Weekend Astrology Post Taurus Lunar Eclipse

Hi, How are you doing Post Eclipse?

The earthy unusual Venus Uranus Trine yesterday brought some surprises for sure. I hope they weren’t positive changes in plans and not too difficult for you.

The Moon entered GEMINI the AIRY TWINS and remains there for most of the weekend creating a lighter more chatty communicative, and mutable energy. Things stop and turn on a dime. Moon trines Saturn in Aquarius

Nov. 20 MOON trines SATURN in AQUARIUS

creates a rebellious, riotous atmosphere, very literally. There are riots in Holland and in the U.S. Rebel, Rebel by David Bowie is the theme song. Breakthroughs in ideas can come if you’ve been having writers blocks.

Moon sextiles CHIRON in ARIES

and we can talk about our wounds in more of a lighter detached way which could be good or bad.

GEMINI Moon inconjuncts both VENUS in CAPRICORN and MARS in SCORPIO

so things may be complicated relationship wise in a, he said she said way. Be forewarned that that lovers and friends don’t pull the rug out from under you unexpectedly.


new and penetrating insights may surprise you. It’s the most twisted turning detective sniffing oath that you must follow the lead and stay focussed on that can bring big results. News of Underhanded money issues, crypto punks or hackers making off with money and disappearing like that. NFT heist was already in the news expect more.


I can’t believe it’s the 3rd week in November already like how is it 2021 is almost over? Do you feel that way too? This is the last day of Sun in SCORPIO.

Moon squares NEPTUNE in PISCES

This aspect happenes in the night and this is the perfect night to really induce LUCID DREAMS and great for meditating, visualizing, and projection. Very dreamy, you can connect to two-spirit guides or to a “twin flame” or twin spirits or someone you’re mentally on the same wavelength with. Be careful about taking drink drugs shrooms because your judgement is off.


Deep insights and the ability to move mountains by sheer mental tenacity. MERCURY in SCORPIO is if looks can kill. You can mesmerize anyone with your sexual magnetism if you know how to use that energy well. Just be careful of how you use power.


This aspect can bring wild conversations exchanges of ideas, great for think tanks inventors, revolutionary speeches and many mental goodies. Revolutionary threesomes?

MOON goes Void of Course at 10:52 am EDT – you can chill and just do mundane things until the evening.


A great day to debate,killer wits abound and there are bazinga retorts. Be careful of people manipulating with words or beguiling you into buying something you don’t really want. This is the last day of Sun in SCORPIO.


The SAGE SUN totally shifts the energy. It’s firey, optimistic, mystical, honest to a fault, spacious, historical, funny, far out. We want to travel and need space. I;m a SAGE so am happy when the sun is in the 9th sign of understanding.


It’s time to go home with the Moon for 2.5 days and we want to be in the COMFORT ZONE. Start cooking, call your mom or go visit her, invite family or friends over and eat, get cozy, relax, feel safe. We get sentimental emotional, sentimental, wanting to just cuddle up with comfort food, eat, curl up into a fetal position and be at peace. Family time with your biological or whoever is in your family. Also this is a children oriented energy. Remember to Take your inner child out to play

MOON inconjuncts SUN in SAGITTARIUS in the evening.

The emotional sensitive moon and the upbeat- don’t fence me in SAGITTARIUS must have freedom energy don’t fit together at all. You may be feeling restless of course. Chill out were still in the aftereffects of the eclipse and the Mars Uranus energy on Wed.

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Quincunx communication Shouting into the void

Hi you all please don’t stop following me because I am not posting daily these days. There are many things going on pots boiling on the back burner and family issues I am dealing with. I am grateful for all of you.

I want to transition to Patreon as I have been giving away daily free readings since 2015 thousands and thousands of them. I thank the over 17,500 people who follow me. I never hear from any of you. I don’t know how many of these emails are real and actually read what I write, This is another job and ive been staying up all night for years to fulfill it.

Please do respond so I don’t feel that I am shouting into the void.

I am needing to take care of my health, finish two books and begin to do deeper channeling work too.

So i would rather post some short video tarot card readings and post weekly horoscopes and short dailies.


Makes for flighty butterfly mind energies but charming flirty energy

Moon trines Mercury in Libra and opposes Venus in Sagittarius

Good for dating app connections with Sagittarius and distance relationships

Moon square Neptune in PISCES so pay attention to your dreams tonight

Moon trine Jupiter in Aquarius at night in PDT

this is lucky big picture get some perspective issues

Oct. 24 Mercury in Libra inconjunct Uranus in Taurus makes for strange bedfellows and cryptic unusual conversation. Financial markets can be all over the place as well. More shouting into the VOID energies.

I feel like the energy is def all over the place. It wont be as cataclysmic as last weeks Jupiter and Mercury direct. The Full Moon in Aries square Pluto or the Mars Pluto square of the 22nd. Which i predicted as danger of shootings-see previous posts and the Alec Baldwin tragic shooting on set with a prop gun happened on that day.

