Pray with the Hopi June 9/10 for the earth

Hopi Call For Prayer June 9/10, 2018
If you are familiar with the Hopi people, then you know they are a very unique indigenous society that lives in Northern Arizona. They hold Ceremonies each month that are very complex and beautiful in which the entire community takes part. These Ceremonies have been followed for thousands of years and are still being done today. Every person in the community has a roll to play in order for the Ceremony to be made possible.
Each Ceremony is for the purpose of bringing life giving water to their crops, and for the worlds crops to grow. They pray for peace and balance in nature, not only for themselves, but for all life on earth and beyond.
Hopi Kachina dolls Arizona Tara Greene

Hopi Indigenous people Kachina dolls/spirits

On June 9th and 10th, a beautiful Ceremony will be taking place in which the Kachina’s will dance in the plaza, supported by the community watching and sending them the energy needed to unfold the prayers into manifesting water, rain, clouds, peace, honor, respect, balance of all life. (A general idea of what a Kachina is but this article is not all correct. It will however give you a quick overview. )
This particular dance is being ‘sponsored’ by a couple who live in the village. (A family or individule must sponsor a dance before it can be held. They take responsibility for the community during this time and will feed the whole community, as one example of their responsibilities. They will invite visitors to the dance/Ceremony into their home to sit at their table and share their Ceremonial food. This is a form of feeding the world and sharing not only the food but the energy of openness, generosity, caring, respect, faith and balancing the world and universe itself.
The woman who is hosting this Ceremony/dance on June 9th and 10th, has asked everyone to join their prayers to Hopi for these two full days. In fact, you can begin sending prayers to the Hopi now to give them strength as they call for rain, for life, for balance, for peace.
In your prayers and meditations, think of a beautiful world and all that it holds in balance. Send those good thoughts to Hopi as they dance in the blazing sun for two full days. Send them strength and ask the clouds and rain to come to them and nourish them. The Hopi dance for US, each one of us. They dance for the world, humanity, the birds, the trees, the plants, the animals, the insects, the fish, the rain, the oceans, the earth, the universe, the masculine, the feminine. They dance for ALL LIFE.
Let us all honor their Sacred Dance by committing to sending our prayers to them. By doing this, we join the energy of their prayers with ours and the energy will travel around the world with strength, with light and with honor for all life.
From the woman who is hosting this dance, she would like to say; Asquali. (Thank you!) May we all have good things on our path.
Create a prayer circle with your friends and groups and join in bringing balance to life.
Miriam Delicado
(Please share this call for prayer with your friends and groups. You may copy and paste this call for prayer and share it on your website, social media or emails. Thank you.)

True Testimonials, How can I help you? Psychic Tara Greene in Sedona Arizona,Toronto, Grail Springs Spa

How may I be of service to you? That was the way my Aunt used to ask it. But seriously how can I help you?

Times are freaking intense and will get even MORE INTENSE- so just like BETTE DAVIS said in the movie ALL ABOUT EVE

“Fasten your seat belts its going to be a bumpy night.” but substitute era.

May you live in interesting times is a supposed Chinese proverb/ curse, rather that boring times are safer and more secure. But growth and change are what Life is always all about, and more in the nature of a Feminine reality.

I can feel the level of  “deer in the headlights’ and crap being released from the collective consciousness. I am sensing fear around money, security, abundance. Yes everything is changing big time. Get ready for more bumps in your usually manicured life as Uranus and Pluto square off again Sept 19.

Change is the name of the game it is just like in THE MATRIX, what you thought was reality isn’t. New levels of consciousness are revealing themselves to those who are seeking, in touch, sensing something.

 To quote BOB DYLAN- “you know something  is happening, but you don’t know what it is, do you? Mr.Jones?”

Testimonials are the best because word of mouth is the best advertising. Years ago I never advertised but now so many psychics are coming out of everywhere I have to be on the net and available as I have been for 10 years now

Here’s a few recent testimonials, not all clients wish to be identified:


“Tara, I am laughing to myself as I think of the emotional mess I was in when I first met you! I came to you feeling so frail and hopeless. The time i spent with you empowered me to move on with my life in the direction of promise…. 🙂 that first reading truly changed my life. I cant wait to meet with you soon to share with you how I used the information that you gave me and the impact it has had on my future! Forever grateful….Dionne”

Hi Tara.

 It was a joy and a privilege to spend some time with you. Thank you so much for one of the most accurate and in depth readings I have ever had. This was so much more than a psychic reading it was more like a spiritual Xray with a gifted psychic, mentor, teacher and psychotherapist…

 I felt totally uplifted afterwards with much to consider. I will return to to see you in the future. Tara you are the genuine article and I look forward to spending time with you again. Blessings   Peter

 from a  Wedding shower Aug 2012

“Hi Tara, I met you recently at a bachelorette in Forest Hill.”  This ladyhad met me at another party where I was reading and then she hired me for her sisters bachelorette party and here is the testimonial from that:

 “We had an amazing time at the party, Thanks again for helping to make our party a great success.  Everyone had a great time, and my sister is still talking about it! Wedding planning can be a stressful time so it was fabulous to have such a fun break to just relax and enjoy good company – the readings were great food for thought, and I think it made Merryn feel very affirmed to have you sense her calling as a teacher.  All the best.”

– C.B.

How can I help you?

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Psychic Tara Greene in Sedona

Psychic teacher Tara Greene in Sedona Arizona 11:11:11

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