Venus square Uranus, avante garde love

New Moon in Sagittarius 11/29  We need to focus on the major T-Square in Cardinal signs 

VENUS squares URANUS @ 20+ degrees Capricorn

I was responding to an article about Kanye West’s recent mental breakdown in an email subscription service i get. I mentioned Picasso’s earliest painting which granted him early L’Enfant terrible genius status and that was this one. 

Picasso Les demoiselles d’Avignon 1907

It made me think of  a major painting that illustrates the Venus-Uranus square. Not that Picasso had one. Kanye BTW has a NATAL [Mars} VENUS conjunction opposite URANUS in a wide square to Saturn in LEO. I’ll write a short article about why Kanye is having a mental breakdown now.

VENUS square URANUS is Viva la revolution. So synchronous that Castro died under this aspect.

VENUS square URANUS values unconventional things. 

Venus square Uranus is don’t expect women to ever be the same. Women’s liberation.  A change in money, the economy, and values for better or worse. 

There are MANY Breakups happening now. Personal relationships, countries, etc.

Things are chaotic, Learn to LOVE THE CHAOS, as the melting pot, the cauldron of change. 

Venus square Uranus is Chaos Theory and Avante Garde women.  

It is really what is going on in the world with Trump’s. election and Brexit. Breaking away from status quo values. 

Remember that Uranus {and Pluto} are still involved in these long-term shakedown of CARDINAL T-squares. VENUS is show me the money, the women, the values. And URANUS is definitely not suburbia, not normal. It is the queer planet before that word was associated with gays specifically. Anything weird, off-kilter, unique, different, is URANIAN.

The Goddess URANIA rules Astronomy and Astrology

She is the MUSE, she is associated with Universal Love and the Holy Spirit. She is usually shown dressed in a cloak embroidered with stars and keeps her eyes and attention focused on the Heavens. She is usually represented with a celestial globe to which she points with a little staff. She is able to foretell the future by the arrangement of the stars. She is a daughter of Zeus by Mnemosyne, memory, and the great-granddaughter of Uranus the God/planet.

T. URANUS is conjunct the U.S. CHIRON in ARIES its Natal 4th house opposite to  its Natal Asteroid JUNO at 20 degrees LIBRA and square to the U.S. Mercury at 24 CANCER Retrograde. Surprise, did you know that American’s natal chart has MERCURY RETROGRADE? 

This is why America she is a hurting these days and no one can communicate with any validity, anymore. Fake news is a front to shut down alternative viewpoints. 

VENUS squares Chiron opposes Mercury and squares JUNO. 

JUNO in her PATRIARCHAL later interpretation was the long-suffering wife of philandering Zeus. She barely had any rights, she was jealous and tried to get revenge but she wasn’t attributed with enough power to send Zeus’s balls to another Universe. Looks like we are getting this aspect of Juno now. 

VENUS and URANUS are getting dangerously close to squaring the U.S. natal PLUTO at 27+ CAPRICORN anyways. 

You think things are CRAy CRAY now? Wait till the 1st PLUTO RETURN of the U.S. starting in 2020 but exact in 2022.

Anyways honor your own unique values. Dare to be really different. Never mind the status quo. Define your own cool. Do everything at a 45-degree angle to what everyone else does. 

Astrology is all about research. Wonder who has natal Venus squares to Uranus?

Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Russel Crowe, Russel Brand, 

Princess Diana of Wales, Prince his purpleness, Pope Francis, 

Cameron Diaz, Elvis Presley, Mich Jagger,Bhagwan Rajneesh Osho,Mickey Rourke,

Tyra Banks, Mila Kunis, Adam Levine, Bradley Cooper, Trent Reznor {9 inch nails} 

Benedict Cumberbatch, Muhammad Ali, Sinead O’Conner, Katherine Hepburn, 

Charles Baudelaire, Franz Kafka, J.R.R. Tolkien, 

You get the picture. 

If you are feeling a bit woozy remember that the SUN squares NEPTUNE in PISCES on the 30th. and MARS TRINES JUPITER on the 1st as CHIRON turns direct too.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Much appreciated. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Here’s some real Avante Garde music. John Zorn and Diamanda Galas –Metamorfosis


DS, New Love Astrology cycle

SEX & LOVE begin an entirely new cycle of Dominance and Submission as MARS enters his home sign ARIES Feb 19 @ 7:11 pm EST and Venus follows April 20.

The zero degree point of Aries is the beginning of the entire 360 degrees of the Zodiac. Zero degrees Aries is always new born. ZERO POINT. It’s the BIG BANG explosion which ignites all life. 


