Starting over, Astrology December 19-25

December 19 is one of the most awesome days of 2022.
Sun on Galactic Center, the GreAt Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy with Jupiter at 29th Karmic degree of Zodiac is a rare occasion.

SO please join me Dec 19 LIVE in FACEBOOK on my Tara Greene Tarot Astrology Psychic Consultant Business page at 5:00pm pst/ 8:00 pm EST and Dec. 20 at 1:00 am GMT to receive the gifts of this rare occasion. Say goodbye to Jupiter in PISCES for the next 12 years.

December 19 VENUS squares CHIRON- love wounds,
December 19 VENUS inconjunct MARS RETROGRADE
is like nails on the chalkboard of your heart
December 19 MARS sextiles CHIRON- old wounds, words, and hurts surface

December 20 JUPITER re-enters Aries for the 2nd time since May 10- full speed ahead.

6:32 am PST/ 9:32 am EST/ 2:32 pm GMT

For all you ARIES rISING, SUN, mOON, VENUS mERCURY, ETC, out there its step on the gas pedal and floor it.

The exhaustion you have been feeling will be over soon.

I will write Jupiter in ARIES horoscopes.

December 21. SOLSTICE December 21: Sun enters Capricorn: 1:48 pm PST/4:48 pm EST/ 9:48 pm GMT One of the most powerful Gateway events n the year



December 21 SUN Squares JUPITER- 4:50 pm PST/ 7:50 pm EST/
December 22 at 12:50 am GMT a high-octane energizing event have a party
December 22 VENUS trine URANUS celebrates uniqueness and love being A weird conservative. Good for cryptocurrency and tech stocks to break out of the rut

Dec. 23 CHIRON turns DIRECT at 1:31 am PST/ 4:31 am EST/ 9:31 am GMT

for the first time since July 19 CHIRON moves Direct. Any old festering defensive wounds can begin to heal and you can move forwards if you have been applying the healing balm of vulnerability.

Dec, 23: Super NEW MOON in CAPRICORN at 1°32.’

Moon squares Jupiter, this is on the solstice gateway

Dec. 24 MERCURY sextile NEPTUNE- a lovely compassionate energy, be careful not to drink too much.

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Happy Birthday Walt Disney, Little Richard and The Great Attractor

December 5 famous celebrities and anyone born on this day with the Sun at 13+ degrees SAGITTARIUS conjunct to the GREAT ATTRACTOR can manifest anything they desire. The Great Attractor is a Super huge gravitational and light-bending anomaly science currently knows little about.

If you have the MOON- like I do- or The AC or NODES at 13 degrees SAGITTARIUS you too can gain access to this amazing gravitational lensing energy. What do you have at this degree? With Galactic Astrology orbs are quite tight. I use 2 degrees before 11-13

The Great Attractor is a gravitational anomaly in intergalactic space and the apparent central gravitational point of the Laniakea Supercluster. The GA is so huge that it bends light, which gives us a glimpse into the future up ahead a wonderful psychic ability. This suggests a localized concentration of mass millions of times more massive than the Milky Way Galaxy itself.

But the GA or Abell 3627 is inconveniently obscured by our own Milky Way’s galactic plane, lying behind the Zone of Avoidance (ZOA), so that in visible light wavelengths, the Great Attractor is difficult to observe directly.

According to Galactic Astrology Phillip Sedgewick What the Great Attractor is, remains a mystery. It clearly reveals relativistic characteristics – those of warping time and space while bending light with its massive gravity. But it lacks the event horizon required for it to be a black hole. Famous astrologer Rob Hand,who originated Project Hindsight to translate ancient Astrology texts into English which has now influenced many younger astrologers to only work with Traditional and not “upstart” humanistic astrology also pointed out that The South Uranian Node (heliocentrically) directly aligns with the Great Attractor.

In fact, it will not be for another hundred million years that Earth will be on the other side of the Milky Way galaxy, allowing us to see past the galactic plane. So you gotta be patient for that one.

Christina Rossetti English romantic writer and sister of the artist and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti and features in several of his paintings.

George Armstrong Custer defeated at the Battle of the Bighorn

Clyde Cessna aircraft inventor

Fritz Lang was an Important Austrian early Filmmaker He made METROPOLIS in 1927 amongst other famous films and became a US citizen in 1939.

Walt Disney everyone knows who Walt Disney was,

Werner Heisenberg was a German theoretical physicist and one of the main pioneers of the theory of quantum mechanics.

Otto Preminger a famous film director

Little Richard The architect and Queen of Rock & Roll

Watch Little Richard sing Tutti Fruit