Saturn conjunct U.S. Aquarius Moon February 12-18

February 12 America is going through a Saturn ūü™ź return to its’ Natal Moon at 27¬į 10′ Aquarius. This is a big deal.

This transit occurs every 28/29 years.

The moon in a county’s chart symbolizes the people and their moods and emotional needs, the moon is what makes them feel secure, what nurtures them and makes them safe. The moon ruled the sign of Cancer and food, home, ancestors, roots and foundation.

Saturn is a powerful tester of hard historical karmic reality. Saturn is sobering, heavy, obstacles and depression.

Saturn rules Aquarius and as it hits the Moon the people will want have a sobering awakening to freedom, rebellion, revolutionary change.

Aquarius is the digital age, some may rebel against the hi-tech surveillance world while others embrace the myth of “progress.”

Saturn is healthy boundaries, many people will want to feel safe from intrusive technologies. Im mentioning Canadians here because the countries traitor leader Falsedeau wants to initiate digital medical ID abs is attempting to blackmail provinces who don’t want the Chinese social credit system by saying they will get no federal healthcare monies. This is ridiculous, Canadians who thought their health care system was a right could now be faced with no public healthcare. Just like in the US.

Hacking, limits on crypto, crispr technologies, robotics and digital ID’s describes all of this.

Aquarius, at its highest expression is a shared equality for all, no one’s worth is higher than another. It’s a vision of a of a humane vision. America doesn‚Äôt even have social medicine. It has a long way to go to treat its population with basic human needs.

Aquarius is non- hierarchical societies. Not communist but socialist and a new vision of what is possible.

The revolutions are revving up before Pluto even enters Aquarius March 23,2023 and starting in 2024-2044.

If you have planets at 27+ Aquarius you are going through a Saturn test too.

Any planets at 25-27¬į fixed signs, Taurus,Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are feeling Saturns heavy serious maturing, leaden weight of responsibility.

Saturn has been opposing Britain‚Äôs Natal Saturn at 23¬į Leo from the 1801 chart. With Prince Harry‚Äôs bombshell book destroying its history and regal reputation.

Mercury entered Aquarius Feb. 11 too and while the Sun Mercury and Saturn are still in the 11th sign until February 18, focus on what needs to be radically changed in your life, career and long term plans.

Aquarius is the Star #17 in the tarot. The 11th sign is relayed to the house of wishes, hopes and dreams. What are your hugest wishes hopes and dreams? For yourself and humanity.

Let me know. Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Astrologer, Tara Greene, predictions, on Queen Elizabeth’s and the Monarchy’s future in Marie Claire

Photograph taken by Julian Calder for Governor-General of New Zealand, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As Queen Elizabeth celebrates an unprecedented 70 years of reigning on the Throne of England. I predict what 2022 and the future hold for Her Majesty and the Royal family, when Prince Charles will Ascend the Throne, when King William will likely rule and the fated end date of the British Monarchy, using Astrology and intuition.

I make predictions about when Prince Charles is likely to take the Throne and what the long-term future of the Monarchy. Read the full in-depth article with input from Royal commentators too.

What Her 2022 Could Hold

2021 was not easy for the Queen, who sadly lost her husband of 73 years in April, but 2022 is looking auspicious, apparently. ‚Äú2022 is a very good year for Her Majesty,‚ÄĚ predicts Tara Greene, an astrologer, psychic and tarot reader. ‚ÄúShe is having a royal year in astrology because the royal planet Jupiter returned to Aquarius recently, where it was when the Queen was born, and is now moving through spiritual, creative, compassionate, Pisces‚ÄĒbut this can also sap her energy.‚ÄĚ

As ever in life, the rest of the year will be a mixed bag for the monarch. ‚ÄúLater this year Jupiter will join her Venus, planet of balance, harmonious relationships, and beauty,‚ÄĚ Greene continues.

As for when we can expect to see Charles on the throne, Greene has an idea.

