12 12 12 the Divine Feminine a New estrogen universe- lighter side of Numerology

12 12 12 – 3 3 3 that’s 3 Queen’s the Holy Trinity  the divine feminine is returning these are all the symbols

so what will happen after 12 12 12? and Dec 21 2012?

the Divine feminine will be transforming the world to a feminine relationship based, non dominator model, that is the only way we will survive.

Feminine values of relationships, nurturing, expressing emotions, honouring the sacredness of menstruation, sexuality, sensuality,

honoring mothers, children, natural birth, nursing from birth till at least 2 years, family beds, child centred spiritual education,

the old factory mentality school systems which sprung from Germany in the late 1800’s is obsolete.

a reverence for nature, mother earth and ALL her relations,meaning all the animals will be treated as the conscious souls they are,

we do not have to dominate the earth but surrender to taking care of her in return for the way she has supported all her children,

no fossil fuels, no mining, no raping MOther earth, no changing waterways, building dams,

no rigging of money  and manipulating people to comsume more, and keeping them tied to constant barrage of information so that they have no time to rest, to reflect to have real conversations, to intellectualize, to respect history, the ancestors, the elderly,

Dec 21 2012

Dec 2012 When the Divine Feminine ascends

work is what one loves to do. and is good at

doctor’s are paid to keeep one healthy.

no products which have synthetic anything in them, no fluoride, no infant vaccinations,or  drugs prescribed to keep a patient hooked for pharmaceutical company profits, the fact that it helps contain one thing at the expense of the rest of a patients body is unsustainable.

no more false research to stop cancer when the effects are pollution bad food, GMO food, stress, karmic,

no intervention with a woman’s birth unless it is Absolutely necessary usually only in 1% of the cases

smaller communities,local food growing, less cars, free electricity, clean water, inventions to really free us up,

create free energy resources for all, no hierarchies of money earning

honoring of woman’s sacred bleeding times as the nexus of all life,

values of support, non competitive, but also encouraging women’s strengths once they were warrior Queens

and much more,

imagine a life built on spiritual attainment, friendship close bonds between all people’s, peace, the Golden age

we will speak with the animals again as they used to speak to us…

what would you think is valuable in a Feminine/Masculine honouring Her world?

and for a lighter side as humor is always so  important

watch this video- and who is that playing Spock?

Full Blown Gemini Lunar Eclipse,up close, personal Astrology,Tara Greene

A Lunar Eclipse is a FULL BLOWN Full Moon and a GEMINI Lunar Ellipse, ruled by Mercury= thinking, consciousness  is a MIND BLOWING event!

The last eclipse of 2012 is a penumbral one, it will be faint and only completely visible in certain areas, see nicely colored map. The eclipse is totally visible in  Australia, China, most of Russia, India, and Alaska  these will be most affected by the Lunar eclipse.

Gemini Lunar eclipse nov 28 2012

deep red is area of most intensity on Lunar eclipse

This eclipse completes and balances the June 4 lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipses come in 18 years and a few days cycles,  called Saros cycles.This one is Saros cycle 145 which began on Aug 11 1832  {the Last Eclipse  of the series will be Sept 16 3094.

Something about the Aug 11th date called to me, turns out

Aug 11, 3114 BC  is when the MAYAN LONG COUNT used by several pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations, begins.

And we all know the day that cycle ends resetting itself back to 0000000. Dec 21 2012

Aug 11 1999 was a solar eclipse which Edgar Cayce had predicted was the apocalypse start date.

Let’s look at the astrology chart

Gemini Lunar Eclipse China

click on image to view larger

I set the eclipse location for Beijing China as that is where the impact is  most intense. In India, the Lunar eclipse isn’t really visible, it seems to be of no significance to Hindus. In Toronto we will only see it as the moon sets, but still we will FEEL it Emotionally.

