Magic 999 Numerology, completion

The Number 9 is a magical number symbolizing completion, fulfillment, attainment. PERFECTION.  It is a magical number because every number that is multiplied by 9 reduces to 9. Just remember the 9 times multiplication table. It is an “incorruptible number.” 

Composed of the all powerful Trinity x 3, it is a celestial and angelic number. All cultures world-wide revere the number 9. A human pregnancy lasts 9 months. It is the number of our gestation and completion. 

Mayan pyramids, number 9, Tara Greene


The ninth day of the Chinese New Year is the birthday of the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor is the supreme god worshipped by the Taoists. The Jade Emperor rules all Heaven and Earth.

3 x 3 is very powerful. Nine is strongly associated with the CHINESE DRAGON, a symbol of transformation magic and power. There are nine forms of the dragon, it has nine attributes, and nine children. The number 9 relates to the 8 directions of Feng Shui with the centre as the 9th point.he number 9 is very important in Feng Shui, as it represents maximum power, maximum yield. The Chinese Temple of Heaven was built with series of 9 steps to enhance its good fortune.


9 symbolizes the supreme spiritual power. 


 prominent in Celtic Triple Goddesses. 


There are nine Gods and nine muses. 


Tthe number symbolizes pure intelligence, truth, the foundation. The Sephirot called YESOD. Related to planet Mercury which is the connection to VIRGO. 


Yesod is the sphere of the imagination, fantasies, memory and the dwelling place of magic. This sephirot holds the key to the unknown and the unknowable. It is the AKASHIC RECORDS, where Edgar Cayce went in trance to retrieve information. These records contain the memory and experiences of every living being past present and future. This is the realm of ether or spirit.  Yesod relates to the 2nd, sacral chakra, sexuality, communication, union. 


it is the number of AGNI the Fire God. 9 x 9 = 81 squares of the mandala which encloses the Universe. 


Does not honor the 9 except that 9 x 12= 108 beads on a rosary  which is the same as a Buddhist prayer mala.


There are 9 Underworlds and 9 steps to the top of the Mayan pyramids, where initiates worshipped the Sun God, symbolized by  the number 9. 


ODIN/Woden hung for 9 days from the World Tree Yggdrasil to obtain the secrets of wisdom for humankind via the Rune stones.


There are nine rings of power. 


9 innings in an average game. 


PLUTO was the 9th planet. 

Nines are used in Native American cycles of growth lessons and are linked to the Moon. 

The 9th SIGN and house is SAGITTARIUS

RULED by JUPITER, this is the sign of higher learning, optimism, travelling, education, philosophy, truth, justice and understanding the larger picture. And you know what planet is on the move this day.


The ninth tarot Arcana is  a very powerful and protective symbol. The Hermit is HERMES, the God of Knowledge, and he holds up his lamp to light every seekers way in the dark. The Hermit lights the soul’s way in the void, through the Abyss, the twilight worlds, the Bardo state, where we must go, to the interior landscapes ,to retrieve the secrets of the soul, the divine self. The Hermit is a strong companion in my experience, lighting the way. You are never alone and never truly in the dark with the HERMIT as your guide. 

THE UNIVERSE is always sending us clues and pieces of the puzzle.The last Solar eclipse September 1 was at 9 degrees VIRGO.  The LAST perfect Square between Saturn and Neptune is on September 10.  We are at a major turning point. 

In a Number 9 year, we are completing lessons on all levels; personal, planetary, cosmic, emotional, mental, spiritual, societal, and cycles of time which have reached their maturity date. This triple 9 is a very auspicious time. 

The #9 is common sayings:

Go the whole nine yards. Dressed to the nines. A cat has nine lives. To be on CLOUD 9 is a wonderful thing.  A stitch in time saves 9. 

Wrap up what you began 9 years ago in the last universal #9 year in 2007. 

RITUAL AND CEREMONY for completion on 999

Think about the lessons you have learned in the past nine years.

Do a personal ceremony  on September 8th before JUPITER enters LIBRA @ 4:18 am PDT/ 7:18 am EDT/ 11:18 am GMT.

I would go for september 8th at 9:00 pm if you can. Line up 9 objects which symbolize lessons or attributes of the past nine years.  Give thanks for all of these lessons. Say: “I thank you universe for all your abundance. Help me to integrate, learn from, and complete all of these lessons on all levels now so that I may start a new cycle of growth and expansion on a higher plane. ”  9 times out loud.  

