Scorpio Season triple obsessive

10/23 IT’S SCORPIO Time its INTENSE- Black is the new black

soul ecology study 1998 Charcoal on Arches paper Napoleon Brousseau

Scorpio Dark time of the year. Napoleon Brousseau charcoal drawinfg

 8th house -sex, death, secrets, power, spying, shared resources, taxes, wills, ZOMBIES, shit, garbage, pornography, transformation, death-eaters, Cannibals, necrophiliacs, undertakers, horror movies, vampires, blood, semen, orgasms, metaphysics, serial killers, 

VENUS IN SCORPIO intensifies the energy

Sun-Mercury and Venus in Scorpio and a Scorpio New Moon October 27/28

Boiling hot emotions, PTSD

will scald you to the bone

Scorpio timez ain’t light,

they’re a heavier tome, wear black, play detective, use handcuffs,s & m, pornography, sexually transmitted diseases, GOTH and EMO culture,

hi financial rollers, stocks, bonds, In the news- espionage, OPM – other  people’s money, inheritance, facing death, decomposing, repurposing, Dictators,

I like the OPM pun- yes dangerous drugs, OD-ing, suicides, depression, and drugs taken to hide the symptoms.

Rules body parts -colon, sex organs, clitoris, penis, anus, prostate and their afflictions. STD, gonorrhea, AIDS,

COLORS, Black, dark brown, carmine red,

Halloween occurs in Scorpio time, as does the DAY OF THE DEAD, ZOmbies! power, money, control, espionage, welcome to my Nightmare.” Any Vincent Pryce movie roles, Blue Velvet, Deep Throat, gory, torcher, James Bond times.

We are under the dictatorship rule of planets MARS traditional ruler and PLUTO modern-day ruler.


Careers – Insurance, pharmaceuticals, debts, scientific research, locksmiths, butchers, doctor’s, tax collectors, pawnshops, undertakers, psychologists,

SCORPIO countries-You living in a SCORPIO place?

Algeria, Bavaria, Catalonia, Spain, Syria, South Africa, Korea, Morocco, Norway, Paraguay,

and cities: Do you live in a SCORPIONIC place?

Washington, D.C.  Baltimore, MD,  New Orleans,Milwaukee, WI.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada,Frankfurt, Germany, Fez, Morocco, Messina, Sicily,

Newcastle, Dover, Hull and  LIverpool in England,


so expect a super gorey, black death, insane energy on HAlloween. Lots of energy to connect easily with the ancestors and those who have passed over.

Boiling hot emotions,

will scald you to the bone

Scorpio timez ain’t light,

they’re a heavier tome,

RUles body parts -colon, sex organs, clitoris, penis, anus, prostate and their afflictions.

Scorpio time is a regeneration time. It puts TAURUS in the opposing corner, LEo and Aquarius – in square mode, they’re being pushed.


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Venus in Libra Relationship Success Horoscope Love bites

Here is my take on how Venus is going to GIFT YOUR LOVE LIFE 

I’m using SUN sign horoscope forecasts. Aries is 1st sign,1st house, Taurus is 2nd etc. Know your Moon and Ascendant/Rising Sign? read these as well. Color coded- What you need to have successful relationships, That’s what Venus does in Libra.

Horoscopes for each sign:

ARIES – This is serious love

VENUS in your 7th house of SERIOUS relationships, marriage and partnerships seduces you into a state of Balance and thinking before you leap in or out. That’s a good thing. People will be attracted to you, learn to set back and relax and allow them to come to you, less work. The Goddess emanates and receives her lovers she doesn’t need to go and get them.  Venus helps you to value that others have needs too. Yes you will feel see seen. This is good for money coming to you through business relationships. It’s all good.

TAURUS -New love affairs at work

Venus, also your ruling planet in your solar 6th house of work, service, community, health. New loves may be found on the job; with clients or co-workers,  during community events and at the gym, doctor or dentists’ office. Venus gives you extra shine and polish now as you are her Feminine earthly sensuous sign. Get yourself in shape through diet, exercise and having more balance in your schedule. Indulge and buy something beautiful for yourself.

