Neil Young Blasts Harper,Canada for Big Oil Killing First Nations

LEGENDARY CANADIAN Rock n Roll singer and writer, Neil Young  haas has begun a string of concert tours to benefit the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation {ACFN} Legal defence fund to support their fight against the Alberta Tar Sands expansion. Young was in Toronto for a press conference before the benefit concert tour he is launching on January 12 and severely lashed out at Prime Minister Harper and all Canadians.

“We are killing these people. The blood of these people are on modern Canada’s hands. HE toured the Alberta Tar Sands last year and called them “Canada’s man made Fukushima” said Young.”I see a government that is completely out of control. Money is Number 1 Integrity isn’t even on the map.” 

Mr. Bitumen Napoleon Brousseau Art Tara Greene

Mr. Bitumen  oil painting by Napoleon Brousseau 2003 

ACFN chief ALLAN ADAM told the press conference that Ottawa’s newly mined environmental assessment legislation, which expands Alberta’s oil sands is out of control. “We have a runaway train without a conductor controlling it. THE ACFN does not oppose Alberta’s oil sands development outright. The First Nations community wants oil sands developments to protect treaty rights and traditional land uses.

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NEIL YOUNG is a fascinating person. He has been a major rock music legend for 45 years. His music is passionate, highly personal, idiosyncratic, always growing, which is very unusual for someone at his age. Called the “Grandfather of grunge.” by some. Young had polio as a young child in Ontario and is an epileptic. He has always kept his Canadian citizenship. You can look up his WIKIPEDIA page.

I wanted to get right to his chart to see what has makes Neil tick and to have such outspoken passion on this huge environmental issue. The Canadian government has already hired a huge PR film to deflect Neil’s clout on this issue. Personally I think the government is totally in control of the wrong way of doing things. I totally back Neil. The Alberta Tar sands are a horrible ecological  blight and will be obsolete soon.

NEIL YOUNG was born November 12, 1945 in Toronto Canada at 6:45 am

Neil Young astrology Tara Greene Toronto

A TRIPLE THREAT SCORPIO with Sun Venus and the Ascendant in Scorpio.

A Triple Scorpio is 3 times more impassioned, obsessed, driven, soulful, deep, intense, broody, secretive. Scorpio’s lives are not easy. Their souls’ are running their ego’s and so much ups and downs, and constant change is their norm. 

Neil’s Sun is on the Ascendant. So he has his soul out in front, it’ s like his bumper. 

What makes Neil so outspokenly radical? He has his MOON in AQUARIUS at 13 degrees in the 3rd house of communications of course. He is emotionally OUT THERE, a free spirit, a rebel- “ALMOST CUT MY HAIR- LETTING MY FREAK FLAG FLY”- a revolutionary. He always has been true to himself, walked his own path and will always naturally go against the status quo. Neil’s Moon is opposite his Natal Pluto in the 9th house in Leo. He is a dramatic heart centered Political truth teller, whistle-blower, philosopher. Moon Pluto is focussed, powerful and the two planets square his SUN and ASCENDANT.  

His Mercury, planet of communications is in Sagittarius in the 1st house. He is a communicator, a magician with words,a truth teller, a natural voice for inspiring people, he is honest, naive and inspiring.

Mercury is opposite URANUS Retrograde in GEMINI in the 8th house {Scorpio naturally} Neil is naturally a higher consciousness being. Uranus in the 8th rules radical change, invention, interacting with the world at large, money, transformation, rebirth, death, sex. Uranus rules his Moon. He has electric eccentric emotions.

Venus at zero degrees Scorpio is in his 12th house. He is a private person essentially.  A mystical dreamer, artist, creative, transformer of people. He is tuned into the collective Unconscious. He loves to change, he lives in the depths. Incredibly imaginative, melancholy, loneliness but also compassion and love songs are very much part of his songwriting.

Mars is also at zero degrees LEO, indicating that both his masculine and feminine sides are on a new evolutionary growth stage in this lifetime. Mars Venus in square indicate a creative tension and balance. 

Mars in LEO is the performer, he has a need for fame to bare his soul on stage. Mars is conjunct SATURN planet of KARMA limitations obstacles, testing, his father.  Neil Young’s father was a well-known journalist in Toronto. Neil’s father cheated on his mother and his parents divorced when he was young.  Saturn in Cancer Retrograde indicates difficulty in his own family and with his own children. All of his children have some form of crippling disease.  Saturn in Cancer, he is sentimental, home loving, nurturing.

NEPTUNE the planet of creativity is at 7 degrees Libra in the 11th house of wishes hopes and dreams. Conjunct to Chiron the wounded healer at 15 degrees and Jupiter at 16. Neil’s forte is as that of an artist/ healer/ philosopher/ shaman who uses his musical talents to expand his gift of raising Libran harmony, consciousness, beauty.

His NORTH NODE or highest spiritual goal is also at Zero degrees of CANCER in his 8th house of transformation. Signifying he has taken major new intention lessons in this lifetime. 8th house NN in CANCER is the goal of transforming others through being the most nurturing, mothering, protector of life, emotionally sensitive, giving, flowing, water. He wants to feed the world.

Neil’s south node at zero degrees CAPRICORN in his 2nd house of resources, money, power, worldly fame, is something he has done in a past lifetime.  He knows all about that. So it is easy for him to attract that kind of power. He knows that world fame and fortune mean nothing, if “the next 7 generations” can’t be fed. 