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Astrology and Solar Flare Geomagnetic Storm, Northern Lights

In alignment with the Sun-Mars and Sun-Mercury Cazimi in Astrology October 8-9 a huge solar flare October 9 which caused geomagnetic storm and amazing auroras on October 12. On Oct. 9, specialists at NASA detected a solar flare that could culminate in aurora borealis over the northern hemisphere Oct. 11-12. Were you lucky enough to see the beautiful show? I was certainly feeling the energies. Although I wasn’t consciously aware of it. My energy was all over the place i couldn’t sleep the night of the 9th and was exhausted all of the 10th. These CME’s are becoming more frequent lately as the sun was supposed to be in its solar minimum. Sun is still relatively quiet. The CME’s change out bodies electromagnetic frequency. Tesla said everything is about frequency. So on some level the sun and the Angels behind the SUN the Big watchers are upleveling or changing our Frequencies everytime these Northern Lights are on show. A beautiful way of knowing we are being mutated. Source: Solar Flare Causes Geomagnetic Storm, Aurora Expected In Northern Reaches and more here https://www.wral.com/solar-flare-could-make-aurora-visible-across-the-northern-u-s/19920381/ get a reading. SIGN UP NOW for October 19 ARIES FULL MOON Astrology Magic On fire LIVE workshop at 7:30 pm EDT. Cost is $28. U.S. or Canadian for Canadians.

Weekend Forecast September 24-26

Venus Uranus opposition sends Cryptocurrency market crashing as China declares crypto illegal. Such a Venus in Scorpio Uranus Opposition energy. Financial instability and emotional shocks.


This is so literal. Venus = Wealth in Scorpio = power, control, secrets, criminal activity, and all finances opposing Uranus in Taurus, Venus rules Taurus, Uranus rules Aquarius and Cryptocurrencies. Venus = also in a T-square to Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus September 17- 23rd has made market go a bit crazy. Uranus is moving direct.

Sorry that I have not been posting as regularly as I am really rethinking my whole presentation. Plus I am feeling burned out truth be told.

September 24

TAURUS MOON conjuncts URANUS opposes VENUS

We will see the markets fall from this its not just China’s other financial issues now. Venus Opposite Uranus is emotional chaos, and instability. Uranus is like an electric current and you will be feeling anxious and wired up. Now the moon brings it all home. Moon opposes Venus in Scorpio to give it to you at both ends.

I will look into China’s birth chart in more details shortly and bitcoins again too.

In the 1949 birth chart of China October 1, 1949 Venus is 19 Scorpio and its MC 23

Transiting Venus is at 15 Scorpio and URANUS is at 14 TAURUS squaring China’s natal MARS/PLUTO at 14-17 degrees LEO.

September 25

Taurus Moon sweetly sextiles Neptune in PISCES – dreaming of greener pastures.

Moon in Taurus square Jupiter in Aquarius trine Pluto in Capricorn.

Moon in Taurus seeks stability in the stable old Capricorn field of dreams but newer pastures beckon.



difficulty communicating leads to frustration. You may be feeling like everything you feel is not being heard.

Mars in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius.

Attempt to make peace and find some balance with friends and loved ones especially your dad or older authority figure. But the bigger picture is Saturn in Aquarius stringent authorities using technology and the law LIBRA to limit and inhibit freedoms. Governments wants to control anyone seeking alternative or innovative means in many areas.

Moon enters GEMINI to lighten the conversation at 8:36 pm EDT

prep for Mercury Retro Sept 26 10:10 pm PDT/ Sept. 27 at 1:11 am EDT

I’ll write more about that shortly

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Solar tsunami this weekend Astrology, Spiritual upgrades

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, CC BY 2.0
https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

An unexpected CME or Coronal Mass Ejection erupted from the Sun August 26 and fired off a “solar tsunami” of hot plasma setting off a magnetic wave across the surface of the sun.

The CME is set to hit the earth August 28/29 and into the 30th a fine way to end August. there will likely be big Northern Lights and possibly satellite and radio black outs.

These CME’s affect the magnetic Torus fields of the earth and us as we are also Electic magnetic beings, vibrating with life. Some new age channellers see these Coronal mass ejections as light language upgrades. We are affected as the radiation and magnetism is altered. We are being mutated..

The fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field can make you feel extremely tired, headachy, and dizzy. I often feel this before I know the Solar storms are coming.

As the Virgo Sun squares the Nodes at 6 degrees Virgo/ Gemini the North Node is a pivotal karmic point and our highest aspiration.

The North Node represents the mirror of the collective unconscious. Is the world’s present state of insanity what you would choose consciously?

A solar tsunami requires we become solar surfers. What do you need to surf the Sun and be in perfect harmony and synch? There was a book called Surfers of the Zuvuya by Jose Arguelles who created the first Harmonic Convergence in 1987 talking about riding the perfect wave in synchronicity with the harmonies of endless time.