Mars in Aries fires up the TESTOSTERONE, the masculine sexual force, the WARRIOR initiating new cycles of passion, hot-headed, impulsiveness, defensiveness, violence, terrorism, independence, volcanic explosions, war, dangerous everything and DOMINANCE!

Mars stays in ARIES until MARCH 31. Spring will be HOT and very fertile this year.

Be sure to wear condoms. 

Aries is COURAGE, daring, the leap. Trust spirit and your own passion and desire. Patience will be in very short supply. Remember fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Make short-term goals.

Check out where Mars is in your Birth charts to find which area will be firebombed awake. 

Mars will be traveling through my 5th house of creativity, leadership and passion. That should get those creative juices going. I am going to finish my book! 

VENUS, the beautiful Goddess of Love follows Mars to his crib on Feb 20 @ 3:05 pm EST until April 11

Venus is considered to be weak and SUBMISSIVE while she is in Aries, which is HIS sign. She is considered to be overpowered by Mars’, lust for power.  

Women as The Goddess must wear RED, see red, and don their AMAZON WARRIOR GEAR NOW-


Remember Mars is defensive and Venus’s strength is Beauty and LOVE, which conquers all.

Wear those RUBY SLIPPERS. Remember you only have to tap your heels together three times.

On another level VENUS conjunct MARS in ARIES means:

Great time to launch new projects. Buy a red sports car.

Initiate anything brand spanking NEW. Is that a pun?

Venus ruled things such as beauty, money, relationships, fashion, real estate, gardening, food, the arts are also the focus of newness.

Venus and Mars dance together in the heavens over very long cycles. Venus is never more than 45 degrees away from the Sun where as, the wild man Mars can wander through every sign.

The two paramours get together for the first time this year. Since April 6/7, 2013  they met last at 18/19 degrees Aries which began a new 32 year cycle. Think back to where your love life was then.

This almost two-year celibacy hiatus is the longest time that the two planets can be separated. If you have been flying solo for the last couple of years, perhaps it is because you are very sympathetically and synchronistically aligned with the cosmos without even realizing it.   In 2015 they have three conjunctions to make up for lost time.

The last time Venus and Mars made three conjunctions with in one year was in 1983 and again in 1985. If you were born then, you are really beginning a love start.

Watch as many old relationships burn out now. With the new higher frequencies coming on to the planet old relationships that are not founded on authentic deep spiritual connection will be fried, burnt to a crisp, over…ashes.

On Feb 21/22, 2015 the BELOVEDS UNITE in a conjunction @ 1 degree+ minutes of ARIES 

Mars Venus conjunct in ARIES

A Shiva/Shakti merging of TWIN FLAMES

Tantric lovers Tara Greene astrology

VENUS & Mars conjunction is the very SACRED TANTRIC MARRIAGE within ourselves first. We each posses own inner Feminine and Masculine which we must marry internally. It’s an emotional, spiritual, mental, energy fusion of balance and wholeness. The Feminine is the intuitive feelings, the Masculine is the actions for the intuitive. The Alchemical Union must happen within, then you can  attract that sacred soul mate into the third dimensional reality.

If you can experience Sacred Divine Love pulsating within yourself and throughout the entire universe then that is heightened and magnified when you are in an intimate sacred union with your partner.  Real tantric sex melts each individual’s ego into a one heart/body/soul union, transcending themselves to be wedded as one. This is the entire purpose of sex, besides procreation. That is why sex has been suppressed by Catholicism and other religions. This sacred lovemaking is a continuously eternal process the very fabric of the Universe itself . 

VENUS and MARS conjunction also most strongly affects early degrees of ARIES, LIBRA, CAPRICORN and CANCER who get in the cross hairs of the CARDINAL LOVE AFFAIR. Everyone will feel it and experience it.

VENUS is the EMPRESS, SHAKTI                 ARIES/MARS is the EMPEROR, SHIVA 


Steve Jobs, Prince, Angelina Jolie, Walt Whitman, Yogananda. Clint Eastwood, Tyra Banks 


George Clooney, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Einstein, Rhianna, Jack Nicholson

The MOON enters Aries on Fri. the 20th  

She merges with VENUS first then MARS an hour later.  That is the prelude.

The Venus/Mars conjunction is Feb 21 @ 9:12 pm PST/ Feb 22, Love that numerology @ 12:12 a.m.  

MANY APPLICATIONS for the magic.