That is exactly what Neil is denouncing Canada’s PM Harper about. And rightly so. Since Harper’s “reign of terror” he has kissed the asses of all major oil companies which have destroyed Canada’s Northern Alberta environment and polluted thousands of miles of land, water air and killed hundreds of Native people living nearby which is part of the plan. All to kow tow to OBAMA and the Plutocrats.

NEIL’s speaking up is not a mere celebrity shout out. He is trying to provoke and wake people up. The devastation and the greed are not easily halted even if all the  Alberta Tar Sands were to stop tomorrow. SHELL OIL is the big bad culprit. Mr. Harper is an idiot. the U.S. won’t even need Canada’s oil and he has destroyed our countries reputation in so many ways. 

I predict that PM Harper {who I call HERPES}, who has bullied the Canadian government, repealed monies for science research and is a total puppet of the big corporations,  will have to stand down.   I hope that NEIL YOUNG is the one who’ songs start his execution. 

My Canadian brothers and sisters , we have murdered, enslaved, ripped off the Indigenous people’s of this land since we arrived here in the 1600’s. We can invent environmentally clean ways of getting power, of restoring the land, of preserving trees, flora and fauna. We need to honour our original treaties with our Native people’s. Their cultures were virtually destroyed. SHAME on us. White guilt can be a positive motivator than so be it.

Please protest the TAR SANDS. Tell Harper to stand down. Revolt. Take your toque your  down winter coat and your Timmies coffee and protest in support of Neil Young’s stand. WE ARE NOT HELPLESS.

Please share widely. 

ALl writing is copyright TARA GREENE

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More of Napoleon Brousseau’s artworks


OLD MAN Neil Young 

EARTH DAY healing Channelled messages from the mother by Tara Greene

April 22 is EARTH DAY

Started in 1970 the first EARTH DAY saw 20 million Americans came out to demonstrate for environmental protection and awareness.  Since 2009 it has been celebrated as INTERNATIONAL MOTHER EARTH DAY now celebrated in 192 countries with over a billion people world-wide participating. It’s coordinated by non-profit EARTH DAY NETWORK.

We are all the children of ONE MOTHER who provides all of our nourishment. the EARTH.

the Moon is fittingly in VIRGO, an earth sign of service, hard work, analysis, perfectionism, accountability.

VENUS in TAURUS is Opposite Saturn in Scorpio -perfect.

Love of the earth opposed to DEATH

FOOD is # 1 major issue


President Obama passed that hideous Monsanto protection Bill. WHY?

FIGHT THIS BILL, get organized and educated. 

MONSANTO and its GMO FRANKENFOOD and suicidal seeds are one of the world’s biggest threat to human consciousness.

Be aware! in Hungary the people simply burned all their crops and seeds in protest of Monsanto.

In Most of Europe GMO seeds and food have been  banned. PERU and Bolivia have banned GMO seeds.

This is an insidious dangerous planned starvation fascist corporate food coup.

Most people are not aware of the dangers. Chemically introduced “Progress” is usually bad for every one’s health.

Monsanto is planning to use ROBOT drone bees  on their crops and are killing nature’s bees.

The ones that fertilize all flowers and make life sweet with honey.

PROTEST Atomic power plants and radioactive dump sites

 FUKUSHIMA continues to leak radioactive poisons into the ocean and air for over two years

the damage is not being reported truthfully in the mainstream media,

there was another recent spill. Do NOT eat any fish from the Pacific. 

There are tons of toxins everywhere in all the rivers lakes and oceans, in the ground, in the atmosphere

the Alberta Oil sands in Canada is a horrible polluter, shame on CANADA for renegging on KYOTO PROTOCOL

The oil rig leaks in the Gulf of Mexico caused tremendous environmental damage

yet they haven’t been totally stopped.

We need to get off the addiction to OIL and PETROLEUM products.

Shift to free solar, wind, ocean power. TESLA technology. Environmentally self renewing products

they are here already!  we can use Technology to clean up and invent new clean abundant cheap resources.

Generations are getting sicker younger. Species are dying.

We need to radically change everything about how we live, consume, eat, think.

Time is short, we have been too short-sighted. 

The Prince of Swords usually shows a young man with a sword.

I chose the Fairy Tale Tarot as it resonated with me as Thumbelina symbolizing all of us as humans on this 43rd Earth Day

Tiny, caught by the Mole= the dark, Scorpio, secret power, control hungry Corporations Plutocrats of the world.

Thumbelina manages to escape and because she is a kind-hearted soul, nature helps her, 

in the illustrations, swans come and build her a basket to fly her to safety. 

Each person may be small, but when we initiate radical hopes, ideas, freedom from tyranny

the swords symbolize mind, wind, breath, we can use our imaginations and words to soar.

The Spirit of the Winds and of Mother EARTH have spoken to me the last few days,

“Slow down, stop the world, turn the other way, hold together

good-hearted people will thrive and survive

support each other, get informed, use your mind to connect the dots,

see where the foul winds originate, 

Propitiate the Goddess, come and heal the earth and her children, your children

Make a vow to kiss the ground each day, kiss your  Mother,

Be gentle to her, she is alive. If she doesn’t thrive humanity  doesn’t survive,


Put back what has been brutally stolen, her oil, metals, gold, 

Women must take their rightful place as nurturers of the earth,they are the earth

Once their monthly blood was sacred and returned to the earth to nurture new crops,

Rituals must be created to transmute the poisons in the oceans, on the land, and air,

You must go back to nature, that is why you are so lost, so scattered.

In every way from birth to death, you must strip away the layers of poison from your body,

it’s in your cells, your DNA, your way of life,

I love you all as my children. ” -end of message

The time has come to renew the earth and ourselves before it is too late.


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