Blood Moon aftermath self care

I know you felt how intense the Scorpio super blood moon was. Pay attention to your dreams, over the next few days as Mars and Neptune come together late on the 17/18.

The mood shifts completely Monday as the moon enters optimistic Sagittarius. A feeling of hope, faith, grace, spaciousness and adventure takes over.

I made a little video with a tarot card reading.

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Chiron goes direct,Born under a bad sign? Astrology advice

NO matter how exhausted I feel these days and this Scorpio Solar Totality has had me feeling quite wiped out for days, and I’ve checked in with friends clients and FB peeps. The effects will linger for weeks. I’m napping when I can.

where did the Eclipse fall in your natal chart? That will tell you in which area of your life the huge transformations are happening.

The aftermath or afterclipse 11/14 is

Mercury backs up into Scorpio

things are feeling rather INTENSE aren’t they?

Moon conjuncts Mercury with its stinger, so watch out for foul words,underhanded double entendred conversations and shadows talkin’. stay conscious.

Mood gets uplifted when it enters Sagittarius @ 2:39 am

squares Neptune in wee hours so see truth in them their dreams

Saggy Moon Trines Uranus in Aries

Trigger  meets the Roger RAMjet

Sag Moon squares CHIRON in Pisces

who is very strong right now the aft.

feelings will get hurt by the truth, naive people will be crying in their green teas and latte’s.but its the last stop for Chiron.

Chiron the wounded healer goes direct in the shadow of the eclipse

so yes out time in the Asclepius is over but now the real healing begins, fresh starts, rebuild those dreams when every one said you couldn’t.




Sagittarius Moon opposite JUPITER in Gemini, Retro

bet big, but with caution, good day for communicating backwards,walking backwards like in Korea in Gangnam Style  as Mercury is also Retro of course.

Great time for all of you born during MERCURY RETROGRADE.

 Born under a bad sign?

You are  all very creative people and think outside the box but usually get labelled ADD or ADHD or slow learners or worse. At the very least ever Mercury Retorgrade native is self-conscious or insecure about their natural born smarts.

BE proud of your MERCURY RETROGRADE Mind!

you are the brains and creativity of the future and NOW. You have a reflexive reflective mind, it is more Feminine, intuitive…

I’m working on designing the T-shirt folks…

revisit those conversations, going over who said what, take sides and then switch, walk a few miles in the other’s shoes, go-go boots or whatever the style is….

Moon sextiles Venus in LIbra 

put on your exotic feedbag and try something international, grazy and fun with a lovely date..

Saturn in Scorpio quincunx Uranus in Aries in early eve

more about the seceding  from the US A , The revolution is happening only its quirky, blameable, scapegoating, could be down rite devious, watch out for people following you in the shadows with black cars..


SAg. Moon conjunct MARS smack at 29th degree of SAGITTARIUS

The active Moment of TRUTH, Warriors of the Galactic Center, it’s a club

could be a very KLUTZY day today

Hi yo silver, truth justice and fly higher, don’t start an argument that you can’t have the last word in.

then Moon is V/C

that’s all for now folks

MUSIC: Born Under a BAd Sign Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan

filmed in Hamilton, Canada

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