Mars in Virgo, clean up your dirty laundry.

How’s  Mars is in Virgo treating  you? It’s body talk time.  I know it’s new, but how’s that Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio going for you?

I want to hear from you folks. I also want to thank so many of you, almost 4,000 now who have  signed up to get my almost daily blurbs here. 

Thanks you I mean it. But I crave your comments and dialogue. I need feedback, more of it, more.

otherwise I wonder about my Scorpio obsession with writing this…

 OY such a Mercury in Scorpio theme and I don’t have Merc. in Scorpio I’ve got Mercury in Sagittarius on the Galactic Center

which is where Venus will be 28 degrees + on that November 3 Solar Eclipse. HINT! HINT!

WHAT OBSESSES your mind these days? TELL ME. Don’t be shy.

Barely 2 days in and here’s my RETRO report:

My computer has been hacked somehow, I have some serious malware and my whole desktop has disappeared!

I can’t find anything and my computer is barely chugging along. Will have to call up cousin Lloyd and ask him, he’ll laugh at me for ten minutes first is what my hubby is predicting.

 YOU know that PLUTO can and will manifest itself as a real person, event or thing in your life to  mirror your inner state. WIth all this PLUTONIC_ SCORPIONIC energy be aware.

The washing machine – the metaphor for the WHEEL OF FORTUNE -TRUMP # 10 – Jupiter in Cancer BTW,

has lost its spin ability. That happened a few days before the exact Retrogrde with Merc still in his preview state.

 It’s the laundromat for us for a week- always a creative spot. The serviceman says that’s how  long it’ll take to order new part, I’m praying that it will.

Speaking of clean laundry.

MARS IN VIRGO- who obsesses about perfection.

is also sex and VIRGINS literally translated. Those who are uptight about sex.  Do you have OCD compulsions around sex?

Also manifests as upper intestinal issues, your colon, etc.

Last year when Mars was in VIrgo and I cant figure out how Mars is back in Virgo this fast, except that Virgo is a large constellation.

Last year I did have some problems with my upper intestine, Virgo territory. I finally had a routine colonoscopy exam yesterday.

BOth a Mars in VIrgo and a SCORPIO thing. I’m doing two , two two transits in one. WHo has time to do them one by one anyway?

UGH it was pretty awful if you’ve ever had to get one. The day before it’s fasting, that’s Ok. It’s  drinking the 3 litres of guck to clean you out and then the diarhea I wont go into all the details. There was a packed office at the clinic they were seeing like 10 people at a time of all ages.

Yes In CANADA we’ve had free medical care for everyone since the 60’s. They sedate you.  I was glad. I woke up in a chair and was dehydrated and had to get an IV of electrolytes to juice me up.  Other people were like walking outta there like oh I’m famished I’m gonna eat me a hamburger! YIKES.

I ‘m pretty delicate.

MARS IN VIRGO THING take care of your bowels. Which is also a Scorpio thing,- shit, blood, etc.

These placements make me think of Psychopaths. Like the Collector, or Jack the Ripper. 

WHat are your associations?

SCORPIO- birth

You know they are all mixed up, blood, poo, urine, sex. LOts of Virgo/Scorpio shame and psychological issues around all the bodies natural functions. Most babies these days are born with the smell of their mother’s blood, if born through a C- section and 25% or more are, or through tearing.  Normally and naturally, it would be quite  rare. I didn’t bleed at all when I gave birth to both of my children, both born 100% naturally at home with midwives. No tearing. No drugs, Midwives gave me oLive oil perineal massages during labour. The best.  That’s orgasmic. And dancing and sex.

Birth is sexual. Most people don’t know that. It’s all going to be in my book.

NEXT Week is a BIGGIE:

November 25 is a is a 10 day countdown to the  NOVEMBER 3  BIG BLACK HOLE TOTAL ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE at 11 degrees. 

‘Twill be INTENSE. 

and I am not that FAKE TARA-MEDIUM.


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Soul Retrieval, helpful Hook ups in Scorpio times

Helpful Hook Ups for these obsessively intense Scorpionic Times

Working in the SOUL mines –

Since April 12 when Pluto- ruler of Scorpio turned Retrograde we’ve all been working down under. PLUTO/Hades Scorpio’s modern ruler is still Retrograde in Capricorn, revisiting the Collective past. We’re all working in the dark, in soul cocoon stage, we are still puppa’s. Pluto  is moving v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y now and will turn DIRECT September 20- two days before Autumn Equinox. We are still regurgitating, ruminating in Hell,   stomping through the muck of soul territory, working unconsciously or consciously, collecting the refuse and  jewels, our sacred essence,  which we will bring up to consciousness as Pluto goes Direct at  8 degrees 59 minutes. Pluto will almost get past 11 degrees + by December 31. Scorpio is also governed by MARS too -now in firey Fixed Leo also directing the show, adding passion, panache and the danger of pride and vanity.

