How to talk with angels

MARS in SAGITTARIUS squares NEPTUNE in the wee hours

This is a great day to open up conversation with your Holy Guardian angel aided by a PISCES dreamy Moon and the Sun conjunct MERCURY in AQUARIUS. 

Everyone has their own guardian Angel some are from your own ancestral lineage but not always. Many people have spirit guides from past life lineages which can come from any cultural background in the world. Where spirit is concerned no one soul is any different in essence than any other races. 

You can also work with the 4 major Archangels, Michael Raphael Ariel and Gabriel.

You should prepare a clean quiet space where you won’t be disturbed by cell phones. You can smudge with cedar or sage and sweetgrass. Incense will do the same thing. The point is intention receptivity and an open mind and heart. You can draw a circle of white light around you moving clockwise to protect you. State aloud. “I call only the highest purest spirits of divine love and light into this circle no other entities energies or spirits are allowed in it. “

Sit quietly clear your mind and breathe. Follow your breath and witness your self-breathing the breath of life. You can do a chakra clearing meditation.  Make sure you are grounded in Mother Earth.

When you feel ready. You can cross your hands over your heart and ask from your heart to connect with your Higher Self or Holy Guardian Angel. Close your eyes and tune in within. Wait listen be patient. You may speak in tongues if you are spiritually inclined. Talk to your angels. Tell them how you feel. Know that they are listening and that they are there to help guide you. You may get a sensation or feeling or you may hear a message or see a vision. Don’t be discouraged if you think nothing is happening part of the lesson is trust and faith. 

This is a very spiritually honest day. Do take notice of your dreams when you wake up and incubate them again tonight.  You can also ask your angels to come to you in your dreams. 

It’s a very dreamy day so spend it resting meditating and sending prayers and blessings out into the world and to the families who have lost their children in the mass shooting at the High School in the U.S. 

Do something kind and giving without requiring anything back. Mercury enters PISCES increasing the tenderness of our minds and the desire to be one whole in the light compassionate and blissful. 

Please Share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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