Love versus Power Politics, womb vs tomb

VENUS is opposite Pluto late July 27 / 2:39 am July 28 EDT at 11 degrees+, Note : Pluto is Retrograde.

FURTHER intensifying the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS with what WOMEN, children,food, grassroots, water, life foundation has to do with this. MONEY, and all resources become a bigger player in who is in control. 

VENUS GODDESS OF LOVE,women,money, values, the arts, beauty, relationships is in CANCER. Beautiful Venus reflects the sign she is in.

She is the GREAT MOTHER in CANCER like the fertile fecund Trump # 3



by Elric 2012 deviantart

VENUS in CANCER values life love and children above all, she is the GREAT MOTHER, the Goddess divine, of the holy waters,  the womb, the Unconscious. She unconditionally gives herself to nurture all LIFE.

Cancer is the 4th and most private sign, home, where you can let down your hair, scenes of family childhood memories,  shelter, emotional nurturing, innocence, vulnerability, food, care taking, security. 

PLUTO in Capricorn 

the Plutocrats, super rich, power mongers of the world. PLUTO is DEATH, destruction, soul resurrection, garbage, refuse, recycling, shadow work. In Capricorn it is absolute rule through FEAR- dictators, politicians, big corporations, religions, the mass media. It is the antithesis of love it’s about the ego,selfishness,  inadequacy.PLUTO is demoliting this old heirarchy.

All wars in the world  are down to these issues.   POWER, CONTROL, FEAR, GREED, SELFISHNESS, EGO.

Do we care about life, nurturing, feeding the children,love all FEMININE or do we only care about EGO Control all Masculine?

Carl Jung said there are only two emotions Love or FEAR.


Which side are you on? What actions and choices support LOVE and which support death?

The Israel Gaza Hamas, Russia and Ukraine Tibet and China, all the world’s battles in the name of religion or politics.

Organized Religion is a man-made ideology used to control people. 

All that matter is life caring for life. LOVE, all else is illusion, the ego will die, we will all die.

This aspect will polarize the oppositions in the world even more.

Before that July 27
It’s a quincunxy Leo Moon day to Spiritual creative planet Neptune and Lord of the Underworld Pluto = you may be feeling” out of sorts ” to say the least.
MOON trines Uranus so REBEL ROUSERS please stand up
Moon square sobering Saturn at 5:37 pm PDT then goes sailing away drifting into the VOID, of course.
its the still time between signs..


Breathe in and ask to find a solution for the disparity in the world. The bloodshed of innocents bothers me and many other LIGHT WORKERS terribly now as we feel all other’s pain. Arabs are no different than Jews. We are all the same.

Do you think that this further polarized now is  a good thing? Hasn’t the worlds problems always been this dichotomy and lack of spiritual compassion mother love for all?

VENUS will SQUARE URANUS Retrograde on July 31/AUG 1.

New values in revolutions, women need to stand up and take their power in the world. their will be trade and money sanctions for Russia, etc.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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2014 Pop Music Predictions, Psychic, Astrology, Tarot from Tara Greene

Cable Network AUX asked me to give them my Pop Music Predictions for various Music celebrities. I have always been a huge music fan. I have a fifteen year old daughter who keeps me up with all the latest pop music. Thanks, Leah. So i used a combination of Astrology and tarot and Intuitive channeling. As usual I did a lot more talking and it was edited down.

They did a very nice job of editing this video. 

The network is carried by Rogers Bell Shaw MTS Eastlink Source &Cogeco.

Want to know what’s in store for Katy Perry?

Katy Perry Astrology Psychic from tara Greene

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Lady Gaga 2014 predictions Tara Greene

I give Astrology and Tarot predictions for Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, Katy Perry, the Kardashian Kanye West show, Drake, etc.

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2014, Year of the Wood Horse Chinese Zodiac musings

I am still working on my 2014 predictions for some newspapers. Deadline is soon.

I am also thinking about the Chinese New Year and how that compliments or not, Western Astrology and Grand Cardinal Crosses. The Chinese New Year always begins on a New Moon. On Jan 30 @ 11:20 pm PST the year of the WOOD HORSE begins.

Wood Horse Chinese Zodiac Tara Greene

Immediately I think of the Trojan Horse, a toy horse, a rocking horse, a merry go round horse or a horse that is connected to nature, the physical world and abundance. I am not a Chinese Astrology expert but am fascinated with it. Billions of Asians trust and faithfully follow their Astrology system as with Feng Shui, Taoist, I Ching, and other ancient metaphysical systems of knowledge. China has an unbroken lineage of over 5,000 years. Much like India, whose Astrology origins are said to be 12,000 years old, and Indigenous Inka and other shamanic traditions.

Unfortunately in the West our Astrology traditions, originating from India, come down to us from Babylonian, Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek,Islamic and European traditions. The first science then merged, was chopped, dropped, misinterpreted,  spliced and then discredited by the Church and the “modernists scientific” movement. Yet Newton was an Alchemist, he died from Mercury poison. But I wander here.