‚ÄúThe Queen has great genes from her mother, who lived to be 101,‚ÄĚ she says. ‚Äú2024 is a defining year in the Queen‚Äôs role in the world, indicating a time of retreat for her and could be a time when Her Majesty hands the virtual power over to Charles when she is ninety-eight as this fits in with Charles‚Äô astrology as well.‚ÄĚ

Though Charles might accede to the throne quite soon according to Greene, it’s possible he won’t rule for many years.

‚ÄúI sense that Charles will only be king for a very few years, just to make his mark after patiently waiting his entire life,‚ÄĚ she says. ‚ÄúI intuitively feel Prince William will take over from Charles after only a few years. Two to seven years is the longest I see Charles reign for.‚ÄĚ

And when can we expect to see the rule of King William?

‚ÄúFrom April 27, 2026 to August 2032, when the radical planet Uranus enters youth-oriented Gemini, is the time which makes sense for William to be crowned king and Catherine to have equal power to him on the throne,‚ÄĚ Greene says. ‚ÄúThe year 2031 really stands out.‚ÄĚ

The Future of the Monarchy

These days, many people in the U.K. feel less affinity with the Royal Family, and many more feel morally opposed to its existence. So, is it possible that you and I might see its end in our lifetime? Greene thinks so‚ÄĒand it all comes down to some powerful eclipses, according to the astrologer.

‚ÄúPrince Charles got married on two total eclipses, which is extraordinary timing,‚ÄĚ she says. ‚ÄúPrince William was born on a partial solar eclipse and Catherine was born on a total lunar eclipse. Princess Diana died on an eclipse.‚ÄĚ

But wait, there‚Äôs more: ‚ÄúPrince William was born under a solar eclipse cycle called Saros 2 Old North, which started in 792 CE and ends in July 2036. Catherine, born six months earlier than William, was also on a lunar eclipse in this cycle.”

Greene notes: ‚Äú[2036] is the year that the British monarchy is predicted and fated to end. The series ends as does all great things in 2036 with the heir containing this eclipse in his natal chart. It is all written in the stars.” She adds: “That date is only 14 years away from now.‚ÄĚ

Please share, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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New year,great 1st week Astrology Lucky Grand Trine

the quintessential New year’s song¬†

I had a great time at the uber hip Drake Hotel in Toronto on Queen Street West early on Dec 31 reading Tarot cards for guests non – stop for 3 hours. Its been a very busy last few days for me. I did 2 interviews ¬†on the phone for two more newspapers Dec 31. I used tarot cards to predict politics, hockey negotiations, weather patterns. It’s awesome.


My husbands birthday is Dec 31 so I ran home to celebrate with our daughter and toast the New year. You’ve most likely seen his giant ant sculpture’s on the Cameron House Hotel at Queen West and Spadina in Toronto.

Tues Jan 1 Moon enters VIRGO 12:34 pm EST ¬†NEW YEAR”S DAY- yes lots of list making and hard work disciplined goals,don’ t start complaining already!

MOON opposes Neptune 2 hours later – faith or fog? that’s a bit of a joke… reality vs dream check- ¬†you may be feeling a tad¬†blurry after last nights too much bubbly?

drink lots of water hydration is important, water is the major element this year

Moon trines Mercury in Aquarius soon after to clear your mind, ah VIRGO’s are happy¬†

Wed. -very quiet.. take it easy then its been a very busy last part of 2012 and it will be a whirlwind year again

Thursday Jan 3- all fired up!

gets the grey matter fired up with a MERCURY URANUS square early in the a.m. @ 4 degrees Capricorn Aries

dont need any Starbucks in my cup- you’re easily in overdrive with ¬†brilliant ideas and insights that come channelling through with this aspect

MOON enters LIBRA 8:11 pm EST 

Friday Jan 4 – a very positive super lucky day

Libra Moon opposite Uranus and square Mercury very early Fri a.m.

means weird conversations that could possibly be brilliant conversations…

Upbeat oodles of  spontaneous energy, what with optimistic  MARS  JUPITER TRINE -7:45 am EST @ 7 Aquarius- Gemini

JUPiter it still Retro till January 30 

so review that “I jumped in too fast where angels feared to tread” stuff, maybe you didn’t ¬†learn that lesson yet


