US Debt crisis Aug 2, 2011. 8 ball, X marks the spot,in detriment. The Astrology of,predictions from Tara Greene,financial crystal ball consultant


U.S. Sebt crisis Aug 2, 2011

The U.A. astrology chart 1776 and Aug 2 2011 debt crisis


This is the Astrology chart of the United States born on July 4, 1776 at 5:10 pm Philadelphia commonly known as the Sibley Chart. There is much debate over which exact time the Declaration of Independence was signed but this is the chart most used. The Ascendant or persona or mask of Uncle Sam is at 12 degrees + of  Sagittarius, the Centaur of the Zodiac known for  truth, Justice, foreigners, travelling, law, philosophy,humour,animals,expansion, inspiration, boundless optimism,doing things BIG. Sounds like the good old U.S. and A?

U.S. is a Cancerian Sun of course! Should be AUNT SAMANTHA not Uncle Sam!

We all know at heart Americas was Born on July 4 making Her a Cancer, all Mom and Apple Pie of course, homeland security is the perfect translation of Sun in Cancer.

Without going into detail suffice it to say that the Inner wheel with the planets in BLUE is the U.S.’s Natal chart. The all important MOON representing THE PEOPLE which the constitution represents is at 27 degrees 10 minutes of Aquarius,in the 3rd house of communications.

Mercury {communications, thinking} is also in Cancer at 24 degrees of Cancer RETROGRADE -which means appearing to move backwards, in the 8th house  which governs finances, other people’s money, TAXES, inheritance, secrets, power, control, birth and death, 8th house Scorpio issues,like sexuality.

Venus planet of Women, Money, luxury, balance, the arts,relationships, is at 3 degrees of Cancer placed inside the 7th house of Marriage, committed relationships, businesses, the interface for Self and all others in the world. Venus is conjunct or connected to Mr. Big himself planet Jupiter {Yahweh,Jah, Zeus} at 5 degrees of Cancer also in the relationship 7th house. They are Married in the 7th house therefore BIG SPENDER is the tag word here.


FYI the Cancer Sun the ego and identity is in that 7th house but very close to the 8th house get my drift.

MArs the God of War, defenses, action, libido, ruler of men is at 21 degrees of Gemini also in the 7th.

SATURN the planet that rules everything in matter, the 3D world, aka Father Time, Death, limitations, obstacles, Lord of Karma, the patriarchy, career, corporate structures, buildings, the elderly, seniority, senators, the TAX MAN, is up in the 10th house of World renown in Libra, where Saturn is considered to be exalted, or more favourable, more fair and balanced in the Sign of Peace, negotiations, relationships. But wherever we find Saturn we find difficulty.

URANUS planet of revolution, technology, inventions, genius, group thinking, individuality, freedom,sudden change  is at 8 degrees of Gemini in the 6th house of work, service,analysis but right on that 7th house cusp of where it interfaces with the world.

NEPTUNE  at 22 degree of Virgo is the planet of dreams, artists, spirituality, compassion, illusion, delusion, drugs, secret enemies, self-undoing, addictions, DEBT, fantasy. Hollywood, film and photography and OIL is in the 9th house which rules foreigners, expansion, truth, justice all Sagittaria type matters, airplanes, teaching, proselytizing.

PLUTO still very important astrological, rules the Soul, the Unconscious, shadows, power, control, secrets is at 27 degrees of Capricorn RETROGRADE in the 2nd house of Money,values, tools and resources, stubbornness, sensuality,the body.

The U.S. North Node , the N.N. symbolizes your highest spiritual goal, is at 6 degrees of Leo in the 8th house of death and rebirth all that Scorpio stuff- other people’s money etc. This is LEo like  courage, the daring, the leadership, the drama, the childlike nature of, the will. The U.S. is always the center stage where the U.S. will show its courage or its vanity, power-over or power with, and too much pride which always precedes its’ fall..

That Key like symbol is called Chiron the Wounded Healer,also a Centaur in classical greek mythology, never mind that the Greek economy has now cacked out, its Mythology is still ever powerful in its’ Archetypal meaning. Chiron, discovered Nov. 1, 1977 is a powerful point indicating where the greatest wounding and also the greatest healing are marked. At 20 degrees of Aries Chiron is a main focal point as it is opposite Saturn -see red lines-and in a square aspect of 90 degrees {L}  or so to the Sun, Mercury and to Pluto as well.

