Remembering John Lennon, Imagine

December 8, 2018 is the anniversary of John Lennon’s murder today.  Shortly before 11 p.m. on December 8th, 1980 25-year-old Mark David Chapman fired five shots from a .38 caliber revolver into John Lennon’s back. 

This was a defining event for anyone who was a Beatles fan. I remember I was at home when I heard, and I was in disbelief and in shock. Do you remember where you were when you heard that terrible news today, oh boy? 

John Lennon, leader of The Beatles, one of my teenage idols, because of who he was, an extremely unusual, intelligent creative person a strong individual. He did prophesy his own death. His songs will inspire future generations, especially Imagine, one of the greatest songs ever written. 

John was a number 6 personality and Soul number. The #6 is THE LOVERS in the Tarot. The center of the Tree of Life, Tifferet, Beauty. Also, GEMINI energy, the twins, communications, the mind.

Let’s look at John Lennon’s birth chart at birth and at his death

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John Lennon, a Libra, sign of relationships, harmony, balance, partnerships, was born just after sunset during an air raid on Liverpool during the Second World war. Creative types have strong Venus and Neptune planets. Lennon has Venus at 3 degrees of Virgo, in the 6th house of work, service, analysis, perfectionism. Not what you’d expect.

 His Venus is quincunx the MOON in Aquarius which is the highest elevated “planet” in his chart. His is governed by his emotions, his mother and his radical instincts to be free from the past.

Lennon’s Aquarian MOON -the Revolutionary moon, indicates his worldly status and position.

Moon/Venus in difficult aspect indicates the great love for and deep loss of his Mother- killed in a car accident when he was 17 years old. She was too young and immature to raise him herself, so he was brought up by his Aunt Mimi.

Neptune at 26 degrees Virgo in the 6th house is square to the Galactic Center. He was a true metaphysician and visionary.

Mars in LIBRA was conjunct Neptune in Virgo he was driven, sparked, fired up through his creativity. All artists & musicians’ channel through Neptune planet of SPIRIT. This is the mark of the visionary. This is a ‘working class hero.” Virgo is the sign of servants.

Mars in Libra is focused on “others “and has difficulty making decisions, Mars in Libra is vulnerable, sensitive in the Venus-ruled sign, a peaceful warrior. Mars rules Lennon’s hot-headed -ram butting acerbic-tongued ARIES Ascendant. He appeared tough, masculine, strong-willed, defensive, independent with a big temper. Lennon’s famous vulnerable songs like HELP! I Need somebody, hey you got to hide your love away.  etc. illustrate this.

URANUS the revolution planet, of revolutionary individuals, freedom, group mind, the Aquarian age, an Air sign is Trine to his Neptune at 25 degrees Retrograde in earthy sensual creative Taurus. Lennon was bullish on revolution and freedom in his creativity, for sure.

Lennon was born with a positive Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Taurus, both Retrograde, opposite his Mercury in Scorpio. This is where Lennon’s famed quick-witted, sarcasm comes from. Mars also ruled his fork-tongued Mercury.

Mercury in Scorpio also gave Lennon’s song lyrics great depth. He had the ability to see right through people so could spot a phony a mile away. He was also deeply insecure possessive and jealous. “I’m just a jealous guy.” 1971 and “You Can’t Do That.” 1964 and “Run for Your Life” 1966 an early Beatles song shows this possessive jealous revengeful side. 

Lennon had Chiron at 0 degrees Leo conjunct Pluto opposite the Moon the 4th square Ceres and Mercury in Scorpio

Moon in the 4th is in its natural position where the attachment to mom is vital, its where John craved emotional security. But the Chirotic wound is very deep, Leo rules the heart, this is a heart initiation for Lennon. The wound squares his Ceres the symbol of the Great Mother in Scorpio- sign of death, deep anger and emotionally transformative energies which included his Mercury in Scorpio. Her sudden tragic loss impregnated Lennon’s messages. 

