China’s Real Life Squid Game

If you are fascinated with the hit show Squid Game, I can’t watch stuff like that, I’m too sensitive.

China has it’s real life Squid Game policy where organs are harvested from patients with no anesthetic. Anyone who is deemed socially undesirable like the Falgun Gong practitioners or Muslim’s or who doesn’t fit the accepted CPP definition or dissents in any way is subject to this treatment. China sells the organs to the highest bidders I assume. Canada’s PM is in cahoots with China and bows to them as is the WHO. Do your due diligence. All media is censured by Big Pharma and other corporate interests. You must use alternative sources. Brave, Etc to get real information as everything is already censored. Welcome to that dystopian Big Brother Sci-Fi future you were programmed to accept. Anthony Burgess writing Clockwork Orange years ago was channeling future possibilities timelines. It’s not New Agey that’s for sure..

We will be at war with China in the not too distant future.

Sorry I sound so cynical these days. A god dose of reality may be exactly what you need to wake up.

Sending prayers to those poor people in China. I love China and its history and culture it’s the dreaded CPP communist party which is horrendous. Get a reading . Tara Greene Tarot Astrology Psychic consultant

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Pisces, heart to heart healing,ATOMIC LOVE BOMBS,more Astrology

I love Freudian slips. Something as simple as a small “t” can change everything. I wrote to someone “I am looking forwards to hearing  back from you” and unconsciously I wrote

I look forwards to hearting back from you

and that simple extra t in hearing made it hearting, and it made my heart get all warm and fuzzy, soft and mushy and open

Do you  notice how one little letter can change your mood, elate it or deflate it just like that? 

heart to heart is a very PISCES sentiment and I really do look forwards to hearting back from you truly,

Moon enters Pisces Mon Jan 14 @ 2:49 am PST/ 5:49 am EST

its a Dreamy Monday for healing the heart of the matter for healing the blues, greens, brown, pinks, lavenders, oranges


PLUTO Conjuncts JUNO – the wise specifically FEMININE GENIUS GODDESS, dumbed down and patriarchalized by the Romans as the faithful doormat wife, I don’t buy that story. WOMEN  and men open your hearts to remember in your soul,Pluto, the power of heart to heart healing and compassion that the wise Feminine has. I am watching The Hunger Games again and Katniss Everdeen certainly displays JUNO’s intelligence and compassion,as well as displaying Athena, Diana, etc.

Venus sextiles Chiron, Moon conjuncts Neptune then Chiron the Wounded healing centaur,

Moon makes nice n’ easy sextiles to VENUS AND PLUTO too, bringing compassion for the healing of values, career goals, money, deep soul issues,takeit easy now- you must be ready to act on Wednesday

Jan 14-15

Pisces Moon also Trines Saturn at 10 degrees Scorpio born NOvember 1 or 2nd and also makes a Grand Trine if you are Cancer born JULY 1st or thereabouts. That is Canada’s birth date so compassion for the Natives Idle No More campaign should be more easily accessed today.

Jupiter also brings largesse, optimism, even Retro and sorting out old communications snafus will help clarify matters.

Pisces Moon squares Jupiter Retro at 6 Degrees GEMINI which re-activates the GEMINI LUNAR Eclipse of November 28 2012

things are still under the radar till Jupiter goes direct at the end of the month. During Jupiter Retro in Gemini we can begin to still the mind.

Jupiter also squares Chiron late in the day PST next day EST use this time to pull back as Wednesday is a power packed day

RED LETTER DAY  when Moon enters ARIES Wednesday Jan 16 @ 8:07 am PST/11:07 am EST

VENUS Conjuncts PLUTO @ 9 degrees, 53 mins. of Capricorn 5:28 pm PST/8:28  pm EST

and MOON joins URANUS  5:39 pm  and creates a FREEDOM OR DIE, ATOMIC LOVE BOMB on Wednesday

atomic power

atomic hi heel day,DANGER Of radioactive energies, everywhere, bombing,

watch for stock market crashes,it’ll be a wild ride on all avenues, Venus rules women in Business in Capricorn,

Values, luxury, copper, silver,art money and Pluto is the Collective Unconscious.

Satan in Hi Heels

Uranus is revolutionary ideologies, hi tech solutions to old rigid Saturnian structures.

RELATIONSHIPS may be suddenly and irrevocably reversed!

You may feel PTSD shell shocked-

Need a reading-see link below

and the beat goes on… JAn 17 ARIES Moon continues to square ignite and activate PLUTO then VENUS in Capricorn,

rubbing salt and worse in our wounds, watch out for hasty words and irresponsible unconscious fools where angels fear to tread.