Chiron also squares the Vertex at 26 degrees of cancer. The Vertex is a “karmic point” an intake of crucial significance in connecting with other. Note that PLuto is opposite this Vertex point as well. the only other main Squares in the U.S. chart are from Mars in Square aspect to Neptune. Squares are pressures, they make things happen, they are tense. Mars in Gemini in the 7th house square to Neptune in Virgo in the 9th, means {Gemini like} Peter Pan, peur, instant gratification, immaturity, divided attentions,split personalities, indecisive, dual natured actions and desires, doubly macho, warlike and  all that energy is applying aggressively to an earthy  hard-working self-critical, diligent, prudent,conservative, work ethic {Virgo} infused with a highly evolved {9th house} Neptunian escapist unrealistic addiction. In other words, escapism,  Warlike  tantrums and childlike actions.  Life built on fantasy and illusion, drug and alcohol addictions, false dependency on foreign oil, mass communications { Gemini}  used to brainwash the public.  Illusions about work, life, morals, philosophy, history, laws, all 9th house issues.

 One more thing the U.S. Moon is flanked by two Asteroids named for Greek goddesses. Athena is at 26 degrees of Aquarius a degree away from the moon. She is the patriarchal Goddess representing the transition from Matriarchy to Patriarchy as she is born from Zeus head fully armed. She is  a war strategist, she wears an owl on her shoulder. The city of Athens is named in her honour and the Parthenon her main temple. The sickle-like symbol to the other  side of the crescent moon is the asteroid Ceres at 8 degrees of Pisces but close enough to be considered conjunct the Moon. She is Ceres to the Romans and Demeter to the Greeks.  Ceres is the great mother of the earth Herself, Mother Nature,or Gaia we would popularly call her. This gives the U.S. Moon a very interesting Strong Matriarchal focus, but one that has not been fully realized yet.


The outer planets in green ringing the natal wheel are the planets today Aug 2 2011.

The U.S. has held debt for many many years. On Oct 1, 1917  during the first World War, the first effective debt ceiling was created,called The second Liberty Loan Act. On this date, just after a full moon, the Sun and Moon were squaring Pluto which was conjunct the South Node at 5 degrees of Cancer,and the Sun and Moon were also squaring the North Node at 5 degrees of Capricorn. That lunation was mid-way between an eclipse as well,as eclipses can only occur when the sun nd moon are aligned with the nodes.

And where is Pluto now? at 5 degrees of Capricorn, exactly Dead on where the North Node was on Oct 1, 1917. The Nodes and Pluto are interconnected in Evolutionary Astrology as they symbolize the soul’s growth. Pluto {death and rebirth, secrets, power and control issues} also opposes Natal Jupiter at 5 degrees of Cancer exactly now Jupiter is always associated with expansion and wealth and with Venus ruler of money as well.

 Pluto is exactly opposite to where it was when this first debt crisis was created. So half way in the entire cycle.

THE  U>S> SATURN RETURN, the Return of Satan,  U.S. behind the 8 ball  the 8 ball

Saturn that ole’ devil is returning once again for the 8th time to the place it was when the U.S. was born. The U.S. has just had its’ 235th birthday.  more about that soon.

Have you turned 28 or 29/30 ? 56 -60? 84-90? congratulations! Then you have lived through one, two and three Saturn returns yourself.  Saturn is the great TESTER, the challenger, makes you jump through the hoops. Saturn is time, the old boys system. Corporate structure, senility, seniority, maturity.

The U.S. is now getting it’s 8th of such Saturn returns. 8 itself is the symbol of infinity, I know 8 is considered lucky for finances in China. Since China holds most of the U.S. debt they dont want the U.S. to default, or do they? 8 is karma, what you put out is what you get back and in the simplest of terms, if you overspend the piper must be paid sooner of later.  As Saturn is connected traditionally to the Devil,and those Tea Partiers are sure acting like devils accusing Obama or every sort of heinous crime.

 is the U.S. SELLING ITS’ SOUL to the devil now?  Who is plea bargaining? Just who are the terrorists these days? V.P. Biden referring to those ultra right-wing Tea partiers as terrorists is one way of calling  a spade a  spade, no puns intended or racial slurs at all.

July 1, 2011 the Cancer Solar eclipse falls at 3 degrees from the U.S. Sun and right on Canada’s Sun.

