Pisces Solar Eclipse ocean of cleansing Astrology Part 1.

solar eclipse, Pisces, Tara Greene

We will be deluged, cleansed, feeling our soul wounds and psychically awakened March 8-9  PISCES Solar Eclipse in an undeniable way. This is a major, major time of endings, cleansing, painful losses. It will be the best of times and the worst of times  a time when our hearts and souls will be opened wider than ever to hold more compassion. This event could be liked to a second Flood as in the Biblical and worldwide historical deluges. Time to build your own metaphorical and Noah’s Arc and take only what is most important to you along for the ride when the spiritual Flood occurs.

There will be much spiritual awakening, 3rd eye-popping, pineal glowing, psychic, telepathic energy  will be activated by this eclipse.

Pineal Gland, tara Greene

No need for hi-tech machines when you can simply call me on the “telepa-phone.” No more Hot Line Bling. Just call me on the telapathic line. 

The asteroid Psyche, symbol of the SOUL and psychic energy is at 16 degrees of GEMINI, the split mind, exactly opposite Saturn in SAGITTARIUS the tester, and exactly squaring CERES at 16 degrees of PISCES, the Great Mother.  PSYCHE is also in square to JUPITER in Virgo conjunct the North Node and Chiron in Pisces, the Sun and the SOUTH NODE.The challenge is to listen to our very souls in order to heal from the illusion of separation and be brought back to oneness of the cosmic womb by the Great Mother. . 

This eclipse is all about being tested,to heal ourselves, the oceans, the waters, the environment, food supplies, the earth, our bodies, our work, and our service to others . Major Mutable, adaptable, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius themes will be prominent and GEMINI feels the brunt.

The first Eclipse of 2016 {there are four of them this year}  is also a SUPER NEW Moon and a SOUTH NODE Solar Eclipse at 18+ of Pisces, the last and most spiritual of all the sign of the Zodiac.

PIsces Solar Eclipse March 8/9, Tara Greene

All Solar Eclipses are numbered and called Saros Cycles, some of which span thousands of years. Eclipses repeat at the same degree every 18+ years.  This one, #130 began on August 20 in 1096, which sparked the first Holy Wars of Christians to retake Jerusalem from the Muslims. Later that year the Muslims  re-took Jerusalem. In 1099 Jerusalem was recaptured by  the Christians. The Knights Templar were involved in the protection of Jerusalem in these early recurring eclipse cycles.The very beginning of  an eclipse starts the theme. We will see major effects on the Middle East and Muslims versus the rest of the free world especially for the next 6 months to a year. I predict Muslims will be thrown out of Europe and severe protectionist policies will be instated. Eclipses mark deaths of leaders and I see change of leaders in Syria, Assad’s death and other Arab nations as very likely. There will be chaos in all Islamic areas. The last Solar eclipse in this cycle were in 1998 and 1980. 

7 Planets/Node in PISCES

There will be a flood of Pisces healing, spiritual waters flowing at this eclipse and we will be feeling raw from Saturn’s arrows of truth in Sagittarius. Pisces is the sign of martyrs. The eclipse falls March 8th everywhere West of GMT which is International Women’s day. Expect to see major eclipsing of men’s patriarchal power by women. As the daylight consciousness of the hero, the  Sun is obscured by the Moon, the Divine Feminine. Women will ascend into power on all levels as the masculine and feminine are ultimately one. 

Mercury, the planet of communications is in Pisces, conjunct Neptune;

” Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”

Ceres the Great Mother at the 15th and most powerful degree is conjunct to the Sun and Moon @ 18 + Pisces conjunct to CHIRON the Wounded Healer/shaman and conjunct the SOUTH NODE. We are releasing everything from the past to dissolve into the Source where we all came from. We can connect with our own inner intuition, shaman and spirit guides for healing.

PISCES symbol, the two fishes swimming in opposite directions symbolize that there is a yin and a yang, a positive and Negative. Pisces can bring incredible mind and soul blowing connection to God /Goddess to ALL THAT IS, great realization of humanity and the cosmos being ONE. Natural highs, ecstatic union, realization, visionary creativity and BLISS. 

PISCES Is the sign of debt and this eclipse may trigger a huge tsunami of economic  crashing, worse than 2008. PISCES bring delusion, illusion, fantasy, denial, addictions, glamour, and projections. Pisces rules Hollywood, glamour, the opposite of Reality, oil, debt, and escapism through any means, sex addictions, shopaholics, workaholics, health food addicts etc. PISCES is the sign of martyrs,  the symbol of Christianity. There will be major downfalls in the Catholic religion over priests sexual abuse. Younger generations are simply leaving organized religion behind to find a more pagan, immanent sense of spirituality.