Moon at 6 degrees of GEMINI is conjunct LILLITH 2 degrees away. The Dark goddess is being eclipsed, and being the embodiment of the FEMININE DARK SHADOW, ENSHROUDING HERSELF MAKES HER POWER MORE POTENT.

Jupiter is bookending Lillith at 11 degrees Gemini further amplifying and expanding the rejected Feminine. What you resist persists. What you relegate to the shadows controls you. For the last 12,500 years since civilization was taken over by the patriarchy the Divine Goddess Mother earth energy has been  raped, trampled,blamed, rejected, used, abused to this very day and worse now than ever in the age of greed and corporate profits, dishonoring the feminine, mothers  andchildren.

SO Lillith eclipsed becomes Lillith empowered, she is KALI, the dark Goddess, who destroys the Ego. All cosmic events are symbols and so its red alert for KALI/LILLITH!

The Sun at 6 degrees of Sagittarius is exactly on my sun. It’s my Solar return. the sun returns to the degree on the day I was born, although my Calender birthday is Nov. 29.  I  can feel the energy right now as I write. I am crying.

Gemini is the split mind, the duality, it is curious, light, youthful, ambiguous.

Eclipsed Lillith/Moon is pointing out the split, the splinter as it is called in The Matrix. The mind gets trapped in its delusions of self and other, this eclipse gives us the opportunity to heal that split and see ourselves in others’ shoes, everywhere in the world.

It’s an emotional eclipse of the heart with Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio at 6 & 8 degrees, conjunct to Israel’s South Node, their past Karma.

Very serious, heavy, Scorpio is death rebirth sex, transformation of money, power, secrets.

More heavies – MARS & PLUTO exactly conjunct at 8 degrees of Capricorn. Fire power, danger, red alert ,Radiation, atomic power, explosions, anger, power, abuse, affecting all of us.

 BIG YOD energy too. What’s a big yod you ask?  a YOD is a finger of GOD aspect.

Sounds rude and blasphemous I know.

Astrologically it is a planet or planets sextile to another or others-60 degrees apart- an easy aspect, all of which are quincunx- 150 apart from another planet or planets, it is a wedge shaped formation. This eclipse has Saturn at 6 degrees Scorpio with Venus at 8 conjunct Saturn they are both sextile to Pluto & Mars conjunct at 8 degrees of Capricorn,and they ALL quincunx the MOON at 6 degrees Gemini the STAR of the Eclipse today. The finger of God is the MOON and more so LILLITH.

Neptune and Chiron the wounded healer also SQUARE the Moon and the Sun

raising our vibration, intuition and spiritual energies higher. Chiron the wounded healer is making us all feel the emotional split so we can recognize it, be vulnerable, be brought to our knees and surrender our egos and wills.. And hence why I am still crying as I write.

Our deepest dreams, our fantasies, our faith- Neptune is being tested.

Even when there is no moonlight. when we are totally in the dark, when it is darkest before the dawn, we will find the faith to carry on, find the still voice inside that whispers to us to keep going, to belive, to believe in fairies, in Tinkerbell, as Peter Pan is the Symbol for Gemini.


Uranus the King of chaos is still squaring Pluto and Mars, so the old powder keg can explode any second.  If we include Ceres  at 1 degree Cancer the great Mother symbol forms a T-square with Uranus Mars Pluto.

Mercury has just gone direct,we are still in the shadow period before Mercury recovers where he left off, Mercury rules this Gemini Lunar Eclipse.

There is a lot of water element in this chart 4 objects in Scorpio, 2 in Pisces and 1 in Cancer. Gemini is detached, and we need to integrate the feelings with the observer.

Meditation Ritual on the Eclipse day

Gemini astrology tara greene

Day of eclipse set aside some time to meditate. – You will need candles incense feathers, things that represent air and wind, Gemini elements.

 water fire and earth.

if you have a real Blue Lace Agate like the one pictured here hold it in your hand or visualize this energy.

Always begin in the East moving clock wise, to the South. call in the Archangels -Michael in the East, Gabriel in the South, Ariel in the West, Raphael in the North they will protect you.

