Star fields, soul maps, Pluto synchronicity

Expand your thinking exponentially and more cosmically with our space probe New Frontiers, name destiny – getting up close to Pluto 3 billion miles away on July 14th. A three billion mile journey just to fly by but we will see Pluto for the first time since he was discovered 88 years ago.  Pluto is HADES, Hell powerful King of the Dead. Persephone, daughter of Demeter/Ceres is his wife for half the year. 

I also predicted that Pluto would be reinstated as a planet after the new photos of him in my 2015 predictions.

As psychologist James Hillman says about Pluto/Hade  his “fearful cold intelligence […] gives permanent shelter in his house to the incurable conditions of human being.” We are learning more about being human in a vast world of Light and Dark Matter. I am thinking of the Kabbalah and CERN and Stuart Wilde’s talking about the ALuna. 

I had a very deep flash earlier this evening. I suddenly dropped into a clear space, It was  like a whirling carousel of dimensions. It felt like some new inter-dimensional energy is pouring in it felt good, hopeful, beneficient.

You must pay attention to what is going on in the world. CERN and The Light and Dark Matter are being separated out. It’s all symbolic of what is happening.

It’s all one big story we are one cosmic being, we are looking at ourselves in a mirror. We are everywhere. We just think we are here, in one location, that is a trick of the mind. The ego mind is the devil.

PLUTO against the star fields that New Frontiers navigates by.

Pluto stars Astrology Tara Greene


synchronicity:  A birth chart is a soul map, a star field.

I was reading the Mountain Astrologer Magazine, an article about progressions. It is a technique where the sun moon and all the planets progress forward {or backwards if Retrograde} a day for a year of time by using an ephemeris or modern astrology software to do the mathematical calculations. There are different types of progressions, secondary progressions, solar arc etc. Secondary Progressions of the Moon, are very powerful, the Moon moves 1 degree every two hours in real time. In progressions the Moon advances 1 degree a month, and takes 2 and a half years to move through a sign.

The Moon lays down in the first few months of your life, the emotional and concrete experiences that will emerge later in life. We re-experience the memories and emotions the Moon symbolizes both those things, our pre-birth, birth and after-birth imprints.


Thoth Tarot High Preistess

The Moon is the Tarot Trump #2 The HIGH PRIESTESS

the Moon embodied in her cooler more detached state.  She is the veil between the worlds and dimension.  What needs to be unveiled? The High Priestess brings the message that you have incredible strength to carry you across the desert without water for a very long time{emotional support.} Trust your instincts. Especially around this New Moon.

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