Libra Moon Mars and Jupiter GRAND AIR TRINE 10:00 am EST

Lucky Schnooks

BUY SOME LOTTERY TICKETS, ask for that raise! expect miracles and you’ll get them especially Air and Fire signs

relationships move fast under this one, can indicate peace talks, reciprocity, Libra ambassadors, a deal for the fiscal cliff.

nice manners , dress to impress  


remember JUPITER is always fertile so if you’re trying to make babies this is about as good as it gets

Enjoy Fridays energies while you can 

the energy stabilizes in the evening Venus @ 24 degrees Sagittarius semi-squares Saturn @ 9 Scorpio Рa 45 degrees can make 

being too honest and/or  too secretive a caca-phonious, I like the onomatopeia of that and a clash of hurt feelings, irritating and causes tempers to fly

At 10:59 pm EST Libra Moon forms Last Quarter to Capricorn Sun

partnerships must be fair and square, hierarchies are on the way out

it’s a year of shedding skins

so list everything  you need to shed

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Venus in Leo! I am woman hear me roar! July 28 -Aug 21 plus Love,drama. Pres. Obama 50th,the whole Kit ‘n canoodle predictions by Tara Greene

Venus in Leo sure heats things up! Record heat waves, The Goddess is loud, proud, SEXY, in the spotlight, flashing red  puple and Gold, taking center stage.

R U getting enough DRAMA these days?

Excellent time for passionate love affairs!

Fires are sparking everywhere!

Leo is the HEART, Venus in Leo is the Heart Flame! Wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Leo is  Royalty, the King, the Sun, Gold, the Source, the Will, Center stage

Venus in Leo is the Queen, the Feminine Source, Golden Haired Goddess, Marilyn Monroe

It’s super dramatic, did they wait till the last minute to sign some sort of treaty re the DEBT?

It’s Mr. Obama’s 50th Birthday Aug 4, so Happy Birthday Mr. President


The President is going through¬†what every 50 year old goes through. It’s called your Chiron Return.

Chiron whose symbol resembles a key, is an outer space object with a 50 year elliptical orbit. Discovered Nov. 1 1977 Chiron was, in Greek Mythology a Centaur, half immortal, rejected by his parents who became a great healer. Long story short, he asked to give up his immortality to quell the pain, he is immortalized as a Constellation in the skies. His discovery brings to our present day consciousness the unconscious psychological symbol of being human, of being archetypal vulnerable and therefor inherently, humanly wounded.

 So where that little key is in your birth chart  shows where you are the most vulnerable, wounded but also where the greatest healing lies, for as each individual heals themselves and the greatest strength lies in being able to open the wounds, show the soft underbelly, own it, take responsibility for it, cherish it, thank it, understand it, bless it, that we may become wounded healers for others. 

And as Kurt Vonnegut would say, and so it goes.

So I send HAPPY BIRTHDAY greetings to President Obama. Lord knows we can all see the vulnerability, the wounds, he is feeling right now trying to fix a wounded U.S.A.¬† It’s a mighty big job.

So lets take a look at Mr. Obama’s birth chart as he turns 50.


President Obama's birth chart

President Obama's birth chart and transits

Were you  born in 1961?

then U 2 will have a Chiron return this year as well.

Mr. Obama’s 50th shows Chiron directly on his natal Chiron at 5 degrees of Pisces in his first house of Self. Who he is. What he identifies as.

Mr. Obama has Chiron opposite Pluto in Virgo in the 7th house of others in his Birth chart, indicating that he is a wounded healer with Big Soul, Big Power,[ Pluto} ¬†a rebirth, around health, work, service to others. Very intelligent, that’s pluto in Virgo, a perfectionist, a very hard worker, someone who always gets te job done. The Chiron return amps up his innate wounding which he felt as a child. Pisces is the most spiritual and sensitive of all the signs, with no boundaries, feeling one with everyone.

I do believe and I tell all my clients that I totally know inherently that we chose our parents, our place and time of birth before we come into this life the characteristics, which allows us the perfect opportunities for our souls to grow,learn and hopefully to complete our journeys of why we came into this life time again, this time around.