“LOSING MY RELIGION” is another manifestation of this eclipse. We are finding a real inner spirit and light that guides us. 

Martyrdom is not always a very healthy thing and many people will wake up to the fact of their co-dependent relationships and will leave them, a very healthy thing. 

The Eclipse shadow falls mainly over the Pacific ocean  over Sumatra in Indonesia and Southern Borneo and  affects those parts  under a 100 -mile-wide  swath the mostly. This area is the most prone to earthquakes and eclipses do trigger eclipses. The rest of the world will see  varying degrees of a partial eclipse.

JUPITER in VIRGO RETROGRADE at 18 degrees exactly opposed the Eclipse and is conjuncts the NORTH NODE. Jupiter is expansive. VIRGO rules health, work, food, accountability. Jupiter rules intelligence, faith, higher learning, justice, international everything,expansion and optimism. Jupiter is the WHEEL OF FORTUNE in the TAROT, #10. In Virgo the wheel is to the road. Your body will show you where you need to heal. Natural and spiritual healing modalities may prove to be the most successful. 

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is also squaring SUN MOON and JUPITER. The focal T-square is to Saturn. The Cosmic Cop has the final say. TRUTH is the prime reality. LIARS will be outed. 

This eclipses signature is the DREAM versus the REALITY very much underlined.  

On every level that we need to be shocked awake into soberness this will be it. NATURE is a final dispositer, Saturn is necessity. There may literally be huge tsunami’s unleashed, and water issues will be very front and center as will food supplies. Saturn is seniors, the elderly will be reintegrated and returned to their proper place of respect. 

For some the awakening may be much more subtler.  Spiritual connections with angels, shamans, energy healers, UFO’s, OBE, sound healing and much subtler invisible realms will be seen as real. Quantum theory will be the new philosophy. We will know we are not merely human but fractal lights, cosmic dust, dead stars and diamonds apparently experiencing this emotional realm as a learning ground.  Experiencing the real energy that is vibrating all around us, will wash away our former sense of limitations. SYNCHRONICITY is the new norm. Trust and faith in one’s guts instincts will be the road most followed. 

We will be tested to be fair, just, optimistic and seek higher education. Master teachers work through planet Jupiter and the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Meditating during the eclipse will bring contact with spiritual master teachers. Meditation, visualization, dream work and creativity are all methods that must be integrated into your life. 

The Cardinal Cross between Uranus and Pluto is still very much on and tight with Saturn trining Uranus at 18+ degrees Aries. Jupiter is Trining Pluto at 17 degrees Capricorn. Mars is also newly in Sagittarius squaring Mercury to help us wake up.  Goddess Juno is trining the eclipse at 15 degrees Scorpio.

You want to look at where 18 degrees PISCES is in your natal chart to see its effects on you personally. 

This degree, according to John Sandbach ” emanates the energy of emotional healing, helping others to clear traumas and other heavy frequencies out of the astral body. It tends to do this with little conscious awareness of what it is doing, but the result is helping others to become more in touch with their inner self in a soft, gentle manner which brings renewal and reconnection with the light of spirit.” 

Chandra Symbol for 19 degrees Pisces is  “Palm trees laden with dates.” This degree carries within itself a wondrous abundance that manifests in may different forms – intuitive insight, understanding, compassion, and the ability to uplift others being a few of them. All this degree needs to do is to distribute these gifts, to not repress them, or question their value, but simply to share what the spiritual light has provided. As we realize more and more the abundance at our disposal, we are able to clear our emotions and let go of fear.” 

PArt 1 tomorrow how the eclipse affects each sign 

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SYRIA, Astrology, revolution predictions by Tara Greene

I’ve wanted to write about Syria’s chart and President Assad for months now. The rebels who have been valiantly fighting for 17 months have dealt a major blow to dictator Assad’s regime since July 18 when an explosion killed four members of Assad’s inner circle inside a security headquarters in Damascus, a blow that wiped out much of the top echelon of his military command structure and shattered the reputation for invulnerability that his family has held since his father seized power in a coup in 1970. The reports came in at 7:13 pm EDT via Reuters on that day. Since then fighting has expanded to another city  Aleppo. The rebels have taken the Bab al-Salam border crossing with Turkey on Sunday.

Lets look at SYRIA’s chart for when Assad took over. I will speak about Assad and the country interchangeably.

SYria Astrology Assad,Tara Greene

 click on chart to view larger

The Astrology chart of the takeover of the Assad family is set for November 13 1970 at 6:15 am Damascus.

The Assad Syria is a SCORPIO SUN  nation,meaning a country ruled by power, control, secrets, obsession, death, sadism, masochism,all the heavy dark stuff.

