Taurus and the cosmic cattle prod

Happy Taurus Time April 19 2018 — May 20 

Sidney Hall -Urania's Mirror Taurus public domain

Sidney Hall -Urania’s Mirror Taurus/ Public domain

Public Domain Mark

Taurus was once the first sign of the zodiac in Ancient Babylonian times, when the Vernal/Spring equinox began. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus who was known as ISHTAR. Because of the precession of the Equinoxes Aries is now the 1st sign of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere in Tropical astrology.

During the month when the Sun soaks up Taurus energy we all slow down, we are primarily in our bodies, more grounded, and indulging our senses which can feel much more acutely.  Taurus is stable fixed earth, our body and resources. Taurus is stubborn and can be lazy, they like to be couch potatoes.  Known as nature lovers, Taurus do love to stop and smell the roses and it is good for them to garden and be surrounded by nature. Taurus likes practical things, they are often artisans and work well with their hands. Taurus works hard because they like the rewards. They can spend money lavishly too. 

Taurus rules the throat chakra. They are often good singers and appreciate music.

The 2nd sign also governs the 2nd house in the natural system which governs income and money. Real estate, art and traditional blue-chip things are what Taurus values. Venus blesses Taurus with fine taste, a love of art, great food, beautiful fabrics, and the like. Taurus rules the throat chakra and they are often good singers, speakers and musicians. 

BE WARNED TAURUS your sign will be challenged to change when URANUS and the Sun conjunct on April  26th a cosmic cattle prod.

You can usually spot a Taurus by their build, usually very strong built like ox-and healthy, well muscled. They like harmony in their relationships.  Taurus people can be vain. They are loyal and reliable but stubborn. They are straightforward uncomplicated, hate change and act from their need for comfort first.  They can have huge tempers though which can flare up unexpectedly. Do not egg on a Taurus, they can be like enraged bulls, from which the word bully comes. 

Taurus is the symbol #5 in the Tarot The Pope, Heirophant, High Priest, Rabbi  or Iman

Taurus is compatible with other earth and water signs and especially Libra as Venus rules both of these signs.

DECANS of Taurus

0-10 degrees Ruled by VENUS {Taurus} 

2nd decan of Taurus 11-20 degrees ruled by MERCURY – {Virgo }

Third decan of Taurus 21-30 degrees ruled by SATURN – {Capricorn}


Queen Elizabeth ll, Mark Zuckerberg, scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, Sigmund Freud, William Shakespeare, Archeologist Howard Carter, Civil Rights Activist Malcolm X, Pediatrician Benjamin Spock.  Mathematician Carl Gauss, Daphne Du Maurier, Edward de Bono, Honore de Balzac, Ho Chi Minh, mathematician Kurt Godel, Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson, Pope John Paul 11, poet Rabindranath Tagore,  British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Self-help author Wayne Dyer, William Randolph Hearst, dancer Fred Astaire, President Harry Truman, poet Robert Browning, naturalist John James Audubon, mathematician Richard Feynman, author Thomas Pynchon, model Gigi Hadid, Trisha Paytas, 


Yogi Berra, David Beckham. Willie Mays,skateboarder Tony Hawk, Dennis Rodman, boxer Joe Louis, Reggie Jackson, John Cena, 

Taurus Tyrants and Bad guys 

Hitler, Pol Pot, Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussein, John Wilkes Booth, Oskar Schindler, Vladimir Lenin, John Lennon murderer Mark David Chapman, Machiavelli, Catherine the Great, Oliver Cromwell, 


Karl Marx,  Bertrand Russel, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Immanuel Kant,  Krishnamurti,  Teilhard de Chardin, Soren Kierkegaard, 


Stephen Colbert, Craig Ferguson, Ellie Kemper,Bob Saget, Don Rickles, George Carlin, Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Palin, 


Orson Wells, Wes Anderson. Film Producer David O. Selznick, George Lucas, John Waters,

ActorsChanning Tatum, George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Anthony Quinn, Jimmy Stewart, Al Pacino, Gary Cooper, 


William De Kooning, Albrecht Durer, Karel Appel, Salvadore Dali, Keith Haring, Ralph Steadman, photographer Richard Avedon, Jasper Johns, 

