Brand new sexy energy cycle begins

MARS enters ARIES, his own home turf today as the year of the FIREY COCK crows so synchronically. Cock a doodle doo indeed. WAKE UP, Everyone!

Mars God of War, Astrology

After nearly 6 weeks of being totally in over his head and out of his element, treading water in Pisces, feeling overwhelmed, spiritual, dazed and confused, in denial, and emotionally exhausted, the Warrior swims to shore and dries himself off. MARS will be in full warrior mode, pumping his muscles and heating up everyone’s SEXY passions from Jan. 28- March 9. The day after International Women’s Day.

If you think Trump’s first week was macho, wait he’s just ramping up. Trump has Mars on his LEO Ascendant.That was just the appetizer.

For all of us, this is a time to take ACTION! We are now initiating the years’ energy at this New moon and your libido will be springing into action.

The next 6 weeks are ones of heightened passions, rage, aggressiveness, competitiveness, war, hot-headed rashness, impulsive activities, and no need for caffeine or Red Bull. 

MARS in the Tarot is associated with the card #16 THE TOWER

The FIRE Signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will be in their element with Mars energy. The AIR SIGNS  signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius get MARS perks as sextiles. Yes, it’s sexy. The WATER signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces have trouble because MARS is too hot and can boil them over. Water signs natural defense is to retreat when being attacked. Earth signs don’t do well with Mars as  Earth is physical and Fire is not. Earth signs don’t understand what they can’t physically relate to. 

In order of their appearance with Solar Houses. Let’s Pump It Up.

  1. ARIES

MARS in your 1st solar house brings you the most benefits and boosts your amour levels and confidence to fearless level. New passions, new you, new job, new initiatives. Be careful of being too aggressive and getting yourself in way over your head. Remember everyone else will also be feeling more aggressive than ususal as all signs will be feelings heated up. Headaches may be an issue. Blow off the extra energy by doing heavy workouts.


With Mars in your 12th house of the unconscious, you may feel deep latent desires rising up unexpectedly. Your dreams may be full of dangerous chases and exciting adventures which you wouldn’t dare try in your waking life. Mars can bring a breakthrough to a writer’s or other creative blocks. Explore those hidden passions they can be very helpful to you.


Mars in your solar 11th house means that will be doing major networking, organizing, socializing and leading the way for people to work together. Your brain will be on fire. Make sure you take notes on all the brilliant, new, inventive ideas you will have. Be confident in your capabilities to be a go-to leader.


You must use Mars’ energy to give you more confidence in your career as it’s in your 10th house so get out of the house. You need to be interactive on the world stage. Mars help you to make advances in your career, get a job, a raise, or recognition. Do speak out in public about any issue you feel passionate about; children, homes, women, insurance, work or food safety. 

5. LEO

Mars in your 9th solar house urges you to hit the gym, jog, box, work out, but Do IT! Plan a long distance trip, take new classes, and lead from your heart. You will be feeling very playful and in good humor. Mars will urge you to fight for justice, the truth and your rights. You may become active in politics or civics at this time and urging others to get inspired to act.


With Mars in your 8th house of finances, your usual accountability and sticking to a budget may go awol. There can be issues with getting loans, mortgages, from the tax department, or inheritances. You may spontaneously fall in love. Anger can arise in your most intimate relationships. Defensiveness is a major drawback. Make sure you talk things out.


You have MARS in your fave house of serious love relationships so this can be a very exciting time.  Mars can make or break up relationships. Issues that have been simmering under the surface will likely explode now. You can hold your own. Mars also makes you more competitive at your job. Go for it.


Mars, your ruling planet will be bringing up short tempers at work while in your 6th house. Underlying health issues may get aggravated. For female Scorpio, Mars greatly irritates any menstrual and reproductive issues. For male Scorpio’s watch your sexual aggression. Use this energy to improve your community through clean up projects. 


Mars boosts your love level over the top while traveling through your 5th solar house. This is a very romantic and fun time for you. Time to play with your inner child and explore creativity of all kinds. Use all that aggression and express it through painting or political activity. Helping to inspire children may also be of benefit. Do work off any excess energy with physical exercise.


Mars is in your 4th house of home, emotional security, children, and nurturing. Use Mars’ energy to make home improvements. Mars may initiate the sale of a home and a move. Repressed anger can come up and should not be kept under wraps. Family members may be in fighting mode. You could throw a very hot party at your house as a way of working this out.


You can use MARS’ energy in your 3rd solar house to initiate some radical ways of communicating. Creating grassroots work, and starting any new projects while working with groups is the best route to take. Being truly inventive and pioneering will make you very happy. There is satisfaction in winning. Have the courage to speak your own mind, write and talk about it. 

12. PISCES . 

Mars will catalyze energy in your 2nd house of values, earnings and physical resources to boost your self-confidence. Get out there and sign up and take an improv acting class. Anything which helps boost your leadership capabilities is recommended. Take some risks. Practice positive affirmations for self-worth. You deserve it. 


Keep this handy dandy guideline over the next six week. Please share widely.

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Leo Moon,Virgo Sun, PMS all weekend

August 22 Moon enters HOT Powerful drama Queen sign of LEO @ 1:49 pm PDT/4:49 pm EDT all weekend

moody EGO’s will be posturing, strutting, showing off their blingy things.

Partying like mad dogs.  Wearing their hearts on their expensive gold sleeves, being generous, the center of attention, proud, demanding, ROYALTY and royal pains in the ass.

Then Sun enters VIRGO PDT @ 9:46 pm Aug 23 @ 12:46 am. AUTUMN comes soon. 

The Sun always outshines everything else.

Virgo is earth, salt of the…humble, everything that Leo is not. Traditionally the 6th sign and house is that of the servants of the Royals. The handmaid’s tale. 

The next month the light is shining on the WORKAHOLICS and PERFECTIONISTS of the zodiac.

Time to get disciplined in every way especially with your diet and health. It is easier to do Virgo sol.

Ruled by Mercury,Virgo is known for being organized, natural accountants, clerics, detail oriented folks who often have great memories, love to read and take notes and are happy being frugal.  

Aug. 23 Forecast: will feel like a PMS weekend for every one

go with the flow Astrology Psychic Tara Greene

Mars in Scorpio makes some agggrressive moves with an  inconjunct Uranus on Saturday night &

a trine to Chiron in Pisces. there may be a short truce.

death and change, death and change, death and change. 

Leo MOON CONJUNCTS JUPITER  and VENUS for some good loving. 

Lion moon makes odd bedfellows with Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces {150 degree squeaky wheel} .

Be careful what you boast about it may end up eating you.

More Menstrual pain with a quincunx to Chiron again and then a Lunar trine to  Uranus  and a square from Moon to Mars a veritable cosmic off, off beat WTF is going on here? You will be feeling the cramps and the mad tornado. 

Aug 24

repeat the last 3 aspects in EDT.

Aggressive feelings, irritable, hairpin triggers, headaches, bellyaches. Moon squares Saturn in Scorpio. BITCHY 

MERCURY the chief communications officer 

opposes Chiron in Pisces and is quincunx to URANUS 

the repeat lesson is resistance to change is painful and futile.

the only game in town is The DEATH & RESURRECTION show!

the pre-dark moon is always a Pre- menstrual time every month. The more you tune in to the cosmic flow the more you are in tune.  Go with the flow people.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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The Bitch is back Elton John

GO WITH THE FLOW – Queens of the Stone Age