Garden of Eden and Lilith revisited

Lilith and Uranus in Taurus are conjunct at 6+ degrees Taurus.

This is a very powerful return to the Garden of Eden energy.

Lilith is very embodied in ♉️ Taurus. She’s extremely sensuous. You can feel her in your body, slithering like a snake as she is often depicted that way., just fine on to her energy.

Taurus is the first Earth sign, and I have always said that Taurus ♉️ goal in life is to feel that they are living in the Garden of Eden. This is perfect because that’s Lilith’s birth place. Lilith is the first woman, created equally with Adam in the secret mystical initiates only version of Genesis.

Check out where that 1-11 + degree Taurus is in your chart and the rest of the Fixed signs LEO, SCORPIO and AQUARIUS,

Note that Jupiter will square these URANUS in January 17/18 2021 and SATURN in February 2021.

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