GEMINI- creative artsy big loves

Venus in your 5th house, which is the house of LOVE AFFAIRS itself put you squarely in open-hearted mode. You are in love and you aren’t afraid to show it.  Visit plays, go to the opera, art galleries, a convention for unconventional things, high society.  There will be lots and lots of opps to chat the night away, tons of social affairs, parties and invites during this time. Flirty and romantic, you will be able to feel relaxed with others and let your Gemini non-stop charm, shine. Gemini and Libra are natural affecianadoes.

CANCER- feed your love

Venus in your 4th house of home roots, family, children. Seduce that new one with an amazing gourmet dinner. The affair may start in your own home. If already in a relationship then bring that boyfriend/girlfriend home to meet family, they- your family, will be at their politest at least. Time to have lovely dinner parties to impress. Also a great time for redecorating and making your home and yourself as beautiful as you can. Good time to open up about your past, allowing more intimacy and trust into any relationship. Family secrets may come out of the basement.

LEO- Curiosity loves the cat

Venus in your 3rd house of communications, short travels, curiosity and openness. You have to be the King/Queen of course. Venus in Libra brings very beautiful people into your life. There will be many new connections, especially if you go outside your usual comfort zone. Never shy, this transit gives you more charm to meet, mesmerize and catch your prey, Ask about them, what’s their life all about? You don’t know it all. The more you can stay in an open childlike innocence the better. 

VIRGO-hey big spender, show off your assets

Venus in your 2nd house of money, resources, solid values. You’ve got what it takes Virgo and it’s your turn to shine like a copper penny. Overvalue instead of undervalue yourself. You’ve saved up enough sick days, and money to indulge yourself in something like a short vaca, or some outside the budget, sexy lingerie, which will help attract someone! Go to a spa and chill. Time to splurge on something beautiful-Venus loves art and all things of grace good taste.  You will be attracted to others for their charm and beauty and not just their functionality and hard-working ethics. Spruce up your office.

LIBRA – Perfect love Goddess

Venus in your 1st house of SELF. Well your natural charm, social graces and style will make you absolutely irresistible. Others will be attracted to you in droves and will want to enroll in your charm school. You should write a book. More lovers  though make it more confusing in deciding about Tom, Harry or Justin. But really there’s never enough choices for a Libran. Indulge yourself in extravagant beauty, arts, social scenes as you can, that will pay off later. Make sure they have the bucks to indulge you.

SCORPIO – 50 shades of love

Venus in your 12th house of secrets, the shadow, hidden enemies. Now, this is very close to your own natural Scorpio nature. Lot’s of great sex, kinky, 50 shades of relating. Venus in Libra also adds a lighter side to your natural intense heavy nature.  Love and sex don’t have to be always ATOMIC  the be-all and end all, it can also have a Lite, fun, meaningless, with no hidden meanings for you to decipher. You may find this perplexing. BE careful of your words they may come back to haunt you. Old lovers may return, don’t get stuck in the same old story.

SAGITTARIUS- Let your freak flag fly

Venus in your solar 11th house allows you to let your freak flag fly. It brings new love into your life through organizations you may belong to or join. Meeting many different types of people always fascinates you and this will be a time filled with that.  You can be attracted to someone for their radically different point of view. So get out there and mingle, network, take new classes. You will be extra gregarious, fun, good-humoured and  sociable. Also a time to receive love and praise. Teach by being part of the team.

CAPRICORN-What the world needs now is love

Venus in your solar 10th house of FAME

YOU are numero uno now Capricorn’s. You may meet older individuals who will help you in your career. Serious lovers come through public applause, meetings, being in the spotlight, getting a raise, allowing your self to shine. Venus brings attention, wealth, fame, charisma, you’ve worked long and hard. It may be difficult for you to receive acclaim, this is where you need to love yourself more. Venus rules artists, musicians, people who sculpt and craft beauty in its many ways. Design a brand new long-term love plan. Take off that ultra-conservative mask of power and show the world who you really are. Love is more important than all the material wealth in the world. 

