Protect the Children from Mass Shootings, Gun control and Astrology

Did you watch Actor Matthew McConaughey’s impassioned very real speech about getting sensible gun laws in the U.S.? He was born in Uvalde the town where the 19 precious children were killed. He made the horrific tragic deaths of these innocent ones more real and implored people to feel into their hearts and go beyond partisan politics.

This energy is being reflected in the stars right now As Jupiter and Mars in Aries at 4 degrees and 10 degrees respectively square LILITH in Cancer at 6 degrees and Ceres in Cancer at 10 degrees. Lilith is the goddess of abortion, she symbolizes future children’s deaths in the Bible, Ceres is the Great Mother who protects and nutures the children and Mars rules ARIES and JUPITER expands whatever it touches and ARIES is the sign of the warrior, the soldier and guns. Squares are hard, pressuring aspects.

While Mars is in Aries and Jupiter too, fighting over guns and danger of anger and aggression and even more senseless shootings is highly likely. I am praying it won’t happen. Mars remains in its home sign of ARIES until July 4/5. Jupiter remains in Aries from Jupiter from May 10th – October 27th/28th, and then again from December 20th to May 16,2023. The gun debates may rage on, and increase anger but also a chance to start a new phase with guns as ARIES initiates is also possible.

Remember that 2022 is America’s 1st PLUTO return, There’s only been one pass of it so far with two more to go the next is July 11 and Dec. 28

Matthew’s recommendation of simply raising the age of gun ownership to 21, background checks, wait times, red flags and punishment for those who violate these regulations is merely common sense. Doesnt the U.S. care about children or human lives at all?

The planets are bunched up in the teens. with the Sun at 17 GEMINI. Venus is approaching her conjunction with Uranus on the 11th which could be a chaotic day in love, the stock markets, fiat and cryptocurrencies, real estate and all resources.

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OMG powerfull Spring Tonic reading

I was up and meditated at Solar Eclipse maximum at 5:36 am for an hour. I had a very intense meditation with the Goddess. I was told that the old is being left behind but not just poof all at once like that. The Feminine must be remembered as HOLY. That we must become aware from the inside out of our spiritual reality. We need time to stop and listen to our souls every moment of the day. Converse with our angels, listen to our higher selves.

The day was intense and as proper for a last degree of Pisces Solar Eclipse i spent some time crying, releasing, feeling vulnerable. I felt raw and in a total synchronicity. Its OK. How about your experience? 

I did a tarot reading in the afternoon about the next 9 months. Here’s a photo of the reading. Watch the video below. 

Tarot Astrology Tara Greene

I use the Crowley THOTH Tarot which I have always found to be incredibly positive and deep inspite of a lot of people projecting fear and negativity onto this deck. This is a brand new deck I broke out today. I use 11 cards in the reading with two future possibility cards.

The Ace of wands leads us into the reading. Yes the beginning of ARIES/fire/Light. There are 5 fire element cards including the EMPEROR as Aries, this is so appropriate for all the actual ARIES energy.  

The three court cards are; the significator, is the Princess of Cups with the Knight of Cups which is PISCES, -what we need to receive- and the Unconscious- The Knight of Wands/ Sagittarius is in the root/unconscious position..

The 8 of cups- called INDOLENCE is the major crossing or integration card.

This card has Saturn in Pisces. It is an emotional mess, a swamp of old stuck baggage which needs releasing, cleansing and to be renewed. Too much martyrdom, addictions, fear, attachments. Saturn in Pisces also rings true as Saturn is actually square to Neptune now. 


 The emperor #4 =ARIES, power, King, war, defenses, responsibility and the STAR #17 Aquarius are the two major Trumps. They are interchangable in Crowley’s methodology on the Tree of Life. 

Power and higher consciousness are the keynotes. ARIES= The Patriarchy literally. Aquarius/The STar= 8/17 infinity. NOW. the bigger picture. Draw down the higher frequencies to obtain true power not ego control, the lower side of the King.