Eclipse are always strong portends of change. That eclipse has the Sun and the Moon  on the U.S. Sun. The feelings of the People as symbolized by the Moon eclipsing the Sun, the Light  shows the state {the Sun} being changed by the popular feelings of the People.

The bad news is the  cuts! Usually all the good friendly public welfare stuff gets cut. the stuff that benefits the children the poor the elderly.

The Leo New Moon of July 30th just saw Venus at 2 degrees of Leo conjunct to the Sun and Moon at 7 degrees of Leo. And Venus  is in a square aspect to Jupiter at 8 degrees of Taurus. Jupiter in Taurus is earthy, sensuous, will never go on a diet! Jupiter is also in a positive Trine aspect to Retrograde Pluto right now. So Venus Jupiter and Pluto are aligning  in a Grand trine now, a very positive optimistic expansive energy although one where the corporate structure is being overhauled. This is the first new moon since the Eclipse so it brings in new fresh energies. 


The U.S. North Node is at 6 degrees of Leo. So this is promising as Venus in Leo is largesse, queenly, dramatic! going right to the 11th hour are we just for the stage presence.

Let’s remember that Obama is a Leo after all. and more about the President’s 50th birthday is well, That’s why it’s hurting him so much. He is experiencing his Chiron return! 

R U Turning 50 this year like the President? Join the Hurts so much club.

 Dont take it personally. Everyone during their 50th year gets to experience their Chiron return. Chiron takes 5o0 years to make one complete round. If you live to be 100 you’ll get 2 of them. It hurts, it is a healing crisis. Mr Obama is feeling ultra vulnerable and those Tea Partiers keep sticking their fingers into the wounds. Not al of this mess he created, he stepped into this mess lets remember.

But still the Wall Street crooks are still free and laughing all the way to their personal Ferrari’s and bank vaults.  Goldman Sachs, the lawmakers, the shyster, the wheeler dealers for the banks,the credit card companies are all in cahoots ,are all culpable. The Federal Reserve, the lobbyists etc etc etc.  are to blame for this mess. Who’s going to pay? That’s right. the little guy, the poor, the powerless, the young. Not the corporations, the banks, the car companies, the wealthy.

One more thing MERCURY is going RETROGRADE Aug 2.

 Why is it dragging out to the last minutes? As Mercury turns retrograde he slows down. Going Retrogarde  at Zero degrees of Virgo, that’s OK for the U.S. it is in harmony with the U.S. think outside the box ways. Mercury is also directly opposite Neptune also moving Retrograde at Zero degrees of Pisces. Mercury will be retrograde from Aug 2 -26 but wont go back to Zero degrees of Virgo again where it turned Retrograde at, till Sept 9, 2011. 

Note the Big RED X marks the Spot in the U.S. chart.   x marks the spot

The crux or cross or red X in the chart indicates, too much rashness Chiron at 20 degrees of Aries opposite Saturn in Libra in the 10th house can be a fall from the world’s stage, as squared by Pluto at 27 degrees of Capricorn Rx opposite the Vertex and Part of Fortune at 26 degrees of cancer. The Part of fortune is the pot of Gold in the chart. This point to certain transits Saturn will be at 20 degrees of Libra opposite Chiron in mid-October of 2011, this can indicate further stress woes and trouble. Saturn will also be at 27 degrees of Libra squaring its natal Pluto and Squaring that PART OF FORTUNE/ VERTEX point around the same time. These are all super hot spots in the chart.

MARS RETROGRADE In the U.S. Progressed Astrology chart for the next 80 years!!!!

 And last but not least in anyone’s chart planets change direction during your lifetime. All charts Progresss. The U.S. is no exception. Since  July 19 2006 the U.S. Mars. its’ vigor, libido, strength, power, force has turned Retrograde and will continue to do so for the next 80 years till March 27, 2086!!! 

My advice. Some antidotes?

Do a collective Rip Van Winkle and go to sleep for about 20 years until a solution is found. By 2031 well Pluto will be in Aquarius. The Age of Aquairus will be happening. Some new fangleddebt ridder invention will have been created. there will be no more money in the world, and according to quantum physics, no separation, no debt, no others.

The U.S. consciousness needs to either prick its’ collective finger,and not THE finger, on the spinning wheel of karma and time, that is Saturn and go into a Neptunian collective fantasy and illusion addiction sleep for about 80 years until Prince Charmant comes along to wake up Sleeping America the Beautiful at long last. By that time at least no more debt is racked up,  if no Americans are spending all that newly printed cash, well it wont be so bad, will it?