Plan a special romantic union night on that special day. Plan to start a new project. Make new intentions. Do what you love. Act from love. Defend love. Go Tango-ing. 


ALL WRITING IS copyright of Tara Greene

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BOOM CLAP – Charlie XCX The Fault in our stars 2014 

GET IT ON,BANG a GONG- T-Rex 1971 

Maleficent, Hollywood oracle, love vendetta metaphor Astrology

The I have often observed that Hollywood is  synchronistic and prescient, like an ORACLE,  as it is tuned into the collective unconscious. Movies come out in concert with astronomical/ astrological events. 

Earlier this week  May 22 VENUS was conjunct to ERIS, the DWARF PLANET, discovered in January 2005 at Palomar. ERIS is three times the size of PLuto. With the exception of some comets Eris is currently the most distant known natural object in the Solar system.

ERIS in GREEK MYTHOLOGY was a daughter of NYX, Night. She was the Goddess or Spirit- Daemona of strife, discord, contention and rivalry.  Every emotion in the ancient world was personified as a God or Goddess. That culture was extremely healthy because nothing was hidden. Gods raped, there was jealousy, revenge, spite, hatred, loss, justice. Just like a great soap opera, play or movie.  

Eris’s nature didn’t make her that welcome. She was the only Goddess not invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. When she crashed the wedding anyway she was refused admittance and in a rage threw a golden apple amongst the Goddesses inscribed with “to the fairest.” Three Goddess tried to claim it for their own and this rivalry brought about the Trojan War a great tragedy.

Another form of the scorned or left out Goddess is told in the famous story of SLEEPING BEAUTY. All fairy tales evolve from myths.  Charles Perraul’ts version of Sleeping Beauty published in 1697 added a witch to an older tale.  There is a similar older tale where an elf-king Oberon appears as a DWARF, and explains that an angry fairy cursed him to that size.

 The Brothers Grimm’s tale  has 12 fairies, who were originally Goddesses, who were invited to a princess’s christening to offer gifts to her and the 13th one who was left out. She curses the child because she wasn’t invited. her gifts are scorned.

13 is the number associated with the moon. As there are always 13 lunar cycles per year.  We are starting to get a sense of the Goddesses and natural feminine lunar menstrual energy being the secret symbolism here.

SLEEPING BEAUTY tells how the Goddess now transformed into a witch is uninvited to the princess’s christening a Christian non pagan ceremony. Because she wasn’t invited,  -she curses that the daughter at 15 will prick herself with a spindle and die. A good fairy softens this curse so that the princess will not die but fall into a deep sleep for 100 years. 

In Walt Disney’s original animated version of SLEEPING BEAUTY the wicked fairy is personified by MALIFICENT,

MAleficent Disney tara Greene astrology

feminine personified evil. The story follows the tradition. The spindles are hidden, the princess overly protected, but on her 16th birthday she returns and her fate is destined so she pricks her finger on the spindle. It is all a puberty metaphor . Prince Charming fights Maleficent in the form of a dragon, kills her. Hacks his way through a thorny forest and kisses the princess awake and everyone wakes up. Happy ending.

MALEFICENT is a new film starring Angelina Jolie, premiering May 30 2014.

What does this have to do with VENUS and ERIS?  

VENUS is love, ERIS is bitterness scorn,revenge, hatred, anger. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Have you ever been scorned and felt like cursing the crap out of someone? You don’t have to be a fairy to curse someone. 

It’s all about intention and emotions, you have the power to harm or heal anyone with your feelings.

I have done it myself. I know it, it’s coming out in my book, in a past life where I was burned  at the stake as a witch and cursed that Jesuit Priest who condemned me who….

As above so below. Says the HERMETIC MAXIM.

So woe be it KIM and Kanye for leaving any woman {or man} uninvited to KIM And KANYE’s Wedding on May 24!

CURSES leave karmic paths, difficulty, disgrace, danger, pain and suffering traces in the patterns in your life. 

The conjunction of Love and HATE at 22 degrees ARIES is close to the SOUTH NODE now at 27 degrees ARIES.

BE aware of old KARMIC issues in LOVE and HATE in all directions and all corners arising because of  old unconscious vindictiveness.

Now I never recommend that you pay some sleazy gypsy type thousands of dollars to remove a curse from you or anyone else or to put a curse on your ex. or try to make someone do something. 


NEVER EVER DO THAT. It is BLACK MAGIC. Do  not get fooled by that trick its the oldest snake oil manipulation in the world.

Don’t buy into the instant cures or get fooled by that fake TARA-MEDIUM site who some people confuse me with.