We are about to begin a brand new cycle with JUPITER entering LIBRA on 9/9/ 2016 and 2017 = a #1 Year, the year of the Magician. 

State: “I welcome this new cycle of magical growth, awareness, love, joy, health and peace into my life so that I may be a beacon of LIGHT for all” . state this 9 times out loud. 

Remember Mercury is Retrograde so it may seem like a lull before the energy begins to actually manifest and move forwards. Make your plans, be a little patient then full speed ahead into the Magical Universe on September 21/22 at EQUINOX. 

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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999 Triple Hermit Journey begins

September 9, 2016 =999 in #NUMEROLOGY.
This is also the day that JUPITER enters LIBRA for over a year
and its in the middle of 2 eclipses!!! One in Virgo and one in PISCES.
Triple 9 is three HERMITS in the TAROT #9 
The Hermit Tara Greene psychic tarot card reader
             The Hermit Tarot tara GreeneHERMIT tarot Virgo Tara Greene
The Hermit is VIRGO energy, and indicates a turning within, an introverted time of learning to listen to the inner light, which is symbolized by the lamp held up by the Hermit to light our way in the dark. The  HERMIT is a real grounded guardian angel, his Lamp brings safety in the dark. He holds the spark of Light of spirit.
Virgo is the 6th sign, ruled by Mercury the messenger. It is the sign of service, of details, of ordering, analysis, intellectual, memory, humility, budgeting, work, community and pets. Usually, accountants, natural health doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists, herbalists, aromatherapists, pharmaceuticals,chemists, Homeopathic, ayurvedic, yoga teachers, physical trainers, doulas and the like are Virgo professions.
Virgo is earthy and rules the harvest, food, storing it, reaping what you have sown, surviving on what you have created. 
Governs Baghdad, Brazil, Croatia, Greece, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, Lyon, France,Moscow, Paris, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, and Washington D.C.
Virgo and PISCES have a connection as do all opposites. Virgo is where we bring spirituality down to earth, in the details, in the every day, in the chop wood, carry water. The Vestal Virgins and the Constellation of Virgo is one of the oldest. Virgin means whole and complete unto Herself, belonging to no man. To be virgin is to be untouched, unblemished, whole, innocent, pure. The Goddess could renew her virginity again and again, in fact, every month she symbolically did this. Virginity had nothing to do with sexuality originally. 
How can you make yourself VIRGIN, whole and complete, shiny and new, in the world again? 
What do you serve? Do you pay lip service?  Is your work your spiritual service? Is it “right livelihood?” as the Buddhists call it? How can you realign your spiritual path and earn money?
The HERMIT usually gives away all his worldly possession, he goes seeking and values the inner light, his inner gut instinct truth. What do you really need to possess? What is of lasting value?  This will be a time of shedding excess, cleaning up our acts on all levels, especially with the environment our eating habits and taking responsibility for our own health care. 
THE HERMIT is a loner. For many people being alone is very scary, especially women. Learning to love your own company is a very good lesson to learn from this triply Hermetic time. To really be ready to have a conscious relationship you need to be Virgin, whole and complete within yourself, male or female and not need to be with anybody.
The Hermit is HERMES, the thrice great teacher, and messenger, consciousness itself, symbolized by planet Mercury. Mercury will be RETROGRADE on SEPTEMBER 9th so this may be a real RETHINK time on all levels. MERCURY in the TAROT is the #1 card and follows the triple 9’s. At the end of 2016,  2017 is a Number 1 Year, a magical YEAR where our intention is everything.  The irony is as JUPITER leaves VIRGO he enters LIBRA on the 9/9/9 day.  Use the rest of 2016 to finish up.
MERCURY in the TAROT is the #1 card and follows the triple 9’s. At the end of 2016,  2017 is a Number 1 Year, a magical YEAR where our intention is everything.  The irony is as JUPITER leaves VIRGO he enters LIBRA on the 9/9/9 day.  Use the rest of 2016 to finish up. Mercury will also be RETROGRADE for a 4th time this year as we go into 2017.  
999 is A triple completion, triple perfection, triple endings.
What do you need to perfect and complete?  
Prepare for this date as a major turning point in 2016. 
What are your thoughts on the Hermit? 
Please share widely
all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 
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The real secret now,Grand Trine Bono Benefits all week Astrology Meditation spiritual advice Tara Greene

as good as it gets

 click on astrology chart of Grand Earth Trine to see larger

Well the moon isn’t in the 7th house but some of this song is right  “  Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planet and love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the Age of ” …  