Singers/ Musicians- lots of very famous ones TAURUS rules the throat

Adelle, Barbra Streisand, Stevie Wonder, Roy Orbison, James Brown, Bono, Billy Joel, David Byrne of Talking Heads, Sam Smith, Bobby Darin, Joe Cocker, Lesley Gore, Bing Crosby, Bob Seger, Brian Eno, Charlie Mingus, Duke Ellington, Joe Ramone, Fats Waller, Pete Townshend, Pete Seeger, Robert Johnson, Keith Jarret, Trent Reznor, Sid Vicious, Willie Nelson, Cher, Peter Frampton,Travis Scott rapper, 

Classical Music-

Gustav Mahler, Johannes Brahms, Prokofiev, Erik Satie

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Praying for rain for Australia fires

I am not Aboriginal so I hope that I am not offending any Indigenous people with my positive intentions. I have studied and lived by doing ancient pagan ceremonial wisdom and spirituality since the ’80s. Paganism and shamanism were the original spirituality of all cultures pre- Judaism, Christianity, Buddhist, Islam and Confucianism. I feel connected to it in my DNA and in my cellular memory of all my past lifetimes.

I feel called to help send energy and prayers to the Australian people and the millions of animals and the trees who have been killed by the man-made bush fires there now.

If you feel called to do so, please send your prayers and intentions to Australia now. Sit with a bowl of water or by waterways, rivers, oceans, even a swimming pool, and visualize clouds forming over the Bushfires and rains putting out the fires. 

I am calling on the Rain Gods of their own Indigenous peoples and the Gods and Goddesses from different cultures to aid them to bring rain.  I do this from my heart and with total respect for all the cultures of the world. In essence, all Gods and Goddesses are One Holy Spirit/ Creator, Great Mystery.

Australian Aboriginal God of Rain Wuluwait

RAIN by THE BEATLES 1970 https://youtu.be/cK5G8fPmWeA

I WISH IT WOULD  RAIN by The TEMPTATIONS 1968 https://youtu.be/xM7BRP7uzFk

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN? -CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL 1970 https://youtu.be/lIPan-rEThe Wandjina are cloud and rain spirits from Aboriginal Australian Mythology of the Dreamtime. The Wandjina can punish those who break the law with floods, lightning and cyclones .1 Flood, Josephine (1997). Rock Art of the Dreamtime.

Julunggul is a rainbow snake goddess, who oversaw the maturing and initiation of boys into manhood. She was a fertility goddess, associated with rebirth and the weather. In the Northern Territory of Australia.

EGYPT- Tefnut Goddess of rain

GREEK-ROMAN Halie Goddess of Rain

INDIA-Indra God of rain

MAYAN-Chac rain God

MEXICO- Tlaloc God



Tibet- Lumo Sky Goddess of rain

Georgian- Tamar Goddess who enslaved the Morning Star Venus and controlled the weather patterns; was called “eye of the earth” and rode a serpent.

CHINA Yu Shi // 雨师 “Master of Rain” God of Rain or Ch’i-Sung-Tzu

Dian Mu // 電母 “Mother of Lightning” Goddess of Lightning

JAPANESE-Zennyo Ryuo- Rain Making Dragon Goddess

 NATIVE AMERICAN-Cheyanne -Oshadagea Dew eagle

Navaho-To Neinilii Rain God

Slim Sperling was an inventor who created a cloudbusting machine which cleansed the atmosphere and produced rain https://www.slimspurling.com/



SINGING IN THE RAIN- 1952  by Arthur Freed and  Arthur Freed and music by Nacio Herb Brown, published in 1929  GENE KELLEY sings it in the movie by the same name https://youtu.be/D1ZYhVpdXbQ

RAINDROP’S KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD by B. J. written by Burt Bacharach 1969 https://youtu.be/OT1HCQcSHW0

A HARD RAIN’S A GONNA FALL- by BOB DYLAN 1963 highest-quality transfer from the 1964 CBC-TV Quest performance I’ve seen.https://youtu.be/hXn9ZKPx6CY



SET FIRE TO THE RAIN-Adele 2011 https://youtu.be/Ri7-vnrJD3k

PRAYERS FOR RAIN 1989 by The Cure https://youtu.be/DtQOlErK2bI?t=28

The Rhythm of the Rain by the Cascades  1962 https://youtu.be/bQstQST1GiM 

ERIC CLAPTON- LET IT RAIN- 1970 https://youtu.be/y86kDFaJ2h4

RIDERS ON THE STORM- The Doors 1970 https://youtu.be/k9o78-f2mIM  

PURPLE RAIN by PRINCE 1984  https://youtu.be/TvnYmWpD_T8

PRAY RAIN WRITTEN AND SUNG by my friend PAMELA JANE GERrAND https://youtu.be/sYsVp8zyLJ8   http://www.pamelajanegerrand.com/product/pray-rain/

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Pisces New Moon “Rolling in the deep” waters,critical times Astrology, psychic advice from Tara Greene


New Moon of Pisces

Fishy new moon

 Rolling in the deep” by the sextuple, some  would say sexy  Grammy award winning singer and songwriter Adele was prescient in her song description of the deep waters of Pisces we are now in, during this last sign, of the last New Moon of the winter season {since 2011}.  

