12/12 numerology keeping it Light

December 12TH 12/12 NUMEROLOGY

when numbers repeat in sequence they are referred to as Master numbers.

Many people notice 11:11 and 12;12 etc. These are pre-encoded memory triggers especially 11:11.

12 is half of a day. It is the 12 Zodiac signs, the 12 Apostles named after the Zodiac signs, the 12 tribes of Isreal the same thing too.

12 in the Tarot is the symbol of the Hanged Man, which has no astrological or planetary symbolism. It is a special mother letter in Hebrew and is akin to a spiritual emotional baptism.

The Hanged Man #12 is the Nordic God Odin voluntarily hanging himself by his ankle from the “World Tree’ or Tree of Life Yggdrasil in order to gain knowledge directly from the earth, not in a normal standing position. Odin channeled the Runic alphabet from this self-imposed spiritual quest.

coincidentally 2019 reduced to the larger number 12 then to 3.

To see 12:12 indicates to me a looking straight ahead as the clock hands look focussed and aligned North. The influence of the Hanged Man symbolism indicates a letting go of intellectual ways of seeing the world to tune into our intuition. The Hanged Man is also a scapegoat one who takes on everyone else’s shizz and is blamed and sent out of town to expiate the guilt of the sinners annually an old Custom. The #12 symbolizes surrendering one’s ego, giving it up to God or letting go of your ego attachment. It is an initiatory card.

December 21, 2012, was heralded as the Mayan End of Time popularly by many New age sights with thousands flocking to Mexico’s Chichen Itza pyramid. Some Indigenous Native Americans joined in on these teachings as there has long been a connection between Native Americans and Mayan culture. Many said that this was the end of the Mayan Long count a calendar thats stretches for millions of years.

My first cousin who is an Archeo-astronomer-mythologist, writer and tour guide at Palenque who studied Mayan hieroglyphs from Linda Schele who helped decipher them said it was only the end of a minor cycle. No big deal. Just the start of another 5,000 new cycles.

Jose Arguelles made the Time Wave Zero  13 month Mayan calendar popular and contributed a lot to the End of Time scenario. Many believe that we have entered a higher consciousness New Age since December 21 2012.

Its much quieter today on December 12. But nice light and easy

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Deja Vu conversations

12:12 The Number 12 in the Tarot is the Symbol of The Hanged Man. It’s image is a male figure- the Nordic God Odin handing by his right ankle with is left crossed behind his leg from the World Tree or Tree of Life.

 It is considered to be an initiation card.  Odin sought knowledge and in order to get it he tied himself to the Tree of Life and hung there inverting himself and his thinking. His head is turned to the Mother earth that is the source of all intuition. He was rewarded with the Runic alphabet and a system or oracles.

Runes Numerology Tarot Tara Greene

12:12 is double that energy. The hanged man is about surrendering the ego. It is about turning your thinking around, looking at things upside down. We are too rigid in the way we think things are supposed to be. Let go and surrender is the big message of this energy. Don’t allow yourself to be a scapegoat or martyr.

Under a relationship-oriented Libra Moon, the moon makes Three nice ‘n easy sextiles with Venus, the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius. Sextiles blend energies.

Moon squares Pluto

In early morning. Tempers May fly off the handle.

SUN conjuncts MERCURY RETROGRADE at 22 degrees Sagittarius

Déjà vu conversations. Things you haven’t thought about in years. Bright new insights into old ways of thinking. You may have to eat some words.

Moon inconjuncts Chiron in Pisces

The quincunxes is annoying it’s like talking to a wall. Oh so frustrating for a Libra energy which needs to relate.

Last but not least

Moon opposes Uranus in Aries

This makes for a high energy night out where anything can happen. Try something different in any level. Uranus brings breakthroughs.

This week is quiet leading up to the power-packed Galactic Sagittarius dark moon.

Next week a big historical page turns. I’m exhausted, how bout you?

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