John Edward’s Trial, “was obsessed with mistress’s life of sex and astrology”-why? by Tara greene

The news today May 3  in the Trial of John Edwards, scandals of Bunny Mellon supporting him and his s mistress, Edwards’ daughter speaking of his mistress obsession with sex, rock ‘n roll, and astrology!  Rielle, described by Andrew Young, former Edwards staffer who’s tell -all book described Rielle as  a “weird slut and a freak.”  An actress, she was  the basis of  a character in a Jay McInerney novel,and  Bret Easton Ellis based characters on her as well. Molly Ringwald also in the mix. Rumors of coke snorting, threesome  and sexually voracious stories about Rielle abound. And yeah her father James Druck, a wealthy lawyer, in was involved in the 1982 horse murders insurance fraud scandal, which including electrocuting Rielle’s own horse when she was just 17 years old. They shoot Horses’ Don’t they? – a real trauma in her life. That explains a lot to me right there.

The sex and drugs stuff is pretty usual but not  being astrology obsessed piqued my curiosity.. I wanted to check out Rielle’s astrology chart for clues as to why she would be so astrological coke and sex addicted.

sex drugs and astrology obsessed

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Rielle was born March 20 1964 Fort Lauderdale florida, No birth time. so Ive created it at noon, as she is  a prominent public figure. Zero degrees Aries is the highest energy, the beginning, the zero point in the Astrology chart. she is a mover and a shaker.

Her Moon at 28 Gemini is conjunct the North Star, usually people who have high level public persona’s have powerfully planetary connection’s here. Of course she is an ever youthful looking, twin natured, fickle,charming,double talking, shape shifting sylph.

Mercury in Aries, a fast talking,energetic,voracious player.

VENUS the Goddess of Love planet is smack dab at the middle-degree of TAURUS her ruling sign. Very sexy, very money hungry, sensual,

 She has Mars at 23 degrees Pisces symbolizes in part the kind of man she is attracted to. Mars in Pisces is a chameleon, secret-love affairs, compassionate, sob-story, addictive relationships, ungrounded, lives in an illusion, dreamy,

Jupiter is also at 24 degrees Aries- this woman has boundless energy, exuberance, a risk-taker, a fighter, independent, an Amazon warrioress.

THE SEX- she has Asteroid EROS, at 23 degrees of ARIES conjunct her JUPITER in Aries,- absolutely voracious sexually, a nymphomaniac.

THE ASTROLOGY- SATURN is at 29 degrees Aquarius, Saturn is the traditional ruler of both Capricorn, sign of rulers, leaders, people of power and control on the world’s stage. Reille has Capricorn on her Descendent, her house of marriage and relationships. Saturn is at the 29th and most fateful, karmic  degree in any sign, here in Aquarius, the sign of wishing on Stars, the Internet, and GUESS WHAT? ….


THE SCANDAL- Rielle has the dwarf planet- ERIS,- the Ancient Goddess who personified  STRIFE and DISCORD at  10 degrees of ARIES, square her  North Node, as if it was her Higher Purpose to cause so much Trouble. She is a natural born SIREN, like Circe, in the Odyssey,of course Mr. Edwards is at fault to, we’ll get to him shortly. Eris is also square to that asteroid Epona, Reillle was getting even with her dad,for killing her horse by ruining John Edwards career.  Her North Node is in Cancer and she always wanted to have children, so she did with John Edwards.

Now Mr. Edwards may got to jail for 30 years for abusing million in his political campaign fund, that went to pampering the mistress, $400 haircuts and the like. Lets look at his chart

John Edwards Horoscope chart

Of course, John Edwards is a GEMINI, a naturally charming, emotionally immature, two-faced, living two lives kinda guy.

 His Sun, vitality, MARS– sexual drives, and Mercury-communications are all in Gemini in the 12th house of SECRETS, SELF-UNDOING,KARMA.

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John also  has VENUS in Taurus, like Rielle, the strongest, most sensual, earthy, romantic, great with money place for Venus the Love Goddess to be. I am sure they had amazingly lustful sexual chemistry,and I’m sure she wasnt the only mistress. BTW Venus is exactly square to his North and south Nodes. KArma with Women,money, love affairs are a big time theme here.

John also has a very powerful wealthy Jupiter Moon conjunction also in Gemini, a great charming talker,


John also has an  exact Saturn Neptune  conjunction, both Retrograde in Libra. These are his only Retrograde planets.They are squaring Uranus in the 1st house in Cancer. Saturn conjunct Neptune alone is a karmic soul-mate sign and Retrograde means he came into this life to reconnect with al the women in his life he’d been with before.Of course being Retrograde in the 4th house, its also his unexpected Uranus, undoing, which of course his home life falls apart because of. His wife dies of cancer. I am sorry that he also lost his talented young son tragically.

HIs EROS is at 28 degrees of ARIES smack dab conjunct Rielle’s Jupiter and her EROS too.

with Sun Mercury and Mars in Gemini  and in the 12th house of secrets. He couldn’t resist, He was a lame duck,

INteresting that according to his birth time, which isn’t officially kosher,his Ascendant is 12 degrees of Cancer, exactly on the U. S. Sun and conjunct the Fixed Star Sirius, to bad. Oh the rise and fall of men in power…. the double standard.

Everyone has sex, puritan America,

Will he go to jail?

Well that amazing Venus crossing of the sun June 5-6 will happen very close to his Sun at 19 degrees of Gemini,Venus as Vixen will overshadow his Self Identity..

Saturn will oppose his Natal Venus around Election day in the U.S. this year.  Saturn is the limits, obstacles, karma, the  cosmic cop. This is where he gets called to task over his romantic dallies.  Saturn will also be square to his North Node at 4 degrees of Aquarius during that time.North Node in Aquarius wants freedom, revolution, invention.Also square to his South Node  in Leo, pride, arrogance, leadership, generosity. A fateful time for John Edwards. His fate hangs in the balance of Libran justice.

Jupiter will have just passed Edwards natal Moon at 5 degrees Gemini and will be conjunct to his Natal Jupiter at seven degrees of Gemini in his natal 11th house of wishes, hopes, and dreams.

PLUTO the planet of the big fall from power will be opposite his Mercury as it has been for the last two years,of course the whole scandal came out when Pluto was opposite to Mr Edwards Mars in 2007-2008. Pluto will be squaring the dwarf planet ERIS exactly at 8 degrees Aries/ Capricorn.

ERIS the Goddess oft blamed for creating the Trojan war, did not do it exactly. Venus/Aphrodite awarded Paris an already married woman, Helen. So Eris shows where we are vulnerable to our ego’s competing for first prize. She can be seen positively as the weakest link in our ego’s armour, therefore a self-undoing, if we are unaware of who we really are.

The karmic odds are not in Mr. Edwards favour to be sure.

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