Venus in Cancer, sextile Uranus, cook up something unique

May 26 a bit of a unique mood today as the Moon is also Void, Of Course, all day from 2:38 am until 11:05 pm EDT. so just chill out. Dont start new things on a Void Moon, because “nothing will come of it,”

Void of Course Moon means that the Leo Moon-in this case- has made its last aspect to one of the seven classical planets and is floundering around wildly in the skies desperately seeking a party, some drama, to let off steam to wildly play a part before petering out of energy and dialling it down to enter earthy humble Virgo.

just chill today and have a NICE SAFE MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND


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Big Drama, smart lightning bolts,big fire trine at 8°

July 23 the big planet Jupiter in independent Fiery Aries trines Mercury in Leo exactly at the magical mystical 8th degree.

If you have planets from 3-10 degrees of fire signs including Sagittarius this is a great day to brainstorm literally as Jupiter rules lightning, lol.

Trines are not automatic Get out of jail free cards, sure they are benefics but you gotta work a trine to really get results the work is knowledge and divine timing.

Mercury in LEO and Jupiter in Aries expects thunderclaps of big applause

The Sun will trine Jupiter too in the next 3-8 days so Fire signs get ready To Partay hard.

The recent record heat wave in the UK was predicted by me and other astrologers because of Jupiter in fire signs Aries this summer and now Mercury in Leo. Some people say this is an effect from CERN’s Switzerland experiments which affects the electromagnetic force field on earth.

Lightning strikes, explosions and shootings are another not as positive but attributed to these energies now. Trines are not always a good thing

This aspect also amps up the Big Drama and royal Tea, all you water and earth signs just sit back and watch the show as you aren’t affected now being right next to, the fire signs.

You will see big dramatic news items over the next week or so as we’re also amping up to a unique Uranus North Mode conjunction July 31 with Mars too on August 1st I’ll write horoscopes about that shortly

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Weekend astrology July 8-10

SCORPIO MOON rules most of the weekend, it’s the most emotionally intense obsessive death and resurrection show. The moon enters its darkest most intensive obsessive emo time of the month July 8 in the 8th Sign of #Scorpio. Prepare to do the dirty but absolutely necessary shadow work for the next 2.5 days Very sexual, mysterious, with strong jealous, possessive and paranoid moods.

7/8 ASTRO MOOD you will be feeling torn in 2 directions, armouring up against feeling pain, old shadow family arguments, upset stomachs, WTF is going on? and want to get free but am insecure energies because

The Scorpio Moon opposes Mars,Sun square Chiron, Moon trine Mercury inconjunct Jupiter, Mercury sq. Jupiter.

July 9

Mercury square Jupiter applies in EDT and GMT

Moon inconjuncts Chiron in Aries and later VENUS in GEMINI

MoON trines SUN we’re closer to a Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th


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Weekend Holiday Astrology

Weekend Astrology July 2-3 I have been having some difficulty uploading videos so better late than never. As the Moon moves from parting Leo into more grounded VIRGO on Sunday at 8:31 am EDT the messes must be cleaned up and the hangovers dealt with.

watch on my Youtube

Weekend Astrology June 17-19

HI If you noticed i haven’t been posting it’s because I was on a short sabbatical for some much-needed time in the country. I also had horrible internet and couldn’t upload anything.

It’s been a rough week hasn’t it? The Mars Chiron conjunction at 15 ARIES on June 15 was impactful and has really taken a toll on the Cryptomarkets and bull stock markets too sending them into BEAR territory.

The BITCOIN Genesis chart has its MC its career and reputation at 18 ARIES and its SUN at 13 CAPRICORN which was jus affected by MARS CHIRON wounded healer energy.

The SUN NEPTUNE square on the 16th has made me feel exhausted and loopy,

The weekend outlook is on my YouTube channel.

June 18

Venus in her earthy sensuous home sign of Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius. Dating apps can make connections real. then dissolve into very psychic, sexual, twin flames, dreamy melting into someone else’s soul as Venus sextiles Neptune in Pisces.

VENUS in TAURUS SQUARE SATURN is also crytocurrency testing, hard knocks, Bull market hits cyber walls.



Paul McCartney Gemini Astrology
Paul McCartney Astrology

Sir Paul is the quintessential Gemini archetype, charming, communicative, for ever youthful, happy, dual-natured.

With a stellium of 4 planets-Uranus, Saturn, Mercury Retrograde, the Sun plus his MC in GEMINI- He really is a qunitessential Gemini very literally. AS A LIFE LONG BEATLES AND BAND ON THE RUN AND SOLO McCartney wishing Sir Paul a very happy Octogenarian Garden Birthday and many more.

Mars-Pluto conjunctions are usually considered to be malefic, power tripping, and sexual, Paul McCartney has Mars-Pluto conjunction in Leo in 11H. This must have been activated when he wrote and recorded Helter Skelter considered to be the first heavy metal record in 1968.

