Are you a Starseed?

Do you feel like things don’t make sense here on earth and that the world is run by incredibly cold, cruel, unjust beings, especially more so these days? If you don’t fit in with the way others think and act, If nothing really makes sense to you. if you vaguely remember that things don’ have to be done this way then those are clues as to your otherwordly origins.

A starseed is a being whose originated from the Stars. Many indigenous myths say that humans were created by star beings. SKYWOMAN or WHITE BUFFALLO WOMAN are all star beings who created humans. The ANUNAKI in the Babylonian stories, Niburu, the Pleiadian’s, Arcturian’s, Sirians and many more are all star being originators. The DOGON people of AFRICA say they came from SIRIUS, the brightest star in the Sky known as OSIRUS to Egyptians. The U.S. July 4th birthdate is to coincide with the STAR SIRIUS.

I remembered that I was not of the earth originally but of the stars. I had an incredible encounter on February 22, 1979 with a STAR BEING in the physical with two witnesses who saw and experienced the same thing. See my STARBIRD ENCOUNTER article.

The SAGITTARIUS TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE IS a perfect time to connect with COSMIC BEINGS and other Starseeds.

Please join me May 25 live on ZOOM 7:30 PM EDT to travel on a starseed journey

This is very interesting and fairly indepth article about STARSEEDS and the types.

Area 51 storm fake news astrology

With Saturn Stationary at 13 Capricorn on the South node opposite the U.S. Sun and Sirius, America’s ties to aliens from Conspiracy Theorists and those who study Masonic and Illuminati Theories are bound to run rampant this weekend as two million people are due to storm Area 51 the notorious scene of a supposed Alien Spaceshift crash in the 47 at Roswell New Mexico

“In late June, Matty Roberts, a college student, created an event on Facebook called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us.”

The event, scheduled for Sept. 20, was meant as a joke about making a run on the mysterious and well-protected military test site in southern Nevada, fabled to be dedicated to the research of real, honest-to-goodness alien spacecraft.

The joke caught fire.

Within three weeks, more than 1 million people marked themselves down as planning to attend. (By mid-September, the number had reached 2.1 million.) Even the Air Force noticed and, in July, a spokeswoman told The New York Times that “any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous.”

Concerned that some might take the call to action seriously and be arrested or hurt, Roberts decided to plan a sizable “Alienstock” music festival nearby as an alternative, according to reports, teaming up with Brock Daily, a co-host of the Facebook event, and Connie West, of the Little A’Le’Inn in rural Rachel, Nevada, which is home to fewer than 100 residents.”- 

Why do they believe the conspiracy theories?

It may be difficult to separate fantasy from reality as coincidentally Jupiter in Sagittarius the sign of travel Internationally and comedy and Neptune in Pisces sign of fantasy, illusion, delusion, shooting oneself in the foot and addictions square off. 

I hope that people are safe. 

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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5 ways to revolutionize your love life with Astrology

The “Do it big or go home” planet Jupiter in LIBRA, sign of relationships, love and marriage has its first opposition to the transpersonal planet of CHAOS, REVOLUTION, kinky weirdness and freedom URANUS for the first time on Boxing Day December 26.

JupiteroppositeUranus,Tara Greene, Astrology

Boxing Day literally. Think outside the box on all levels. There is in fact no box.

I love the synchronicity of the Boxing Day. The universe has a sense of humor, that is Jupiter’s territory. 

JUPITER the largest planet expands whatever it comes in contact with. Jupiter is in Libra the sign of go-betweens, indecision, relationships, superficiality, marriage, peace, and justice.

JUPITER in the TAROT is the WHEEL of FORTUNE- wheee!

wheel of fortune tarot reader Tara Greene

Spin that wheel, change your partners and do-si-do.

URANUS is the first of the outer transpersonal slower moving planets breaking through the limits and old boundaries and karmic contracts set by Saturn. Uranus is like Uranium. The outer planets Uranus Neptune and Pluto are not accounted for in the traditional Tarot. Uranus is considered to be the “Higher Octave” of Mercury, THE MAGICIAN #1 in the Tarot, like a SUPERCOMPUTER or Super Magician, which would be very synchronous as we are entering a #1 year in 2017. 

Magician Thoth Tara Tarot reader


Uranus would also be associated with the TOWER, a breakthrough consciousness.

Tower Tarot Tara Greene

This is a  H U G E aspect that will define 2017. 

December 27, 2016 @ 20 degrees ARIES/LIBRA
March 7, 2017 @ 22 degrees ARIES/LIBRA
September 27, 2017 @ 27 degrees  ARIES/LIBRA

First check out where these degrees are in your natal chart to see how they are affecting you personally and not just the entire world at large. If you need personal assistance, get a reading with me, link below.

