Tarot card reading November 24

PISCES MOON sextiles SATURN in the night which is good for dreaming of karmic patterns and practical insights,

MOON is VOID OF COURSE UNTIL 7:05 am PST/10:05 am EDT/3:05 pm GMT

Moon enters ARIES we are ready for a new lunar cycle. Energy is up and we are wanting to trot into open pastures under Sagittarius SUN energies as the Moon trines the SUN.

Please watch the video with a 2 card Tarot reading with the Muse Tarot, one for today and a preview of tomorrow.


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Daily Astrology and Tarot reading

February 27 MOON’s in ARIES a new lunar cycle has begun

Aries Moon does those CARDINAL square things

Squaring Jupiter in Capricorn in the wee hours

impatience will rule the day

Moon conjunct Venus in ARIES

fiery impulsive action-oriented, anger is high

and square Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn

The big brakes are on the impulses to go go go frustration levels will be high

Moon is void of course from 7:25 pm PST/10:25 pm EST

Until MOON enters sensuous grounding TAURUS @ 11:30 pm PST

February 28 EST and GMT 

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NOTE Mercury retrograde blooper I saw January 27 instead of February

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Daily astrology and tarot reading

january 29 Moon enters ARIES to start a new monthly cycle. Maybe burn off some of that Neptunian woo woo foggy and sad vibe.

Astrology and Tarot card reading of the day. Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne 

 aspects are relatively lite until Friday.

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Life in the fast lane

Feb 9 2/9/2019
Numerology today

Today’s astro aspects

Aries moon is high octane rocket fuel, restlessness Mercury sextiles Uranus @ 29th degree. Finish things you’ve started.

Mercury enters spiritual psychic Pisces Feb 10 and will go Retrograde in that sign.

Good night to party there’s lots of energy Aries moon trines Jupiter in Sagittarius

Fast pulses, shock and awe approach. Aries Moon joins Mars and Uranus February 10. The red planet Mars and the weirdo planet Uranus join February 13th @ 29 degrees Aries. more about that soon.

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Weekend Astrology

December 15 Pisces Moon sextiles Pluto in EDT and GMT just after the witching hour

Dreams will be intense. With chasing, violent sexual and shadowy dreams.

Pisces Moon squares the Sun in Sag.

We are one week away from a Full Moon December 22/23 at Zero degrees Cancer the day or so after the Winter Solstice.

Moon conjuncts Chiron in Pisces

Vulnerability, over sensitivity and psychic enhancing dreamy energies, overtake us. Use this energy to meditate visualize and curl up into a fetal position.

Moon enters Aries and a whole new emotional cyle begins.4:44 pm PST/ 7:44 pm EST/ Dec. 16 @ 12:44 am GMT

Aries Moon trine Mercury in Sagittarius @ 10:48 pm PST/ Dec. 16 @ 1:48 am EST/ 6:48 am GMT

Fresh new optimistic ideas are spawned. Your brain is spontaneously ready to go. Finding someone to communicate with is easy tonight.

December 16

Firey energy abounds a good time to get a lot of things started.

VENUS in Scorpio sextiles SATURN in Capricorn in the morning

Serious hangovers, repercussions and responsibilities arise. Deep insights about your Dad, boss or another authority figure arise. Make long-term goals motivated by what your soul desires the most. Disciplined love is what’s on the menu.

Aries Moon trines Jupiter in Sagittarius

Get out and so something physical. Hit the gym, run, do marshall arts or play competitive sports. The mood is good-humored. Seek new avenues for hobbies. Plan travels for 2019. 

Aries Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn

Curb your enthusiasm, literally. Spontaneous seriousness. Start a new career with mature goal pressures. Use that new inspired energy to harness and structure a startup. 

Aries Moon inconjuncts Venus in Scorpio

Sexual desire- Venus in Scorpio and the urge for power and the need to be free don’t mesh. Manipulating others will meet with big resistance.

Mars in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn in PST/ Dec. 17 in EST and GMT

Mars and Pluto both rule Scorpio this is a deeply cathartic energy. Have compassion for those who need to be in control and in power in the world. Use the psychic sensitivity of Mars in Pisces to understand why the need to dominate is so strong. As you look you will see that all tyrants are insecure people underneath. Or use this energy to build a long-term discipline and spiritual goal. Elder teachers may appear to bring new insights.

Have a great weekend.

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Tarot Card astrology of the day

July 6th Moon in Aries keeps things moving swiftly although not too swift with Mars Retrograde. Its cooked off a bit here in Toronto after a needed refreshing rain.