NO YOU and only YOU can take full responsability for a curse you gave someone- even if they deserved it. THE whole point just like JESUS did is to be unspiteful and totally accepting and unconditionally loving..

I help people to become aware of their past lives and these “curses” or heavy karmic denied emotions which show up as psychological problems most clearly through your astrology chart.

Yes people don’t do what your ego wants. People are not puppets. GEt over it.

You cannot and why would you want to control someone else?

Only those who feel manipulated and controlled themselves, who are out of touch with their own power would even think of or try to do something like that.

VENUS in ARIES is AMAZON warrior woman anyways. CUE DEATH BY FIRE.

ERIS has been in ARIES since 1925. ERIS HARDLY MOVES. Note the similarity between ERIS And ARIES God of war,

Eris was at 18 degrees of Aries on Jan 1 2000.

My prediction when the SOUTH NODE conjunct ERIS in early AUGUST  -watch out!!!!!

Look back at events in your life and see if these dates mean anything.

JANUARY 1,  2014 Mars opposed that degree of ERIS  22 degrees 57 minutes of LIBRA 

the MH370 disappeared March 8th. Hmmm…

Mars was opposite  that degree on MARCH 29 moving RETROGRADE. 

JUPITER will square 22 degrees ARIES on June 13

JULY 11 MARS will OPPOSE 22 degrees ARIES.  

I find the symbolism of ERIS conjunct VENUS and the MALEFICENT character phenomenal 

Don’t you? I love this stuff. I love how it all fits together.

DO NOT PAY ANYONE TO REMOVE A CURSE EVER.  Deal with it yourself, psychologically, responsibility, own your own shit.

I get calls all the time from desperate, superstitious people and I tell them that it is black magic, and don’t waste your money don’t give your power away. Any intent to hurt another will come back to you 9 times. THat is the pagan/wiccan tradition.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about this? Did you catch all the nuances?













symbolized the 13th person who was overlooked, left out.

Planetary recall, sexual review, March Astrology from Tara Greene

Mercury just went direct Feb 28.  Wasn’t so bad this time. When Mercury is in its own element of Air like it was this time in Aquarius, I find them easier. Do you notice this? 


One step forwards and two steps behind.

Pisces new Moon astrology Tara Greene

MARCH NEW MOON starts out with a Bang of a whimper. TWO PLANETS MOVE RETROGRADE. Mars & SATURN.

Mars rules sex and Saturn is in Mars’ ruled Scorpio now. Saturn rules CAPRICORN. 

The two BAD BOYS of the ZODIAC- get recalled. For one thing your sex life needs to be overhauled and reviewed.  What does this mean?

MARS planet of COHONES, macho, war, energy, passion goes RETROGRADE March 1- MAY 19.

ARIES SCORPIO and CAPRICORNS will feel this pull back the most. 

The ACTION PLANET moveing Retro for the next 11 weeks will slow your impulses, pulses and everything right down.

Mars Saturn retrograde tara Greene

The economy, money, power simmers down. Mars turns Retrograde at 27 degrees + LIBRA. Mars ends his Retro at 9 degrees o1 of LIBRA.  

CHECK THIS area off on your chart to see where and in which house/houses the weakening of the drive affects you at.  It will feel different in the 1st than in the 12th house. MARS is spending 7 months in LIBRA instead of its usual six weeks in a sign this year.

Mars only retrogrades once very 26 months so it is a very KARMIC time. We are needing to REBALANCE MASCULINE ENERGY for men and women.

MEN need to change their macho ways of seeing women. This runs rampant through PATRIARCHAL culture. Women parading naked in Blurred Lines, Miley Cyrus overtly sexual displays, these are all PATRIARCHAL demands of women as objects. Sorry ladies if you think this is women’s liberation and freedom it is not. Women cannot display themselves this way in this culture of masculine domination. Yes they could in an ideally Feminine valued culture. It might look similar but men would honor, cherish, serve and respect women totally for that to happen. Women would have equal rights in every way and more so as bearers of children. They would be exalted, highly valued and never raped. They would hold worldly positions of power and be respected and be as free as men in the world. They would be valued as life givers, bringers of feminine values, fairness, caring, cherishing children and all life on earth as Feminine Goddesses. So that’s what I feel this MArs in LIBRA initiation is all about. This is how relationships were in the Goddess worshipping ages, how people lived in the ancient Crete, in the  Malta, in Aboriginal societies, in ancient Sumeria.