AQUARIUS-Not an ordinary love

Venus in your solar 9th house, brings you exotic foreigners, long-distance lovers. Go to Burning Man. Extraordinary lovers come into your life. You will connect to people through online dating or meet them in unexpected, strange ways. Revolutionary comrades in arms share brave new thoughts and ideas about changing the world for the better and contributing to the tribe. Meeting new loves through school, educational seminars, meetups, classes on the net, Zoom, or dating apps.

PISCES- soul mate stew

Venus in your Solar 8th house. The 8th house is one of the Deepest most intense sexual, mystery, power games and longing for soul mates or taking hostages. But relationships may frustrate you now as you are more spiritual, sensitive and clingy than Venus in Libra tends to be. Venus in Libra will teach you detachment, a bit of distancing and judgement is balancing. This is a good thing for you. Usually, you would meet new loves at smoky dark raves, goth conventions, art galleries, in bars. In 2020 the darkness has to be you clothed in mystery on the net under an assumed identity, playing games. Venus in Libra can be skin-deep beauty. Appreciate it for what it is. Wait for Venus to enter Scorpio.

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Inspirational Card of the Day,love is in the air

May 28 Inspirational Card of the Day 

Court card

The Princess of Swords

fantasy warrior princess

This is a non-traditional Fantasy Warrior Princess

THE PRINCESSES in the Tarot are also called Pages traditionally

they represent the EARTHY most material part of the Element or suit,

swords are thoughts, mind, communication Air.

This is the Earth of Air. The grounding and embodying of the mind. She is a mixture of MINERVA/Athena Goddess of wisdom, whose totem is an owl. She is also like Medusa, the serpent headed Goddess. Her mind can turn and spin faster than any wind. She embodies a tornado of wisdom. She is the energy that makes thoughts into Physical reality. Martial arts teach how to control the mind and thus the body. If you don’t harness her energy, you go out of your head, become a space cadet. All talk no action.


Get your mind  into your body.  Yoga is good for this process as it teaches you how to stop the mind.


Visualize that your thoughts slowly drift down from your head, into your neck and down into your heart, then your will -3rd chakra and into your root chakra at the base of your spine. Then grow roots out of your spine using your intention- the sword- and go deep deep down into the ground, into Mother Earth’s physical realm. Your mind needs to be grounded to accomplish anything in the 3D real world. Bring the earth, air connection into center in your heart. Do this daily or more often as needed. Also tapping lightly on the sternum, the breast bone also balances the mind body connection. 

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WATCH GET YOUR MIND TOGETHER- Beautiful People/Jimi Hendrix

WORLD TAROT DAY May 25-Special Offer Tarot Card readings from Tara Greene

MAY 25 has been celebrated as WORLD TAROT DAY for over 10 years now.

World Tarot Day Tara Greene

A woman named Den Elder , a Tarot reader and lover of Tarot started WTD.  I started to honor it in 2004 as a day when I offered free readings to enlighten people about how fabulous the wisdom of the Tarot is. I sent out a Press Release which was picked up by Toronto Sun newspaper reported Mike Strobel who interviewed me about the Federal Liberal Election results. That interviews was published and my predictions were correct. Liberal Paul Martin won the Election and became Prime Minister.

“I always trust my cards.” says Tara, to Toronto Sun Columnist, Mike Strobel on May 26th 2004 for “World Tarot Day”

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 The Tarot begins and ends with Zero- THE FOOL and #22 The Fool.
When you have your first Tarot Reading you are considered to be embodying the Fool.
The 1st and the Last symbol of ENLIGHTENMENT. 
Different variations of Fool Songs
A Fool for LOVE by Bryan Ferry  
FOOL’s RUSH IN by Peggy Lee 
WHY DO FOOL’S FALL INLOVE- Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers 1956