The astrology aspects are LITE today so chill.

Weekend is under a Taurus Moon vibe so relax and enjoy the Garden of Eden energy

It’s Frida Kahlo’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Frida Kahlo born July 6, 1907. A Cancer Sun conjunct Star Sirius the death/rebirth Isis Star conjunct Neptune planet of dreamers artists delusion and addictions +Jupiter and North Node in Cancer.

Moon on Algol @ 29 Taurus.

Leo Ascendant Mercury in Leo in 12th.

Venus Pluto conjunct in Gemini-bisexual intense relationships and deep beauty death and rebirth in her soul.

When she had her tragic accident. Pluto was conjunct her Sun, Neptune was conjunct her Ascendant, and Uranus was square her Venus. The pole went through her vagina and out her back. Frida was one of my earliest art heroines after Georgia O’Keefe Ill look more in-depth into her chart.

One Tarot card reading of the Day

Aries Monday fire energy Moon

Monday Begins with an energizing aggressive Moon in ARIES a perfect start to a new week a new lunar cycle. We are in SYNCH!

Get started on some serious matters as Moon and Saturn square off Monday.


5 of cups Tara Greene Tarot cards astrology

The 5 of Cups

This is my homemade as you can see an instant solution. That’s an Aries Moon influence for you. The 5 of cups traditionally show water pouring from 5 cups indicating an emotional loss or disappointment. But this is only a temporary feeling and all is not lost. Perhaps a shift in your emotions is necessary to gain a fresh new perspective.

JAN 23

Those old familiar Cardinal squares keep us hopping.

Moon inconjuncts JUPITER in SCORPIO

This makes me wince just thinking about it. Be careful of being burned turned on or scorned. Big fights may be in the picture as ARIES Moons will fight back if threatened or blackmailed. The  Moon conjuncts URANUS too late in the evening. You may have trouble sleeping. Expect the unexpected in your dreams. Do write them down.

Gotta go to the dentist.

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Inspirational Card of the Day

May 21 The Moon enters ARIES and begins a whole new cycle @ 3:10 am PDT/6:10 am EDT/10:10 am GMT.

The ARIES moon makes us really energized, impatient and wanting some new stimulation and action every moment.

ARIES MOON in initiates things. Start doing something new. 

The ARIES Moon sextiles the newly hatched GEMINI SUN

This is a nice aspect for meeting new people. For starting new conversations and being able to initiate new dialogues. An excellent day for open dialogues and to analyze things in a new way.  It’s a good day for feeling upbeat, curious, lite, flirty and being in a child’s mind mode. Act spontaneously, do things for fun. 


steampunk Tarot card of the MOON #18 Tara Greene

The MOON Tarot Card major #18 STEAMPUNK TAROT

The Moon Card is associated with the Astrology sign of PISCES, the last sign of the Zodiac. This is not the face of the moon which we always see. This is the unknown face of the dark side of the Moon, the super mysterious side which is totally hidden to us from earth. This card symbolizes the need to go into the unknown, emotional, watery realms of the Unconscious, of our cellular memories, into the dream world, and back to the cosmic womb state which is the spiritual source of all. 

This card reminds us to focus on the spiritual world which is largely invisible but still the real foundation of our lives here on the material plane.  Spend time daydreaming, imagining, drawing, painting with watercolors, singing or dancing.  Chanting mantras or praying is also recommended. 

Pay strong attention to your feelings and intuition today. With the Moon now in upbeat out there Aries, the challenge will be to maintain the balance. 

Spend time meditating on your inner womb space, the emptiness within. Men are said to have spirit wombs too. But we all remember being within the safety and darkness of our mother’s wombs on an unconscious level. 

The Steampunk Tarot is so feminine, so mysterious and foggy, so eerie and magical, it perfectly sums up the energies of this card. Remember this is a PISCES landscape. It is the imaginal, the liminal, the twilight world, the lucid dreamscape. PISCES is not substantial, it is ephemeral but nevertheless real, it is creative, anything you can image is real.

Traditional Tarot cards always show two wolves howling at the full moon indicating the animal instinctive nature’s connection to the moon’s cycles. The lobster also symbolizes a sea creature, one who has never left the ocean where all life evolved from on the earth. We are also still part of the literal ocean and the ocean of consciousness and spirit. We are the drop and the ocean. Pat attention to your dreams when you go to sleep. 