What’s the interest on 12, trillion for 80 years at what %?





Colbert 2008 – Astrology U.S.A. by Tara Greene

Stephen Colbert’s Astrology Chart

Oct. 16, 2007 Stephen Colbert announced on his TV show The Colbert Report that he was running for President in the 2008 Election for BOTH parties in the State of Southern Carolina. Is it possible Astrologically? Jupiter is in Sagittarius sign of Humour, Politics, Justice, Laws, Optimism, International Issues. Humour is the best Medicine and Stephen we need that medicine now. Let’s look at Stephen’s Birth Chart first. Born May 13 1964 in Washington D.C. birth time not known

Since I do not have an accurate time we’ll use noon, for public figures Noon puts their Natal Sun where else? At the top of the chart where they shine the brightest.

So what do we see? From primary Triad Sun, Moon, Ascendant-Stephen is a Taurus Sun 22 degrees. His self identity is Earthy, stable, security conscious, pragmatic, artistic, stubborn, forceful, peaceful, sensual. His primary directive is tools, planting seeds, he embodies, he manifests spirit {1st house}into 3D {2nd house}.

His Moon is at 18 of Gemini and of course he has a twin personality, so of course he is running for both parties!.Gemini is the sign most connected to communications, thinking, gathering information, the eternal youth, Peter Pan, nervous energy, a great salesperson, someone who examines the relationships of duality. Stephen plays an ultra-conservative with wit and irony. The Moon is your emotions. In an air sign, it is dry, intellectual. The Moon in Gemini, is akin to the 3rd house which rules siblings and Steven is the youngest of 11 children! We can see how Steve uses his innate talents and abilities, he is a superb communicator and commentator of oppositioness.

In this chart his Ascendant or persona is in Leo at 15 degrees and this is the public persona the showman, the actor, the dramatist, who craves attention. A leader, someone with a big heart, a childlike playfull nature. We adore watching him parading around indulging his creative self-expression pretending he’s the King, because he does it to the max.

Stephen’s North Node is in Cancer, The North Node represents your Highest Spiritual Goals. In Cancer it is to nurture, to offer security and nourishment, safety, tradition. His South Node opposite, is in Capricorn, the South Node represents your genetic and karmic pasts. CApricorn, the pragmatist, sign of the Businessman,the shrewd organizer, the careerist, fame, builders, stability, tradition, hard work. He already knows how to do that through his past. His North Node is conjunct Venus, so his Highest Spiritual goal is Venusian. It’s is receptive, to bring beauty,value, the arts, fairness, balance {Libran} Justice.


Mercury is at 1 degree of Taurus. Mercury rules communications and thinking. A plodding thinker, a solid, bull headed communicator. When Stephen takes a stance he won’t back down. He is a no-bull, full of bull Taurean thinker. He is a creative thinker, money and security are part of his communications strategy. Taurus, rules by Lady Venus is artistic and Taurus rules the throat so he loves to speak and is an excellent vocalizer.

Stephen’s Venus is at 2 degrees of Cancer and this reflects his love nature, his values.He’s a softy deep down, conservative, tied to his home, his roots, family, his Mom. He is a nurturing person, security conscious, despite his outgoing Gemini Moon Mercurial personality deep down he is very private.

His Mars at 4 degrees of Taurus, lots of Bull in his chart, describes his passion, activities, drives, defenses. He is a stubborn, plodding, fixed purpose kinda guy. Money and stability are driving factors for him. He practically sows seeds of creative ventures, he defends with is voice.

Stephen’s also got Jupiter in Taurus and Jupiter does it Big. Optimistically stubborn, adventurously stable, a teacher in a very pragmatic way, someone who voices higher truths through- Bull, bull baiting.  Jupiter is the sign most connected with humour, so Stephen’s destiny as a very popular comedian is right there in his chart. He is an artistally role playing  a conservative, making fun of it.

Steve’s Saturn is in Pisces. Pisces is concerned with compassion, bliss, fantasy, illusion, drama, being a chameleon, spirituality. Saturn is karma and Saturn in Pisces shows someone who is deeply spiritual. Many Pisceans are drawn to acting because they become others. Saturn shows us the limits, this position is the Boddisatva position. Someone who offers themselves to serve others.