Capricorn’s your plans are still coming to fruition. Exercise that famous Capricorn/Saturn patience just a little bit longer. Success/rebirth is at hand.

VENUS in Scorpio – already in a beautiful TRINE with NEPTUNE

xact-Friday the 13/ PDT/14th EST and a fateful meeting with Saturn & the North Node , Venus then Trines Chiron in Pisces &  Jupiter in Cancer.


SpaRKLES IN YOUR/their  EYES. SOUL MATE-ZAP You’d be so easy to love is this. Falling in love with love, again. Big delusions, escapsim. Be very careful.. of what you wish for, this is addictive to LOVE high -energy,especially obsessive  with VENUS in SCORPIO.

those with 3 degrees PISCES/SCORPIO in their charts-  check it out. Also Taurus, Leo Aquarius. Where is that love star in your chart?

FAITH in LOVE returns! Hope, springs eternal. New lovers and new dreams. That HIGHER LOVE hooks us UP.

Wedding bells/ cosmic bells will ring for many on this high.

YOUR MANTRA is – I BELIEVE IN LOVE- repeat 108 times.

We are in soul retrieval mode for the entire time SATURN is in Scorpio -till December 23, 2014, finishing up on September 17, 2015.

Scorpio is soul-ville, the depths, it’s what matters. It’s all that matters. Saturn is matter, the material plane. Bringing soul into matter and matter into Soul is the alchemical opus we are being instructed into. It’s mucky. Stinky. Scorpio territory is the garbage dump, the wasteland, the refuse, recycling. It’s sex,  the shame, the baggage, garbage, the neglected stuff which is transformed into the soul’s worth.

Astrology Rembrandt Tara Greene psychic

The Abduction of Proserpina by Rembrandt 1631

Like Persephone who was abducted by Hades/Pluto into the Soul making ways of the Underworld to be initiated in the depths, or INANNA the Queen of Heaven who went there voluntarily. We want to personify our soul’s. 

The question to ask your self is- What does my soul need? Who am I?

How to hook up and bring back your soul- You gotta get low, You gotta Go down.  Go directly into your deepest darkest fears, go into your fear that you are not lovable, that you are unworthy, undeserving, a piece of shit. This is the shadow material, hurts, angers, projections, judgements because like the old super-hero-“the shadow knows.”  This is the SATURN IN SCOPRIO TEST- is that who you are? What your SOUL essence really is?

YOU Need to know yourself, be intimate with your own soul,  so you can share that with someone else, with the world. You gotta love and pleasure your own soul. You gotta let your soul’s essence flow. How can you have that much wanted soul mate unless you are mated with your own soul first? You wouldn’t even know how to recognise another.

YOu know that old song “working in the coal mine’s goin down down down?”  Substitue soul mine’s/gold mine’s.

Let the tears flow, Scorpio is  water. Water moistens and perpetuates growth in nature. We are nature. 


Refuse means literally what was refused-not integrated, relegated to the shadows. The shadow world, what we resist is the fertilizing matter, or mater, mother of the Unconscious world, Persephone. We need to sit in our own shit to find our sOUl’s worth in order to be released from it’s unconscious hold over our lives. That’s how we become intimate with our own souls

Retrieve your soul through dream work. The soul speaks in icons in dreams. Neptune rules the dream world. My dreams have been very colorful and strong lately. I dreamed about birds flying into a house I was in. A beautiful red and beige coloured bird. A hummingbird who licked my nose. BIrds symbolize souls.


The rag man, raggedy ann, the Fool, who in the TARot symbolizes Enlightenment, are all symbols of the SOUL.

Your refuse/baggage- Your unclaimed soul parts-which may have has been rotting since the beginning of incarnation on the baggage checks of Time can now be claimed. Those old “shmatas” and crap once aired out are the most precious. This is a psychic dirty laundry cleansing which transforms  the warp and weft of human emotional experience into “prayer flags” of the SOUL. SHINING with DIVINE LIGHT, waving to heaven. That’s how you bring back your soul.


TRANSFORMING  your Garbage/baggage/refuse into PRAYER FLAGS

Spend time meditating on how all these experiences have been soul food.

Get a fabric pen and inscribing all your shadow material this can be words or sentences, – allow your creativity to guide you- onto old raggy pieces of cloth, making this into a ritual and hanging it outside on a clothes line a.k. a life line.

This will bring an incredible sense of freedom from shame, guilt, regrets, and all the other 7 deadlies  initiating new SOUL growth, consciousness, Peace , joy and freedom.

Let me know how this feels to you.


ALL Writing copyright Tara Greene

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