Pisces is the last Sign of the Zodiac and symbolizes SPIRIT itself. It’s the Source, pure awareness, non-material, no thing, Oneness, endings, Karma, secrets, self-undoing, illusions, delusions, glamour, Hollywood, addictions, dreams, ashrams, the Unconscious, mental illness, emotional memories, OIL! 

Did i mention it’s also the most fishy sign? Did you take you fish oil today? It’s good for your brain.

Pisces rules the Oceans so all fishes and life in the ocean, thus all life on earth evolved from the Oceans. Pisces rules photography and film. All images, Pisces represents the creative sources for all artists, actors, musicians, they channel their art through spirit, from inspiration, dreams. Pisces is intuition, the psychic realm, Heaven, the other side. Call it G*d, Great Spirit, the Tao, Zen, Brahman, Allah, the Force, Pisces is all of these and more, the totality, the Great Mystery, the Unknown, the meta physical realms. We all come from this common source and to it we all return when we are completed being in material form on the 3D earth plane. 

Feb 21 has a whopping 5 Planets  SUN MOON { yes we know the sun and moon aren’t really planets} NEPTUNE,  CHIRON the wounded-healer} all in a tight under 5 degree skirmish plus MERCURY further down the sign.

  5 is the number sacred to Venus.  But that’s not all folks! There’s also 2 Asteroid Goddess also in Pisces. Athena, Goddess of wisdom joins the larger early degree grouping and Vesta Goddess of Focus is at 28 degrees +.

If you’re feelin’

1.  Head in the clouds 2. in a fog 3. very mystical 4. Wrapped up in something you cant quite put your finger on?

5. feeling every one else’s emotions  6.Content to take a back seat 7. charitable, kind, giving 8. non-egotistical

9. very very psychic 10. Highly romantic  11. crying easily 12.  just want to stay in bed/ in the bath

13, creating lots of emotional endings 14. craving/slaying your addictions 15. Feeling your life is a prayer

And or any combo of all the above then YOU’RE ROLLING IN THE DEEP PISCES TERRITORY!

Furtermore: The KARMIC nature of this New Moon

Is further heightened by a virtually stand still Saturn, try saying that fast five times! at that critical “29th degree” of Libra, where Saturn has been his own exalted host since Oct 25 2009 and will be with us till Oct. 5 2012. Saturn will continue to OCCUPY the critical degree till March 3. Saturn is grinding us down to face where we are out of balance. Use this very rich Pisces place of the Unconscious to face your demons now. You could say we were Knock Knock Knockin” on Heaven’s Door.

play that Bob Dylan song in your memory banks now, no need to leave this page and go to YouTube.

MARS is also Retrograde at 17 degrees of Virgo and opposes Mercury at 14 degrees of Pisces. Time to re-peat that conversation. Go over who said what, to the 9th degree now. Get all the old conversations that could have been, should have been you know, that have been rattling round your head out of there now. Fini time. Pisces is the last chance saloon.

Feeling like this?



DISCO FOG LIQUID describes XACTLY how we’ll be feeling @Pisces New Moon Feb 21.  Count ’em that’s 7 cosmic bodies “rolling in the deep.” Wow!

Sweat dreaming for the next few days.

 It is very auspicious to have all these Pisces planets and the Feb 22 Star Bird activation coming in.

see my previous article and join in to meditate with hundreds of others. share this knowledge.

 You can meditate all day on the 22nd.

I will be hosting a free webinar afterwards to discuss our experiences. and much more!

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Blessings TARA



Is further heightened by a virtually stand still Saturn, at that critical “29th degree” of Libra, where Saturn has been his own exalted host since Oct 25 2009 and will be with us till Oct. 5 2012. Saturn will continue to OCCUPY the critical degree till March 3. Saturn is grinding us down to face where we are out of balance. Use this very rich Pisces place of the Unconscious to face your demons now. You could say we were Knock Knock Knockin” on Heaven’s Door.