 Actually its  Not the Age of Aquarius starting but it is a SUPER GRAND TRINE with VENUS, JUPITER, MARS AND PLUTO . Created with planets 120 degrees apart,VENUS and JUPITER conjunct in Taurus, MARS Retrograde in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn form a GRAND TRINE in EARTH SIGNS at 9 degrees and Grand it is as it harmoniously combines all the planetary energies working together. Venus=Love, Beauty and Wealth. Jupiter is expansion,Benefits,positive energy. Mars { even retrograde is drive and Pluto is soul power in one earthy trifecta.

This may be one of the best wealth blessing arrangements ever, about as good as it gets! It basically lasts all week to my reckoning. This is the REAL SECRET. Brings Bono, that means GOOD in Latin blessings

NUMBER 9 NUMBER 9 NUMBER 9    is the #

no not that wacky revolutionary Beatles song. The Grand Trines have all the main players/planets on the 9th degree. Not the 10th degree. The number 9 is the number of completion. In the Tarot #9 is The Hermit and the Earth sign of Virgo.

3 x 3 = 9  Triple 9, Triplets always symbolize the triple Goddess.

This wonderfully rich yummy combo begins with JUPITER in TAURUS TRINE to PLUTO in Capricorn  Monday March 12 @ 9:43 pm PDT/ Which is a 3/12/12 numerology. see my YOUTUBE video

1. Jupiter Trines Pluto on Tues. March 13 @ 12:43 am EDT

All Trines are Great but this is EXTRA  good, Jupiter is Zeus, Jove, like Santa Claus, Mr. Big and Pluto is sex, power, riches, depth, change. But this is BIG GOOD over the top and REAL in Capricorn and Taurus.sensuous..

March 13 @ 2:54 am EDT until the 15th @ 6:24 am MOON, the mood enters SAGITTARIUS, Ruled by Jupiter  

The Moon which represents the peoples’ moods the unconscious feelings will be out of element and in quincunx to all this beautiful earthy sensual triney energy.  Sagittarius is known for idealism, truth, higher knowledge. Our Galactic Center is in the sign of Sagittarius. This describes a need to understand that the Body, Venus’ temple in Taurus is the vehicle for the Soul { Pluto, the Moon.} 

Tuesday March 13 @ 6:27 pm  PDT/ 9:27 pm EDT Venus, Goddess of wealth and beauty in her home sign of Taurus, TRINES, an easy 120 degree aspect, PLUTO at 9 degrees 22 minutes of CAPRICORN. 

Lord of the underworld wealth and power. See the Goddess of love dripping with diamonds gold jewels and powerfully inescapably desirable, The Queen of Love Sex Power control death and rebirth. In short the Great Goddess in her complete and total  manifestation. We are moths irresistibly drawn to her incandescent beauty.

This aspect begins a massive series of powerful, positive , manifesting energies on the 14th  Between Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto with a bit of time to integrate them and which continues Friday’s wee hours of the morning. 

3. Wed. March 14 { March 13 @ 10:54 pm PDT} @ 1:54 am the planet VENUS, Goddess of love, luxury, relationships, conjuncts you know what that means!  aligns EXACTLY with Jupiter God of BIG abundance, kinda like Santa Claus at 9 degrees 34 minutes of the first earth sign.

March 14

4. Shortly thereafter Venus canoodling with Mr. Big makes it a ménage a trios with another lovely TRINE to Warrior Mars at 9 degrees 39 mins. RETROGRADE of VIRGO, sign of the harvest, land of the Virgin Goddess @ 12:27 am PDT/ 3:27 am EDT.


 Wed. March 14 @ 5:51 am    TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT as Mars Retro in Virgo trines Jupiter

An excellent day to QUIT that job you hate!  Jupiter gives you the courage and confidence to exit that job you truly hate and can’t take it anymore. {thanks S. & S. for asking me this pertinent questions before hand}  Conversely it’s easy to hold back the indulging with Mars Retrograde and can be used to plan a great budget or adopt a new health regime. 

Later that day…. Mars TRINES Pluto @ 8:24 pm. EDT

This one is interesting as these two planets both rule Scorpio. Mars is the traditional ruler Pluto the modern one. Mars retrograde is considered more powerful by Vedic astrologers it is brighter and closer to us,and this makes observational sense to me. Mars Retrograde is the sergeant rethinking their battle plans. A good thing. retrograde are only considered bad from a patriarchal, goal oriented, the results are all that counts viewpoint, very masculine. The easy blending of the two planets energies with Venus and Jupiter certainly balances things out in a beautiful way. How does it pan out?

