th house and is on my Natal Neptune Venus. I have to serve my highest, most spiritual, idealistic, creative visions and have total faith. I need to organize and help others to do this as well, through coaching. This is what others are draw to me for.

Juno Goddess of feminine genius is squaring my Ascendant from Leo with Athena right on my Ascendant! I will be flying high and having awesome night vision. 

Lilith is at zero degrees of VIRGO having just entered on November 28. She is right on my Mid Heaven, screeching away. I love Lilith and love teaching about her. She will be guiding my position in the world. Very interesting.

JUPITER in Leo is exactly on my Pluto in the 9th house of teaching, publishing, travelling. Everything that I adore to do, that I have always seen myself doing for the last 20 years. This is called the millionaire’s transit. I will be working on finishing my book, teaching workshops in exotic locations. I need to be teaching on the many subjects that interest me.  Astrology, Tarot, women’s spirituality, menstruation, natural childbirth, art, dance, moon cycles, being a high priestess, meditations.. If you’d like me to come teach for you- send me an email-

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BIRTHDAY by the Beatles