Those 9-10 degrees of CAppy’s should be cooking! I know one special one.

JAN 18 week ends with SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY at 28 degrees Capricorn.

good for bright business ideas,.

Sun squares moon in FIRST QUARTER SQUARE

Moon enters TAURUS fri 18 @ 5:36 pm PST/ 8:36 pm EST

and we will need to rest and recoup, be a slug and a total couch potato and eat as many chocs as your wounded scorched ego desires,

I give you total permission to go directly to self-indulge and not feel guilty in the least,

Mercury ENTERS AQUARIUS –  11:25 pm PST- Jan 19 @ 2:25 am stays till Feb 5

SUN enters AQUARIUS Jan 19 1:52 pm PST? 4:52 pm EST 

when Sun shifts signs for a month we need to watch what house and which angles the Sun will light up. Check your chart where’s Aquarius in your chart, both Mercury and SUN will aspect them  for next few weeks,

Look for that house to be inspired with communications brilliant thinking, forward, revolutionary and unexpected changes of mind and heart and will, as Sun rules those chakras and Vitality as well. You need a serious mid January make-over. 

Taurus Moon opposes Saturn later Saturday- ‘STubborn? REALITY CHeck may be harsh, who’s footin’ the bill?

Tasty Taurus Moon trines earthy Venus in Capricorn Late Sat. evening

again enjoy the real tasty down to earth treasures tonight,should make for a romantic love filled evening,

Moon squares Mars Sunday at 10:16 am PST 1:16 pm EST then goes v/c

Taurus MOON conjuncts The SOUTH NODE at 5:24 pm PST/ @ 23 degrees TAURUS 

close to the Pleiades, don’t hold onto old wounds or grudges, feel where you hold on in your body in you jaw, and let Aquarian air circulate through.

spend Sunday night

 going over old notes, charted feelings, dreams, see where the cracks from Uranus Pluto Venus have shifted your perceptions long-term…

imagine an entirely new future scenario,,,

for Self and world… Future  Visioneering time’

NEED psychic guidance- get a reading here

and the Beat Goes On SONNY & CHER

Revolutionary change. Advice on coping, love, the economy by psychic astrologer Tara Greene

I must say the energies are so tense right now. As a professional psychic I pick up on a lot of the world’s energies. Any sensitive psychic person would naturally do the same. R U Feeling confused? Should you stay or should you go? Bored with the same old same old?

This entire year that feeling most likely has something to do with the planet Uranus‘s energies. Uranus is the 1st “transpersonal” planet. The first to be discovered by modern technology. Uranus takes approximately 84 years to make one complete cycle. Uranus was in early Aries in 1927 just before the Great Depression. Women’s Liberation had just begun as woman won the vote in 1920 in America. Things were quite liberated, those was very high, loose times,breaking from older Victorian constrictions, there was big spending, new inventions, talking pictures, wild dancing, musicals.

We are returning to a higher octave of that last cycle now.  Uranus rules technology, inventions, revolution,freedom, individuality, collective consciousness, Higher consciousness, the Internet. Uranus’ energy is electric. It’s like a lightning bolt,akin to kundalini energy. We are all supposed to get a Bigger Higher picture that we are all unified and all one.

Uranus says stop being so anal.

A bad pun but it is true. Uranus energy liberates us from old restrictions.

We can certainly attest to the Uranian revolutionary energies in the news  all over the Arab world. Saudi women dare to drive!

Everyone has Uranus somewhere in their natal Western tropical chart and never mind the puns.. and in contact with other natal planets too. Uranus is the planet considered to rule the sign of Aquarius in modern astrology rulerships. 

 Uranus is associated with the symbol of THE STAR in the TAROT. # 17. The symbol shows the Goddess sometimes a God figure pouring down the waters of consciousness from the Heavens down onto the earth. Meditate on the image.

The Star Aquarius Thoth Tarot

The Star # 17 Tara Greene Tarot reader uses this image as her signature

Uranus is now Retrograde at 2 degrees 55 of Aries and directly opposite Venus in Libra on Sept. 17. Uranus is a bolt out of the blue. Expect the unexpected in your relations and social situations.

Dont just think outside the box,

get rid of the box.

Venus of course rules women. But all things of beauty, the arts, socializing, romance, money, luxury. Need some change ups there? This opposition will make your love life hop!  Venus, now temporarily in Libra is bringing some temp. balance, some peacemaking but also indecision.

Cardinal Cross 2010-2012

Uranus in early cardinal signs squared by Pluto who just went direct today Sept 17 pressures the early degrees of all cardinal signs. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Pluto,although remoted as I call it, is still very powerful, the soul itself, The Shadow. We are deep into the Cardinal Cross aspect. Something’s gotta give. Resistance is futile.