Earthquakes are one manifestation. Budgets being cut, and extreme measures to balance economies. Women having their day in court over the recent abortion issues as Jupiter rules sacred law. New laws being put into place to recycle and gaining wealth from recycling, as Pluto rules garbage refuse. Mars and Pluto rule the military,and attempt at diplomacy and peace will be tried with Syria, Iran, Israel, etc. Issues about what to do with nuclear waste, Fukushima at the one year anniversary. Increased military spending and or cut backs. Tougher laws for pornography, easing laws for prostitution.

MARCH 15  Thursday THE IDES of MARCH

Thursday Vendredi in French is the day dedicated always to VENUS. So this harmony also helps to increase the benefits.  

Moon enters Capricorn @ 6:24 am EDT this day,

This is the aspect that grounds the inspiration of the VENUS PLUTO JUPITER MARS TRINE energy and activates it. Because the Moon is the emotions, the unconscious, the complete balance and integration.  

Capricorn Moon first Trines Mars @ 7:18 pm PDT/10:18 pm EDT Moon conjuncts Pluto @ 8:00 pm  PDT/11:00 pm EDT 

MOON trines Jupiter @ 9:00 pm PDT  

 Fri March 16 

Capricorn Moon trines Jupiter @ 12:00 am EDT Capricorn Moon trines Venus @ 12:11 am PDT/ 3:11 am EDT

 For me the moon in earth signs completes all the trines again makes this  a Full Royal Flush!  


The Trine benefits you the most personally if you are born:  April 28- April 30 is Exact – May 1st TAURUS 

If you are born  Aug 30- Sept 1st Exact –Sept 3 VIRGO 

If you are born Dec. 29 – Dec 31 is Exact –Jan 1 CAPRICORN 

everybody benefits but especially All EARTH signs and WATER SIGNS TOO 

IN sextile  If you are a CANCER born at around June 29 -July 1 -EXACT- July -2

  All PISCES born around Feb.  28-29 degrees,

All SCORPIO’s born from Oct 30,  NOV 1 is EXACT-Nov.3rd  at around 10 degrees into the sign.  




 You will need to ally yourself with these planets. You use the materials that work with the planets. Copper, is Venus’s metal. Jupiter’s metal is Tin, Mars is Iron, so I would bring in anything made up of these elements into your ritual ceremony.

Wear something with copper, and in the colours of the planets. Venus’s colors are greens and blues, Jupiter is Royal purple,Mars is red of course.  We will use 9 pennies in this ceremony for ease and convenience.  

You could buy flowers in these colours as an offering to the gods, Iris, roses, and the like.  It would be best to do this ceremony outside at night when you can see Jupiter and Venus and Mars in the sky and it is ideal to have some land, in a park, backyard or on the land somewhere. If that’snot possible just get a pot and fill it with earth, NOT vermiculite it has asbestos in it. 

1. Get some lovely incense, smudge a native American cedar sweet grass and sage mix which is burned in a shell or cleanse yourself with incense. Take some deep breaths. Relax and let go of your usual mundane thoughts. You are stepping into an alternative consciousness, a sacred space. 

2. Create a circle. You can place symbols to anchor the 4 elements,, a candle,, a potted plant, 3. air, incense burning, 4. water ,a glass a cup or chalice of water. 

In this circle today we will also draw, or cast a pyramid. We are working with Trine, threes. 

2. Call upon the planets Venus Jupiter Mars and Pluto. Thanks them for their magnificence and benevolence. With your 9 pennies in your think and feel what is the most blessings you can have in your life. Money, a home, material success, wealth, health. Visualize what you wish. Breath on the coins and place them or plant them in the ground or in your pot of earth.  Feel fervently your wishes being blessed and answered. Say so mote it be, at the end.

Do this ritual at least three times n total: Tues. March 13  -Wed and Thursday or Wed. Thursday and Friday.

This is such a beautiful energy. Actually it’s early on the 14th. i am sorry i am late, actually my stomach had bothered me the last few days so I didnt get this out as early as I had wanted to . My family and I went out Tuesday night and did the first part of the ritual, it was great and it will continue to deepen.

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I’d love to know how this ritual feels to you.