This would be a great time to Meditate and practice the Luminous Structure exercises which my colleague Maureen Walton has created based on ancient Quero indigenous teachings in Peru.

Http://maureenwalton.com. Http://maureenwalton.com

Do tune into the solar tsunami frequencies and see what you can download.

Sending you many blessings.

Watch the video on my YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/vvx1k9lhIOI

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Weekend Astrology, Sun Mercury Saturn meet ups

Its the end of July

Moon is in Taurus

I’ll write more about August 1 and the deets Sun Mercury SUn opposite Saturn meetup

watch the video https://youtu.be/D7BOckfw0ZE

JOIN me AUGUST 1 at 8:00 pm EDT live on FACEBOOK for august tarot and astrology guide for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency https://www.facebook.com/cosmic.intelligenceagency

Emotional insights and Release

July 24 the Aquarius Full moon’s energies linger and remain in Aquarius until late on the 25th.Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces At the Magical master numbers 22°

These two positively aspected planets Bring intuitive insights into long forgotten emotional and family issues gestating in the soul and unconscious, not just from your childhood but from past lives too.

Remember that Mercury in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces are always wanting to nurture and rescue others. The song Emotional Rescue by the Rolling Stones comes to mind. This aspect is about receiving. Open yourself up to heal yourself now as everybody’s wounds you see outside of you are projections of your own inner wounds. We are all all PTSD, ‘it’s a fact of being born a human in this hard Saturnian 🪐 world.

July 25 as Mercury opposes Pluto in Capricorn you can excavate even further into the unconscious realms on a more physical and visceral way. Remember that the body holds all the emotional and pre-verbal, pre-intellectual programming of the child.

Neptune rules the 12th house of the Unconscious, as does Pluto the Lord of the Underworld, the land of shades or shadows. This is the realm of the the ancestors and their knowledge and wisdom. Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune are sextile (60 degree aspect) to each other. We can access our unconscious ancestral knowledge in visions, meditation, dreams and in our bones. This is an incredible time to heal so many old toxic emotional wounds.

The Full Moon is a time of completion. Bring those strong emotions up, weep and wail as you must, get them all up and out and release them. Remember you were innocent. Record these by writing in a journal.

Aromatherapy, is a wonderful tool to help in processing emotional issues, used by the ancients. Using “forgive” a DoTerra blend is recommended. Remember you do not have to rush into forgiving anyone. If you would like to purchase this contact me. Cleansing with a healing full moon bath is recommended.

Brain fog is one literal expression of this energy. If you feel like ” nothing is real, ” like John Lennon of The Beatles song Strawberry Fields’s Forever, then “nothing to get hung up about” is also the answer. Let it all float downstream. This is also a great time to let creativity flow, tapping into the great stream of collective unconscious energy.

Meditation, visualization and affirmations with full emotions behind them can create miraculous results. Pay attention to you dreams tonight.

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Weekend Astrology July 2-4

Uranus in Taurus Napoleon Broussuea art, tara Greene astrology
Taurus painting Napoleon Brousseau link here https://www.napob.com/

There are intense energies incoming this weekend. Be careful if you have planets at 9-17 degrees of the fixed signs in your natal chart you will feel the tension of this the strongest.

I will do a short article on the U.S. year ahead with its Solar Return chart FOR 2022. Please watch the video about weekend astrology as the Mars in LEO Saturn in AQUARIUS opposition T-square to Uranus in TAURUS tightens its grip as MARS exactly squares URANUS on the 3rd at 13 degrees. at 6:40 pm PDT/ 9:40 pm EDT/ July 4 at 2:40 am GMT.

Don’t launch any rockets, be careful with FIREWORKS! and BBQ’s, etc. Chaos anger and passions are running high and tense especially for those born with planets or rising signs at 9-17 degrees FIXED SIGNS-TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO AND AQUARIUS. Try to stay cool and not defensive.

Watch the video https://youtu.be/ki_7vCbvDBA

Weekend Astrology June 26/27

The Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto early on June 26 affecting your dreamtime. Do pay attention when you wake up as Neptune just turned Retrograde on the 25th, and is very powerful

Moon enters Aquarius 10:09 am EDT for the rest of the weekend the mood is detached, cool, inventive freedom loving, non cookie-cutter.

Moon and Sun are inconjunct it’s a sticky situation and makes Aquarius moons uncomfortable.

Venus enters Leo ♌️-see previous article get ready to party. In PDT

Moo opposes Mars in Leo

Sparks could be flying as opposites attract. Aquarius and Leo tango power games and shuffle moods

June 27 with Venus and Mars in Leo/ relationship sex, dating and needing each other is much stronger. passion will be high.

Moon opposes Saturn and squares Uranus

This is the mood board of Saturn square Uranus. It brings the current hard square into our emotions. Tense.

Moon sextiles Chiron and trines Mercury

We can talk about our wounds, and our pain over more indigenous graves being discovered in Canada. People will be telling their tragic stories in the media and gaining collective support.

Have a great safe weekend.. Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene

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Weekend tarot and astrology