55 15,Mercury Shadow, dreams

Happy Cinco de Mayo


Do toast Mexico, have some tequila and toast its Mayan heritage.

Moon is now in Sagittarius and we all be feeling better for the next two+ days. Sagittarius is inspiring. The sign of International affairs,  life long learning, teaching, good humor, adventure loving, and easy-going laid back….whatever-ness. I am a Sagittarius.  It is my Lunar return today.

It’s a bit serious today as Moon has conjunct Saturn. Foreign affairs, travel and making commitments are on your mind. The shootings in Texas over the Mohammed drawings like in Denmark and France bring this to mind. If we cant have artistic freedom to express ourselves in democratic countries WTH is going on ? Muslims can do what they want in their own lands. They do not have the fascistic right to impose their wills on anybody else. It is not a religion but a fascist order.

Moon opposes Mercury in Gemini

We are now in the Shadow of a Mercury Retrograde so be extra careful going over details. 

Moon squares Neptune late tonight only in PDT

which is good for programming adventurous dreams and working with dream teachers, as Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter is the esoteric home of the Higher master Teachers. You can ask to work with a favourite Ascended Master, writer, poet or philosopher. 

Speaking of Dreams. 

I had a very powerful dream the night before the Full Moon. MAy 2. It is I waded into a pond of dark brown water, my husband was in the water as well as a number of other people I didn’t seem to know. Usually I dislike wading into still water like that. I could feel the reeds on the bottom and a mushy muddy bed which also usually disgusts me in real life. In the dream I was fine with it.  I wade in, the pond smells of sulphur, to note a smell in the dream is very unusual. Smell is what connects us to the strongest memories, it is our ancient reptilian brain that does this. 

I wade in but am feeling very calm and very good. Perhaps this is a mud bath which soothes my soul 

Mud is the fertile ground from which  the lotus grows.  

It is good that I am dreaming about sulphur, part of the alchemical nature and in the ground where future enlightenment may grow. Maybe I need a mud bath.

Always analyze your dreams from a more transpersonal perspective, although everything and object in your dream is you.

Pay attention to your dreams. 

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