The Assad Syria is a triple Scorpio threat energy with Jupiter at 17 degrees of Scorpio amplifying the Scorpionic Sun obsessive energy and Venus Retrograde at 15 degrees Scorpio. The Ascendant is also Scorpio which really makes this what’s called a Stellium in my books. A stellium is a 3-4 planets, or angles all in the same Sign. They are especially very tightly bound together within 6 degrees.

The Sun is on the Ascendant , the face Syria shows to the world, a death mask. The Arabs were master astrologers. I believe this chart was chosen for the power of the Sun rising with Jupiter.  Although Jupiter is combust or toasted by the SUN’s rays which weakens its’ effect. That’s a good thing, as bad as the situation is. This puts Jupiter and Venus in the 12th house of secrets, hidden enemies, prisons, karma and SELF-UNDOING/ self- sabotage. This regime was never meant to last.

The chart has very simple energy but the planet in SYRIA’s chart have very difficult aspects.

The MOON, representing the people, the emotions, moods, temperament and the unconscious, mothering, is in TAURUS  in the 6th house of work, and servitude, conjunct to Saturn RETROgrade at 19 degrees. You have to see the chart of a country as a person, writ large.

Saturn conjunct the moon 

The MOON is the people and Assad sees them totally as his servants. Assad thinks/feels that it is his patriarchal right and authority -{SATURN} to lord it over them. Did I mention the TAURUS famous stubbornness? Assad will not back down.  Assad/the moon is someone who does not express emotions, cold, restricted, cut off, doing his duty, all business, no heart. This shows Assad as a wounded, un-nurtured, women hating man himself.

MARS- the drive, action, defenses, warrior energy of Assad/Syria is at 15 degrees of Libra conjunct Uranus at 11 degrees both in the 11th house representing wishes hopes dreams, organizing, groups. This is interesting because it represents a totalitarian takeover, a revolution, unexpected violence. The negative way would be military might used for crushing freedom. The positive way is rebel forces for freedom always fighting against the military.The energy is shifting.

Mercury- thinking and communications, the unconsciousness of Syria is conjunct Neptune at ZERO degrees of Sagittarius in the 1st house.

 The 1st house is self-identity. Neptune conjunct Mercury is illusions in the media. MISinformation.Delusions, addictions. Neptune rules actors,  glamour, false prophets. Assad thinks he’s a real visionary.

Pluto the planet which represents  the Soul, the unconscious, the driving force is at 29 degrees of Virgo. Any planet or point in a chart at the 29th and last degree represents the sum, the max of that signs’ energy. SYRIA, ASSAD is an OCD I bet. A perfectionist who is totally insecure and tries to control everything around him.

The North Node or highest evolutionary point is at 29 degrees of AQUARIUS, again the last “critical” degree. It is exactly conjunct the Root chakra or IC, the grounding of the country’s chart.  It’s roots are in the future. SYRIA is meant to evolve into revolution, freedom, liberation, higher group consciousness,  new technology. Isnt that fascinating?  ALso interesting is that it’s very close to one of the 4 major ROYAL STARS of PERSIA, close to FOMALHAUT the Star  representing the ARCHANGEL GABRIEL close by at 3 degrees of PISCES.

The archangel Gabriel blows the trumpet on JUDGEMENT DAY

Angel Gabriel Judgement Day

Artist Donald Pass a modern William Blake like visionary artist

The SOUTH NODE which symbolize the forces of the past is at 29 degrees of LEO!

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Virgo Full Moon March 8 onwards,How’s your gut instincts? Mercury Retrograde and more Astrology by Tara Greene

Virgo the Virgin Goddess

Virgo a very large constellation. she rules the harvest,service to others, discipline, intelligence.

That beautiful Virgo Full Moon’s light is still streaming into my south-facing office window now. VIRGO a large constellation of the Virgin Goddess, which falls  on International Women’s day this year, rules work, service to others, health, discipline, perfectionism, worrying, workaholics, control freaks in general, servants traditionally, pets,the harvest, and the upper intestinal tract.

In short Mars Retrograding through Virgo has been of  late, wreaking havoc with my upper intestinal tract, So I have had some difficulties with this,and not keeping up with all this writing I intended to do. The upper intestine is associated with visions, being psychic.

How’s your guts feeling? A full moon in Virgo with Mars retrograde there conjunct the Moon will accentuate any unresolved emotional issues residing in your gut.

Mars Retrograde is conjunct the Moon at 18 degrees of Virgo and opposite the Sun in Pisces and Chiron nearby at 6 degrees of Pisces. Old anger issues, wounds and sensitivities will be stirred up leading up to and after this Full Moon. You’ll feel it palpably, I assure you. Spring is not so far away, 2 weeks from now  you can get ready to do a big spring cleanse soon. Worrying, a Virgo necessity is something to watch carefully now.

