8:8:18 Luck success and More

8:8: infinity energy Tara Greene Astrology Numerology

8 energy is karmic infinity Numerology All Time is Now

It’s 8:8:18 Avery positive trilogy of the 8 vibration.8 when turned on its side is infinity. In China 8 is the number of wealth, good Fortune and luck. 8 is the basis of FengShui and symbolizes all 8 directions. 8 =Infinity is karma meaning all time is now. Make positive lucky intentions today and enjoy living in the now

The number 8 in the Tarot is STRENGTH or JUSTICE you can refer to both of these cards today



MOON in CANCER is super active today

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It’s an incredibly emotional and active day. We may feel that our hearts and emotions are nailed to a cross as Cancer Moon, Venus, Saturn and Chiron form a tense GrandCardinal Cross at 1-3 degrees.

If you have planets at 28 degrees Mutable signs Gemini-Virg-Sagittarius or Pisces and early Cardinal Degree 0-10 you will feel this the most. That includes a lot of people.

Mercury Retro and Sun meet up.

Mercury Retrograde conjunct Sun Astrology Tara Greene

August 8 Mercury Retrograde conjuncts the Sun in Leo

The good part of Mercury Retrograde happens today as Mercury Retrograde conjuncts the Sun. Old bright ideas may be reworked and polished up now.

Sun and Neptune quincunx

You ego may be deflated or confused about a dream, a lover, or a dream that fell through as Sun and Neptune quincunx each other, last but not least.

Grand Water Trine

Cancer Moon trine Jupiter in SCORPIO trines Neptune in PISCES

The Grand Trine Tara Greene Astrology

Cry with joy or sadness. It’s a beautiful spiritual energy of faith and hope and good psychic intuitive enhancing energy.


Have compassion for yourself for being human. Forgive yourself for being human-  Original idea from Channi Nichols and love all the imperfections with the unconditionally loving energy of the Great Mother. 

Dreams and visualizations are especially strong under these energies. Be careful what you wish for. The Grand Water Trine happens in the wee hours of EDT and GMT. 

Beware Hacking during these Retro Mars and Mercury energy

I had my passwords hacked through Reddit and have umpteen passwords to redo now. But whadya expect with Mars Retrograde in Aquarius and Mercury Retrograde in Leo too? How are you doing in this ultra frustrating energy? 

Sending you blessings


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