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March 29 Think like a star

Aries Moon speeds along conjunct to URANUS and MERCURY in the wee hours.

ALien Queens, Femmes from Venus

Venusians seeking Martians

A QUICK-WITTED, shoot your mouth off day. Whatever ideas come into your mind they will be scattershot, barrelling out of your mouth instantly. You may dream up a new invention, take a rocket to other galaxies, start your own revolution, and storm out on your own. Make sure you write it down when you awake.


Aries Moon conjunct Uranus, astrology Tara Greene

There will be an easy quick-witted and rather quirky sense of humor today.

Aim your arrows of truth higher. Be careful of being overly spontaneous and bursting into flames.  Be careful around guns, barbecue‘s, hazard materials, etc. Too much honesty no matter how off-handed, told as a joke, or well-intentioned, may still get your ass in trouble. Those who don’t tell the truth may get their pants on fire. LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE! you know that one?

The moon is Void-of-course early in the day

MOON ENTERS Stable plodding sensuous TAURUS @ 8:48 am PDT/ 11:48 am EDT

Taurus 1st decan astrology Tara Greene

1st decan in TAURUS image {0-10 degrees}

The mood will be much more stolid and stable until the 31st under a Taurus moon. Taurus Moon slows our emotions down, we need to get grounded after all of this ARIES VENUS NEW MOON energy. We are also still in the 3rd days of DARK MOON. This is good grounding energy what with the JUPITER-PLUTO square March 30. You may feel like you’ve been slapped down into your body, There’s been an overdose of ARIES hot firey energy over the last few days. 

Taurus energy astrology Tara greene

While MARS is in TAURUS, March 9-April 22, our actions are more concerned with our physical stability and our bodily comforts. We don’t want to stress. All we want is to stubbornly enjoy this sensuous, physical world of beauty, count our money, protect our resources and smell the roses.  Remember to smell the roses.

Ferdinand the Bull 


This is a very nice energy for thinking about big vast cosmic ideas. SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is at the GALACTIC CENTER now. New ways of calling the Gods? SAGITTARIUS is the sign of the MASTER TEACHERS, the dwellers beyond.   Shoot the truth at whoever you think needs it. 

Native American teachings that i was given say that our thoughts are like arrows. You want to shoot positive arrows, or rainbow arrows, Thoughts which contain all of the chakras energies. This aspect is very much like the MOON in ARIES Trining SAGITTARIUS earlier today but definitive and even stronger.

See video below for more on this. 

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Inspirational daily card and astro aspects

12/8  Mercury @ 7 degrees CAPRICORN trines the North Node today at 7 degrees VIRGO.

This aspect helps us to have a concrete brainstorm about the practical,disciplined, daily maintenance of our work, health, lives, careers, goals and our service, which is also a spiritual goal as well. There is no dichotomy between the daily things that we all must deal with and our spiritual work. 

Moon squares the Galactic Center from 27-28 degrees PISCES at 3:00 am EST, right now as I am writing this.

Pay attention to your dreams as planets aspecting the G.C. bring opportunities to tune into the Cosmic Vagina/blackhole at the center of our galaxy.

Moon enters Aries this morning which will pick up the energy. Our moods are energized, up, competitive, aggressive, and we feel more spontaneous. Tempers can flare. The urge to speed is strong. Expect patience to be a precious commocity when the Moon is in ARIES, always.

Moon sextiles Venus in AQUARIUS

Nice for amping up the love vibes for all unique individual women and for all of those alt types. Send love to the water protectors still standing at Standing Rock to halt the #NODAP. 

Under this aspect :Warning you may fall spontaneously in love with a female nerd.

Moon squares Mercury in Capricorn

This can be used to ramp up your business goals and concrete plans.

Let’s do an inspirational TAROT card of the day

Ace of swords meaning, Tara Greene Tarot

Ace of Swords by Revolver Winds Deviant Art

The ACE of SWORDS is the pure potential of all thought. It is consciousness as it is just manifesting, it is at the very minutest beginnings but it carries in that thought, the full potential of the creation of the Universe.  “When you were just a twinkle in your father’s eye.” is another variation on this theme.  Swords are weapons and cut through things. They discern, they clarify. 

What do you need to begin to discern in a new way? Be aware of any new ideas that come to you today. We experience millions of thought impulses a day. Pay attention and begin to cultivate those which “ping” you. Start a new conversation,thought pattern, learn something new. 

This card goes well with today’s aspects. 

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