Feels intuitively to me like- RACY. We’re off to the races. Energy will be swift, independent, high spirited, moving much faster. Travel, adventure, “pack mentality” standing your ground, far reaching. Listen to the pounding of the horses’ hoofs on the ground.

“Hi Yo Silver away.” Do you know where that comes from?

The horse is much revered in China. Considered to be magical, with super powers . The Goddess Kwan Yin has a magical white celestial cloud horse which flies through the skies bringing blessings and good luck. Think of PEGASUS from Greek mythology or Unicorns. Very magical indeed, Harry Potterish.

The Chinese Zodiac is related to the yearly transit of the Planet Jupiter through each of the 12 Astrology signs and is sidereal. Horse is equal to the sign of GEMINI in the West.  Because of the precession of the Equinoxes, Jupiter is in Gemini now against the stars in real time and entering Cancer later this year.

This adds further impetus to my sense of a very fast furious year in 2014, with many arguments, condemnations, furor, and clashes between people. Power struggles, Trying to tame the wild untamed- everything. Using your gut instincts, much nostril flaring. It feels competitive.

When I was a child I pretended I was a horse. Nothing made me happier than kicking up my hoofs and trotting home or cantering and neighing. Try it.

People born in Horse years

2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930, 1918, 1906 and of course in 2014 are bright cheerful, fun-loving and childlike. They will benefit the most from this year as well as people who are born in the year of the Tiger, Dog or Sheep or if you have those animals in your year, month , day and hour. 

Do you follow your Chinese Zodiac Animal?


All writing copyright Tara Greene

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WILD HORSES by the Rolling Stones

A DAY AT THE RACES- MArx Brothers & company A day at the races Marx Brothers 

Malala Yousafzai, karmic horoscope from Tara Greene

With her book out “I am Malala” and her recent Noble Peace Prize nomination. I wondered what sixteen  year old Pakistani Malala Yousafzai’s natal Horoscope was like.  Malala has had a very extreme life so far. Since 2009 Malala had written a blog for the BBC about life under the Taliban. Because she has been an outspoken advocate for girl’s education, which the Taliban had forbidden, she was hunted down and shot in the head on October 9 2012 returning from school. After being shot in the left eye and her shoulder, she was rushed to emergency surgery and flown to England where she has made an amazing recovery. She is a miracle.


Please note that transiting JUPITER which rules publishing, luck, expansion, traveling, good karma is now exactly on her NATAL Sun as her book  is published. She is having one of her best years.

Malala has become a moderate Muslim Feminist heroine in the West, she has met President Obama, spoke at the U.N.  and left Jon Stewart speechless on the Daily Show  where she spoke passionately  about every female’s right to an education. She understands that this  leads to women’s empowerment which is what the Taliban fear.  Yet she is criticized in her native country and by political writers because they see her being used as a PR tool which avoids looking at the entire political situation. Many Pakistani’s feel that in spite of her fame not much has changed even though her presence helped ratify PAKISTAN’s first Right To Education Bill.  

Malala was born JULY 12 1997 birth time unknown, in Mingora, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province Pakistan.

Malala Yousafzai Astrology Tara GreeneMALALA birth chart and transits October 9 2012 when she was shot

MALALA was quoted on the Jon Stewart DAILY SHOW October 10 2013 “Women are more powerful than men.”

She is  a Cancer Sun with the Moon at 13 degrees Libra in square. She is  a traditionaL caring, emotional woman, a nurturer. Her home and family,  the Sun and Moon are very important to her. Moon in Libra- she is poised, emotionally detached, she is a natural  ambassador and wordy peacemaker.

Malala’s karma about who she is, is write large all over her chart. She has asteroid JUNO conjunct her Sun. I feel Juno describes FEMININE genius.

Her birth chart shows what is traditionally described in  Vedic-Indian astrology and Western Astrology as  “malefic aspects.” VERY DIFFICULT.

Malala has Mars- war- defenses, conjunct the Moon. Literally- aggression towards the Feminine, the Moon.- Agression/defensive/warriors connected to her emotions, her soul, her unconscious, her FEMININE self.  She will strive to  achieve Libran balance. 

Mars and Moon are opposite SATURN in Aries at 20 degrees= this is THE MOST DIFFICULT ASPECT to have. EXtremely karmic-Violence,  between the masculine and the Feminine. Saturn in Aries- is violence, sudden aggression, weapons of war,opposite her Moon, because she is FEMALE. SAturn is  karma. Malala takes it in her HEAD which Aries rules.

Aries is always ruled by Mars which is weakened in Libra, they are in a mutual reception, which helps her. It could have been worse.

And MARS opposing SATURN both square Malala’s SUN in CAncer.

