Deeper Scorpio Halloween 2021

Scorpio Season starts October 22/23 @ 4:22 am PDT/ 7:22 am EDT/ 11:22 am GMT until November 22. But wait, there’s much more.

The Scorpio energy begins to deepen our psyches, sexual energy and emotional changes territory October 30 as Mars, the ruler of Scorpio enters SCORPIO until December 13. Mars is happiest and strongest in its’ own sign, this is an excellent time for psychotherapy, doing shadow work and transforming unresolved issues.

Mars, Scorpio’s ruler is in Libra until October 30 and our desire is to please everyone and worrying about our social status.

MARS will be in SCORPIO for HALLOWEEN Hallelujah

the theme of death and rebirth is strong. It’s the Witch’s NEW YEAR, Use death as an ally. All things must pass, it is the end of the natural year in the Northern Hemisphere. We let go of the old and go into the darkest time of the year, to dream, be receptive and know that life must stop and rest. The Day of the Dead November 1st, celebrated in Mexico is an ancient Pagan celebration.

As Mars enters Scorpio we will be irresistably pulled into those dark, deep, Scorpio Underworld depths. This will be a hot steamy sexy Scorpio season. We will be thinking and feeling and sweating those Scorpio depths of desire, obsession, wearing our invisibility cloaks and wielding power. Jealousy and tempers will be inflamed.This can be a dangerous time as it empowers emotional vampires and the dark side of the psyche. Be careful of overly controlling people. Mars in Scorpio helps us to be brave and to stand up to bullies and those who would try to control, rape or steal our power.

The NEW MOON November 4 at 12 degrees Scorpio plunges us right into Scorpio black deep waters. This is the darkest Black moon energy of the year. his is an excellent time to do deep therapy soul retrievals and Past Life Regression.


to further take our consciousness, sexting, imagination and our communications into Scorpio territory. X-ray vision will be our super power to tap into so that no one can fool us now. Beware of being mesmerized by a snake in snakeskin boots.

Death Rebirth Scorpio Napoleon Brousseau charcoal drawing
Death, Rebirth, Transformation charcoal drawing by Napoleon Brousseau


Bonifacio Bembo, Public domain,
via Wikimedia Commons

Deep sexual intensity, obsessions, death, detective work, research, power, control, finances, taxes, secrets, transformation, the soul, shadows, depth, psychology and rebirth. Expect more sexual secrets, pedophilia, sex trade news, toxic masculinity, women’s rights, financial turmoil, ruthless nastiness, and power over moves.

If you want to explore your souls deepest secrets through art music or movies with Scorpio this is the time to watch this suggested playlist.

What are your fave Scorpio themes? I don’t like Horror but horror Steven King etc is a Scorpio theme I cant deal with it though.

Last Tango In PARIS 1972  D. by Bernardo Bertolucci music by Gato Barbieri

Blue Velvet 1986 D. by David Lynch

The Beguiled 1971 American by Don Siegel

Casanova by Fellini 1976 starring Donald Sutherland

Fatal Attraction 1987 directed by Adrian Lyne

Henry and June 1990  directed by Philip Kaufman

American Beauty  1999  directed by Sam Mendes 

Sin City  2005 American neo-noir D. Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller

The Manchurian Candidate  1962 American D. George Axelrod

Bad Timing 1980 or Performance 1970 starring Mick Jagger Both directed by Nicholas Roeg  

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 2011 D. David Fincher

Vertigo 1958 D. Hitchcock 

The Hunger 1983 Tony Scott-with David Bowie

Boogie Nights  1997 American  D. Paul Thomas Anderson.

In The Realm of The Senses-1976 Japanese art film D.Nagisa Oshima

Sex Lies and Videotape 1989  D. Steven Soderbergh 

You could spend a couple of nights at this at a marathon in true Scorpio intense obsessive manner.

HAPPY SCORPIO SEASON or should I say have a sexy intense obsessive one. 

It’s a Good day to die.

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Sex and obsession day

As Venus in Scorpio sextiled Pluto in Capricorn it’s a sexual, cornucopia. Sex, money, power, BDSM, obsession, sexual secrets, trafficking, sex slaves, women’s empowerment are all sort of this supportive aspect.

Use this energy to dive deep into your own unconscious with love to transform the shadows that are holding you back.

The moon is I’m proud Leo and drama levels will be high especially when Moon opposes Jupiter in Aquarius.

The moon Inconjuncts Neptune and Pluto which can burst anybody’s projections and champagne bubbles fizzle out.

Leo Moon sextiles retro Mercury in Libra so an old flame will contact you to stir up the sparks again.

Leo Moon squares Venus in Scorpio in the evening so get out the sexy lingerie and enjoy the drama.

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Andrew Cuomo’s Astrology takedown, point by point

New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned August 10,2021 as the 56th Governor of New York, a position he had held since 2011. His father, Mario Cuomo held the Governors position for three terms. Quite the little dynasty.

I never did anything, and never would, to intentionally disrespect a woman,” he said in response to the allegations in an attorney general’s report on a “pervasive pattern” of sexual harassment by him against women who worked for him. He was, at that point in his speech, addressing his own daughters through the television cameras. “Your dad made mistakes, and he apologized, and he learned from it.”

Some mistakes: 11 different women accuse him of groping them, touching them, propositioning them, and making sexual comments that made them uncomfortable.

Some apology: even in resigning, Cuomo denied the most serious allegations, and chalked the rest up to the women being uncomfortable with his innocently intended banter and touchy-feely style.” – Toronto Star Article read full article here.

lets look at Andrew Cuomo’s astrology and why he was taken down now.

Andrew Cuomo Astrology

Andrew Cuomo b. Dec 6, 1957 Queens NY. with No birth time. Natal chart

Here is the Planetary Take down.

  1. PLUTO Lord of death, rebirth, and as modern ruler of Scorpio it rules sex, secrets, obsession, power, control, Plutocrats, taxes, inheritance. Transiting Pluto in CAPRCICORN conjunct Cuomo’s Natal VENUS 0 AQUARIUS square Jupiter in LIBRA the Natural 7th house of “others.” Note that that Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of December 21, 2020 was right on Cuomo’s VENUS. His demise was “written in the stars.”
  2. Transiting SATURN in AQUARIUS conj. natal CHIRON, Wounded Healer at 13 degrees opposite Natal URANUS in LEO.
  3. Transiting URANUS in TAURUS conjunct SOUTH NODE in sensual TAURUS opposite sex power control MARS at #18thdegree-THE MOST ‘CURSED’ NOTORIOUS DEGREE of the ZODIAC square Natal CHIRON. URANUS is also squaring his Natal URANUS, SATURN and opposing his NORTH NODE conjunct MARS in SCORPIO.
  4. Transiting JUPITER in AQUARIUS is opposite PLUTO at 2 degrees VIRGO.
  5. Transiting NEPTUNE is conjunct NATAL LILITH in PISCES at 21 degrees. In a Natural House system LILITH, the forbidden, dark sexual goddess is what he is projecting onto women for the past couple of years. LILITH natal squares Cuomo’s SATURN in SAGITTARIUS and SUN. SATURN in SAGITTARIUS rules politics, the father, honesty, justice, and humor. He joked that his “supposed sexual misconduct was a kind of joke which was misninterpreted by the women.”
  6. Transiting SUN at 15 LEO is opposed to Natal CHIRON in AQUARIUS and square to his NODES and MARS in SCORPIO, this is KARMIC endings. The SUN is in trine a good aspect to his SATURN SUN and the Sun will not go down on Mr. Cuomo who has probably intimidated and owns all kinds of people from his power point position. Karmic endings. Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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