Watch out for sudden outbursts that you don’t recognize as you. Do people seem to be acting rather out of character? Watch your money for Unexpected expenses. The economy will continue to be unstable. There’s cracks in the entire worldly financial and global corporate structures. Plutonian fascist government control is being seen in the light of day and the collective which Uranus also represents, Won’t take it anymore.

 Instability and changes in your income and assets will be the norm for everyone. So learn to ride the cosmic wave, Nothing ever has been very stable or certain, that was merely an illusion. We are waking up to reality which is multi-dimensional. Are you a particle or  a part of the wave?

 If you need sound guidance to gain some clarity and a breath of fresh air through Astrological advice for relationships or business, I am here to dance you through your Birth chart and guide you in a language you can easily understand.  Email me

Jack Layton’s NDP stars are rising,no Scheat,Canadian Election predictions by psychic Tara Greene

My favourite pic of Stephen Harper andhis separated at birth twin

Sponge Bob and Sponge Steve separated at birth

Jack Layton NDP political candidate Canadian PM
Canadian Federal election 2011 JAck Layton Astrology

Yes, it’s true actually. Jack Layton’s stars and planetary fortunes are rising literally. Election Day is May 2 2011. 4/2/2011 is a somewhat occultist numerology to have an election on. There is a New Moon in Taurus the next day.

The Election happens on a Dark Moon. Perhaps this means a Dark Horse will win! Lets take a closer look at Jack’s chart. Remember all ancient leaders Kings etc. always, ALWAYS consulted their ASTROLOGER’s. 

DISASTER means without a star!! Never do anything without consulting a good astrologer. I am at your service for business and personal consultations. {advertisement}


For those of you who are not Canadian. Jack Layton is the head of the NDP, not a new pop group but the New Democratic Party, the 3rd party since always. The NDP has never formed a federal government. They are decidedly left leaning.

So listen up our South of the Border buddies, our dollar is stronger than yours these days, we export the most oil that you guzzle than anybody else.

We still have intimate connections to the Royal Wedding, Prince William’s Grandma  adorns our currencies.  We have lots of water,land, minerals, trees and an army that is presently doing most of your dirty work. Plus we own the most popular teenage dream pop star in the world at the moment, JB. Not a country to blow its own horn usually… Canadians are passive, gentle, we don’t carry guns except by license to shoot wild game, well some of us do, still. We pay way more taxes but we’ve all enjoyed the full benefits of a  Univeral health care system for over 50 years now.  Doesn’t everyone think beaver teeth and moose are cute?

Currently Jack’s transiting planets show Jupiter planet of expansion, truth, higher law, Philosophy, optimism, foreigners, justice, risk taking, easy going-ness in an exact conjunction with Mars, planet of men, action, defences, new life, fire, initiatives, independence, on Election day at 22 degrees of Aries.

 Both Jupiter and Mars give old Jack new pizzazz; FIREWORKS should be his theme song right now. They are in his 6th house of work and service and are a mere 4 degrees away from his Natal Descendant where he interacts with the world. Very High score here for this one.

The NEW Moon on May 2nd is in early degrees of Taurus making a conjunction with the Sun on the 3rd at 2:51 a.m. EDT at 12 degrees of Taurus. This falls in Jack’s 7th house of marriage. Will the Canadian people want to “ marry” him?

Pluto the planet of power, control, soul, secrets, is now Retrograde in Capricorn sign of worldly power travelling through Jack’s 3rd house of communication s right now.

Pluto is Trining- an easy aspect,his Moon in the 11th house. This gives him easy access to power. The Moon in the 11th shows popularity with the people symbolized by the Moon, and the 11th house is the house of wishes hopes dreams, humanitarian idealism. Jack’s natal Moon is in Virgo, sign of hard work, the workingman, blue-collar workers, service, perfectionism, order, accounting and nitpickers.

 The transiting NORTH NODE representing how popularly the public accepts you and it is currently at 24 degree of Sagittarius and directly opposite Layton’s Natal Venus in Gemini at 25 degrees. Yes, everyone suddenly loves Jack. The South Node is then travelling over Jack’s Venus. Venus is love, values, creativity, and relationships. The love he gave in the past is now being recognized and makes him popular with the public.

His Venus in Gemini gives him great communications skills, lots of witticisms, gad about popularity, and lots of short-term travel.

Jack’s Natal North Node is at Zero degrees of Aries, the N.N. represent everyone’s Highest spiritual goal and road to aspire to.