Saturn Retrograde at 28 degrees Libra is opposite VENUS at 3 degrees of  Taurus who is sitting nearby Big Uncle Jupiter at 8 degrees of  Taurus. Do be carefull about overindulging on rich foods especially with the Virgo upper gut stuff being overly sensitive. Venus and Jupiter love to eat a lot of rich sensual, foods in Taurus. Jupiter in Taurus promotes weight gain easily as well, so don’t be surprised if a few pounds sneak up on  you just like that. Pluto at 9 degrees of Capricorn is squaring Jupiter now, indicating large corporate reward taking now in the markets and conversely big companies scaling down from overly zealous expansions, trying to be more practical.


Mercury has just passed Uranus in Aries March 5 and is heading to square Pluto.  Mercury will join Uranus in Retrograde again March and April 22nd and it will stay within 10 degrees of squaring Pluto { the soul, the shadow} from March 3-23 and April 17- May 2. Exact on April 25. Mercury will also be in PISCES  from Feb 13 to March 2 and from March 23 to April 16 bringing intuition into our mental outlook for quite a long time. This is good.

URANUS PLUTO SQUARES the BIG aspects of 2012

Seven, count ’em exact passes between these 2 giants in terms of cultural influence not size, begins on June 24 2012 and ends March 16, 2015.

The last time these 2 transpersonal planets aspected each other they were conjunct in Virgo in the 60’s. Mars retrograde is going over their previous territories now almost as a rolling out of the red carpet trip down memory lane deja vu before the new landscape is born. Opposite Saturn in the 60’s these two planets, I know I still call Pluto a planet, they created the 60’s revolution.

Now they are beginning to hatch what was seeded 42 years ago, of course it is the midlife crises times for everyone born then. Uranus in early Aries and Pluto in Capricorn symbolize big new Aries angry, flash mob, occupy, new life, revolution. “We ARE the revolution.” Squares are frictitious, like rubbing two sticks together.

Pluto in Capricorn continues to tear down old monopolies, corporate structures, the Euro, the Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Irish, etc economies.

By the same token Pluto in Capricorn also indicates, power and control issues from Plutocrats, Plutocracies who wish to gain total control of the world economies, and religions, dictators Assad, North Korea, Iran etc. and the like who resist the change and hang onto old  outworn ideologies, religious fanaticism, patriotism, government interventions, old school mentality. Pluto rules over death and decay, garbage, sewage, recycling. Dictators are being toppled, the people continue to rise up against such tyranny and even though they are being mercilessly slaughtered, young boys in Syria, the people of Iran, they will not be entirely stopped yet. Hussein,Gaddafi and all those former dictators who are now gone, fallen, are the beginning, we are just getting rolling revolutionary wise. When the Uranus Pluto squares hit exactly then the fires will really start to burn.

PLuto Square Uranus will also see all refuse and garbage being seen as a valuable resource and reused garbage as fuel in all areas will elliminate the need for burning fossil fuels, oil, natural gas, etc. Nicolas Tesla, who was strangled and buried by Edison, General electric,the US government for his radical, revolutionary, free electricity, should stage a healthy comeback.

 Aries is the I am principle, Uranus is US.   It’s the I is US thinking times.

Mars will continue to Retrograde in Virgo till April 13.

Review your health, diet, work routine. Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo will be Retrograde in Aries back into Pisces  from March 12- April 4th. During that 3 week period especially, review any new directions taken. Go back into using your intuition rather than rashly jumping into new things  without thinking about whether they are right for you. Dream on things.. Review your work goals, your scheduling. Are you overly busy? A workaholic? You may take a revolutionary{ Aries}  new look at why you are working so hard and for what?

All Retrograde times are Good medicine. The Rx symbol is the same as a prescription. Relax mentally and physically with Mars and Mercury moving retrograde. Saturn is also Retrograde during this time period indicating a letting go of should, out to’s, heavy responsibilities.

 Enjoy life says Venus and Jupiter in Taurus right now. Smell the roses, indulge in massages, yoga. Slow down and notice what you are eating, drinking, savour each mouthful. Go to art galleries, the theatre, live music. Dance, plan your garden for later this year.

2012 is speeding by. At the spring equinox in two weeks. We will be at the conception period, nine months before Dec 21 2012. It is not the end of the world but a new consciousness being birthed. think about what your purpose is on earth now. What did you come here to do? remember, it is all inside of your every cell.

Confused? Solar flares got you off-balance? What’s your evolutionary new direction in relationships, work, health, finances for 2012?

I can help guide you spiritually and practically.. taragreene@sacredartscentre.com