Big sales on Boxing day. Watch out for violence and CRAZY behaviors.

URANUS governs liberation of the mind. Higher consciousness. The “WE” movement. It is detached, cool, all about technology. Cyberpower. URANUS blows things up. In Aries, that means Terrorist attacks, bombings, dangerous explosions, volcanoes.

JUPITER rules Sagittarius { and PISCES} and politics, foreigners, the law, travel.

JUPITER in LIBRA is an arts revolution in 2017,as Uranus and Jupiter in Libra push on each other. Lots of new techie innovations. Virtual reality arts and mainstream entertainment too.

If you want a big legal revolution to start these would be the two perfect planets to invite to start the proceedings with.  As we can see this event starting to burn now with impeachment, Russian involvement in U.S. Politics, legal changes to the election process, legal rights for immigrants, refugees etc. DIPLOMACY will look very different and many allies will change alliances. STRANGE BEDFELLOWS indeed. 

So hold onto your headphones. This energy on a more personal level brings on BIG freedom in relationships, marriage break ups, open marriages, more gender definitions than you can shake a stick at. URANUS likes weird, kinky off-beat things, people, events.  If you find yourself attracted to some strange other-worldly person, or falling in love with a nerd, alien or astronaut, you can blame that on these planetary influences.

But also Jupiter in Libra is all about people. So this can also bring the opposite energy, a move away from tech to socializing in real time, up close and sorta personal.

Everyone’s relationship need to be restructured, rebalanced, given a shot of new energy.So get ready for a wild ride. 

5 things to do, ask yourself

  1. BREATHE FRESH AIR INTO THE RELATIONSHIP    Where is your relationship stagnant?Look at where you have gotten bored, complacent, taking things for granted and do whatever it takes to work for the relationship. Do some deep yogic breathing together and stare into each others’ eyes This is guaranteed to change your relationship for the better. You need to do the deep breathing and sitting like this for at least 20 minutes. This will bring incredible intimacy intou your love life. You will see into the others’ soul and most likel past lives too.

2. Where do I need the most freedom in my life and career?

Your career is also a 7th house/Libra issue. If you are bored with that innovate, learn something new, change it up. Get a new job. Go back to school, you need to be up to date in the tech world as well. Do you snap chat? Tweet? Are you on Instagram?

3. Do everything completely the opposite of your normal routine in your sex/love life or at least at 90-degree angles from your normal routine. Think outside the box.  Did you know that planet Uranus rotates at a 90-degree angle. Earth rotates at a 23-degree angle. 

4. Open your mind about what love is, and try new ways to make love, new ways to communicate. It doesn’t always involve intercourse. try sending each other telepathic messages. Try being in each others dreams. If you have judgments about gays and LGBT people, just see that LOVE is love in any way shape or form. 

5. Take a break in your relationship, Take time out to reconsider what you are doing. If you really love and trust each other, this can be a time to refresh and renew that or not. Everything needs space to breathe and get fresh air flowing through it. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Mars needs women,Scorpio Full Moon,Mo’ No Bull market predictions from Tara Greene Astrology


MArs Need Women cheezy sexploitation movie

Aliens looking for 60's sex kittens

Mars needs women, Venus need Mars, not just leg shaving razors, not the book by John Grey, not a song in this case but planets pulling us into their gravitational fields

as .. Are you tired out from the face paced planetary line up since early April of Mars Uranus Sun Moon Jupiter and Mercury in Red Hot Aries! pant, pant,

The time is going by soooo fast, the fires of revolution they are a burnin’  well, the planetary pace is changin’, slowin’ down, getting grounded, Mars enters Venus’ sign + +


April 20 Sun entered Taurus, May 2-3 Taurus New moon started this present cycle

May 11 MARS entered Taurus,  May 15 VENUS entered her Home turf , Taurus and 1 hr later Mercury follow her into bullish hedonistic Taurus too.

You could call it           

May 17 Big Full Moon in Scorpio  @ 4:10 am PDT/ 7:10 am EDT/ 11:10 am GMT @ 26 degrees + puts 4 planets in Taurus opposed by La Luna in that lover of death, decay, nuclear energy, atomic radiation,the shadow, the collective unconscious, sex, power, control, secrecy, rebirth, transformation, the Whole Scorpiopera , all the big dramas! in Technicolour, with subtitiles!