Mr. Obama came into this life already spiritual already a wounded healer with a lot of power directed out to the world at large. A Pisces Chiron is compassionate, all-inclusive, can be a martyr.Being of mixed racial background is a perfect symbol for him.

Mr. Obama’s North Node or highest spiritual goal is at 27 degrees 18 minutes of Leo in his 7th house, the house of marriage or all others, his interface with the world, and conjunct to Pluto.¬† North Node conjunct Pluto is considered to be¬†very powerful,¬†very purposeful. ¬†Becoming President¬†with a capital P. is his fulfilling his highest destiny.

27 degrees of Leo is conjunct to a very famous Fixed Star REGULUS, the heart of the Lion. This famous star is connected to the ArchAngel Raphael the healer of the heart.  His South Node representing the Past, is at 27 degrees of Aquarius in his first house.

Neptune the planet of dreamers. chameleons, actors, addictions, illusions, delusions, Hollywood, OIL. HAs been passing over Mr. Obama’s South Node and will do so again soon. He may seem tobe shifting his position, or being too idealistic.¬†

Venus is now in Leo and Venus will make a Superior Conjunction to the Sun on Aug 16th at 23 degrees of Leo. 

Every year the Sun is at the 23 degree on this date and co-incidentally it is the Anniversary dates of two very important festivals, gatherings, shifts in world consciousness.



Aug 15 017 1969 Woodstock


 WOODSTOCK took place  on Aug 15 16 and 15 in where else?  

hundreds of thousands of young people arrived bare foot, long-haired, to tune in turn on drop out, create their own city, babies were born, musicians played as they never had before, Joni Mitchell summed it up in her famous song,


I just came across this TWEET synchronistically by Deepak Chopra like an hr ago!  We are golden.

Also on Aug 16 and 17 1987 the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE

Jose Arguelles, who recently passed on, one of the co-founders of Earth day, declared these days a world-wide meditation and higher consciousness gathering and brought the Mayan calendar “end date” of Dec 21, 2012 into mass consciousness.

For these 2 days Light workers gathered at various high energy vortex power spots around the world, Mt. Shasta. Niagara Falls, Sedona Arizona etc. 

I happened  to be drawn to living in Sedona a year before there and arrived there at Spring Equinox in 1987 to find out unbeknownst to me consciously and after the fact that 10,000 people were scheduled to arrive on  these dates in a town of 7,500 people. They did. I was there on Bell Rock and the Airport Vortex doing movement meditations. It was on National News.

My point is folks, that Venus the Goddess of women, beauty, love, harmony, balance the Arts is going to Kanoodle¬†with the Sun on this very same date bringing the point that as in the Harry Potter Deathly Hallow’s part 1 – the Golden snitch says “I OPEN AT THE CLOSE.” cryptic words those.

So we are back to where we began this little story, Venus, the Sun , Leo, The President, Golden Girls- Marilyn Monroe, Happy 50th, anniversaries.  

The Ancients called the convergence of Venus with the Sun “CAZIMI” meaning under the Sun’s beams, burnt out, disappeared, and evil.

As a symbol of what these dates have symbolized to the collective consciousness and to have this important rendezvous now means:

Now we don’t live in fear, but in insight from our hearts, the place that LEO rules. So throw open the gates of your heart,¬†

Love  loud and proud, not vaingloriously but un- egotistically.  Venus disappearing, being swallowed up by the Sun,

means she is entering a Golden Palace, a Heaven world, and we as the microcosmic¬†mirror of the Marcocosm. “AS ABOVE< SO BELOW>”

as She is dying to Herself to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of her own immolation,

out of compete unselfish Love for the Sun, the Source of all Light and Life, to have her ego/self extinguished.

 Venus will then no longer be visible as the morning star [ DAWN STAR} where she has risen so beautifully at night in the East,

she will go to the Underworld, the night Sea journey, to the dark side of the SUN, to be reborn many months from now.

And we must go with Her whether consciously or Unconsciously.

The Lust and speculation over Gold as security in a changing worldscape is a projection of our need for what Gold holds and trasmits, what it symbolizes.  the Light of the Sun, our very Selves, our Golden Self, our Spirits, our Souls,. shining Lights, Stars. 