This is her karmic Signature. To take the hit. Her raison d’être the Cancer Sun ,the most traditionally Feminine of all the Signs, she is a symbol for all girls-  Saturn in Aries- I walk my own way. Don’t tell me what to do.

She also has Asteroid VESTA conjunct her SATURN. Vesta is incredible focus and dedication and doing whatever it takes.

Malala also has CHIRON the Wounded Healer at 26 degrees Libra also opposite that karmic SATURN in ARIES, thorough being wounded, she becomes a great healer for others. This is ARCHETYPAL.

CHIRON the wounded healer, at 26 degrees of LIBRA in the 1st house of her identity is at the apex of a T-square with her Sun, her source and planet NEPTUNE and Asteroid ATHENA- again another head reference, Athena, Goddess of wisdom, was a war Goddess, famed for her intelligence, she sprung fully armoured from her father Zeus’s head. The Greek city of Athens is named in her honor.

NEPTUNE at 28 degrees Capricorn Retrograde. Neptune is the planet of dreamers, idealists, visionaries. Neptune rules images, glamour, Hollywood. Neptune in Capricorn’s bring spiritual compassion and faith into Capricorn traditional corporate structure. Neptune is illusion and Malala has spoken that her real self the one she was before she was shot feels unreal to her now. She has become famous.

MALALA is a messenger on the world’s stage and of course she has MERCURY in LEO, sign of public speakers, stars, leaders, passionate communicators, she wears her heart on her sleeve. She has Mercury exactly opposite to planets URANUS in AQUARIUS which it rules at 7 degrees Retrograde.This aspect literally brings sudden change, Uranus, in the way one acts- LEO in the world. 

Malala is a natural rule breaker, a revolutionary, a rebel. She wrote a blog at 11 years old. Uranus rules the Internet. Malala is a natural messenger for change. She probably never felt she fit in. She is  a messenger of Higher Consciousness.

She has MERCURY conjunct her VENUS IN LEO. The girl was born to be leader, who speaks from the heart-, for women’s rights- Venus in LEO also opposite URANUS. Brilliant insights and a true Blue FEMINIST and leader.

JUPITER, planet of education, foreigners, religious fanatics, expansion, trust, good luck is at 20 degrees of Aquarius also Retrograde opposite Venus in Leo. Malala speaks out for women- Venus/education and revolution. It’s all there all over her natal chart. She was lucky to not have died from the shot.

Malala has PLUTO at 3 degrees Retrograde of Sagittarius; sign of Teachers, higher education, foreigners, travelling, religious fanatics, philosophy, freedom, good humour, optimism, faith. PLuto symbolizes the SOUL, and so Malala’s soul is here to educate, to uplift, to show the way and help people aim higher.

MALALA’s highest spiritual goal, what she is aiming towards is her NORTH NODE at 21 degrees VIRGO, an earth sign of service to others. Analytical, perfectionists, hard-working, humble, intelligence. She is a natural communicator and writer, she loves nature. 

Her SOUTH NODE or past life is 21 degrees PISCES. Malala came into this life from a very spiritual perspective, she came to play the role of a martyr, Jesus Christs’ symbol is Pisces the sign of the martyr.  She is inherently spiritual, compassionate, forgiving. 

Malala has LILITH at 12 degrees VIRGO directly opposite Ceres at 13 degrees PISCES. She also embodies the archetypal Mother- Ceres/ whore/Lilith split.  This means she is an archetypal holder of that projection. The Taliban are trying to enforce that ancient split. Lilith is the original Woman before EVE, she is nature, wild, free, sexual, untamed. Who became feared by all Patriarchal religions, suppressed and distorted. The story continues.


the transiting SUN was in Libra in square to her natal Sun and opposite Saturn. This is like looking through a gunsight.

PLUTO was at 7 degrees Capricorn in square to her natal MARS in LIBRA and her MOON at 13 degrees Libra. Again another karmic set up shot.

Transiting Mars at 1 degree of Sagittarius was conjunct her natal PLUTO. A  difficult violent soul changing aspect was in play.

SATURN was at zero degrees of SCORPIO and had  just crossed her natal Chiron at 26 degrees of LIBRA triggering that. Saturn was square to her Uranus and her Mercury a sudden unexpected chaotic message.

The transiting North Node at 26 degrees Scorpio was inconjunct to her Natal Saturn and sextile (60 degrees) Malala’s natal North Node at 21 degrees VIRGO. Again this is a setting up of karmic event to click. Malala’s natal North Node is quincunx  (150 degrees also called inconjunct) to her Saturn. The Transit creates what’s called a yod, a finger of GOD aspect pointing to her karmic Saturn in Aries. Clearly the time was ripe. 

Malala is one incredible modern role model.  She is the most famous 16 year on the planet right now.  I believe she will continue to change the world. She is still a Taliban target and must be very carefull especially as she has become so famous. Specifically she has to be careful of being poisoned or gassed in the nest year.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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