Late in Scorpio this FULL MOON will set ya howlin’ like the wolf  

Howlin' Wolf old music poster

Spoonfull, smokestack lightnin'THIS VERY POWERFUL SCORPIO DEATH AND REBIRTH FULL MOON SHOULD BE USED WISELY! Meditation for Scorpio Howling Wolf Full Moon letting go Ceremony,I have been advising many of my clients to prep ahead of time for this death and rebirth ceremony. A full Moon is always a fullness, a completion, fertile, we'll hoot like an owl, and howl like Howlin' Wolf. Think about all that does NOT serve you anymore,everything that you wish to shed, whether it be pounds, boy/girlfriends, relationships, debts, jobs, cars, lifestyles, ideas, emotional ties,The hidden catch is to discover the shadow side of why you have held onto all these things, pounds, relationships etc. because they have served some kindof shadow, unclaimed,unacknowledged force in your life. No matterhow hard, difficult, painfull, unwanted, undesirable, downright messy and unhealthy all of "it" is,it has been serving a purpose for you, which you need to dig through all the Scorpio crap pile to get to the bottom of, like Labour # 5 the Herculean task of cleaning out the Augean stables.Herculean Task of cleaning the crap


 So, take this task to heart, time to thank all your crap for serving you well, and time to flush it away under a Scorpio full Moon,

This is a prerequisite for allowing new growth, a Taurus theme. It’s all coming together.

Out with the old in with the new.  Something borrowed something blue.

At the day of the Full Moon cast a circle, I use a Native American, pagan wiccan traditional mix.

You should have a large basin of water, a steel basin would be good, as it is silvery like the moon, at the center of your circle, some seeds, some earth,

Call in the 4 directions, the spirits of the Elements,  beginning with the EAST, place of Fire SPIRIT, Light, Illumination, passion, action,inspiration

Move clockwise always to the South, the place of water, the heart, the emotions, flow, trust, Scorpio is a Water sign,

Move to the West, the place of  Death, rebirth, the Feminine, the Earth,intuition, the dream, receiving,

Move to the North, place of air, wind, breath, wisdom, the mind, communicating, ideas

say out loud, what you are gratefull for, all those things that have up until  now! been the “bain of your existance”

think about them, go into detail, tell it like it is to the Spirits of the directions you have invoked, you have called them in, they are listening,

take your time, the more emotional, heartfelt, true your ” confession” and thanks are the  better results you will get,

 remember it is YOU who are creating the release ceremony, the Spirits help, Intention is everything,

dont worry or be self-conscious about doing it right, there isno right or wrong just tell it like you feel it from your heart,crying is good,

letting anger well up and safely shout it or stamp it out is cleansing, express yourself! you are safe in your circle.

when you feel ready, direct all that into the basin of water, the basin is like the Scorpio Moon, reflective, cleansing,

let go! release that which no longer serves to help you function in a certain way, into the water. see it flow from you into the basin.

Empty yourself completely, take your time,

Neptune the planet of spirit imagination, dreams, fantasy, is at the very beginning of Pisces, aiding and abetting everyone’s dreams these days,

Chiron the wounded healer is close by at 5 degrees of Pisces, the world’s wounds, the collective wound, your wound is all One story one Universe,

 which I refer to as the Yoniverse.  Feeling the sense of cleaning your and the collective wounds at one is very powerful and helpfull.

You can ask if there are any linger, little negatives that still dont wanna come out in the wash, if so deal with these damned spots in the dirty laundry,

ask them what their purpose is, send them love and let them go,

Where does the Mars need women come in?  Mars in Venus’s territory, Venus on her own Turf, Mercury the Sun and soon JUPITER too! on June 4

is a colloquial way of imaging the Taurus/Venus conection.  Having 4 planets in Taurus is earthy, is REAL, grounding, seed planting, fertile,

so the next step is to have a little pot of earth ready, and when you feel ready take the seeds in your left hand which represent what you want to plant

and say out loud, these seeds I now plant symbolize… and state that which you are planting to grow now that you are empty, ready and receptive,

again be conscious of every word you are saying, Taurus rules the throat chakra, taurus usually speak slowly, thinking about what they are going to say,

be stubborn and purposefull in yoru intention of what you want to see grow,w hat you’d like to harvest,

you also must promise to tend the tender seeds, the hsoots, weed the garden, water, feed, aerate, watch over, protect, in other words

 be constantly mindfull,to watch and tend the seeds od yoru own Self growth till they sprout mature and flower. when you are ready

Then close the cirlce by thanking all the Elements for being present, relasing them back to their realm and direction. then next..

Take the basin of water of your old troubles and negativity, your ignorance, dissilusion,etc. out to the earth if possible, ask the Earth Mother for her permission or acceptance, or give it to a tree, always first asking permission. Or to a river or lake, the ocean. If nonatural solutions are nearby then dump it in your toilet, but also with reverance.