The 4th is the house of roots, opposite the Moon which is his mother, Julia, an unconventional liberated woman. The Moon in Aquarius shows a distance, detached, airy, quirky, unreliable and rather chaotic mother. His childhood was like this. He was left by his mother to be raised by his strict Aunt Mimi. His mother’s unique personality and her shocking sudden loss shaped Lennon’s consciousness deeply in Scorpio. Wounded by his early abandonment by his father, and a mother who wasn’t there for him, Lennon needed Leo fame and adulation to cover up those very raw wounds he felt at his core. He did primal therapy to help heal those wounds as an adult.

The Sun in Libra

on the cusp of the 7th house of relationships rules his Pluto in Leo. Through creative collaborations, his song writing talents with Paul McCartney are legend of course. Here Lennon would find some balance, some peace and connect with all “others.”

Lennon’s chart shows a Grand Trine between the Moon, Uranus in Taurus and the North Node in Libra- it’s very wide and out of sign. This gives Lennon’s signature as a revolutionary man who would make a huge mark on the world as an artist and peacemaker. 

Lennon’s Venus was in Virgo

He was meticulously organized and valued intelligence. He was a perfectionist. He loved to work hard.

Mainly there is a FIXED Grand CROSS in his chart-making Lennon a very intense person.

His 10th house MC of world fame is Capricorn.

Ruled by Saturn Retrograde in Taurus in his 1st house the impact of a father who wasn’t there also fueled his career ambitions to be “the toppermost of the popermost.”  Saturn is conjunct JUPITER exactly at 13 degrees TAURUS in his 1st house of self-identity. This is rare once in 20-year cycle. Jupiter expands whatever it touches.

JUPITER-SATURN in the 1st in Taurus opposite Mercury in Scorpio indicates the sensuous, physical, deep soul messages, down to earth, “working class hero” stubbornness of Lennon’s character. He kept things real, he was ambitious for material and soul wealth. He had patience, Taurus rules the throat, Lennon started singing publicly at 16. Lennon was a leader, a bit more mature. 


CHIRON the wounded healer @ 14 degrees TAURUS was conjunct his Natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and inconjunct his Natal Libra Sun.

Jupiter and Saturn are again in their 20-year conjunction sandwiched between Lennon’s Mars and his North Node. Mars is violence and the North Node is the soul’s highest goal. 

Lennon was experiencing his mid-Life Crisis with Uranus the planet of chaos, and revolutionary change in Scorpio sign of shocking violence and unexpected death was opposite to his Natal Uranus in Taurus in his first house. Uranus at 27 Scorpio is widely squaring Lennon’s Natal Venus in Virgo.

Neptune in Sagittarius is squaring natal Neptune in Virgo

This is a generational transit that happens around 40. Idealistic and romantic related to his work. Lennon had just put out a new album.

Transiting Pluto at 23 Libra was hovering on Lennon’s 7th house cusp

Pluto is Libra in the 7th house it indicates Karma, Uranus in Taurus is quincunx Pluto

John Lennon’s fame will live on always. Lennon’s song IMAGINE is one of the rarest and greatest songs ever written. He couldn’t have written it without Yoko Ono’s huge influence on him. She was a conceptual artist and Imagine is a totally conceptual song. It is one of the most powerful songs ever written.

I do believe John was a very enlightened, although flawed human personality. I could believe that he was like a modern-day Jesus. His life was very much the same. He spoke incredible truth. Loved by millions, he influenced a cultural change which just now is finding its true feet.

Can you IMAGINE a world WITHOUT John Lennon in it?

Bless you, John Lennon and thanks for the music and the inspiration, I join you in the dream of Peace.

What did John Lennon mean to you?

P.S. I was a huge Beatles fan as a teenager. My daughter Leah was raised on only Beatles or classical music. I remember driving in the car and turning around to see her at 6 sitting in her car seat singing along to “Say you want a revolution, well you know… we’d all love to see the plans.”

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