PAUL has a perfectionist workaholic detail oriented VIRGO RISING with creative imaginative Neptune conuunct it square his MERCURY Retrograde MC and SUN in GEMINI.

May you live to be 120 Paul as the Jewish saying goes. Two of Paul’s wives are Jewish, Lovely Linda Eastman and his present wifr Nancy Shevell, I know he was Jewish in a past life and am going to write about who I feel he was in the past. That is relevant.

Watch LET IT BE a Paul McCartney Beatles classic

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Friday the 13th and Scorpio Eclipse Astrology Aspects, Mercury Retrograde

 Today Libra Moon strives for harmony and balance. Relationships have blind spots Friday the 13th. Don’t be superstitious, its a great day to honor the Lunar cycles as we head into the Scorpio Full flower Total Lunar Eclipse Moon May 15.

Libra moon loves to socialize but it quincunx’s Uranus in Taurus, Mars in Pisces, the Sun and Venus. The sex and love planets do not see eye to eye. Anything quirky may work. Try it on.

May 14 Moon will square Pluto later tonight intensifying power struggles and underlying shadow issues. This is the perfect lead in to working with your shadows which are the main focus of the Scorpio Total Full FLower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.

MOON ENTERS SCORPIO at 3:34 am PDT/ 6:34 am EDT/ 11:34 am GMT to get us in the deep dark obsessive Scorpio Moon, Moon inconjuncts Jupiter and Retrograde Mercury in GEMINI which is a communications nightmare for today. 

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May 15 Scorpio Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

                                    May 15 Scorpio Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

May 15 MAJOR planetary aspects of this eclipse

SUN SQUARES SATURN at 25 degrees Taurus Aquarius

This is a tense karmic issue. Its a karmic turning point. Saturn in Aquarius is still Aquarius limited testing, setting karmic boundaries being the Big Daddy opposes to any innovation. 

TAURUS Sun sextiles Neptune in Pisces

A supportive dreamy realistic aspect. Taurus is always grounded stubborn and realistic this is a good solid foundation for those projections that have been activating a passionately desperately seeking my soul mate visions.  It’s good for noticing how your gut instincts work with your intuition and more psychic knowing. This is a healthy balance and brings much-needed boundaries into the picture.  Taurus demands physical proof of promises made while under the Neptunian spell. This is a very good thing.

May 15 Venus conjuncts Chiron in Aries   

Love is a warrior Goddess now. Love hurts, yes cue that song and all other COUNTRY love songs. Love is a wound, that is how spirit and healing get in. Venus the Love goddess is in battle mode now protecting her vulnerabilities. The greatest strength is in being vulnerable.

The eclipse is  at max 9:14 pm PDT at peak and May 16 at 12:14 am EDT and 5:14 am GMT 

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Easter Weekend Astrology

Hi I have been out of town for a few days getting a much needed respite. Jupiter Neptune in Pisces has me feeling very tired. How are you doing? It is Passover and Easter Weekend

The Moon is in Libra from the 15th to the 16th

There is a big Libra full Moon at 11:55 am PDT/ 2:55 pm EDT which I will do a video on separately square PLUTO.

Friday there were three inconjuncts if you felt that incongruous energy.

April 16

The Libra Moon continues the inconjuncts from the Moon to Neptune and Jupiter making us feel out of whack emotionally and spiritually. All holiday family times are upsetting for many of us.

Moon enters SCORPIO at 5:23 pm PDT/ 8:23 pm EDT the most intensely emotional and obsessive time of the month but also the one that helps us to connect with our emotional depths. Scorpio Moon times are also best to cut hair for rapid growth and to start sprouting ot planting seeds. Expect BIG dramas,

MARCH 17 it’s EASTER SUNDAY for those that observe

Scorpio Moon makes every aspect but the square.

  1. Scorpio Moon inconjuncts Chiron in AriesSomeone could really zing you, watch out
  2. Scorpio Moon opposite Mercury in TaurusDeep conversations get below the surface
  3. Scorpio Moon trine Venus in PISCESKinky pool sex, mystical tantric experiences
  4. Moon opposite Uranus in TaurusOpen to new resources,tools, broaden your tastes
  5. Mercury in Taurus sextiles Venus in PISCESmutual reception Venus rules Taurus
  6. Mercury conjunct Uranus in PDTUnexpected chaos, revolutionary resources, finding rare jewels in mines.

Watch the Video

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Weekend Astrology

Moon enters Cancer March 11-13

The Moon is happy in her some sign busy cooking getting comfort food, givung and receiving hugs, taking care of others, offering nurturing, sustenance and motherly care. We need to feel emotionally safe with the Moon in Cancer, because we are at an emotional peak, boundaries are important to create safe space to nest in, Fertile and moody times.