So many synchonocities.  The 9 of disks is what we need to work with on the inner planes. The task of manifesting the spiritual energies.

Change is the hopes/fears  card. The 2 of disks/coins/earth. 

The 2 of wands is the future outcome along with the STAR.  The two’s are balance, dialogue, opposition, with the highest consciousness of the STAR. 

An auspicious reading. There is no air in it. A lack of mental distraction and over analysis is a good thing.  This is the beginning of the cycle and it will take until November for the energies to shift.

Sat. March 21

the Cardinal cross energy weekend effect again

VENUS in Taurus is making bad bedfellows with  Saturn in Sagittarius which is squaring Neptune

This will feel awkward, show me the goods, vs, all talk no action and dreaming the dream.

Moon conjuncts MARS in the evening so expect a red hot rip roaring Saturday night.

Moon enters TAURUS MArch 22

it will be sensuous, earthy and a but bumpy..


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Every New Moon is red tent time

At every New Moon, when the Moon disappears;  since the beginning of time, all women on the earth were menstruating for three days in total synchonicity with La Luna. At the Dark Moon or Black Moon all women were seen as magical Goddesses, who embodied the “as above, so below.” Women were the birth givers, and their monthly bleeding  where they bled and didn’t die confirmed their Goddess stature. Women’s bodies were seen as totally miraculous.   Before there was electricity which created unnatural illumination, only about 100+ years ago, all women bled  at exactly the the same time. 

The Red Tent art Tara Greene

RED TENT by Julie Hefferman 2012 

When the moon was invisible for those three days, all women  experienced their MOON TIME which is the most powerful PSYCHIC,  intuitive, sensitive, spiritual time of the entire month. Men and women knew that women were extremely empowered while “on their moon” and were revered. This time was called taboo.Taboo originally means sacred.

Young girls, pre- menarch also went with their mothers to learn about womanhood and birth. Women of menopausal age were respected as the crones and wise elders. This  was a place where women cherished, helped, empathized and cared for each other. The men also got to have time alone during every dark moon and kept their own secret and sacred rituals.

Women would always give back their sacred blood by bleeding onto the earth and offering  this sacred substance, considered to be an elixir of immortality, back to Her.  It was because women gave back their magical Blood of Life  to the earth that slowly created the beginnings of early settlements and civilization which in turn created human cultural expansion.

Have you read the RED TENT by Anita Diamant? The 1997 historical novel retells Dinah’s story and illuminates women’s culture from the ancient Goddess and nature worshipping spirituality to the beginnings of the Jewish patriarchal religions. The Red Tent was the place where all women went every New Moon and to labor and give birth. It will be shown soon as a new mini- series on Lifetime based on the best-selling novel by Anita Diamant, premieres December 7th and December 8th at 9pm ET/PT. 

Whether you are bleeding or not use the energies of this time and at every NEW MOON. If you are bleeding, take these three days out to rest as much as you can, to reflect, journal, honor your connection with the MOON  and to practice being sensitive to your own psychic power.  If you are bleeding then be very grateful for being in Divine harmony, in divine timing. Women, your blood, is not a curse but a blessing. It is what defines you as woman, a Goddess. It is only when one goes against the bodies natural rhythms that we experience suffering, pain, heavy cramps, PMS. Take time to bleed into a hot bath and be with your sacred blood,  or on the land if you can. This alone will help ease PMS.

Please stop wearing cancer causing commercial tampons which are full of toxic chemicals,they truly cause cervical cancer and endanger your health and should be illegal. In Sweden chlorine bleached tampons have been outlawed for over 20 years. Going with the flow, puts you in touch with what your body is doing in the NOW, by  wearing all natural organic cotton pads, or menstrual cups. 

Try it, and see how you feel. Read the book. Watch the documentary movie “Things we don’t talk about.” on the Red Tent movement which now has thousands of real monthly red tents throughout the world founded by Alicia Starkweather in the states.

HAve questions about how to tune into your sacred MOON TIME?

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SACREDNESS from the RED TENT movie