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There is a wild erotic lightning energy created by the friction of a close conjunction between the Aquarian Moon to Asteroid Pallas Athena Retrograde and EROS known in Greek as Cupid, the little angel who shoots arrows of love today.

What do you call an erotic menage a trois between these three?

Just imagine it, Aqua Luna, Athena the warrior Goddess with her arrows and her owl on her bare shoulder and EROS/ Cupid battling out who gets the first shot at love?

Athena Eros Luna Astrology Tara Greene

These three are at the point of a Yod, or finger of God,- what you haven’t tried one yet? – from Vesta, the Money/focus/Virgin/ Goddess, in emotionally powerful Cancer and Mercury Retrograde in VIRGO conjoined to the Sun, all around 19-24 degrees.

The MOON, ATHENA and EROS are sextile to MARS in SAGITTARIUS which is  creating another YOD pointing to VESTA in Cancer. It’s all about investing in the heart, in the feelings, the womb, the chalice, the Holy Grail, the home within.

This is a double YOD, a YOd YOD, a very special symbol. Two Fingers of God. It’s a new cocktail. 

There is also a GRAND WATER TRINE of Goddesses

LILITH, the Dark, sexual Goddess and JUNO, the Feminine form of genius, are both conjunct at 13-14 degrees of Scorching soulful SCORPIO, a super powerful combo of brains, sex beauty and power. They are in trine to dreamy spiritual compassionate Neptune in PISCES and the SOUTH Node and trine to VESTA in Cancer, a great mother form.

Grand trine, astrology Tara gReene

Grand Trine from John Dee, Queen Elizabeth I Court Astrologer

This is a very powerful aspect to do water ceremonies with and under to protect and purify the waters of the earth. The indigenous peoples who are protesting the DAP  consider themselves to be the water protectors.  

Do call upon LILITH and JUNO, Neptune, planet of dreams, and VESTA, what you choose to invest in and the SOUTH Node, KETU, what we are leaving behind.

What do you want to leave behind? The Pisces Lunar Eclipse is all about leaving everything behind, letting go, completion, endings, endings, endings.

MOON enters PISCES at 7:23 pm PDT/10:23 pm EDT/ sept 15 @ 2:23 am GMT

Moon inconjunct JUPITER in LIBRA at night in PDT to put a damper in your celebrations.

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