Jack’s Highest Spiritual Goal is to be an agent of Change, a breath of fresh air, an innovator, independent, fiery, outspoken, the boss, the fire chief, the alarmist, the warrior.

Note that Aries is also Jack’s Descendant where he interfaces with business and others in relationships and men with lots of Aries energy loose their hair. 

URANUS the planet of R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N recently crossed Jack’s North Node, at zero degrees of Aries, which is also known as one of the “world’s points.”

Uranus has certainly rocked the boat in sighting revolution in many places where we would’ve said IMPOSSIBLE before. Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Syria,etc. 

Jack’s natal Uranus-no jokes please, is in his 9th house of politics at 6 degrees of Cancer.  

PLUTO is opposite his 9th house political charged Uranus now and this means sudden unexpected change! Relating to power, control, wealth into his political and philosophical viewpoints.

Pluto often brings death scares, wake up calls to change and prioritise one’s lifestyle. Jack has had a recent bout with prostate cancer, also Mars ruled.

Jack’s health should improve now. Note Uranus has an affinity with radiation {cancer treatments} as well as Pluto which rules all atomic energy.  

Chiron, looks like a key symbol, the wounded healer is now at 4 degrees of Pisces {conjunct the Archangel Gabriel} right now  and close to opposing Jack’s Moon in Virgo. Jack has Saturn in Virgo at the middle degree, which potentizes it, and Saturn in Virgo always represents ill-health. Jack has Saturn square to his Natal Chiron in Sagittarius, which also exacerbates the vulnerability of his health in general.  Luckily Jack’s natal Jupiter in Pisces retrograde opposes both the Moon and Saturn and

Squares his Part of Fortune at 8 degrees of Sagittarius.

So he has an Angel on his shoulder. Jupiter is exalted in Pisces and I like to call this the BODHISATVA aspect. Jack has put in some good karma in past lives. He came back out of charity and to give love, his creative vision and leadership {Jupiter in the 5th house} 

SATURN is now retrograde at 11 degrees of Libra in Jack’s 12 house the house of endings, completion, and servitude. Saturn started 2011 at 16 degrees of Libra right on Jack’s Mars, though this is usually considered to be a very difficult heavy aspect, especially in the 12th house, and it was shown through Jack’s health issues.  Saturn has been a karmic limitation, creating obstacles and testing and moulding Jack’s strength, virility, vitality, energy and will. Mars rules Jack’s Descendant in Aries.

Saturn will again cross Jack’s Mars on September 16th and cross his Ascendant Jack’s Ascendant at 26 degrees of LIBRA, which is also conjunct, the famous FIXED STAR SPICA at 23 degrees of Libra. This Star bestows riches and donors, fortune and fame, ability in writing, sciences, art, and sociability. Great benefactor.

Saturn crossing this symbolizes new authority, status, responsibilities an entirely new beginning on December 7th this year. The only thing is Saturn rules Capricorn and in Jacks chart using this style of houses, called Placidus, he has no cusp for the sign of Capricorn therefore Saturn has no handle with which to express itself through except in the intercepted 3rd house. 

JUPITER will enter Bullish Taurus and Square his MC the HIGH NOON spot of worldly power and career on June 15th. This is highly beneficial. 

Furthermore there will be a SOLAR ECLIPSE on June 1 , 2011 at 11 degrees of Gemini. Solar Eclipses always portend change. The eclipse sees the Sun and Moon in Jack’s 8th house of transformation, power, other peoples’ money, and deep communion with others, taxes, inheritances. The eclipse will Square Jacks Moon and his Part of Fortune, the circle with an x in it, marks the spot, and his Jupiter. Chiron will be on his Jupiter one degree away and he will be seen as sympathizing compassionate, honest.  

All in all, thumbs up for Jack, although I am still a tad concerned for his health. I predict he will be the dark horse of this election and WIN!!!!

They’ll hate me at the Toronto Sun for saying this. I have correctly predicted other Federal Election wins before.

 We need that Uranian change, as does the rest of the world  now. Old line Conservatism has had its day. Stephen Harper is a rogue in the worst sense, he is Canada’s own dictator.  

Canadians must wake up from their hibernation,their too humble maple syrup and beer hockey doldrums, shake the velvet off their moose antlers and slap their beaver tales to demand freedom, democracy, fresh water, the ability to control this rich countries natural resources and the excellent standards of social services, health care and support of Canadian culture and arts, not proroguing!

If ya dont know what that word means read this!

Plus I really don’t like the Harper, H.A.A.R.P. harpie synonyms at all.

Lest we get SNOW JOBBED again?