Make sure you watch your soil your seeds carefully, they need to be in the dark and warm at first.

RELATIONSHIPS is what al that earthy Taurusness is all about

Get sensual, give get massages, do yoga, sing, vocalize, eat, cook, prep food, enjoy eating slowly savouring every nuance, be a gourmet during Taurus time,

dance, be in your body. Get LAzy, that Bruno MARS song- The LAzy Song is the perfect  TAURUS time song.

 So be present,stay outta your head, appreciate Nature, plant the seeds, get REAl, dirty, earthy, natural, THIS is the Garden of Eden already to Taurus.

everyone should relate to each other very simply, salt of the earthy type of thing. But oh what about the stubbornness?

well you will find yourself locking horns, with other Ferdinand’s, Elsies and Bossy Bovines. Just slow down and remember to smell the flowers.

And oh what about the Market?  This may be the last stand for the proverbial Bull Market as it is a complete cycle..


On May 17 1792, {co-incidentally my house # is 1792} The New York Stock Exchange was born on Wall Street. to read more about the history

with all that extra TAurus planetary energy propping up the Market on its’ 219th birthday. 219 years!!! why that synchronizes with a Metonic cycle.

 219 years refers to the Metaonic cycle an Astronomical measurement  from  Meton; Ancient Greece c.450-c.400 BCE The period of whole days over which the visible lunar and solar periods almost re-synchronize, namely 6 939.65 days, = 234.998 7~ synodic months = 19.000 1~ mean tropical years. The difference between 235 synodic months and 19 mean tropical years is barely 2 hours.

19 tropical years differ from 235 synodic months by about 2 hours. The Metonic cycle’s error is one full day every 219 years, or 12.4 parts per million
which means we’ve come full circle! 

If that isn’ a Scorpio theme of Orobourous the snake eating it’s tail, the ALCHEMICAL symbol then I dont know what is.

We’re back to where we began in the NY Stock exchange game with a bunch of extra planets energizing it.

We’ve gone round and round and round in the circle game ‘er rather the shell game, shell, Exxon, BP, etc.  for a complete cycle. So what’s next?

sound like time for a make over at the NYSE. Revision of laws, the Fed Reserve already controls everything.  U.S. dollar gets demoted back to 1792 levels.

We gotta get ourselves back to the garden, sang Joni Mitchell, also wrote the Circle game…

and those beautiful Venusians? Women need those Martians too. 

ALien Queens, Femmes from Venus

Venusians seeking Martians

 For all you TAURUS people well shine in your cleft hooves while you may, cause by Mid- June  only 2 planets will be left in your sign.

But LUCKY TAURUS you get Jupiter in your sign this year and next!!! Anybody who wasboen with Jupiter in Aries like moi, got the blinding fast

version of Jupiter at top speed racing through Aries only from Jan 22- June 4th!!!!!  seems pretty fast furious and rare to me.

So get your last Firey bit of Jupitarian start ups going now!

On June 1st with Jupiter at that very last critical degree of Aries there’ll be a GEMINI SOLAR ECLIPSE at 11 degrees+. so that one will launch a lot of ships.

I’ll write about that a bit later.

So there’s still some time to utilize Jupiter’s magical Wish fulfilling, door opening, Wheel of Fortune pizazz as he is King of the Gods,

aka  THOR in Norse mythology, notice theyve just come out with a blockbuster, what else with his huge hammer, whadya’ expect?


enjoy nature, relax a bit, be lazy, rest up. The world is going through huge changes, just be real, no BS during Taurus time.

And outlaw bull fighting as well. Try not to eat beef, honour those sacred cows. The Egyptians and Hindus still honour cow gods and goddesses.

try bull riding, in ancient Minoan civilization in Crete it was women’s favourite sport

women rode bulls who were the Goddess's animals

the bull's horns are symbols of the Moon

 If you are a Scorpio you will feel an exit-stage-left pull to one side.  It will ground your emotions. If you are a Leo you will also feel pressured by the 4-5 planets in Taurus challenging your bully rite to rule. If you are an Airy Aquarian, the bullish planets will bring your lofty dreams, your mission from Higher cosmic forces to the test and in 3-D. Space cadets must land now.  Other signs? well everyone has taurus somewhere int heir astrology chart.

Whevever t he Sign of Taurus is, is where you can make it real, flesh it out, take  stand, protect your land, stand by your man,

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for the whole spiel on this classis Sci Fi wham Bam thank u M”amm  but dont go away yet