The outer planets are generational.

Stephen is 43 years old. Uranus is in Virgo, the sign related to work, discipline, serving others, perfectionism, analysis, information, stewardship. Uranus is the revolutionary who breaks up stagnant old Saturnine patterns. Uranus is creative genius, seeing the big picture, utilizing modern technology. Stephen’s daily bread is earned in an unusual way, he is a perfectionist at his role, he is totally into it. Through communicating {Virgo ruled by Gemini} he changes attitudes.

Neptune is in Scorpio. Neptune get sus in touch with the spiritual picture although it may be a fuzzy one. Neptune rules film, fantasy, entertainment, illusion, oil, the sign of Pisces, escapism, delusion, spirit, bliss, the ephemeral. Scorpio {ruled by Mars and Pluto} is the sign most concerned with Transformation, death, rebirth, refuse, garbage, toxins, atomic power, control, secrets, revenge, sexuality, other people’s money. This gives Stephen the ability to use the entertainment business to provide escapism, fun, to point out the control, waste, toxins that need to be transformed, in an ephemeral way.

Pluto is in Virgo. Pluto though demoted is vitally important in Astrology. Pluto rules birth, death, transformation, garbage, toxins, power, control, secrets, research, investigation.. The Pluto in Virgo Generation are cleaning up the Planet in many ways, through ideas, workplace changes, intellectually investigating. Pluto is power and Stephen’s uses Virgo’s intellectual prowess to create change.

Stephen’s Part of Fortune is in Virgo sandwiched between Uranus and Pluto. The Part of Fortune, {circle with an x in it} shows where the “pot of gold” is in anyone’s chart. For Stephen it works combined with his unique original intellectual big picture electrifying Uranian energy and Pluto’s power to research and unearth what’s being covert in order to stimulate change in the public. Pluto rules the masses and the collective Unconscious.

Stephen embodies in his Taurean nature the thoughts {Gemini} of his Generation {outer planets} and projects {Pisces} them in a Conservative Saturnian way..

Let’s look at his prospects through his Transits. Pluto is about to oppose Stephen’s Venus North Node conjunction. Pluto rules the people, and the people will adore him, support him, love him. He has the power of the people behind him, he could easily win the popular vote.. Pluto conjunct the North Node by transit is truly a karmic fulfillment. Pluto brought Stephen fame when it was opposite his Natal Moon for the past number of years.

Jupiter is opposite his Moon now, so he is poised to be funnier, bigger, more famous, rich, hobnobbing with everyone who is famous. Jupiter will take him over he top. Jupiter is squaring his natal Chiron, there is a wound being exposed through Jupiterian largess, humour, the bigger international picture. Colbert is a teacher and a healer. Jupiter will enter Capricorn this year and oppose Steve’s North Node Venus thing there and it mean Xtreme Popularity. By the way Jupiter will be crossing the U.S. Natal Pluto at the election so there may be a huge meltdown, a fascist takeover?

Transitting Saturn is exactly on Stephen’s Uranus. This is the classi should I stay or should I go transit. It indicating the consolidation of his unique originality. Saturn tests, it is karmic. Stephen is experiencing his Saturn opposition right now. Saturn’s cycles are related to the 7 year patterns that the body rejuvenates itself with. This is an important turning point for whatever Stephen began 14 years ago is showing results now. Saturn is also Trining, { 120 degrees} the best aspect you can have, Stephen’s Mars, so a consolidation of his desires, energies, activities. Saturn will also Trine his Jupiter, so this is BIG Fun, optimistic. Saturn will conjunct Stephen’s Part of Fortune in 2008. That is karmic. He should achieve his fortune. And of course Saturn will conjunct his Pluto and we’ve discussed that already.

Transitting Uranus is contacting his Chiron, the body of the wounded healer, so this is an electrifying revolutionary performance to reveal everyone’s wounds with Uranian technology. Uranus is squaring his Neptune and Moon. The Moon represents the unconscious and Neptune people’s fantasies. Electrifying.

Transitting Neptune is in the 7th house of this chart, so Stephen’s illusions will win him fame and devotion from all others. He is bringing in spiritual wisdom in a way that is not so obvious.

YOU GO STEPHEN! Maybe life will imitate art and he’ll be like Robin Williams in that film Man of the Year becoming President. I’d vote for you Stephen, a few times. Humour is the best medicine.