Light a candle for each direction, have water in the south, earth in the west, incense and feathers in the north.

 sit in your circle, close your eyes and breathe deeply, slowly and relax.

visualise the full moon and the moonlight fading, her reflected light endarkened.

 Go into the Moon, her feelings, all of them, the ones most repressed -her sense of rejection, her shame, her fears, her phobias, her illusions,fantasies,depression,anxiety,

and stay very centered watching. Hold that emotional  vulnerable utterly feminine side in your left hand,

when you have done that take 3 huge deep cleansing breaths and shake your head and hands to clear the energy, shake it out for a s long as you need.

now breath in positive energy, see the light of the moon fully reflecting the Sun,bright magical, romantic inspiring,

protective nurturing, this is the positive creative,FERTILE moon, it is very sexual, sensual, instinctual, she has no inhibitions,

she is the goddess who is whole unto herself, who answers to her own needs for pleasure, and relationships, she must nurture,

feel this positive mothering lunar influence,she brings safety, security nurturing, nourishment, love, conception,

hold the positive bright energy in your right hand

look at these seeming opposite forces and go into your heart where all feelings originate and ask what do these two parts need?

Automatically the two hands will be drawn magnetically together, bring the opposite sides together so that you open your hands and clasp them together. Now they are one allis one. Allow the full sense of non-duality to be absorbed totally. It is not intellectual it is all feeling.

stay with that. let whatever tears that need to come out pour out so that you can heal.

This is a very big event and soon it will be 12 12 12 numerology and then Dec 21 2012.

a new era is beginning , the more conscious one is the higher the planes go.

we are expanding being duality. it is good

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Red alert Astrology- Tara Greene

Can’t wait for Mercury to go direct this evening Mon. Nov 26 @ 3:48 pm EST its been a crazy juggle

of clients, trying to write , my computer mouse broke down etc.

What’s your  Mercury Retrograde story?

hot and heavy LOVE day as Venus conjunct Elder grim reaper today in early Scorpio.

Will you fall in love with an older sauve man of means?

will the older man fall for some very young sexy bondage loving women dressed all in black ?

isnt that 50 shades of Grey already?

Yes these are cliches.

Scorpio is $$$$, taxes, other people’s’ loot, power control secrets, you know

bad  worse or worst is my financial predictions

Scorpio rules power secrets expect more leaking of secrets, and underhanded ruthless power grabbing politics

Tuesday Nov 27

MARS the lesser malefic as it was called classically MARS god or WAR- Ares in Capricorn sign of BIg BUsiness, corporate, old boys

conjunct Pluto at 8 degrees- PLuto the Lord of DEATH the underworld, Atomic energy,

this is a very serious heavy transit- I have felt its approaching weight as we are all, it doesn’t smell like teen spirit

the famous Second Coming poem by William Butler Yates

Your prophet painting by Napoleon Brousseau

                                                                                                       “Your Prophet” painting by Napoleon Brousseau 2009
The Second Coming

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

War! attacks! market crashes! Yes Mars and Pluto do conjunct once every 2 years.

the appetizer was Venus and Saturn in Scorpio sextiling the two macho lovers Mars and Pluto

Born Dec 30 or 31 you get the direct blast from the Universe, better be ready to take the heat,  its a huge career boost

Invest in defence, war type of things if you have no morals..

It ‘s super heating up in the Middle east- more revolutions

I feel sorry for the innocent children mothers and fathers who are killed maimed and are suffering every day

We are on the verge of 12 12 12 which I feel is more auspicious numerology than dec 21 2012 which IS NOT the end of the world or actually the end of the Mayan calendar so don’t panic

but the astrology is very heavy and this is all One day before a LUNAR ECLIPSE in GEMINI

will write about that shortly

How’s your score card looking?

we are supposed to be UPleveling our consciousness not following the script of Judgement day,,,

but its also the age of false prophets

Seek the knower within.

Blessings TAra

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