First and foremost MARS rules sex. Take a break. It’s an ancient Chinese energy warrior practice to hold back from having orgasms to conserve the precious life energy. Mantak Chia practiced this form of energy meditation for many years. Tantric sexuality uses this practice as well. Ideally it would be time to go cold turkey, I don’t mean having sex with frozen turkeys- to be  celibate and align with this energy. 

It’s a time of rest and renewal. And to REVIEW of all your  RELATIONSHIPS, social scene, arts, luxury, where we spend our energy, what are we truly passionate about. Only if you step back and REflect can you see what the patterns are.

LADIES womb cleansing and sexual virgin renewal time.

EVERY SEXUAL act you have ever had needs to  be recapitulated ladies. I will write about this separately and present a course. This will be by phone and a private FB group and more.

If you have planets birthdays near these dates- JUSTIN BIEBER comes to mind, then watch out for the backslide. backlash. 


We will be revisiting old peace talks, hot spots, sexual equality, including gays, transgender etc.  

Yes Mars Retrograde is literally banging your head against the wall.

MARS & SATURN in SCORPIO rules masochism and S & M. So that kind of sexual punishment and degradation of women like 50 shades of grey will be hotly debated. It is not healthy.

Mars rules the military, so cutting of funding which has just been announced.  Mars is cutting, brain salad surgery and sexual operations. Marrs rules the head. BIG HEADACHE TIME.

MARS rules the Aries countries of ENGLAND GERMANY PALESTINE ISRAEL SYRIA and LITHUANIA and POLAND and such cities of Florence Naples Marseilles. So they will be pulling back.

Mars rules the SCORPIO countries of FINLAND, NORWAY, MOROCCO, QUEENSLAND, KOREA, SYRIA, the TRANSVAAL, and cities of  Baltimore, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Liverpool and Washington D.C. 

Mars rules firemen, and they must be overly careful at this time. Also dangerous explosives, sharp equipment.

I would not schedule surgery during a Mars Retrograde. I would not buy anything new if it can be avoided. There will be problems with energy of all types but especially NUCLEAR EMERGY a SCORPIO item. FUKUSHIMA and radiation from there reaching U.S. shores comes to mind. Take iodine.



LOTS of water emphasis. NEPTUNE at 5 degrees PISCES is conjunct the SUN AND MOON and CHIRON.

It will be very easy to reach higher consciousness, will feel dreamy, FOGGY with a chance of delusion, and great healing. 

A very introspective emotionally recharging time. PISCES is the 12th house, the house of BLISS, YOGA, meditation, forgiveness, endings.  It is the LAST new MOON before SPRING of this bitterly hard winter in the Northern part of the world. So it’s definitely as shoring up time. 

MARS AND SATURN changing direction on MARCH 2 will cause weather pattern reversals. Where formally you were rejected you will be accepted and vice- versa. It’s review review review time. FINISH up all old business. Expect old lovers to return, old issues that you thoughts you;d thoroughly dealt with. Can make you feel kinda schitzy.

The New moon features VENUS SQUARING MARS and the NORTH NODE

significant relationship turning points.  

THE URANUS  JUPITER Square is still in effect so things will be chaotic,in the home, with family, in new starts and directions.

SATURN  RETROGRADE March 2 – July 20

SATURN RETROGRADE- look for which territory SATURN backslides through in your natal chart this is where you will need to look at unfinished KARMIC LESSONS. 

SATURN in SCORPIO for the last 2 years is aligning with death, with letting go, with dying and being reborn.  Saturn in Scorpio is deep intimacy with another, with your self. Saturn in Scorpio asks us to let go of old outworn ways of dealing with power, the shadow, the unconscious, shared resources. 

Saturn in Scorpio has also brought the dire surgery for women with supposed genetic high risk to cervical cancer like Angelina Jolie to the fore and many thousands of women are opting for this cut out the  maybe affected part now hysterectomy to avoid death by cancer later.

From 23 degrees SCORPIO- 16 + Scorpio. This is our usual  4 months Saturn back track.

Capricorns especially you who are being affected by the CARDINAL GRAND CROSSES – retreat for a few months and reset your grand goals.

ON MARCH 5 Venus moves out of her RETROGRADE SHADOW and into Aquarius.

MARCH 6 JUPITER STATIONS DIRECT  at 10+ degrees CANCER ending a Retrograde which began November 6, 2013 at 20+ degrees Cancer. Jupiter will take till June 1st to pass its own shadow period.


All writing is copyright of TARA GREENE, may be used with permission and attributes of authorship and links to this site.

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