.The symbol # 17 in the Tarot, The Star symbol of Aquarius and you remember that song, from another famous ‚Äė60‚Äôs musical icon don‚Äôt you?

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Aquarius.  

We are Stardust, We are Golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden. Thank You Joni Mitchell for so eloquently tuning into the cosmic vibe of Eternity.

Back to Obama

And as for Mr. Obama the Venus Sun conjunction occurs in his 7th house, on his Uranus, planet of REVOLUTION in-between that planet and LILLITH, at 20 degrees of Leo very near to his Descendant.

LILLITH¬†the archetypal first woman proceeding EVE. Didya¬†read that story in the Bible? Not just a women’s songfest. LILLITH was the first woman, She was the original “I am woman hear me roar. ” She refused to allow Adam to dominate her sexually, like an animal. Pointing out rightly so, that G*d had created Her and Him EQUAL, of the earth, so what the heck was he thinking?

He wasn’t obviously, he was Unconscious. So Lillith¬†took off and flew the coop and she left Eden. Yep that’s right, she flew right outa there and went to reside¬†by the Red Sea. Ok. Long story short. She refuses to compromise in any way and is demonized by the Patriarchs who were trying to re-write HIStory from He point of view, when everyone knows deep down in their cellular memories that it was and is and always shall be SHEstory.

That is a Matriarchal comprehension of the Universe, self-evident, common sensicle. So Adam is in the Garden and asks God to make him a mate. So G* d creates Eve to be the perfect Lord it over the women prototype and women are blamed, defamed, and eternally damned in this historical rewrite.


So what does that mean? Well I believe the Women will revolt and take back their power!!!!!!!!!!!! I am woman hear me roar!!! Venus in Leo, conjunct the Sun. Which is ungoldenly the Ego, vanity, greed, fear and in the Light, and spiritually the divine essence, the spirit itself, rising again as Divine Love.

So guys ya better start workin¬†on getting nice to your own inner female side, yah you. You got one too. Everyone does. Ya’all never be alone ya know.

and I stumbled upon through sheer Grace /Synchronicity through a woman named Jennifer Hough, who I recenly met at the Grail Lady Faire at the Grail Springs Spa in Bancroft Ontario.

Grail LAdy FAire 2011

Tara Greene presenter at Grail Lady Faire 2011

she just had this on her FB page. It is¬†a poem by David Whyte, the Washington based¬†bard who began his writing lessons with It doesn’t interest me… which inspired my former teacher Oriah Mountain Dreamer to write¬† a poem which was originally a newsletter which eventually became The Invitation,






(After Derek Mahon) 


Your great mistake is to act the drama
as if you were alone. As if life
were a progressive and cunning crime
with no witness to the tiny hidden
transgressions. To feel abandoned is to deny
the intimacy of your surroundings. Surely,
even you, at times, have felt the grand array;
the swelling presence, and the chorus, crowding
out your solo voice. You must note
the way the soap dish enables you,
or the window latch grants you freedom.
Alertness is the hidden discipline of familiarity.
The stairs are your mentor of things
to come, the doors have always been there
to frighten you and invite you,
and the tiny speaker in the phone
is your dream-ladder to divinity.


 Put down the weight of your aloneness and ease into
the conversation. The kettle is singing
even as it pours you a drink, the cooking pots
have left their arrogant aloofness and
seen the good in you at last. All the birds
and creatures of the world are unutterably
themselves. Everything is waiting for you.


~ David Whyte ~
Please come and join me at the beautiful amazing very spiritual Grail Springs Spa in Bancroft Ontario
Aug 15 16 17
on the anniversaries of Woodstock and the Harmonic Convergence
I will be teaching and leading meditations and dreaming
and we will remember our Starry selves.
Watch and be enchanted by the voice of a living Angel,divinely inspired songstress and writer Pam Gerrand as she sings
the Grail Lady Faire song she wrote at the inaugural Lady Faire in 2010




(Everything is Waiting for You)




Diana will be first-born for royal couple, says psychic | Canada | News | London Free Press

Diana will be first-born for royal couple, says psychic | Canada | News | London Free Press.