Watch the video for a Tarot card and Astrology description. One of the nicest most spiritual aspects occurs on March 13 when NEPTUNE is CAZIMI in the heat of the sun at 7:43 am EDT – Its daylight savings time on the 13th at 2:00 am at 22+ PISCES

A VERY very special rare day today of spiritual Oneness, bliss, compassion highlighting the STARS THAT WE ARE, the soul.  The SUN Conjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES the sign it rules in the A.M.  an annual event BUT ONLY FROM February 3, 2011, until January 2026.  Neptune takes 165 years or so to make one complete transit.  

It would be wise to wake up early and Bow down to the SUN and NEPTUNE @ 7:34 EDT

Tune into the LIGHT the SUN=SOL=SOUL and NEPTUNE also symbolizing the spirit the oneness and Bliss Heaven ocean of love. 

Yes, connect with your Guardian Angels. I’ll write more in-depth on SUN NEPTUNE MAGICAL CAZIMI later.


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Weekend Astrology and Venus Turns Direct!

Watch my VIDEO of Weekend Astrology Jan. 28-30 in detail.


Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

Retro Station December 19, 2021 at 10:36 GMT at 26°CAP 29′ 
Inferior STAR POINT  Jan. 9 2022 at 0:48 GMT at  18°CAP43′
Direct Station, Jan. 29, 2022at 8:46 am GMT 11°CAP 05′ 

With Venus in Capricorn as the Venus Star point perfects and Venus comes to light again as Morning star, we begin a new Capricorn focussed cycle. The Venus STAR POINT was at 19 degrees Capricorn which happened Jan. 8, 2022 at 18° 43’ R.

The Lord of the Underworld & the Retro Messenger secretly meet Jan. 28, 11:16 pm EST at 26 Capricorn bringing up more hidden dirt. The same degree Venus went Retrograde, on Dec.19, 21. Venus also Stations Direct Jan. 29. Issues from 12/ 21 will have new evidence about love, $ etc.

Jan. 28 Happy Friday/ Venus’ Day. She is beautiful I just saw her out my window. She is almost Standstill turning Stationary Direct on

Jan. 29 @ 3:46 am EST at 11 degrees 05′ CAPRICORN. She’s close to the Waning moon. If you have planets or Nodes, at 11 Cap. Venus is kissing you

Venus RETROGRADE in CAPRICORN has been seducing us to go over long term goals and practical tangible achievements, to set limits on ex-lovers, and women in our loves, re-examine our finances, our self-worth, our long term goals in careers,and discipline in love,finances and life.

We have been re-evaluating everything that matters in our lives and will be ready to take on new responsibilities,realtionships, new levels of glow up and grow up maturity, new fashion tastses, careers and boundaries as VENUS turns DIRECT.

Venus rules VALUES

Capricorn rules societies’ history, structure, and ther Patriarchy. Venus rules TAURUS And LIBRA and while in Capricorn she’s been governed by seniority loving Saturn.

Questions to review today before Venus Stops but is stil RX. Planets at STANDSTILL are very powerful.

Do we want to continue the patriarchal goals ruled by Old {white} Boys network Saturn? Or do we want to break out of the mold with Saturn in Aquarius? AQUARIUS is about equal rights for all. Look at how our rights and privileges have been impinged upon by the law worldwide over the last 18+ months since covid lockdowns began. We have seen women’s rights to freedom and choice being threatened in the U.S. too. People’s valuesand careers, women’s loves as mothers, children, have been affected, human rights have been taken away- especially in Australia, Germany and Austria, Italy and Canada. Is there really a need for vaccine passports and more rules and regulations? Is this what the freedom of the Aquarian age of freedom for every individual and rebellion looks like?

VENUS and MARS are going to get cosier and cozier with each other and meet on VALENTINES DAY at 15 degrees CAPRICORN which is extra lovely,romantic and soul matey.

VENUS and MARS meet again on March 5/ 6 at 0 degrees AQUARIUS to give Aquarius some love. Both signs are ruled by serious karmic SATURN these are excellent dates to meet, hook up, make serious commitments to others in love, business and career.

Venus touches her 19 degree CAPRICORN STAR POINT again on February 20 on the U.S. first PLUTO Return. Where does that fall in your own chart?

I know most mainstream is saying the US first Pluto return is on Feb. 22, 2022 to make it look more mystical as 2/22/2022 but it is actually on Feb. 20 which is still 2/20/2022 and my daughters birthday too. I did have a major mystical experience many years ago on Feb 22 though.

VENUS gets to her Retrograde degree on March 3rd. So it will take that long for her plans to really move ahead.

The next Venus Star point is in VENUS Ruled LIBRA October 22 at 29 LIBRA Retrograde

Look forward to October 22, 2022 and the new Libra Star Point. It’s at the critical 29th degree of LIBRA squaring PLUTO. The Scorpio star point of the past 100 years moves into Libra, for the first time in our lives. This is sure to bring in a new energy into that area of our charts and certainly our lives n VENUS rules LIBRA as woman take a more balanced role in the world.

Think about that and look even further ahead into 2023 and to 20° Leo in August 2023 as the cycle completes.

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