Star of David Grand Sextile and you, Astrology with Tara Greene

I’ve been thinking about the GRAND SEXTILE all day- 

More information has come through- lets look at the chart again in more depth leaving  no aspect unturned

star of David Grand Sextile Tara Greene

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The RARE Grand Sextile highlights certain themes- water and earth + it also contains many hard aspects


Goddess Asteroid AThena- the Warrior Goddess conjunct Lilith at 4 + 5 degrees Cancer

A symbol to me of women going on the warpath to protect their rights, especially to abortion, to be free from tyranny, to fight and defend themselves on all levels. Their wombs, their feelings, culture itself.

and to Re-institute respect, devotion, and total EQUALITY for women. Lilith was the 1st woman created equal to Adam in the original story. Lilith is NATURE, life-giving, death bringer, a force that mere human men can never control. She is the Goddess, supreme creatress, from which everything was born.

Jupiter + MArs + Mercury-7-17 degrees Cancer

The U.S. Sun sits at 13 degrees Cancer mars and Mercury flank it. Expansion of SANCTUARY- see video below

laws that serve Higher goals. Mars + Mercury joins mind and action to the feelings, safety, peace, comfort, nurturing. Cancer is Mother, home, roots, foundation, women, children, food,national security.

Venus in Virgo 8 degrees Opposite NEPTUNE at 4 degrees Pisces Retrograde

Whenever Venus and Neptune make contacts there is grand illusions. Venus In Virgo is money that needs to be accounted for. Neptune rules debt, it is the higher octave of Venus. This speaks of major money issues – all that money printed by the Federal Reserve that has been pocketed illicitly. The economy is being falsely supported and it is not real. Witness Detroit’s recent bankruptcy.

On a personal level, How grounded is your love life? What illusions are you projecting?

Do your relationship grow corn or feed the children? in old Native American terms?

I was talking to a client of mine earlier today, and had to remind her of the reality check she needed to stay focussed on. Not the fantasy and illusion, Soul Mates forever Neptunian stuff.Otherwise relationships are  co-dependent, mother child relationships and dysfunctional.

On another level, are you paying attention to what you are  harvesting?

With Venus in Virgo, are you working too much for too little gain?

Perhaps you should choose to change that servitude in love and in work. Are you building false dream based on debt and not reality?

If so- there will be a rude awakening.

Saturn in Scorpio at 5 degrees

Saturn in Scorpio is karma, death rebirth, sex,  power and control. When Pluto went through Scorpio in the 80’s Aids was discovered. Now a Saturn Return later, what is the state of sex? or 8th house soul marriages, asset sharing. Intimacy?

Baby boomers facing their 2nd Saturn Return and beyond. What is the higher purpose of your life? What is superfluous that you need to let die. What do you need to do to live more fully? These are heavy deep real soul stirring questions that the Soul needs to answer in order for anyone’s life to have real meaning.

Pluto in Capricorn at 9 degrees Retrograde

As Pluto move inexorably forward, dismantling corporate structure, banking, business, governments, power, secrets are outed by Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and more brave souls yet to come, the old Patriarchy fights to bring more laws, tighter surveillance, cameras everywhere, making democracy illegal while in Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Mali and other countries fight for freedom and democracy. Have you seen how government structures and the culture have “overturned the order of the soul?” as Leonard Cohen famously prophesied-see video below

North Node also Trines CHIRON at 13 degrees PISCES and Mars at 10 degrees Cancer

This aspect helps us to heal and forgive, have compassion and move on to the North Node with FAITH- Pisces.

Star of David


Pluto is also opposite Jupiter and MARS and in a Tight T- square to Uranus in Aries at 12 degrees Retrograde.

Uranus is exactly squaring the U.S. Sun now, the screws are tightening.

The President of the U.S. keeps passing bills to allow Monsanto to have power and control of the Nation’s GMO’s food which is strictly intended to contribute to not only disease but changing people’s DNA. The People represented by Pluto as the collective unconscious will rise up=Jupiter and Mars to fight against any tyranny set up by the Plutocracy now and continuing for the next 3 years.,


The Sun at 6 degrees LEO is the focus of a T-square between Saturn at 5 degrees Scorpio and the Moon at 6 degrees Taurus

Leo’s dark side is Vanity, carried to extreme like the infamous French SUN KING Louis XIV,  is totally self- obsessed, psychopathic, narcissism which disregards anyone else rights whatsoever, and that just won’t do anymore. No more dictators. Saturn in Scorpio heavy karma and squared by the Moon in Taurus, practical, down to earth, sensual, resources for all the people. 


North Node at 12 degrees Scoprio is quincunxe’d by Uranus in ARIES

there is still a struggle in the battle for new innovations, revolution and the Highest goal of renewal, death and rebirth

So there you have it – the Good the Bad and the Ugly of a Grand Sextile

How does this as above so below magic work for you?

I’m prepping an MP3 of a guided meditation which will be available to purchase and download later today.

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THE FUTURE-Leonard Cohen  


Hindsight Astrology,Bridge over troubled waters,vulnerability rocks

Since Mercury is Retrograde I always do a little Retrograde Astrology bit- hindsight is always 20/20


Conjunction Opposition day Tuesday Feb 26

Makes you wonder how you keep from going under…

Mercury Retro in Pisces conjunct MARS. Connecting with your SPIRITUAL  WARRIOR  or SABOTEUR,

mind and libido,its like finding JAMES BOND living in your subconscious


James Bond astrology Tara Greene

Repressed anger, passive/aggressive. Secret enemies, you are sabotaging yourself!

All 12th house issues, undercover,secrets, get revisited.  Aries people, rules by MARS may feel totally submerged.

Have you aired your secrets out recently?

Virgo Moon opposite Mercury & MARS in Pisces,
nit-picking over how when where & why your practical needs vs spiritual ones are met
2/27 MOON enters LIBRA @ 5:02 am pst/8:02 am EST

Moon in LIBRA quincunx moves affects Love & soulmates Venus/ Neptune.

No more doormat denial. Is he/she into you or not? Painful for those born Feb 18 19 or 20 of PISCES, confusion, in the fog.

A very big spiritual healing day Embracing your shadow allows healing. VULNERABILITY ROCKS!>

Shine that light bright like a diamond on the wounds. Sounds Like Chris Brown and Rhianna’s story doesn’t it?

LIBRA MOON OPPOSITE URANUS- emotional whoopee cushion effect
expect the unexpected Aries, emotional see-saw as Libra Moon opposes Uranus. Cancer’s and  Capricorn’s also feel the jolt, mind your manners.

One nice TRINE in there for GEMINI as Libra Moon trines Jupiter.

take the good stuff where you can get it, after diner 9:35 pm EST

Moon in Libra quinunx Chiron in PISCES and the Sun late in evening PST/28th early am. EST

Relationships are really on the block today. LIBRA”s NEED relationships. PISCES is martyrdom and addictions. Can you find a balanced middle ground to be strong in? You can’t hide the hurt anymore. Self esteem needs to rise, begin to get in touch with your spiritual strength.

Which side are you on? the false front people pleaser’s or the forward feeling spiritual LIGHTS.
these are tough questions, PISCES SPIRITUAL WARRIORS are the strongest ,VULNERABILITY is true strength.

Vulnerability est maioribus vires

I never thought I’d be creating Latin quotes. How Mercury RETRO is that! LOL, I wasn’t raised Catholic.

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